Caribbean Times 48th Issue - Thursday 1st December 2016


Caribbean Times 48th Issue - Thursday 1st December 2016

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Thursday 1st December 2016 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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By Renio Abbott

The Office of National Drug and Money Laundering

Control Policy (ONDCP) conducted another

successful counter-drug operation on Wednesday

November 23rd, resulting in the arrest of 54-year old

Samuel Friths, an Antiguan who works as a Ramp Supervisor

for Caribbean Airport Services (CAS).

Friths was charged for the possession of cannabis,

possession with intent to transfer, being concerned in

the supply of cannabis and drug trafficking of 156lbs

of cannabis believed to be Jamaican in origin.

The operation was executed in the Mount St.

John’s Medical Center parking lot, during which the

accused took ill and was hospitalized forthwith; he

was discharged from the hospital on November 28th

and was read the charges on November 29th.

The illicit substance carries an estimated wholesale

value of Six Hundred and Twenty-Four Thousand

Five Hundred EC Dollars ($624,000.00 EC)

2 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 1st December 2016

Government to make getting bail easier

By Everton Barnes

The government is moving

to provide what it terms

‘equity’ in the granting of

bail in Antigua and Barbuda.

Government’s Chief

spokesman, Lionel Max

Hurst said a bill is going to

parliament today to address

what many see as inequities

in the system. “Bail

was meant to ensure that

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the accused person returns

to meet his/her court date

and it was never intended

for it to be used as punishment,”

Hurst stated.

For example, he noted

that under the current law, a

person arrested on a Friday

has to wait until Wednesday

for a bail hearing if

Monday and the Tuesday

are holidays, as at Carnival

time. He said the Bail

Bill, as it is called, address

issues such as these when it

comes up for debate.

“This measure has the

support of the legal fraternity

as well as from others

in the society as the current

arrangements are often not

seen as fair,” he added.

Today’s meeting of

the House of Representatives

will say the laying on

the table the 2014 audited

statement of accounts

for APUA. Hurst said the

statements for 2015 as well

as 2016 are being prepared

and that they too will be

laid on the table as soon as

they are completed.

Several finance bills are

also down for debate at the


The government

spokesman revealed that

the promised debate on the

Telecommunications Bill

will not take place at this

meeting as its provisions

are still being discussed

among various interest

groups at meetings of a

special parliamentary committee

looking into the bill.

Meanwhile, the House

will also adopt a resolution

expressing Antigua and

Barbuda’s condolences to

the government and people

of Cuba on the death of the

former president and ‘Comandante

en Jefe’, Fidel


Prime Minister Gaston

Browne led a team that was

among several regional

delegations that gathered

in Havana to pay their respects

to the Cuban revolutionary


Bendals man convicted of larceny

Wesley Blanchette

By Renio Abbott

50-year-old Wesley Blanchette, a Bendals

resident appeared before Magistrate Conliffe

Clarke to receive the charge of Fraudulent

Conversion and Larceny.

Earlier this year, Blanchette took $9,300

EC from a Wireless Road Man and $17,000

EC from and Ebenezer woman to purchase

vehicles for both. In both cases, It is alleged

that neither of the victims received their vehicles.

The accused plead guilty to larceny in the

case of the $9,300, was convicted and fined

$1,500, payable by December 30th, 2016.

He was also ordered to pay full compensation

to the virtual complainant. In the second

case where he received $17,000, he was

arrested and charged, but was not required to

enter a plea.

He was granted bail in the sum of

$34,000, with a cash component of $3,000

and two Antiguan sureties. Blanchette is

required to report to Bolans Police Station

every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between

6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. He was also

ordered surrender his travel documents and

remain at his current address.

Thursday 1st December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

By Renio Abbott

On the 18th March 1996

Lorriston Cornwall was

found guilty for the murder

of his common-law girlfriend

and was sentenced to


After sentencing, he was

placed in maximum security

at Her Majesty’s Prison.

In 2000 a death warrant

was read to him and he

was measured for his coffin

which was placed near his


He saw it every time

he came out of his cell for

those few days. The gallows

were built and he

heard them being tested every


It was at that time he

Lorriston Cornwall released

after resentencing

confessed that he had committed

the murder and he

is giving his soul to Christ.

His execution was stayed

hours before the appointed

moment and he remained

living in the maximum security

all these years; on

lock down in a cell for 23

hours a day.

In 2015 the Prison Authorities

noted his good behaviour,

and was satisfied

and he posed no threat and

gave him the opportunity to

move to the general population

and he decline in order

to avoid any trouble.

In 2014 the state filed

proceedings for his status

to be regularized in prison;

Justice Cottle declared the

original sentence of death

was unconstitutional and it

was accordingly quashed,

and ordered that he be


High Court Judge Darshan

Ramdhani stated that

he has weighed the breaches

against the offence,

bearing in mind the ruling

set out in Rumen which

indicates some cases of

considerable gravity even

the breach of constitutional

right ought to affect the

final sentence.

“The will court declined

to impose any life term sentence

with a review. However,

a suitable remedy

must there for result in a

fixed term sentence of 300


Having regarding to all

the time spent in custody

for the offence and the defendant

is considered Sufficiently

Rehabilitated, the

appropriate disposal in this

case is that the defendant

must be released immediately”

Ramdhani stated.

4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 1st December 2016

By Everton Barnes

Antigua and Barbuda is gearing up

for what will be the biggest day for

cruise tourism in the country’s history.

Final preparations are being completed

ahead of Friday’s inaugural visit

of the Anthem of the Seas, one of the

largest cruise ships in the world today.

It belongs to what is termed the Quantum

Class, which is the biggest of class

of cruise vessels today.

“The government spent US$30 million

to dredge the harbour and to extend

the pier at heritage Quay to accommodate

the vessel.

