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Friday 25th November 2016

NODS calls for more focus on

disaster management plans

By Joanna Paris

Director of the National

Office of Disaster Services

(NODS), Philmore Mullin,

has issued a clarion call for

businesses to develop Disaster

Management plans,

which cover all of the disasters

that can affect the country.

While appearing on

Against the Backdrop on

state media on Thursday,

Media is key to democracy

By Renio Abbott

The China Latin American and Caribbean Media Summit

was concluded in Santiago, Chile yesterday. Of the many vital

points that were made at the summit, it was underscored

that partnership in media is vital and should serve as a bridge

between sources to share media work. It should be regarded

as essential and of great value to a country.

The utilization of media forces in the exchange of ideas

for development in cultural diversity, promotion and acceptance

should be published and seen on every media forum

in all forms and languages. The collaboration of the media

and vivid presentation of information is a great way to foster

news reporting.

Social media serves as a critical forum in the media,

it aids as a great help for a country and the views are not

only very important, but can also be beneficial to society. It

should be in all available languages especially for the global

unity to promote “One World; New World; Unification”.

Websites should be developed abroad in association with

different media houses to help a country’s economy, expand

growth and experience, while providing necessary education

to tourists.

Media in China, Latin America and the Caribbean is

about to change and the world will be looking at us from

many different angles. Society is served by the media in so

many different ways especially now via Facebook, Instagram,

Twitter, MSN and the list goes on. Someone once said

Twittering is a form of Journalism but it’s not.

Newspapers should not be eliminated because of the

threat of mobile technology, but it can be an online newspaper

because of the constant recycling, it is also a more

economical form of running a paper. Not everyone has the

opportunity or luxury of having the internet, therefore there

is always be a need for circulation of good old fashion print.

Mullin expressed his dissatisfaction

with the level of seriousness

that disaster management

is approached with

across the country.

He indicated that the

discussion needs to be widened

and that there need to

be individual and collective

responsibility in this regard.

“We need to make a deliberate

and consistent effort

to build resilience into our

development. As we develop,

we need to ensure that we

build right. There is a falsehood

perpetrated by many

that this office is responsible

to ensure that everybody is

safe. That is an individual

responsibility,” he said.

He said that the department

has plans to engage

the public more in efforts to

increase awareness about disaster

services and management.

As the 2016 Hurricane

Season comes to an official

end on November 30 th ,

Mullin reflected on the preparedness

for the season. He

said that the country was not

affected by any major storm

or hurricane but preparation

cannot be over emphasized.

He mentioned that moving

forward, more focus

should be placed on people.

“We need to remove the

focus to some extent from

things and focus more on

people. Yes, we need to ensure

that shelters are intact

and everything else like that

but ultimately, we need to

ensure that at the end of a disaster,

the focus is on people

and their ability to survive

and sustain themselves after

an impact”, Mullin emphasized.

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