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Approval has been granted

to recommence birthing

of Cruise vessels at the Heritage

Quay Pier.

This after the Ministry of

Foreign Affairs under whose

designation is vested the

responsibility issuance of

the ISPS certificate has approved

and issued the necessary

compliance certificate.

The approval allows for

the operation of both piers

(Heritage and Nevis Street

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Friday 25th November 2016

By Everton Barnes

The attempt by the Grenada

government to implement

changes to the country’s

Constitution has been

soundly defeated by the people

voting in a referendum

on Thursday.

The voting exercise was

described as peaceful and

without incident throughout

the island as well as the two

main off-shore islands, but

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Grenada referendum defeated

the turnout was significantly

lower than many of the organizers


At one polling station,

the officer in charge reported

that his team compiled a

log of the demographics of

the people who were voting

with some interesting results.

“We found that people

in the 18-25 age group were

not participating in the vote;

and that people in the older

age group were participating

in much larger number,” the

official declared.

One member of the Constitutional

Reform Advisory

Committee expressed disappointment

with the turnout,

cont’d from pg 1

Quays) within the cruise

terminal of the St. John’s


Construction work at the

Heritage Quay Pier resulted

in its decertification where

the pier lost its ISPS status

because its sterile environment

was compromised. In

order to effect the functions

Margo Davis


new book

Margo Davis launched

her new photography book,

simply titled “Antigua” at

Government House yesterday.

Margo Davis, right

hands a signed copy of her

book to Sir Rodney Williams,

Governor General of

Antigua and Barbuda.

noting that much work was

done particularly among

young people with the use

of social media to get them

interested in the referendum.

There were seven separate

bills before the people

of Grenada to choose in the

referendum, but in each case

the requirement of a twothirds

of the votes cast in favour

was needed for a measure

to pass.

None of the several bills

met that threshold, resulting

in a heavy defeat for the government

on this issue. There

was an active campaign by

the opposition party to several

of the measures, and the

of the ISPS Code; recertification

was necessary and

the management of the sterile

environment has been


The Government and

People of Antigua and Barbuda

welcome the Captain,

Crew and Visitors on the

M.V. Serenader of the Seas

to our beautiful shores.

church campaigned heavily

against another that led to

their defeat.

A team from the Antigua

and Barbuda Electoral Commission

and the National

Coordinating Committee is

currently in St George’s for

the referendum.

Led by Supervisor of

Elections Lorna Simon, the

team visited close to twenty

polling stations in practically

all the constituencies on

Grenada. Simon said the exercise

was useful and while

the voting was conducted

smoothly, she too noticed

that from constituency to

constituency one thing was

clear - voter turnout was

very low.

She said it was difficult

to make a determination

about the poor turnout based

on such a short visit, but it

was clear from listening to

ordinary Grenadians speaking

on the issue that many

did not understand what was

at stake, and decided not to


Friday 25th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Breast Friends to increase public awareness

By Joanna Paris

Breast Friends will be embarking

on a number of initiatives

to educate the public

about Breast Cancer as well

as the importance of early detection.

President of the Organization,

Eunetta Bird, has

indicated that monies from

the proceeds of the 6 th annual

Pink Party Zumbathon, hosted

by the Mount St. John’s

Medical Centre (MSJMC),

will assist in developing a

number of sensitization initiatives

to be featured in the


She is grateful to hospital

for the support that it has given

to Breast Friends over the


MSJMC recently presented

the organization with a

cheque of $12,000.

“The proceeds will go a

long way in assisting us in

sensitizing the public about

Breast Cancer. I just want to

encourage persons to do their

mammograms regularly as required

and also their self-examinations.

Early detection

is key and this will lessen the

numbers of persons who die

from this disease, early detection

is key”, she emphasized.

Breast cancer can affect

women as well men and medical

practitioners urge individuals

who have a history of

the illness to begin screenings

and another tests as soon as


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Friday 25th November 2016

Wishing Well Inc. continues sponsorship

for second annual Miko’s Bike Mania

The Wishing Well Inc.

Foundation continues on the

journey with Miss Tamiko

Butler – the driving force

behind the upcoming 2nd

Annual Miko’s Bike Mania

of the many young children

who will be participating in

a fun and healthy cycling activity

on Sunday, November

27th 2016.

Mr. Iba Hodge of Galley

Bay Resort & Spa represented

Wishing Well Inc. (one of

the mains sponsors of the cycling

event) during the short

presentation at the resort.

“Most of us who were

Miss Butler’s former colleagues,

will remember her

riding her bike to work and

her incredible dedication to

and discipline for cycling.”

– Mr. Iba Hodge.

It was especially befitting

that a Galley Bay Resort

staff member handed over

From left to right: Miss Tamiko

Butler of Miko’s Bike Mania and

her daughter Maleah Butler; Mr.

Iba Hodge, Receptionist Galley

Bay Resort & Spa.

the sponsorship donation

to Miss Butler, who herself

worked as a Water Sports

Attendant at that resort.

“Galley Bay Resort,

Management and staff have

been supportive since I

first started training for top

events in 2009. I’m delighted

to give back not only to

the community, but also to

the hotel for all that they

have done for me over the

years.” – Miss Tamiko Butler.

Wishing Well Inc. is a

charity registered in Antigua.

It was founded by two

of the island’s hotels (St.

James’s Club Antigua and

The Verandah Resort & Spa)

and focuses on assisting

deserving children and the

adults throughout Antigua &

Barbuda and the Caribbean

region on a whole.

By Joanna Paris

The 4th annual CIBC First Caribbean

National Assessment Awards

ceremony will take place on December

15th at the Spring Gardens Moravian


This event will recognize the top

100 students in the Grade 6 National

Assessment, which was sat in June of

this year.

According to the Education Officer

responsible for Business in the Ministry

of Education, Jacqueline Robinson,

who recently spoke about the

initiative on ABS Good Morning Antigua

Barbuda programme, the awards

are geared towards further motivating

the students to strive for academic excellence.

“This is an incentive for the students

to strive for excellence and we

are very happy that once again we can

partner with CIBC with this.

“We will be awarding the top male,

top female and also the top students in

the core subject areas like Mathematics,

English Language, Social Studies

and Science”, she explained.

Robinson says the students who

attained a score of 360-400 will be

Galley Bay Resort &

Spa’s glimmering turquoise

seascapes and lush gardens

create a relaxing, natural

setting for those who want

to decompress and escape

from the world. Its secluded

setting, on the tranquil west

coast of Antigua, enjoys forty-acres

of tropical gardens

between a bird sanctuary

lagoon and a three-quarter

mile beach.

Top 100 students to be awarded next month

awarded gold, silver, will go to those

students who got a score of 340-359,

while bronze awards will be presented

to students whose score ranged from


Branch Manager for CIBC, Dawn

Solene has indicated that the financial

institution is very honoured to partner

on such an important programme,

which will assist in the academic development

of the nation’s youth.

The prizes that will be awarded

include: trophies, medals, certificates

of recognition, and gift certificates

among others.

Friday 25th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 25th November 2016

NODS calls for more focus on

disaster management plans

By Joanna Paris

Director of the National

Office of Disaster Services

(NODS), Philmore Mullin,

has issued a clarion call for

businesses to develop Disaster

Management plans,

which cover all of the disasters

that can affect the country.