“It carries 5,000 passengers and

4,000 crew members and along with

two other vessels that will be in the

port on Friday, we anticipate that there

will be more than 13,000 visitors to the

island on Friday, making it the biggest

single day for cruise tourism ever!”

Hurst declared.

By Everton Barnes

Police Commissioner,

Wendel Robinson, is issuing

a strong word of advice

to the murder suspect, now

at large since Monday night

when he allegedly stabbed

his former girlfriend –

Shariece Henry of Christian

Street, Grays Farm- several

times ultimately leading to

her death.

Robinson wants the man,

Omarley Henry aka “Drop

Sleep’ of Perry Bay, to turn

himself into the nearest police

station in the company

of either a family member or

any attorney.

The Commissioner said

its better for everyone if the

suspect turns himself in voluntarily.

Biggest cruise day ever!

“It is better for him to

come in than for us to go out

on a manhunt looking for

him because my tactical unit

has been advised accordingly;

that is to proceed with


“We have to act on the

premise that he is dangerous

and as such my officers will

be on the alert,” Robinson


On Wednesday, a recording

of a telephone conversation

between Henry and an

unknown female was being

widely circulated.

Robinson said he heard

the recording and the voice

has been confirmed to be

that of Henry’s.

He said he would have

preferred if the confession

heard on the recording had

been done under police supervision,

but he believes

that it will still form part of

the evidence used in a potential

court case.

“The recording is that

of the suspect and what

was heard is what police

described as a confession.

However, it is unfortunate

that it was allowed to go viral.

That person who got

that recording should have

passed it on to the police

rather than letting it go viral,”

the commissioner declared.

The commissioner is also

urging anyone with information

related to the whereabouts

of the suspect to pass

He reported that a team from the

Ministry of Tourism visited the Cabinet

on Wednesday to give members an

update on the preparations for the welcome

party for the vessel.

According to Hurst there are two

separate ceremonies being planned for

the mega ship. It arrives at 8:00 am and

at 11:00 am, an official reception will

take place aboard the ship.

Participants will include The Governor

General, Sir Rodney Williams,

Prime Minister Gaston Browne and

members of the Cabinet, other elected

members of the House of Representatives

and members of the Senate as

well as shipping and other officials.

Then at 2:00 in the afternoon, a second

reception will take place on the

pier at Heritage Quay where an estimated

500 guests will be on hand formally

welcome the Anthem of the Seas

to the country.

“We are not leaving any stones unturned

in our efforts at laying out the

‘red carpet’ for the vessel and its passengers;

the programme will include

steel band music, costume bands to

recreate a carnival atmosphere on the

pier,” Hurst revealed.

He added that the lower part of St

John’s will also be decorated and that

traffic restrictions will be in place to

regulate the flow of passengers into and

out of St John’s as smoothly as possible.

Taxi drivers, vendors, store owners

and handicraft people are all in for

a brisk day of business on Friday, according

to Hurst’s estimates.

Robinson urges: Give yourself up

the information to the police

as this is in the best interest

of everyone concerned.

Addressing the issue of

domestic violence, which

this case helped to bring to

the fore, Robinson noted that

societies are today grappling

with this particular problem.

He noted that in this case,

there was an outstanding issue

that led to the man’s arrest

in August.

“That matter was due to

come up in court on Monday

December 5. He was denied

bail but was set bail by the

High Court,” he disclosed.

The violent act that led

to the 22-year old woman’s

death was allegedly done in

the presence of the couple’s

4-year old daughter.

Thursday 1st December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Official statement on the passing of Sherice Henry

The Honourable Minister

of Social Transformation &

Human Resource Development,

Samantha Marshall,

staff and volunteers of the

Directorate of Gender Affairs

were deeply saddened

upon learning of the tragic

and untimely passing of 22-

year-old Sheriece Henry on

Monday November 28, 2016.

The Directorate expresses its

deepest sympathy to all of

her loved ones left behind

to grieve, in particular, Sheriece’s

young daughter.

The tears now being shed

for Sheriece are ones we have

shed before. The emotional

wounds her family suffers are

wounds other families in Antigua

and Barbuda have felt

before. The question, “how

could this happen?” is one

that has been asked across

our communities many times

before. As the Directorate reflects

on its commitment to

creating a society free from

gender-based violence, we

cannot help but wonder how

many more mothers, daughters,

sisters and friends will

be taken before we achieve

this end.

The bitter irony of Sheriece’s

passing amidst the

commemoration of a global

campaign to end violence

against women cannot be

overlooked or understated.

Many have participated in

activities organised by the

Directorate and its partners

to recognise the 16 Days of

Activism Against Violence

Against Women, held annually

from November 25 to

December 10, but so rarely

is the necessity to keep this

candle burning personified

in national headlines. We

speak about the prevalence

of domestic violence in our

country, while the issue is

dismissed and minimized.

Yet, we are here again, grieving

with another family, and

intensely contemplating the

ways in which our message

can be clearer and wider


In the past year, under the

Minister Marshall’s leadership

we revised and updated

the Domestic Violence Act to

ensure victims greater protection

under the law. The Directorate

embarked on an extensive

awareness campaign

within schools, churches and

communities. The Directorate

even took the message to

cyberspace, connecting with

people across various social

media platforms. However

Sheriece’s death forces us

to reflect on the reality that

there are yet still some in our

twin-island state who have

not heard our messages, and

our actions thus far are not

enough. Tragedies like this

one are not a thing of the

past, and there is still a great

deal left to do for gender

equality to be fully realised

in all facets of society.

Too often we view incidents

of violence as one-time

events, and fail to see their

roots in small, innocuous

acts. It starts when we condone

discriminatory “jokes”

about rape and domestic violence.

It grows when we dismiss

victims’ stories as lies,

exaggerations, or misfortune

they have somehow brought

upon themselves; and it

thrives when we choose not

to support those working to

address gender-based violence

in our nation or striving

to overcome the victimisation

they have suffered.

In the coming days, many

of us will wonder aloud

why victims of domestic violence

don’t just leave the

abusive relationship they are

in, but will close in our louvers

when we overhear two

people engaged in a “lovers


For victims, this violence

is not a singular event.

Murder is never the genesis.

Women across our nation

are victimised through daily,

continuous and progressive

attacks. In addition to wondering

how we have come

to this place of mourning

today, we must be critical of

our prior complacency, and

actively seek ways to help

support those in need. This

work belongs not only to the

agencies responsible for responding

to incidents of violence,

but also to all of us.

We must all work towards

making Antigua and Barbuda

a safe space, free of domestic

violence, rape, sexual

assault and all forms of discrimination.

We must make a

concerted effort to speak out

and act out against violence

wherever and whenever we

see it.

To those of you who find

yourselves in situations of

abuse, or know someone

who is, we implore you to

reach out to the Directorate

of Gender Affairs. The office

is open from 8:30-4:30

Monday to Fridays, and can

be reached 24/7 via the Crisis

Hotline at 463-5555.

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6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 1st December 2016

Antigua and Barbuda winner to receive

special award from Her Majesty The Queen

The Queen’s Young

Leaders Programme is today

delighted to reveal that 60

young people from across

the Commonwealth, including

Lia Nicholson from

Antigua and Barbuda, have

been selected to receive a

prestigious Queen’s Young

Leaders Award.

The Queen’s Young

Leaders Awards recognise

and celebrate exceptional

young people aged 18 to 29

in the Commonwealth who

are driving change within

their communities and transforming

people’s lives.

Now in its third and penultimate

year, the 60 young

people announced today

become part of the growing

Queen’s Young Leaders

community, a unique network

of influential young

change-makers who are

coming together and being

supported to become

an even greater force for

good. They will receive their

Award from Her Majesty

The Queen at a ceremony in

London next year.

This year, Award winners

are leading projects tackling

global issues including education,

climate change, gender

equality, mental health

and disability equality.

Twenty-eight-year-old Lia

Nicholson has been chosen

in recognition of her work to

address climate change.

Lia Nicholson said “The

Award will provide a platform

for me to connect with

communities in different islands

in the fight against climate


The Queen’s Young

Leaders Programme was

established in 2014 by The

Queen Elizabeth Diamond

Jubilee Trust in partnership

with Comic Relief,

The Royal Commonwealth

Society and the University

of Cambridge’s Institute of

Continuing Education, in

recognition of The Queen’s

lifetime of service to the

Commonwealth. Each year

for four years, 60 Queen’s

Young Leaders receive bespoke

training, mentoring

and networking opportunities,

and take part in a weeklong

residential programme

in London, to empower them

to build on the work they are

leading in their communities

which is changing the lives

of others for the better.

Dr Astrid Bonfield CBE,

Chief Executive of The

Queen Elizabeth Diamond

Jubilee Trust said:

“We are delighted that

these incredible young people

have been selected as

Queen’s Young Leaders, and

wish our warmest congratulations

to each and every one

of them.

The Queen’s Young

Leaders Award is designed

to inspire and nurture the

talent of exceptional young

people from all over the

Commonwealth, so that they

can create and lead others

towards securing positive

changes in communities.

The work being undertaken

by the latest cohort of

Queen’s Young Leaders is

addressing some of the most

crucial issues facing the

Commonwealth today. We

cannot wait to see how their

impressive endeavours grow

and develop over the course

of the year to come and beyond.”

Depositor protection trust makes

second payment to beneficiaries

The Depositor Protection Trust

(DPT), which was established by the

Government as part of the ABI Bank

resolution strategy, made its second

payment to the beneficiaries of the

Trust as at 30, November 2016.

The Government issued a Depositor

Protection Bond in the amount of

$157,000,000.00 to the DPT to ensure

that the beneficiaries of the Trust will

receive payments every year over the

next ten (10) years. The Government

made its first payment to the DPT on

23 rd May, 2016 which allowed the DPT

to make its initial principal and interest

payment to the beneficiaries of the

Trust as at May 31, 2016 in accordance

with the provisions of the Trust Deed.

On 28 th October, the Government

made its second payment to the DPT

in the amount of $1,413,000 to cover

interest payments. The DPT therefore

made the second payment to beneficiaries

as at November 30, 2016 in accordance

with the provisions of the Depositor

Protection Trust Deed. Of the

seventy five (75) eligible individuals

and entities who had balances remaining

with the ABI Receiver, fifty six (56)

have already signed up to become beneficiaries

of the Trust and received payment

as at 30 th November, 2016.

To date, the Government has paid

$18.74 million to the DPT towards

honouring its commitment to the depositors

of the former ABI Bank Ltd.

Payments on the Depositor Protection

Bond are due semi-annually and

the Government guarantees that these

payments will continue to be made to

the Depositor Protection Trust to ensure

the beneficiaries can recover from

the DPT a benefit equivalent to the

amounts owed to them by ABI Bank

(In Receivership).

Thursday 1st December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Sir Lester Bird on the passing of Fidel Ruz Castro

Fidel Ruz Castro was a great Cuban,

a great Caribbean leader and an historic

and legendary figure of our hemisphere.

In 1959, he struck a blow for the liberation

of his country from the clutches of

American domination.

In doing so, he rid Cuba of a mafia-dominated

oligarchy under which

poverty, illiteracy and inequality prevailed.

He turned it into a society more advanced

than many developed countries in

widespread education and medical care.

The odds against which he fought were


He dared to take on the might of the

United States and its hegemonic power at

the time. It is a struggle that has lasted

for over 50 years, and one in which he


There should be no doubt that the revolution

that Castro led in 1959 created

space in the international community for

small countries.

It showed that small size can be overcome

by courage and determination in

global relations.

Other countries in the Caribbean and

the developing world found an echo in

the voice that Castro and Cuba established.