While appearing on

Against the Backdrop on

state media on Thursday,

Media is key to democracy

By Renio Abbott

The China Latin American and Caribbean Media Summit

was concluded in Santiago, Chile yesterday. Of the many vital

points that were made at the summit, it was underscored

that partnership in media is vital and should serve as a bridge

between sources to share media work. It should be regarded

as essential and of great value to a country.

The utilization of media forces in the exchange of ideas

for development in cultural diversity, promotion and acceptance

should be published and seen on every media forum

in all forms and languages. The collaboration of the media

and vivid presentation of information is a great way to foster

news reporting.

Social media serves as a critical forum in the media,

it aids as a great help for a country and the views are not

only very important, but can also be beneficial to society. It

should be in all available languages especially for the global

unity to promote “One World; New World; Unification”.

Websites should be developed abroad in association with

different media houses to help a country’s economy, expand

growth and experience, while providing necessary education

to tourists.

Media in China, Latin America and the Caribbean is

about to change and the world will be looking at us from

many different angles. Society is served by the media in so

many different ways especially now via Facebook, Instagram,

Twitter, MSN and the list goes on. Someone once said

Twittering is a form of Journalism but it’s not.

Newspapers should not be eliminated because of the

threat of mobile technology, but it can be an online newspaper

because of the constant recycling, it is also a more

economical form of running a paper. Not everyone has the

opportunity or luxury of having the internet, therefore there

is always be a need for circulation of good old fashion print.

Mullin expressed his dissatisfaction

with the level of seriousness

that disaster management

is approached with

across the country.

He indicated that the

discussion needs to be widened

and that there need to

be individual and collective

responsibility in this regard.

“We need to make a deliberate

and consistent effort

to build resilience into our

development. As we develop,

we need to ensure that we

build right. There is a falsehood

perpetrated by many

that this office is responsible

to ensure that everybody is

safe. That is an individual

responsibility,” he said.

He said that the department

has plans to engage

the public more in efforts to

increase awareness about disaster

services and management.

As the 2016 Hurricane

Season comes to an official

end on November 30 th ,

Mullin reflected on the preparedness

for the season. He

said that the country was not

affected by any major storm

or hurricane but preparation

cannot be over emphasized.

He mentioned that moving

forward, more focus

should be placed on people.

“We need to remove the

focus to some extent from

things and focus more on

people. Yes, we need to ensure

that shelters are intact

and everything else like that

but ultimately, we need to

ensure that at the end of a disaster,

the focus is on people

and their ability to survive

and sustain themselves after

an impact”, Mullin emphasized.

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Friday 25th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Ten strategies for reducing

the cost of tertiary education


A survey conducted by

the Antigua and Barbuda National

Accreditation Board

(ABNAB) of 52 colleges in

April 2016 revealed that the

cost of tertiary education can

be astronomical. The survey

included 7 colleges from Antigua

and Barbuda, 5 from

the Caribbean region, 8 from

the United Kingdom, 5 from

Canada, and 27 from the

United States (US).

The cost of education

from the local colleges ranged

from $5000 to $ 268,000,

the regional colleges from

$40,000 to $302,000, the

UK colleges from $63,000

to $135,000, and the US

colleges from $27,000 to

$430,000. EC dollars please?


We are aware of the seemingly

irresistible attraction of

studying in the UK, Canada

and the United States, and

therefore we offer 10 tried

and tested strategies for reducing

your cost of your tertiary


Get a scholarship: Sources

of scholarships in Antigua

and Barbuda are:

Board of Education

(BOE) gives $13,500EC per

year to successful applicants

per year for normal scholarships

and $54,000EC per

year is given for an Island

Scholar. As of 2015, the BOE

had spent 100 million dollars

on Scholarships.

Prime Minister’s Office

also gives $13,500EC per

year to successful applicants

in scholarship.

Antigua Commercial

Bank –Louis Lockhart Scholarship

gives $60,000 EC for

a student beginning final year

studies at University of the

West Indies.

O.A.S Scholarship gives

$30,000US per year, per student

and the scholarship runs

for a minimum of one year

and a maximum of two years.

Mill Reef Scholarship

gives $ 43,000 EC per student

Do an Online Program (at

home) at an accredited or recognized


The boarding and accommodation

costs are about

$50,000 EC.

Do a 2+2 program:

For example: It is possible

to study for two years at the

Antigua and Barbuda International

Institute of Technology

(ABIIT) or Antigua State

College (ASC) and two years

at an American University

(of your choice) that is affiliated

with ABIIT or ASC –

the savings can be as much as

$50,000 EC.

Work on Campus:

Some colleges offer the

option of working on Campus.

Admittedly, the salaries

vary from campus to campus,

but all reports indicate that

the salaries are noteworthy

and the experience invaluable.

Do a fast track program

with reduced summer breaks:

For example: The University

of Law in England offers

a 3 year Law Program in 2

years. The same content is

covered but there are significant

savings because summer

breaks are reduced.

Do a double track program:

In some professions like

accounting and computer

technology which have an

academic and professional

track, it is possible in some

colleges to pursue a professional

and academic program

concurrently. The savings are


Do an internship:

This option provides both

experience and need finances.

Many universities and

colleges in Canada and the

Unites States of America offer

this option.

Work in the USA or Canada

for a year or two after


Visa arrangements in both

USA and Canada afford this


Get an affordable student

loan from any of the commercial

banks in Antigua and


For example: Antigua

Commercial Bank gives student

loans up to $270,000 EC

maximum. Repayment begins

upon completion of studies.

Purchase second hand

books and or online books:

The savings are considerable.

Our survey also indicates

that a significant number of

persons in Antigua and Barbuda

are using the strategy of

studying online at reputable

colleges and universities, and

therefore reducing their costs


For further details on the

varied strategies for reducing

the cost of tertiary education,

please contact ABNAB at

268562-8151/2/3, and save

yourself time and money.

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Caribbean Times!

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Friday 25th November 2016

The dignity of the Obamas

As Barack Obama’s

Presidency of the United

States of America enters its

final weeks, there are tens of

millions of people in America

and across the world who

already feel a great sense of


That sense will be heightened

even more on January

20 when he walks out the

doors of the White House

for the last time as President.

For this man brought an extraordinary

dignity to the

office; a dignity that never

sagged, not even when a Republican

Congressman, Joe

Wilson, shouted out, “You

lie”, in the midst of his State

of the Union speech in 2009.

It was an unprecedented and

rude outburst, never directed

at any President before.

The world saw that

Obama dignity again and

again, most recently when

he hosted President-elect

Donald Trump in the Oval

Office to fulfil his duty of

ensuring that the transition

of power is smooth. It could

not have been easy.

After all, Trump launched

his political ambition on the

allegation that Obama was

not a born American and,

therefore, occupied the office

of President illegally.

Trump maintained that position,

even though he knew it

to be false, until mere days

before the November 8 elections,

and even then without

a word of apology.

Yet, Obama received him

with all the courtesy, respect

and importance that was

necessary for a President to

engage his successor.

At the joint televised media

event after their meeting,

and in every statement

Obama has made within the

United States and in other

countries, he has given every

supportive chance to a

Trump Presidency.

He calmed the stock markets;

he soothed worried

leaders in Europe and in Latin

America; and he tried to

reassure millions of Americans

who fear that their

country may have made a

backward step into authoritarianism

at home and unilateralism


Beyond the dignity with

which he conducted the office

of the Presidency, he put

a caring and concerned human

face on it.