Castro’s transformational influence

did not end in Cuba.

Dedicated to the cause of liberation,

he joined Cuba in the fight to end apartheid

in South Africa and to free Nelson


There is no doubt that had he not done

so, the apartheid regime, backed by powerful

Western countries, might have prevailed

much longer, and Mandela’s life

would have ended in prison.

Castro was grateful to the Caribbean

for striking the first blow to bring down

the wall of the American-led trade embargo

against his country.

Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago

and Barbados – then the only independent

Caribbean countries – together

established diplomatic relations with an

isolated Cuba.

That single act by four Caribbean

countries encouraged hundreds of others

to do the same.

In the years that followed, Castro ensured

that where there was a Caribbean

cause, Cuba was a champion in the front


Beyond that, even though Cuba’s own

resources were scarce, he sent medical

teams to our countries to address health

issues amongst our people, and he provided

scholarships in wide range of fields

for our young people.

There can be no doubt that every Caribbean

country was enriched by the contribution

made by Fidel Castro and Cuba.

The first act of international diplomacy

that I took when I became Prime

Minister of Antigua and Barbuda was to

establish diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Don’t believe that doing so was without

risks and resentment.

Powerful countries urged me not to

do so.

They wanted Antigua and Barbuda

to remain among the band that stood out

against the tide of history, and the justice

of the Cuban cause.

I refused.

I embraced Castro and Cuba in recognition

of all that they had done to further

the interests of developing countries the

world over.

In my many encounters with Castro, I

never ceased to be impressed by his wide

knowledge and his sage advice.

There were, of course, situations in

which I held a different position from


Among these were the treatment of

political opponents and the right to dissent.

But, even as I differed from him in

the approach to these challenges, I sympathised

with the circumstances in which

he had to make unpopular decisions.

We should all recall that no country

in the world has had to suffer more than

50 years of a trade embargo; no leader

has had to endure the constant attempts

to assassinate him; and no government

has faced as many threats of invasion and


For all of his tenure as a leader of

Cuba, he had to deal with an extraordinary

set of circumstances; those circumstances

demanded extraordinary responses.

On December 8 th every year, CAR-

ICOM countries and Cuba celebrate CU-


I am proud to say that the idea of a

CUBA-CARICOM day emerged from a

discussion between Sir Ron Sanders and

me on a plane into Cuba to attend a summit

meeting between Castro and Caribbean


In musing about how we could make

the meeting special, the notion emerged


I discussed it with the Cubans and Fidel


At the meeting, I put forward the idea

formally and it was enthusiastically accepted

– a mark of the deep friendship

that had developed between Cuba and

our countries, and between Fidel and our


Fidel Castro was a great and courageous

Caribbean leader.

His detractors exult in his death.

But, those of us who have benefitted

from his strength, his loyalty and his dedication

to the improvement of our people,

must mourn his passing.

We must honour his memory.

He merits it.

He remains a Caribbean leader who

earned his place in the finest moments of

our history, and in the better feelings of

our hearts.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 1st December 2016

Marriott – Autograph collection resort

to open in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda’s

Minister of Tourism, Economic

Development, Investment

and Energy The Hon.

Asot Michael has announced

the entry of a prestigious

global hospitality brand

Marriott hotel for Antigua

and Barbuda.

Marriott International

will expand its portfolio in

the Caribbean with the latest

addition from the brand’s

Autograph Collection coming

to the shores of the island

of Antigua. The estimated

$40 million project, which

broke ground on November

29, 2016 will be situated

just two miles west of the island’s

capital, St. John’s, and

a convenient six miles west

of the airport.

The Antigua and Barbuda

Tourism Minister said it was

an honour to be participating

in the significant groundbreaking

ceremony both for

The Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda Sir Rodney Williams, Minister of Tourism the Hon. Asot

Michael alongside other Government of Antigua and Barbuda Officials and Hotel Investors break

ground on the Marriott project.

Antigua and Barbuda and the

Coconut Beach Resort Project

by Marriott.

“Being able to participate

in the ground-breaking of

new properties and developments,

that will lead to

increasing the room availability,

and broadening our

twin-island nations portfolio

of distinguished properties,

is of utmost distinction and


The Government of Antigua

and Barbuda has set the

goal of increasing the room

capacity of Antigua and Barbuda

to 10,000 within the

next 7 years.

The Marriott development

is a venture of Leisure

World Hotels Limited,

which is jointly and equally

owned by Sand Dollar Limited

and Propertyvest, whose

investors comprise some of

Antigua’s most notable real

estate developers. The new

hotel rests on the location of

the former Coconut Beach

Club, property owned by

Leisure World Hotels Limited,

which closed indefinitely

in 2015 and slated for demolition

in anticipation of this


Coconut Beach Resort

by Marriott will comprise of

40 high-end condominiums

and a 70 room five star hotel

cont’d on pg 9

Thursday 1st December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

ECCB and OECS Commission

strengthen their strategic alliance

The OECS Commission

and Eastern Caribbean

Central Bank (ECCB) have

signed a Memorandum of

Understanding (MOU) that

strengthens their institutional

arrangements for collaboration.

The virtual ceremony

between the two Institutions

took place on Tuesday 22nd

November at the OECS

Commission and was attended

by the Director General of

the OECS, Dr. Didacus Jules

and ECCB Governor Mr.

Timothy Antoine.

Dr. Jules said the signing

of the MOU signified a new

strategic positioning of the

historic association between

both Institutions to better

collaborate on policy areas

in the face of a number of

regional opportunities and

global development such as

Brexit and the new incoming

US Administration.

“The work of both

institutions across

macroeconomic policy,

financial sector development,

consolidating the Economic

Union to trade policy and

private sector development,

as some examples, necessitates

closer alignment if we

are to share knowledge and

expertise to ultimately deliver

better outcomes to the

people of the OECS” said Dr.