Witness his readiness to

engage in town hall meetings

in the United States

and in foreign countries; his

willingness to open himself

to questioning about his policies;

and his tolerance of

every person as his equal

with a right to question and

to be given answers.

The latter quality was

displayed many times, but at

none more effectively than

in the heat of Trump-Clinton

campaign trail when

an older man, holding up a

Trump sign, sought to interrupt

Obama’s speech as

he stumped for Clinton.

By Sir Ronald Sanders

The crowd jeered the man.

Obama stopped them in a

fashion that is typical of him.

He pointed out that

Americans lived in a country

of free speech; that the

man looked like he served

in the military (he was wearing

a uniform with medals)

and his service should be respected;

that he was elderly

and respect for elders is paramount.

That encounter was later

related by Trump (probably

on the basis of false information

that was not checked) as

“a disgrace” because Obama

“screamed at the protestor”.

Obama also hands to the

Trump Presidency a country

in much better shape than he

found it.

An economy that was in

the doldrums when he took

office in 2008 is much improved;

unemployment is

down; the violent crime rate

is the lowest since the 1970s;

America was kept safe from

foreign attacks throughout

his Presidency; and, abroad,

initiatives were taken, such

as signing up to the agreements

on Climate Change,

and establishing diplomatic

relations with Cuba that

gave the US a more benevolent

face than it had for decades.

Despite his intelligence,

cont’d on pg 9

Friday 25th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

cont’d from pg 8

his charisma, and his eloquence,

the deck was always

stacked against him getting

through a sweeping legislative

programme that would

deliver the transformation

he promised.

He was elected twice

as President of the United

States because he was able

to reach over the vitriol of

his opponents into the hearts

and minds of ordinary people

who trusted him, and

who believed he would be

the change they wanted to

see in America.

Those people were not

only blacks and Hispanics;

they crossed the wide spectrum

American white voters

– women, students, professionals

and, significantly,

the same people in Florida,

Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina

and Wisconsin that

voted for Trump in this election.

Obama failed to do many

things, including with respect

to the Caribbean; for

example, Guantanamo Bay

in Cuba is still occupied by

America as a military detention

centre even though he

pledged to end it. His foreign

policy judgements require

separate consideration,

and will not all be regarded


But, he gave America a

face of decency around the

world; and he gave people

everywhere reason to be

proud and cause to believe

that dignity, equality and opportunity

can be achieved.

That in itself is a marvellous


Obama is probably no

Saint, and he has never

claimed to be. Politicians

live in a rough and tumble

world where tough decisions

have to be made. But, he is

unquestionably a man with a

great sense of decency and a

desire to do the right thing.

When he and his wife,

Michelle, depart the White

House, they will leave with

their heads high – and, with

grace and in dignity.

They would have served

their nation well, striving

to heal its ethnic and racial

divisions; working for tolerance

of those seen as ‘others’

– the gay and lesbian community;

and trying to establish

that ‘immigrant’ is not a

word to define the unworthy

and the unwholesome, but

a word to describe people

who have always gone to

America because they truly

believed that it is a land

of freedom and possibilities

where hard work pays dividends

and where it is possible

to make something of

themselves that is better than

what they left behind.

The Obamas did not

succeed fully; but success

cannot be measured in perfection

– they have given

America a glimpse of all that

it can be; and in doing so

much good has been established

and will be difficult to


Editor’s Note: The opinions

expressed in this Op-ed

are those of the author and

do not necessarily reflect the

views of Caribbean Times.

Government of Antigua and Barbuda

Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development,

Investment and Energy

Vacancy Notice

Date: 10 th November, 2016

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons

to fill the vacant non-established position of Tourism Community

Relations Officer within the Ministry of Tourism,

Economic Development, Investment and Energy.

Key Functions:

a) To coordinate activities and to help improve communication

among the Government Communities, non-Governmental

Organizations and Private sector.

b) To build tourism-community relationships

c) To communicate directly with communities on all Government

related projects that will be of great benefit to communities.

d) To assist community groups to source funding and applications

for external donor funding for the development of

community projects.

e) To assist in drafting a Community- based Tourism

Strategy and Policy.

f) To develop and promote community tourism enterprises

and activities in order to attract visitors and produce significant

economic benefits for residents.

g) To work closely with residents and businesses in a local

community to support the local economy of an area.


Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Interpersonal Skills

Leadership Skills

Excellent organizational and time management skills.

A BSc in Management or related field

An attractive remuneration package is being offered.

Applications along with two references and certified copies

of documents pertaining to qualifications should be addressed


The Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment

and Energy

Government Office Complex

Queen Elizabeth Highway

St. John’s


Applications should be submitted to the Ministry on or before

3 rd December, 2016.

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 25th November 2016

St. Kitts and Nevis PM recognised

for outstanding statesmanship


Minister Dr. the Honourable Timothy

Harris was honoured for his Outstanding

Statesmanship during the

Gusi Peace Prize International Annual

Awards Night 2016 at the Philippine

International Convention Centre in

Manila, Philippines on Wednesday, November

23 rd , 2016.

The prestigious Gusi Peace Prize,

Asia’s equivalent of the Nobel Peace

Prize, is known as the Award for Great

Achievers of the World.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Harris,

the popular, six-time elected Member of

Parliament, said his extensive government

and political experience has afforded

him the privilege of being a public

servant, thereby working to effect

positive change for his constituents, as

well as the people and country of St.

Kitts and Nevis as a whole.

“Working in public life, both as a

politician and now as Prime Minister

of St. Kitts and Nevis, has given me

the great privilege of serving my beloved

people and my beautiful nation,”

Prime Minister Harris said, adding that,

“Public service for the greater good is

the mark of a mature nation ready to

embrace new ideas and to work collaboratively

so that the quality of life

for everyone can be improved. I have

given 23 consecutive years as a Member

of Parliament and about 20 years at

the governmental and ministerial levels

across a wide range of portfolio assignments

including agriculture, lands, education,

housing, commerce, foreign affairs,

finance and now as my country’s

3 rd Prime Minister.”

The Honourable Prime Minister alluded

to the challenges that come with

such great responsibility and suggested

that they are certainly worth it in the

furtherance of democracy and nation

building. “The vicissitudes of political

life are assured in a functioning Westminster

model of democracy like the

one practiced in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Through it all, I can say it is a singular

honour and privilege to serve my constituents

and country with distinction

and with selflessness. I have received

several awards, but this one I shall always

remember and celebrate in tribute

to my people and in tribute to my beloved

country,” Dr. Harris said.

The other 14 Gusi 2016 laureates

come from around the world and include

Dr. Kingsley Faulkner of Australia, who

was honoured for Medicine (Surgery),

Anti-Smoking & Environmental Advocacy;

attorney Amor Mašović of Bosnia

and Herzegovina, for Humanitarianism

(Human Rights & Research for Missing

Persons); Health Minister Nikolæ

cont’d on pg 11

Friday 25th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

PM Harris: St. Kitts and Nevis will

support the Bahamas and Haiti


Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable

Timothy Harris has pledged approximately

EC$1 million to Haiti and the

Bahamas, as the two countries work to

rebuild and recover in the wake of Hurricane


Prime Minister Harris’ weekend

announcement came after the Cabinet

of Ministers received and considered a

recent report prepared by CARICOM

Chairman the Honourable Roosevelt

Skerrit, the Prime Minister of Dominica.