Governor Antoine hailed

the MOU as a new era of

cooperation for both Institutions.

“Such cooperation is essential

as we collectively

strive to secure higher levels

of growth, competitiveness

and employment in the


“We have an opportunity

to deliver some real benefits

for the people of the OECS

and seize it we must” said

Governor Antoine.

cont’d from pg 8

with modern water features, eco-friendly

amenities and a sustainable facility

design throughout the property. The

plan will ensure that the property will

fit in-line with Antigua and Barbuda’s

reputation as providing the quality to

attract guests in an incredibly competitive

market. Coconut Beach Resort by

Marriott will cater to the top-end, and

will appeal to those in the leisure and

business market, with associated upscale


“We are confident that having the

Marriott name and respect of brand

as part of our portfolio will lead to increased

airlift, in particular from the US

market as this is a draw for US carriers,”

said the Tourism Minister.

The Coconut Beach Resort by Marriot

is expected to take 24 months to

construct, and will provide 180 jobs

during the construction phase, and 240

jobs once the property is open; representing

a significant source of employment

for the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

The groundbreaking ceremony

took place with the Prime Minister of

Minister of Tourism, the Hon., Asot Michael.

Antigua and Barbuda, the Honorable

Gaston Browne, in attendance along

with Honourable Asot Michael Minister

of Tourism, Economic Development,

Investment and Energy, Andrew

Houghton, Area Vice President for the

Caribbean at Marriott International and

Marriott’s Director of Development for

the Caribbean and Latin America, Bojan


Kumer said, “We believe Marriott’s

Autograph Collection will be a strong

addition to the current tourism landscape

in the region and this project will

endorse Antigua and Barbuda’s position

as the international gateway to the

eastern Caribbean. We are excited to

bring the brand to the island and be part

of its continued growth as a tourism


Marriott International’s presence

in the CALA region is represented by

more than 200 hotels in 30 countries

and territories, offering more than

49,000 rooms and spanning 21 lodging

brands: The Ritz-Carlton®, St. Regis®,

W®, EDITION®, JW Marriott®, The

Luxury Collection®, Marriott Hotels®,

Westin®, Le Méridien®, Renaissance®

Hotels, Sheraton®, Marriott Executive

Apartments, Autograph Collection®

Hotels, Tribute Portfolio, Courtyard®,

Four Points® by Sheraton, Fairfield

Inn & Suites®, Residence Inn®,

AC Hotels by Marriott®, Aloft®, and

Element®. The company also operates

award-winning loyalty programs: Marriott

Rewards®, which includes The

Ritz-Carlton Rewards®, and Starwood

Preferred Guest®. In addition, Marriott

Vacation Club International, Marriott’s

timeshare ownership division, offers

three resorts in two countries.

Marriott International (including

The Ritz-Carlton) expects to have more

than 250 hotels by 2017 across 21 lodging

brands in more than 30 countries

and territories.

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 1st December 2016

OECS and Mexico collaborate to develop

sustainable strategic tourism master plans

The OECS Commission

has met with representatives

from the Government

of Mexico to explore collaborating

to develop Sustainable

Strategic Tourism

Master Plans (SSTMP) in

OECS Member States.

The Ambassador of

Mexico to the OECS His

Excellency Luis M. Lopez

Moreno, Third Secretary in

charge of Cooperation of

the Embassy of Mexico Mr.

Imanol Belausteguigoitia,

the OECS Tourism Specialist

Dr. Lorraine Nicholas,

OECS Tourism Permanent

Secretaries and Directors

of Tourism met virtually to

gain insight from Mexican

experts on the concept and

methodology for developing

SSTMPs in the OECS.

OECS Director General,

His Excellency Dr. Didacus

Jules said the OECS has enjoyed

strong relations with

Mexico across a number of

functional areas of cooperation

and the potential now

existed to deepen that commitment

through the elevation

of SSTMP’s as a key

driver of economic growth

in the OECS.

“The potential exists for

a deeper diversification of

the OECS tourism product

and the SSTMP’s will

be imperative in creating

a sustainable framework to

identify and then capitalise

on these unique opportunities”

said Dr. Jules.

Dr. Lorraine Nicholas

said that Mexico’s tourism

industry has performed remarkably

well in the past

few years with Mexico welcoming

a record of number

of 32 million tourists in

2015, an increase of ten

percent over 2014 figures.

“Revenue from the sector

also grew by eight percent

which accounted for surplus

of seven billion dollars

and the Ministry of

Tourism in Mexico strongly

attributes this impressive

Advertise with

Caribbean Times!

Call 562-8688 or email us at

performance in the Tourism

sector to effective planning”

said Dr. Nicholas.

“Tourism Master Plans

were developed by tourism

professionals in Mexico

for each of the main tourist

destinations (cities) in

Mexico and the development

of the sector has been

guided by these plans.

“The Government of

Mexico is now keenly interested

in replicating the

concept of one of Mexico’s

major tourism product

“los Pueblos Mágicos”

- Magical Towns in the


“This program was developed

by the Ministry of

Tourism to highlight the

key tourism assets in select

towns, particularly those

towns that have preserved

their cultural and historical

resources” said Dr. Nicholas.

As part of the Mexico/

OECS cooperation agreement,

the Mexican Government

has agreed to provide

technical support to

the OECS Member States

to develop their respective


The Mexican delegation

provided an overview of

the concept and methodology

to develop SSTMPs

as a tool for a participatory

planning, which is intended

to improve the performance

of the tourism sector.

The Plan is intended

establish the guidelines for

collaboration and coordination

between the different

agencies and entities,

among the different stakeholders

in the private and

social sectors.

The methodology to develop

the plan comprises

the following activities:

Undertake secondary

research involving the

compilation of key documents

that contain information

that is relevant to the

development of Tourism

Conduct field visits

to undertake a Situational

Diagnosis of the OECS

tourism sector (through

interviews with key stakeholders,

administration of

surveys and observations)

Analysis of Findings

Formulation of the SST-

MPs for OECS territories

Elaboration of the SST-

MPs for OECS territories

Develop a portfolio of

viable projects to be considered

for execution in

the next few years

Workshop to present

and validate the OECS Sustainable

Strategic Master


This project is expected

to commence in December

2016 and the SSTMPs are

expected to be completed

by July 2017.

Thursday 1st December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Wednesday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Singe

5. Opera tune

9. Kitchen gadget

14. Arm or leg

15. White metal

16. Breathing

17. Deserving great respect

19. Musical tones

20. Keanu Reeves role

21. Ultimatum word

22. Newest

23. Perceive

24. Athletic group

26. Student

30. Gathered

35. Yonder

36. Comfort

38. Farm unit

39. Greased

40. Pose

41. Kilt fold

42. Individuals

43. Admit defeat

44. Remove soap

45. Camper’s lamp

47. Come back in

49. Gym pads

51. Consume

52. Song of praise

56. Skin opening

58. Recipe unit (abbr.)

61. Underground drain

62. Pierce

64. In the midst of

65. Small nail

66. Depart

67. Sheriff’s group

68. Site

69. Urgent


1. Scottish group

2. Lie low

3. Military supplies

4. Baseball stat

5. Flowering shrub

6. Teases

7. Narrow channel

8. Flying hero

9. Canal country

10. Loads (2 wds.)

11. Religious ceremony

12. December 24 and 31

13. Pause

18. Staggered

22. Feeble, as an excuse

23. Most painful

25. Spring holiday

26. Bar seat

27. Fine porcelain

28. Actress ____ Hunt

29. Take offense at

31. Briny

32. Fragrance

33. Delete

34. Hinder

37. Subsidize

41. Established in advance

43. Stuff

46. Become visible

48. Cry of discovery

50. Pointed weapon

52. Memo letters

53. Disney clownfish

54. Duos

55. Female birds

57. ____ in a while

58. Car for hire

59. Bustle

60. ____ Sampras of tennis

62. “Harper Valley ____”

63. Apple color

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 1st December 2016



21). Someone will make you

proud to be a leader and mentor.

You don’t ask anyone to

be perfect; you just ask them

to show up and try. When they

knock it out of the park, you’ll


GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

You’re willing to fall in love

with an idea, and you’re just

as willing to step back and say,

“This is not the right choice for

me.” From this position you’ll

make stellar decisions that favor

your long-term happiness.

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Considerable cloudiness with

occasional rain showers.

High - 82ºF

Low - 75ºF

Wind: East South East 9 mph

Sunrise 6.20 am; Sunset 5.32 pm

Wednesday’s Crossword Solution

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). Nothing you experience

will go to waste. Your mind

will be keen to pick up on the

kind of details you can use to

solve a problem. You’ll be a

regular Sherlock Holmes!

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). You haven’t always been

able to say that you like your

life, but now you can, and this

will be reflected in your activities

of the day. You’ll agree to

propositions that look, sound

and feel “so you.”

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

There’s more being asked of

you, so some of your usual

self-care activities might slip

through the cracks now, but

the sacrifices you make will be

worthwhile. Besides, you can

catch up tomorrow.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

Life is not a reality TV show

where you’re either “in” or

you’re “out.” Relationships often

go along indefinitely, a little

up-in-the-air, with various

degrees of involvement. Don’t

be in a rush to categorize where

you’re at with people.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

Keeping yourself safe from

harm includes controlling the

distance between you and people

you love or could possibly

love. It might help to think of

yourself as a scientist, collecting


CANCER (June 22-July 22).

To make an emotional investment

today will be riskier than

other kinds of investing. It will

also be more difficult to recover

from if it doesn’t go right.

That’s why what you’re doing

is mighty brave. Give yourself

more credit for taking the risk.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You

may not like the notions being

brought to the table, but let

them air anyway to discover

how strong they really are. The

censor will lose in the end because

strong ideas find the fuel

to keep the fire alive.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

You’re not here to close the

deal at all costs. You’re here

to make the deal that’s right

for you. This should include

the higher good, but don’t get

overly wrapped up in the other

person’s side of it today.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). It

would be fun to have certain

people for friends, but alas,

there are appropriate friendships

and inappropriate friendships,

and those who can’t

figure out the difference are

asking for trouble.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

There’s no time for critique

or complaint today. If you’re

walking around lamenting

all that’s wrong with society,

you’ll be distracted from the

fact that you get to choose how

to make this world better.

Thursday 1st December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Miko’s Bike

Challenge attracts a

number of cyclists

By Carlena Knight

A number of young cyclists took part in the 2nd annual

Miko’s Bike Challenge last Sunday.

The event which is out on by local female cyclist, Tamiko

Butler saw a number of great performances in the 9


In the 2-4 category, Savanah Holbourough took the title

with Zoey Lake and Mariya Walter taking the silver and

bronze medals.

Maleah Corney-Butler took the crown in the females 5-6

age category with Mya Ritchie and Jazmine Joseph settling

for second and third position.

While for the males, Nashawn Henry was victorious

edging out Tariq Richardson and Giovani Quinn.

Tshelle Martin sped away with the females 7-8 title leaving

Emma Kinell and Elisha Warner in the dust and settling

for silver and bronze.

In the males section, Omar Warner claimed the top prize

while in the 9-10 category, Aoile Smith was crowned the victor.

Under 20 Benna Boys

to face tough group

By Carlena Knight

The Under 20 Benna

Boys will face their toughest

competition yet as they

will face Honduras, Canada

and defending champions,

Mexico in Group A of the


Championships at the National

Stadium in San Jose,

Costa Rica.

The draw which was

held on November 29th in

Miami placed the qualifying

teams in three groups.