Chairman Skerrit’s report detailed

the extent of the hurricane impact on

the two countries.

Dominica’s Prime Minister assumed

the Chairmanship of the Conference

of CARICOM Heads of Government

on July 1st, 2016 for the period up to

December 31st, 2016. Last July, Dominica

was not able to host the 37th Regular

Meeting of the CARICOM Heads

of Government Conference because of

extensive damage from Tropical Storm

Erika. Guyana hosted the Conference

instead between July 4th and 6th, 2016.

Prime Minister Harris reached out

to Prime Minister Skerrit after Tropical

Storm Erika hit Dominica in August

2015 and pledged similar financial support

for the country.

“We are prepared as a people not

only to sympathize with those who suffer,

but also to extend a helping hand,”

the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and

Nevis said during his National Address

last Saturday night on ZIZ Television

and Radio.

“We are happy to be in this position,

to experience the satisfaction of giving

to others,” Dr. Harris added.

Discussing the aid package to the

Bahamas and Haiti on Saturday, Prime

Minister Harris stated that, “Cabinet

pledges its support to these islands totaling

just over $1 million dollars. This

amount will be shared between the two

countries on an equitable basis, taking

into account the damage and economic

health of each member state.”

Addressing the citizens and residents

of St. Kitts and Nevis, Dr. Harris

noted that, “We have been fortunate so

far to be spared the ravages of a hurricane

for the 2016 season.”

cont’d from pg 10

Bănicioiu of Romania, for

Governance & Social Services,

Professor Nicholas

Hagger of England, for Literature;

Dr. Philip Fidler of

the United States, for Medicine

(Burn Surgery); Dr. Vincent

Giampapa of the United

States, for Medicine (Cell

Aging Research), and Police

Director General Ronald

Dela Rosa of the Philippines,

for Peace (Fight Against

Drugs and Crime).

The awards ceremony

was attended by 5,000 distinguished

guests comprising

representatives of the

diplomatic corps, local and

foreign politicians, business

leaders, celebrities, philanthropists,

civic leaders, educators,

scientists and other

prominent figures from the

Philippines and the rest of

Asia, as well as the other

continents in the world.

The Honourable Ian

Patches Liburd, Minister

of Public Infrastructure et

al., and Ms. Valencia Grant,

Press Secretary to the Prime

Minister, were in attendance

and among the select VIP

guests who presented the

awards to the Gusi Peace

Prize laureates on stage.

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 25th November 2016

Friday 25th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 25th November 2016

Government of Antigua and Barbuda

Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy

Vacancy Notice

10 th November, 2016

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons to fill the vacant non-established post of Business Analyst within the

Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy.

Job Summary:

The Business Analyst will identify and communicate the understanding of business change needs, assessing the business impact of

those changes, capturing, analyzing and documenting requirements and supporting the communication and delivery of requirements

with relevant stakeholders.

Key Functions:

Defines and documents customer business functions and processes.

Consults with functional unit management and personnel to identify, define and document business needs and objectives, current

operational procedures, problems, input and output requirements, and levels of systems access.

Acts as a liaison between departmental end-users, technical analysts, information technology analysts, consultants and other governmental

organizations in the analysis, design, configuration, testing and maintenance of case management systems to ensure optimal

operational performance.

Analyzes the feasibility of, and develop requirements for, new systems and enhancements to existing systems; ensures the system

design fits the needs of the users.

Tracks and fully documents changes for functional and business specifications; writes detailed universally understood procedures

for permanent records and for use in training.

Identifies opportunities for improving business processes through information systems and/or non-system driver changes; assists

in the preparation of proposals to develop new systems and/or operational changes.

Plans, organizes and conducts business process reengineering/improvement projects. (Examples are projects requiring strategic

analysis of an entire process or operating area where specific issues or items to be corrected, examined or recommended have not been

identified. Recommended solutions should be developed in consultation with impacted internal and external stakeholders, but should

remain objective and independent of the specific stakeholders.)

Researches and prepares statistical reports. Consolidates information into cohesive and understandable correspondence or other

written form for use in management decision-making.

Assists in developing an overall change management strategy for Tourism.

Provides technical assistance in training, mentoring, and coaching professional and technical staff.

Directs or participates in studies of new and existing programs and special projects to’ determine feas1bility, resolve

problems including organizational, procedural” technical and fiscal research and analysis; develops policy and procedures

to improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and/or improve internal and external customer service; develops information system

documentation to support efficient Ministry operations; prepares reports and written findings and recommendations; and

monitors changes.

Provides work direction to one or more technical or clerical staff or acts as a team lead on designated projects or assignments.


Excellent oral and written communication skills.

5 years’ experience in the field.

Excellent organizational and time management skills.

Can clearly explain financial information and recommendations to non-financial individuals.

Knowledge of financial markets.

BSc Business Administration

Masters an advantage

An attractive remuneration package is being offered.

Applications along with two references and certified copies of documents pertaining to qualifications should be addressed to:

The Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy

Government Office Complex

Queen Elizabeth Highway

St. John’s


Applications should be submitted to the Ministry on or before 3 rd December, 2016.

Friday 25th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Government of Antigua and Barbuda

Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development,

Investment and Energy

Vacancy Notice

Date: 10 th November, 2016

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons

to fill the vacant non-established post of Director - Tourism

Policy and Planning within the Ministry of Tourism, Economic

Development, Investment and Energy.

Job Summary:

Plan, organize, direct, control and coordinate policy advice

and strategic planning within the Ministry of Tourism

Economic Development, Investment and Energy

Key functions:

Develop, implement and monitor strategic plans, programs,

policies, processes, systems and procedures to achieve the goals,

objectives and work standards of the Ministry.

Develop, implement, administer and participate in policy

research and analysis

Develop strategies and programmes to strengthen the linkages

between tourism and other sectors.

Coordinate the implementation of policies and practices

Establish activity measures and measurements of accountability

Oversee and participate in the elaboration of policy documents

and reports

Consult with and provide expert advice to government officials

and board members on policy, program and legislative


Represent the organization in negotiations, and at conventions,

seminars, public hearings and forums convened to

discuss policy issues


Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Leadership Skills

Excellent organizational and time management skills.

5 years’ experience in Tourism to include three (3) years of

experience in administration and tourism planning, policy, research

and/ or evaluation.

Master’s degree in Tourism, Planning, Measurement or Research,

or a related field preferable.

An attractive remuneration package is being offered.

Applications along with two references and certified copies of

documents pertaining to qualifications should be addressed to:

The Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and


Government Office Complex

Queen Elizabeth Highway

St. John’s


Applications should be submitted to the Ministry on or before

3 rd December, 2016.

Government of Antigua and Barbuda

Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development,

Investment and Energy

Vacancy Notice

Date: 10 th November, 2016

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons

to fill the vacant non-established post of Economist

within the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development,

Investment and Energy.

Key Functions:

Compile, analyze, and report data to explain economic

phenomena and forecast market trends, applying mathematical

models and statistical techniques.

Develop economic guidelines and standards and prepare

points of view used in forecasting trends and formulating

economic policy.

Forecast production and consumption of renewable resources

and supply, consumption and depletion of non-renewable


Study economic and statistical data in subject areas of the

portfolio of the Ministry.

Formulate recommendations, policies, or plans to solve

economic problems or to interpret markets.

Work with and across the various portfolios within the

Ministry to provide technical support.

Provide analysis and advice on risk- measurement issues

to do with projects within the Ministry.