Group B will consist of

the U.S., Panama, St. Kitts

and Nevis and Haiti and in

Group C, hosts, Costa Rica,

El Salvador, Bermuda and

Trinidad and Tobago will

do battle.

The top two teams from

each group will advance to

the quarterfinals with the

top four moving on to the

semifinals and top two, finals.

The top two from each

group will also qualify for

the 2017 U20 World Cup in

the Korean Republic.

The St. John’s cathedral parish presents its Annual Family

Christmas bazaar on Saturday, 3 rd December, 2016 from

2:00pm – 9:00pm at Deanery Grounds St. John’s Street. Lots

of food and drinks will be on sale. Attraction for ALL ages.

Santa Claus will be rolling through with his elves. Come on

out with the family and have a wonderful time. Proceeds

in aid of Restoration of our beloved Cathedral Church. NO

outside vendors will be allowed.

The Supernova Athletics Club invites all to its fun-run and

breakfast on Friday 9th December, commencing at 5:30am

at Yasco Sports Complex. Papa Bird breakfast $12.00 until

10:30 am. Proceeds in aid of purchasing uniforms for athletes.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

The Spirited Optimist Club of Wadadli will be having a

Fundraising Breakfast on Saturday 3rd December, 2106

from 6:30 am-8:30 am. All Saints Road outside of Courts

Furnishings Cost: EC$10.00 Proceeds in aid of Community

Project & Youth Development. Thank your for your Support.

The Moravian Mass Choir Presents: Joy - Come Celebrate

The Child 13 on Sunday December 11th commencing at

7:00 pm @ Spring Gardens. Guests Artiste include: Chozen,

Hells Gate Steel Orchestra, and Soloists Ewala Piper and

Charmaine Donovan. Admission is free but an offering will

be taken towards the Music Ministry. Come and be Blessed.

The A.E.Goodwin Faith and Hope School off the All Saints

rd east of the Townhouse Mega Store invites you to its flea

market on Saturday 3rd and 10th December 2016, from 9:00

am to 1:00 pm. Barbeque chicken will be also available

Proceeds will assist us with school projects. Do support us.

Thanks in advance.

The Sons & Daughters of Willikies, a community based organization

will be having a Social Event called "Getting To

Know You" on Saturday 3rd December, 2016 at the Willikies

Football Play field starting from 1:00pm to 6:00pm . There

will be lots to eat and drink. Attractions include the bounce

castle, face painting, music and lots more. Tickets are available

from any member of the organization and proceeds are

in aid of the Willikies Reunion 2017. Lets all have a grand

time together!!

The ABLP St. Paul's Branch will hold a Tasty fund-raiser

breakfast on Saturday 3rd December 2016 at the Cobbs

Cross Corner from 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. On the menu will

be Fungi and shad, Link fish, Red herring, Sausage, chop up,

johnny cakes, and more. with a free cup of Bush Tea. Cost

of Breakfast: $15.00. Local Drinks will also be on sale. Do

support this worthy cause. Proceeds in aid of Community


14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 1st December 2016

Crandon: Rain robbed us of possible win

The final day of the third

round Day/Night game between

Guyana Jaguars and

Windwards Volcanoes in

the Digicel Regional First-

Class tournament at the Daren

Sammy CG was washed

out yesterday without a ball

being bowled for the second

consecutive day, the match

ending in a draw.

At the end of day two, the

Volcanoes were 90-4 with a

lead of 67 and six wickets

standing and the Jagaurs

scenting a win after they had

made 219 in reply to 192

made by the hosts in their

first innings.

But a Tropical Depression

which forced the St

Lucia Government to close

schools yesterday, brought

with it torrential all night

and all day rain yesterday

leaving the ground in a soggy

condition, resulting in the

game being called off in the

first session.

The Jaguars had to settle

for three points for the draw

in addition to three bowling

points, one batting point and

2.2 points for wickets taken

by fast bowlers. They will

start their next match, another

Day/Night encounter

against Barbados Pride at

Providence from December

9, on 33.2 points.

The Volcanoes got eight

points from this game but

are still in the cellar position

on 17.2 points while the twotime

defending champions

FLOW Christmas promotion winner

William Benjamin accepting a Samsung Galaxy J2 smartphone from Marketing Manager

Shand Merchant at Flow Antigua & Barbuda. Mr. Benjamin is one of ten winners

who won prizes at Flow's "It's the most wonderful time of the year" Christmas launch

giveaway. The event took place on Saturday 19th November. Other winners include Lolan

Lewis, Chirstiana Pena, Shirley Bascus, Leandra Fountain, Charlene Selkridge, Dalon

Kann , Jason Paul Abola Britol, Alma Fearon, Avril Thomas and Deryl Charles. Every

week Flow's customers will have a chance to win $2000 in cash plus lots of other prizes.

Promotion ends on 31 December 2016.

climbed to second behind

leaders Pride who are on

34.2 points. Head Coach of

the Jaguars, former Guyana

pacer Esaun Crandon expressed

disappointment that

the adverse weather robbed

his team of a possible nine

additional points since they

were well placed to dismiss

the Volcanoes on Monday

with enough time to chase a

victory target.

”It would have been good

to get four days of play but

while we are disappointed

that the rain robbed us a possible

outright win and nine

more points, there is nothing

we could do about the


The 34-year-old Crandon,

who took 90 wickets

from 38 First-Class games,

noted that there are two

main areas of concern moving

forward. Last season the

Jaguars got batting points

by scoring several first innings

300 plus totals but this

season none of the batsmen

have been able to convert

good starts into three-figures

which is a reason Guyana

has not been able to accumulate

more batting points this


”We have spoken about

the batsmen not going on to

get big scores in our team

meetings and the lack of

shot-selection which robbed

us of an extra point against

Jamaica when we scored

298 and against the Hurricanes

when we fell for 293.

cont’d on pg 15

Thursday 1st December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Inclement weather delays

Inter-school football matches

By Carlena Knight

A number of matches in the Super

six category of the Ministry of Sports

Inter-school Football league were delayed

on Monday due to inclement


Two of the three scheduled games

were forced to be called off with the

lone game between All Saints Secondary

and Jennings Secondary being


ASSS trumped JSS, 4-1 with three

of four goals being scored by Shalon

Knight and the other by teammate,

Kerie Christian.