Analyze proposed projects and their impact on areas like

job creation or economic activity.



Excellent oral and written communication skills.

5 years’ experience in the field of economics.

Excellent organizational and time management skills.

Knowledge of financial markets.

BSc Economics

Masters in Economics or related field would be an asset

An attractive remuneration package is being offered.

Applications along with two references and certified copies

of documents pertaining to qualifications should be addressed


The Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment

and Energy

Government Office Complex

Queen Elizabeth Highway

St. John’s


Applications should be submitted to the Ministry on or before

3 rd December, 2016.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 25th November 2016

Thursday’s Sudoku Solution




1. ‘’Excuse me . . .’’

5. Cartoon supply company

9. General vicinities

14. For some it’s minimum

15. Freeze follower, often

16. Gets into shape?

17. Pledge

20. Beehive State tribesman

21. Finger

22. Black-and-white bite

23. Blab accidentally

25. School org.

26. Strain, as one’s patience

29. Word with ten or stick

30. Genuine

31. Born, in bridal bios

32. Actor Ken of ‘’thirtysomething’’

34. Musical chairs goal

35. A Batman

36. Pledge

39. Cry a river

40. Bioelectric critters

41. Altar locale

42. Just get by (with ‘’out’’)

43. Jackson Browne tune

44. Is for them?

45. Roofer’s gunk

46. A famous Turner

47. Saarinen’s genre

51. Arrivederci kin

53. Tense

54. Summon a genie, perhaps

55. Pledge

59. Stand for a sitting?

60. Loads

61. Bad time for Caesar

62. Question of location

63. Kind of finder

64. Sign over


1. Dismal

2. Terre ___

3. Everglades wader

4. Restaurant sign

5. Succeed in reaching

6. Sap

7. Shank’s ___

8. Fold female

9. Indifferent to right or wrong

10. Cameo, e.g.

11. Costner role

12. Some of the paper

13. ‘’Quiet!’’

18. Like some skates

19. One usually found on the


24. Tanker mishap

25. Seckel and Bosc

27. View again

28. Nevertheless

30. E-mail option

32. Honshu port

33. Like the ‘’a’’ in NaOH

34. ‘’Slammin’ Sammy’’

35. Erased

37. Part of a shower scene

38. Saint Stephen or Joan of

Arc, e.g.

39. Track act

43. Unvarying

44. Silvery white

47. Kind of committee

48. Deteriorate

49. Turned 10 into 1,000

50. Past plump

52. Pilate’s road

53. Blues singer James

55. The chosen?

56. Sound from a fan

57. Lummox

58. Behavioral quirk

Friday 25th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 17



21). You’re curious about people.

Sometimes that curiosity

kicks in years later, when

it’s too late to know. You’re

still wondering how certain

things came to be. Now is your

chance to ask and avoid future


GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

Gratitude will help keep you

centered and focused on creating

the experience you want for

yourself and your loved ones.

Your resources are abundant,

and whatever you don’t have

will be yours for the asking.

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Overcast with rain showers at


High - 83ºF

Low - 75ºF

Wind: East North East 12 mph

Sunrise 6.17 am; Sunset 5.31 pm

Thursday’s Crossword Solution

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). There are many delights

in your arsenal of social graces.

Superb manners, exemplary

humor, exceptional warmth —

that’s just the beginning. Wait

till they taste your pie!

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). You and a loved one will

understand one another perfectly

as long as you’re making

the effort to communicate out

loud. Because there’s so much

else going on today, your usual

shorthand or telepathy with

this person won’t work.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

You’re already the complete

package. You’re whole. You’re

perfectly you, just the way

you are. Make this your mantra

through the day. Sure, everyone

can improve, but it’s a

choice, not a necessity. You’re

already worthy.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

Compassion is not just a word

you read in books about popes,

saints and the Dali Lama.

Compassion is an automatic

response to your daily life. It’s

who you are.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

While there are detailed reasons

why things must go as

they do, in the broader sense,

the circular nature of your

business will bring with it a

wallop of irony. “Crops are

sold for money spent on food.”

— Heraclitus

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

It’s heaven to be around people

who get you, no explanation

necessary. For these connections,

intimate communication

is subtle communication.

You’ll go right to the heart of

the matter.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Finding

a groove requires a bit of

patience today, so don’t expect

things to work immediately.

People need to get warmed

up first, and that includes you.

Breathe, smile, and get grounded.

By noon all will sync up.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

Don’t let details bog you down,

and avoid trying to prepare for

every possible scenario. Most

things will go right. Later,

there will be more important

things to tend to than the ones

you were tempted to obsess


LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

Team spirit is not the job of

one team member; rather, it’s

a manner in which functions of

the game are exercised. Your

esprit de corps will be contagious.

Encourage them to originate

such a feeling, too, so it’s

not all on you.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

Stay out of the minutiae. Jump

up to that perch that will give

you the big picture view. This

is the way to bring/have/make

the most fun possible out of today’s


18 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 25th November 2016

Government of Antigua and Barbuda

Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development,

Investment and Energy

Vacancy Notice

Date: 10 th November, 2016

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons to fill

the vacant non-established positions of Junior Research Economist

within the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development,

Investment and Energy.

Job Summary:

Under the direction of the Permanent Secretary, the Junior Research

Economist will be responsible for undertaking analytical and

research projects across the various portfolios that make up the Ministry.

The Junior Research Economist will be expected to function

among a team of professionals with multiple priorities and tight


Having an active commitment to continuously improving quality

standards when performing statistical analysis of industry and economic


Possessing an ability to communicate complex and sensitive information

in an understandable form to colleagues.

Key Functions:

Assist in Tourism \Business Economic Impact Assessment.

Carry out economic impact surveys.

Assist line Advise on Economic Issues.

Assist with the Ministry’s planning process.

Responsible for providing research assistance, proof reading, fact

checking and publishing economic research reports, while working

under strict deadlines

Conduct value-added economic research, including gathering

and analyzing economic and financial data

Respond to internal and external requests for data, charts and


Work with other members of the team and help with Ministry

presentations, information requests and meetings.


Excellent oral and written communication skills.

2 years’ experience

Excellent organizational and time management skills.

Can clearly explain financial information and recommendations

to non-financial individuals.

Knowledge of financial markets.

Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, to make linkages

and to use common sense in solving problems and making decisions

BSc Economics or related field

An attractive remuneration package is being offered.

Applications along with two references and certified copies of documents

pertaining to qualifications should be addressed to:

The Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy

Government Office Complex

Queen Elizabeth Highway

St. John’s


Applications should be submitted to the Ministry on or before 3 rd December,


The St. John’s cathedral parish presents its Annual Family

Christmas bazaar on Saturday, 3 rd December, 2016 from 2:00pm

– 9:00pm at Deanery Grounds St. John’s Street. Lots of food and

drinks will be on sale.Attraction for ALL ages. Santa Claus will

be rolling through with his elves. Come on out with the family

and have a wonderful time. Proceeds in aid of Restoration of our

beloved Cathedral Church. NO outside vendors will be allowed.

The Supernova Athletics Club invites all to its fun-run and

breakfast on Friday 9th December, commencing at 5:30am

at Yasco Sports Complex. Papa Bird breakfast $12.00 until

10:30 am. Proceeds in aid of purchasing uniforms for athletes.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

The Spirited Optimist Club of Wadadli will be having a Fundraising

Breakfast on Saturday 3rd December, 2106 from 6:30

am-8:30 am. All Saints Road outside of Courts Furnishings

Cost: EC$10.00 Proceeds in aid of Community Project &

Youth Development. Thank your for your Support.

The Liberta Wesleyan Holiness Church invites you to its

Harvest Fun Fair on Saturday November 26th, 2016, from

12:00pm – 7:00pm on the church grounds in Liberta. There

will be lots of attractions for the children including bounce

castle, face painting, donkey ride. Other attractions include

hat show competition, live music and entertainment. Come

and enjoy an afternoon of food, fun, fellowship and the

bountiful blessings from the Lord. An entry fee of $2:00 will

be charged per person. All proceeds from the fair will go

towards the building of the new sanctuary.

Did you miss the Arbour Day Plant Fair? Do you still need fruit

trees for your home? Then come to the Department of Environment

from 24 November to 30 November from 9am to 11am

each day. Remember, the exchange is five 10 by 12 or 10 by 14

plant bags for one fruit tree. Let's ride the climate wave together

this Arbour Month!

The Sons & Daughters of Willikies, a community based organization

will be having a Social Event called "Getting To Know

You" on Saturday 3rd December, 2016 at the Willikies Football

Play field starting from 1:00pm to 6:00pm . There will be lots to

eat and drink. Attractions include the bounce castle, face painting,

music and lots more. Tickets are available from any member

of the organization and proceeds are in aid of the Willikies

Reunion 2017. Lets all have a grand time together!!

The ABLP St. Paul's Branch will hold a Tasty fund-raiser

breakfast on Saturday 3rd December 2016 at the Cobbs Cross

Corner from 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. On the menu will be Fungi

and shad, Link fish, Red herring, Sausage, chop up, johnny

cakes, and more. with a free cup of Bush Tea. Cost of Breakfast:

$15.00. Local Drinks will also be on sale. Do support this

worthy cause. Proceeds in aid of Community Development.

Friday 25th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 19

ABFA to appeal CFU again on Benna

Boys exclusion from Caribbean Cup

By Marver Woodley

The Antigua and Barbuda Football

Association has set their wits yet again

on appealing the Caribbean Football

Union ruling against them for the final

CFU Caribbean Cup playoffs position.

This is according to President of

the ABFA, Everton Gonzales, who

said he received notification from the

CFU executive committee stating that

they had awarded the last position to

Haiti, a position previously bestowed

to the National team the Benna Boys.

By Marver Woodley

Thanks to their brilliant

performance thus far the

Leeward Island Hurricanes

will have their first opportunity

in years to sit proudly

in the top of the standings in

Regional First Class competition,

in the ongoing Digicel

4-day Regional cricket competition.

Hurricanes who are currently

persistently at the

heels of front runners Barbados

Pride have gained entrance

into the third round

of matches slated for today

sitting proudly in the second


Captain Kiron Powell,

coach Regional Benjamin

and manager Huge Gore will

be away to the Trinidad and

Tobago Red Force in Queens

Park Ovals. The Leeward Island’s

currently boosts 24.2

points to Barbados’ 24.4 tally.

Elsewhere the Guyana

Jaguars sit on third with 24

will aim to rebound after a

severer hammering by the

Hurricanes. Jaguars will take

on struggling Windward Island

Volcanoes at the Darren

Sammy Stadium in St Lucia.

Windward currently sits

in the bottom best with 9.6

points, also Jamaica Scorpions

sit in the second to last

slot on 21 points just 0.1

points ahead of Red Force

The Committee noted that the issue

of reposition came after a reassessment

showed that Haiti placed ahead

of the Benna Boys who was in the

running alongside Trinidad and Tobago

and Suriname after the CFU Championships.

Following such a decision the

ABFA filed an appeal stating that according

to the rules they should have

been the ones entering into the playoff


The President noted that after writing

to CONCAF on the ruling the Association

was redirected to the CFU

who expressed that their final decision

will stand.

A judgment the football honcho

noted they are contemplating on filing

another appeal.

The top team from the playoffs

will go up against the top team of the

Spanish Central American Football

body, La Unión Centroamericana de

Fútbol UNCAF, for a chance to reach

to CONCAF Golden cup competition.

Hurricanes in the top half of bracket

Premier Division weekend lineup

By Marver Woodley

Looking into the weekends line up for the

Antigua and Barbuda Football Association

Premier Division games, Blackhawks will

have yet another chance at redemption while

Hoppers’ clean record will be challenged yet


The Liberta Blackhawks will have yet

another opportunity to enter onto the scoreboards

on Saturday when the go up against

Glanville’s FC in one of two games slated

for the evening.

The other game will see Sandals/ Imobile/

Inet Grenades up against neighbor’s

Cool and Smooth Empires.

Meanwhile on Sunday Harney Motors

Tryum FC will attempt to tackle Asots Arcade

Parham while Fitzroy Rewinding Piggott’s

Bullets will confront SAP FC.

The nights show piece will showcase

front runner’s AC Delco Greenbay Hoppers

match up against Flow Old Road.

who will gain help in the

form of Darren Bravo who

will be playing against the


ABFA Girls

U-15 favorites

held to a draw

By Marver Woodley

The Princess Margret

Secondary School was

held to a draw in the Under

15 Girls division of the

Schools’ Football competition

on Wednesday.

PMS and the Ottos

Comprehensive Secondary

School battled to a goalless

draw at the Antigua Grammar

School playing field.

Minutes later at the same

venue the Jennings Secondary

School defeated the

Antigua Girls High School

1-nil. The loan goal was delivered

by Deshanti Cooper.

20 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 25th November 2016

The South African U21 Ladies

Field Hockey Team in Santiago

By Renio Abbott

The South African U21

Ladies Field Hockey team is

currently in Santiago, Chile

to take part in the 2016 Junior

World Cup. Sixteen

teams are competing in the

tournament, including Argentina,

USA, England,

Netherlands, China and the

home team Chile.

The South African Team

are the African Champions

having won the Junior African

Cup that took place in

Namibia in April 2016. Zimbabwe

are the other African

representative in the event.

South Africa are aiming to

come in the top 2 places in

their pool and thus qualify

for the quarterfinals where

after the competition enters

the knockout stages.

This group of 18 ladies

come from all parts of South

Africa and are a very young

team in terms of both age

and experience. The average

age of the team is 19 years

old and 8 players are uncapped.

One player, Tarryn

Glasby took part in the previous

Junior World Cup held

in Germany in 2013. There

are 4 school girls in the team

of which 2 players, Sisipho



Magwaza, the reserve goalkeeper

and Ongeziwe Mali a

dynamic striker will be eligible

for the next Junior World

Cup. Tegan Fourie, 18 and

Marizen Marais guide the

team in the midfield. Another

player, Marguerite van

Wyk who is also a striker is

based in the USA where she

attends and plays field hockey

for the Pacific University

in California. The team is

captained by law student,

Natalie Esteves who marshals

the team’s defensive


Patrick Tshutshani, the

head coach, is attending his

3rd Junior World Cup. In

2009 he was the video analyst

at the event held in

Boston, USA and at the last

tournament in 2013 he was

assistant coach. The team

is managed by Mary Ann

Dove from Cape Town who

is studying towards a doctoral

degree researching talent

development in cricketers in

diverse societies.