By Marver Woodley

Town Schools, Ottos

Comprehensive and the Princess

Margret Secondary have

netted two lucky goals to win

their individual games in the

Under 15 School’s Football


The All Saints Secondary

proved too much for neighboring

school, the Irene B.

Williams as they were deemed

the winners after their encounter

thanks to a 3-1 scoring.

Meanwhile, The Ottos

Comprehensive found their

success during the downfall

of the Jennings Secondary.

Ottos defeated Jennings in a

2-nil scoring game.

Princess Margret was also

The other two delayed matches versus

Antigua State College and Ottos

Comprehensive and Princess Margaret

vs Antigua Barbuda Institute of Continuing

Education will be played at a

later date.

Ottos and PMS win in Schools Football League

in the winning circle as they

defeated the St. Anthony’s

Secondary School also by


Bullets and Buckley’s in softball finals

By Marver Woodley

The highly-anticipated finals of the

Dave “Fat Man” Knowles Softball Cricket

Competition will bowl off this evening.

The game which was originally slated

for Monday had been postponed due inclement


The final teams standing, Bryson’s Bullets

will host Success Catering Buckley’s as

the two teams chase the 2016 title

The game will kick off at 7:00 p.m. at


cont’d from pg 14

No one has scored a century as yet but

we still have seven games to get that

right¸” Berbician Crandon disclosed.

HE also added that the Jaguar’s

batting line-up is far better than their

scores suggest. “Another area of concern

has been our catching. We have

let batsmen off the hook a few times

already this season and in the coming

games we need to improve on that”

Crandon said.

Never before has nine wickets been

taken in a single First-Class innings by

fast bowlers representing Guyana as

was the case when Raymon Reifer’s

first five wicket haul (6-82), Keon Joseph

(2-50) and Chris Barnwell (1-25)

combined to bowl out the Volcanoes

for 192 in their first innings.

In 2006 in South Trinidad, Crandon’s

career best 7-125 and former Test

pacer Reon King (1-63) shared eight

wickets between them against T&T,

while last season at this very venue

Ronsford Beaton (5-43), Reifer (2-42)

and Joseph (1-51) took eight wickets

between them.

”The conditions were ideal for seam

bowling. The pitch had something

in it, most of the game was played in

the night under lights in strong breeze

and the pink ball which kept its color

and hardness, swing more than the red

balls,” Crandon stated.

”Reifer really bowled and Joseph,

who has improved a lot since the last

season, has come back from Sri Lanka

(with West Indies ‘A’ team) with plenty

of confidence while the fast bowlers

on both sides made their presence felt

during this game, “ Crandon informed.

Marvin Matthew (4-43), Delorn

Johnson (4-54) and Kyle Mayers (2-

43) combined to dismiss the Jaguars for

219 despite half-centuries from Reifer

and Keeper Anthony Bramble who

shared in 104 seventh-wicket stand.

Crandon feels that playing under

lights here with the pink ball is good

preparation for Guyana’s next game

at home but informed that the jaguars’

batsmen feel white sightscreens should

have been used with the pink balls

since that color is closer to red balls

than the white ball which is used with

Black sightscreens.

Skipper and Test left-hander Leon

Johnson, who led his team to Championship

honors in the last two seasons

and to an unprecedented 18-match unbeaten

streak which was broken in the

last round by the Hurricanes, said that

the Day/Night against Pakistan was

played with white sightscreens.

Australia’s Day/Night Test at the

Adelaide Oval against South Africa is

being played with pink balls and white

sightscreens. (Kaieteur News)

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 1st December 2016

Marlon Samuels’ 55 not out

carries Comilla home in BPL

Comilla Victorians dented

Rajshahi Kings’ charge

towards a last-four finish,

beating them by eight wickets

with eight balls to spare.

Young allrounder Mohammad

Saifuddin took three

wickets to help restrict Rajshahi

to 124 for 7 before

Marlon Samuels struck an

unbeaten 55 off 41 to complete

a convincing chase.

The win took Comilla to

six points on the table, still

well behind Rajshahi, on 10.

With two rounds of matches

to go, Rajshahi will be engaged

in a closely-contested

battle with Rangpur Riders,

also on 10 points, and Khulna

Titans, on 12 points, as

the race for semi-final berths Marlon Samuels hit his second fifty of the competition to steer Comilla home.


Comilla opener Imrul

Kayes holed out to deep

square leg in the fourth over

of the chase, giving Rajshahi

a sniff.

But Ahmed Shehzad and

Marlon Samuels held sway

Samuels hit two fours and

four sixes in what was his

second fifty of the competition.

Shehzad was dismissed

with 19 runs left for victory,

but Samuels and Khalid

Latif steered the chase home

dismissing Mehedi Hasan

and Rajshahi captain Darren

Sammy in the 12th over, reducing

them to 59 for 6. Comilla

captain Mashrafe Mortaza

picked up two wickets

while Nabil Samad and

Rashid Khan took one each.

an unbeaten 44 off 31 that

included two fours and three

sixes. He struck two of those

sixes in the last over, bowled

by Shahadat Hossain, that

cost Comilla 24 runs. In the

end, even that late charge

proved too little for Rajshahi.

thereafter, adding 90 off 69 with no further losses. Only James Franklin,


for the second wicket. Shehzad

Earlier, Saifuddin removed

making his first BPL appearance,

struck four fours and a

six in his 45-ball 46, while the dangerous Samit

Patel in the ninth over before stood out among the

Rajshahi batsmen, making

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