This group of ladies are

likely to form the backbone

of the South African senior

field hockey team that will

compete at the Commonwealth

Games to be held

in Durban, South Africa in

2022. This tournament in

Santiago will thus provide

the team with excellent experience

in preparation for

their senior careers.

South Africa play Australia

in their opening match at

6pm on Thursday 24th November

at the Club Manquehue

in Santiago, followed by

the host nation Chile at 6pm

on Saturday 26th November.

Their final pool match

will be at 2pm on Monday

28th November against arch

rivals England. The matches

are being live streamed

on https://livestream.



Friday 25th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 21

Benna Boys defeated in international friendly

By Marver Woodley

One goal made all the difference on

Tuesday as the 82nd FIFA seated Benna

Boys fell short against 119th seated Estonia

in their International friendly at the


Estonia set the stage by creating the

1-nil success within 24 minutes into fast

paced game packed with excitement as

Antiguans came out and show their support.

The Benna Boys playing on the familiar

field had the advantage and created

By Marver Woodley

The Leeward Island Hurricanes continued

their winning streak in the Digicel

Regional 4-day competition and this

time creating history on their quest for


Hurricanes has set a record in Regional

cricket by chasing 369 to defeat

the Guyana Jaguars yesterday. The monumental

accomplishment was the first

a wave of opportunity but lived to regret

not banking on them as the game came

down to organization and the European

team was inevitable better organized and


In assessing the game, the technical

Director for the Benna Boys, Ralston

Williams says his players did not maintain

position especially with the first half.

Williams noted the team’s short comings

in passing and running into space

caused them the game, but nonetheless

the team remained positive due the hard

By Marver Woodley

The recent visit by Prince

Harry to the shores of Antigua

and Barbuda has caused

a wave of influence within the

Ministry of Sports.

Following his visit and

participation in various sporting

activities on his four-day

visit to the twin island, the

country’s Director of Sports

Header Samuel-Daley says

the twin island could stand to

gain a lot from such visits one

of which she hopes for is an

exchange program between

the United Kingdom and Antigua

and Barbuda.

Looking at the bigger picture

the Director noted that

sports education and the exchange

not only plays a vital

role in the development of

sports but aspiring athletes if

given the opportunity to interact

with students from the UK

could learn a lot and even pass

it on to other youngsters.

On Monday Prince Harry

work displayed by the under 20 players

notably defenders Vashami Allen, Jamarlie

Stevens and Javorn Stevens

Asked about the worked displayed by

the visiting team, he noted that Estonia

players were physically bigger, showed

more professionalism and was strong in

the air.

Football fans were happy nonetheless

as Antigua and Barbuda fielded all home

grown players except for midfielder Calaum

Martian and goalkeeper Brenton

Muhammed from overseas.

Prince visit influences exchange program

was treated to a sports festival

which showcased some of the

country’s top young athletes at

the Sir Vivian Richard Cricket


Warriors, Buckley’s reach softball semis

By Marver Woodley

In teeth clinching clashes the ACB Warriors

and Buckley’s won their respective matches on

Wednesday evening to secure their seats in the

semifinals of the Dave “Fat man” Knowles

Softball League.

Chasing 93 to win Warriors needed the first

ball of the final over to defeat Bryson Future

Stars by 4 wickets at Powell’s.

Warriors raced to 93 for 6 in 9.1 in which

Keyonnie Greenaway struck 32 and Shaquan

Reefer bagged 3 for 5 in his overs one of which

was a madden. Future Stars ha previously

scored 92 for 3.

Meanwhile, Success Catering Buckley’s

claimed a narrow 4 run victory over Long Bay

Beach Club Sisserou, Buckley’s 87 for 5 was

thanks to Kadeem Philip’s 39 not out, Denly

Thomas’ 23 and Curt Douglas 2 for 29 while

Sisserou made 83 for 6.

Warriors and Buckley’s will battle in a

semifinals match, while the final spots will be

contended by Dredges when they take on 300

and Bryson’s Bullets take on Sanctuary.

Hurricanes create historic run chase in regional cricket

time Jaguars tasted defeat the Hurricanes

were proud to deliver.

The victory erased an almost 33-yearold

record of the highest successful run

chase in the history of modern first class

championship in regional cricket.

Requiring 369 to win, the Hurricanes

surprised back-to-back champions the

Guyana Jaguars with 4 wickets to spear

at Warner Park in St Kitts, thanks to player

Montcin Hodge’s second first class


Hurricane’s efforts surpassed those of

their predecessors and rivals in the competition

the Windward Islands cricket

team who in 1983 created the record by

defeating Trinidad and Tobago with 368

and 2 wickets to spear. This was Jaguar’s

first defeat in 19 outings and Hurricane’s

first win against them in over 2 years.

22 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 25th November 2016

Generation Next hosts camp with EPL

By Marver Woodley

Generation Next FC and

Wadadli Strikers are scheduled

to host a one-week

camp in collaboration with

English Premier League

Club Stokes City on December


The announcement was

made by cofounder and CEO

of Generation Next, Rickey

Santos said that there is a

close relationship between

themselves and the EPL

team and not having an international

camp for almost

two years between both parties

has urged the need for

the camp for participant to

experience once again what

it is like to be coached by an

international football team.

Santos notes that the

camp’s primary aim is expose

the young players as international

teams are always

interested in fielding young

players and the camp creates

a better opportunity to be


The facilitators will be

Stokes City’s Youth coaches

Simon Bradley and Jack Day

and will be hosted at the St

Anthony’s School.

Youngsters aid in revival of fencing

By Marver Woodley

The ever dormant sport of fencing has

raised from its slumber in the form of a three

man Antigua and Barbuda team’s successful

debut at the Barbados Independence Challenge


Youngster Tamisha Thomas from the

Princess Margret Secondary School and

Marcel Maurice and Christopher Potter of

St. Anthony’s Secondary School took on the

competition in strides to capture bronze and


Thomas bagged the goal medal in the

EP and Women’s Foil events while captured

bronze in the men’s Foil Event Potter however

was unable to secure a medal after contending

in several events as well.

Nonetheless the trio represented the twin

island proud in their first competitive outside

of the twin island borders.

Other schools and interested youths are

encouraged to join the country’s Fencing Association

as it grows in numbers and adds to

the country’s sport diversity.


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Friday 25th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 23

Pakistan strike twice on wet first day

HAMILTON - Persistent rain ruled

out any chance of play in the second and

third sessions after Pakistan, having chosen

an all-seam attack on a green pitch,

picked up two New Zealand wickets after

winning the toss. New Zealand batted

positively, going after anything marginally

loose, and scored 77 runs in 21 overs

before rain forced an early lunch, 15

minutes before schedule. With intermittent

showers continuing to afflict Seddon

Park, umpires called off play at 4pm.

It left the Test match suspended in an

interesting though still embryonic position

with Jeet Raval, carrying on from his

impressive debut in Christchurch, batting

on 35 and Ross Taylor, who seemed unbothered

by the pterygium in his left eye,

on 29 off 20 balls.

Taylor looked far more assured than

he had done in either South Africa or India,

lining up in a more side-on stance

than normal, and, perhaps as a consequence,

lifting his bat up behind him rather

than out towards gully as is usually the

case, allowing it to come down straighter

in defence while having no adverse effect

on his traditional strength, the square-cut.

Of the six fours he hit, five came off this


This was also because Pakistan

bowled too short and too wide at him,

and in general weren’t as accurate as the

conditions demanded. Sohail Khan and

Wahab Riaz were particularly guilty of

The cut featured prominently among Ross

Taylor’s six fours.

spraying the ball around, while Imran

Khan, returning to the Test line-up after

more than a year, looked rusty, often

slanting the ball too wide of off stump to

make Raval play.

It was a curious unraveling after

Mohammad Amir had begun as well

as he possibly could have, every ball of

his first over tight on off stump, curling

away from a good length or just short of

it, forcing the two left-handed openers to

play, and produced four edges and two


Two of the edges carried to Sami

Aslam at first slip. He dropped the first,

at knee height while falling to his left, to

reprieve Raval, and caught the second,

to send back Tom Latham for a first-ball


Aside from that let-off and a couple

of loose drives away from his body, Raval

showed impressive judgment outside

off, particularly against the right-armers

angling the ball across him. He profited

particularly from nudges off his legs and

pulls, the latter shot rather effective on a

pitch where the ball came through with

true bounce but not a lot of pace.

Kane Williamson looked in excellent

touch in his 42-ball stay at the crease,

easing two effortless drives through the

off side when Amir overpitched, and

defending with the softest hands in the

game. When Amir dropped a difficult return

catch in the fifth over of the morning,

off a firmly hit straight drive, it looked as

if Williamson might go on and make a

substantial score, but it wasn’t to be, as

he fell to Sohail after a Pakistan review.

Getting the ball to nibble in from outside

off stump, Sohail produced a tentative,

half-forward poke, and the bowler

and all the fielders behind the wicket

went up instinctively when they heard a

click through to the keeper.

Simon Fry gave it not out on the field,

and Ian Gould, the third umpire, overturned

his decision; it seemed a tight call

to make.

HotSpot did not register an edge,

and the Real-Time Snickometer seemed

to show a spike an instant after the ball

passed his inside edge, suggesting it

may have hit his elbow. Some of the TV

commentators, however, said they heard

a double-noise, indicating the ball may

have kissed the edge and then hit Williamson’s

elbow. (ESPNcricinfo)

cont’d from pg 16

for 4, only to ask confidently

for a review as the ball had

brushed his leg on the way

through to Wade. However,

the thinnest imaginable spike

on Real-Time Snicko suggested

there might have been

a faint inside edge before the

ball struck Philander, and

third umpire Aleem Dar upheld

the on-field decision.

Still Australia could not

run through the tail. Kyle Abbott

contributed 17 from 50

balls and put on 54 with du

Plessis for the eighth wicket -

the highest partnership of the

innings - before he was lbw to

Bird. The final wicket came

when Kagiso Rabada dragged

his back foot just outside his

crease off Nathan Lyon and

was stumped by Matthew

Wade, giving Lyon his first

wicket since the first innings

of the Perth Test, and ending

his 660-ball drought.

And yet still South Africa

fought. Shamsi, on debut and

with a first-class average of

8.18, struck an unbeaten 18 in

a 39-run stand before his partner,

du Plessis, called an end

to the innings. The result was

a Test match poised in a fascinating

position at stumps on

day one. And all because of du

Plessis, who had made 118 out

of 259 and then wrong-footed

Australia with his declaration.

If he has had a week to forget,

at least this was a day to remember.


24 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 25th November 2016

Du Plessis leads South Africa fightback

ADELAIDE - His innings

was mint, his declaration

sweet. He took the shine off

all of Australia’s fine bowling

and silenced the lollygagging

Australian fans. There, the terrible

puns are out of the way

early. Now for the substance,

and on the first day - and night

- at Adelaide Oval, everything

Faf du Plessis did was of substance.

From the moment he

walked to the crease, things

were against him. The pink

ball was swinging, the Australians

were on top, the score

was 3 for 44. And du Plessis

walked out to the sound of a

booing crowd.

But if the spectators remembered

du Plessis’ previous

visit to the ground, when

he blockaded for 376 balls on

debut to salvage an unlikely

draw, they would have known

he is a hard man to perturb.

And with his ball-tampering

conviction behind him,

du Plessis had but one focus:

leading his team back into this

match. When he ran off late

in the evening at 9 for 259, a

hundred to his name and an

aggressive declaration forcing

Australia’s openers to bat

for an awkward period under

lights, he had done so.

By Test standards it was

an exceptionally early declaration,

coming after only 76

overs of the first innings of

the match. But perhaps he had

noted that David Warner had

been off the field being treated

for a shoulder injury, and thus

a declaration would mean

Warner was prevented from

opening the innings. In any

case, although the debutant

No.11 Tabraiz Shamsi had

fun swinging the bat, there

seemed little to be gained

from batting on.

If South Africa’s bowlers

did not strike, they at leasted

tested Australia’s openers. It

took 38 balls for Australia to

find any runs off the bat, a single

through midwicket from

Usman Khawaja, sent out to

open because Warner could

not. Next ball, the debutant

Matt Renshaw got off the

mark in Tests with a boundary

tucked off his hip from

his 19th delivery. By stumps,

Australia were 0 for 14, with

Renshaw on 8 and Khawaja

on 3. But on day two, they

would have to get set once

again. And if day one proved

anything, it was that getting

set against the swinging and

seaming pink ball was a challenge.

In the third over of the

match, Stephen Cook was lbw

to Mitchell Starc for 4, only to

be reprieved because it was

a no-ball. But Dean Elgar,

Hashim Amla and JP Duminy

had no such luck as they

each fell with scores of 5, all

to edges behind the wicket.

In fact, every wicket until the

eighth fell to catches behind

the wicket.

Elgar edged a swinging

ball from Starc and was

snapped up at third slip by Usman

Khawaja, Amla nicked

Hazlewood and was caught

by Renshaw low to his right

at first slip, and Duminy gave

Matthew Wade his first Test

Faf du Plessis embraces Kagiso Rabada after bringing up his hundred.

catch in more than three years

when he inside-edged behind

off Hazlewood. South Africa

were 3 for 44, and du Plessis

was walking to the crease. His

team needed something special,

and du Plessis duly delivered

an innings of remarkable


When given width outside

off he drove extremely well,

but he also picked off runs

through midwicket when the

bowlers strayed onto his pads.

He struck 17 boundaries, more

than half of them off Starc.

He brought up his fifty from

92 deliveries, and his century

from 147. By that stage he had

the No.10 for company, wickets

having fallen regularly

throughout the innings. They

just weren’t falling at his end.

When he declared, he had 118

off 164 balls.

Du Plessis was the anchor

but needed help along the way.

First it came in a 51-run stand

with Cook, who used his early

reprieve to reach his highest

score of the tour. Cook went to

the tea break on 40 but could

not add to his score upon the

resumption, and edged Starc

to Steven Smith at second

slip. It left South Africa at 4

for 95, with two wickets each

to Starc and Hazlewood, who

were the most dangerous of

the bowlers. (ESPNcricinfo)

Jackson Bird, playing his

first Test since the tour of New

Zealand in February, struggled

to find his rhythm early

and leaked runs, but improved

after tea and was rewarded

when Temba Bavuma edged

him behind for 8. Quinton de

Kock struck a brisk 24 before

edging Hazlewood behind

and it was the first time on this

trip that de Kock had failed

to reach fifty in any innings -

Test or tour match - and it ended

his run of five consecutive

Test scores of fifty or more.

Hazlewood snared his

fourth wicket just before dinner

when Vernon Philander

was given out caught behind

cont’d on pg 15

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