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Why We Fight<br />

White Population<br />

Decline<br />

Every Minute<br />

Matters<br />

How To Make<br />

A Bug-Out<br />

Bag<br />

White Guilt<br />

Bracelets<br />

<strong>FALL</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


The purpose of Excalibur Publications<br />

is to enlighten our People with both a basic<br />

and an advanced level of racial awareness<br />

that can and will be utilized in the fulfillment<br />

of the 14 Words:<br />

“We must secure the existence of<br />

our people, and a future for White<br />

Children”.<br />

-David Eden Lane<br />



Subscription to The Excalibur is<br />

set at a rate of $14.88 per year.<br />

This presents the subscriber with<br />

(4) quarterly issues of the magazine<br />

along with any additional material<br />

such as booklets and pamphlets that<br />

are mailed out with the issues.<br />

Subscriptions may be purchased<br />

by mailing a check, cash or money<br />

order to the address below. We also<br />

accept postage stamps from prisoners<br />

as long as they are clean and in groups<br />

of at least three. Please be sure to list<br />

the address the issues are to be mailed<br />

to, along with the person it is being<br />

mailed to.<br />

Thank you!<br />

Please send all articles and subscription<br />

information to the following address:<br />

Excalibur Publications<br />

P.O. Box 712<br />

Marble Falls, TX 78654<br />


TITLE PAGE #<br />

How To Make A Bug-Out Bag..................1<br />

Every Minute Matters!.............................3<br />

Why Revolution?................. ....................4<br />

Why We Fight.......................................10<br />

White Privilege....... ..............................16<br />

White Guilt.............................. .............19<br />

White Guilt Bracelets.. ..........................23<br />

Children Taught They Are Born Racist ..24<br />

White Population Decline .....................25<br />

The Elder Futhark.................................26<br />

The New Black Panther Party. ................29<br />


The content within this publication<br />

is not intended to encourage,<br />

promote, incite or otherwise<br />

bring about harm. Excalibur<br />

Publications promotes healthy<br />

racial awareness through<br />

the distribution of wisdom and<br />

knowledge alone, as provided by<br />

under the First Amendment of the<br />

United States Constitution. Anything<br />

else is considered to be a<br />

private action without the support<br />

of Excalibur Publications or its<br />



The last issue of The Excalibur opened some eyes and made some people proud, and I<br />

am glad that I could be a part of that. However, it is my hope that the Fall <strong>2016</strong> issue will<br />

take what was accomplished in the last issue and turn it up a notch. It is great to put out<br />

a nice looking publication, but if The Excalibur and Excalibur Publications isn’t pushing the<br />

limits to do everything it can to promote the survival and advancement of the White Race,<br />

then it isn’t anything other than a nice looking publication that serves no great purpose.<br />

That is why I am introducing an interactive part of the publication. A place where we can<br />

provide the readers with the information they need to advance their racial awareness or<br />

racial activism. There’s nothing difficult to it, and all it take is a little bit of communication<br />

on the readers behalf to initiate our communication back. Here’s how it goes...<br />

If there is a racial topic that you would like to see more of, simply write in, email me, or<br />

if you have my number give me a call. I will focus on the topic, and if it will serve the<br />

majority of our readers, I will publish what we can on the subject. Outside of this, if you<br />

have a question about race or racial activism, and would like to have our opinion on the<br />

subject, let me know, and we will address it. For instance, when I first became racially<br />

aware in 1995 I kept hearing people talk down about the Jews, and saw a lot of hatred<br />

towards them, but no-one around me could actually explain WHY the Jews were so bad,<br />

or why they hated them... It took some searching on my part, but I found the answers that<br />

I was seeking. Every since then, I have felt a need to research what I can in order to be able<br />

to explain my beliefs, rather than come off as an ignorant and hateful person, which, by the<br />

way, pushes a lot of our people away, even if they have the same beliefs as we do.<br />

So if you need some clarification on a racial topic, or would like to learn more about a<br />

particular subject in order to advance your racial awareness, here is your chance to be a<br />

part of the discussion. We are not all knowing guru’s at Excalibur Publications, but we<br />

have a lot of years in the movement, and look forward to the chance to help those who<br />

wish to learn.<br />

Another thing we will be doing is adding videos, web links and audio clips to the digital<br />

issues on the outside. This allows us to push the envelope and cram even more racially<br />

aware substance inside each issue. Inside this issue alone, there are going to be videos<br />

of the New Black Panther Party calling for the killing of white children, and several<br />

website links that reference the articles we have put in this issue. All in all, we hope it<br />

helps bring awareness to our Race, and will look for even more ways to do so in the<br />

WINTER <strong>2016</strong> issue coming out in December.<br />

This issue hits hard on the issues of how our children are being turned against us through<br />

conditioning techniques in our public school systems, how black organizations are out to<br />

promote the killing of our people, and how our population has posted a shocking decline<br />

in America recently. Considering the most recent wave of racial riots and shootings in<br />

America where Whites are the victims of black crime, it may be time to start thinking<br />

of what you and your family intend to do to survive if things get much more out of hand.<br />

The odds of having to defend yourself and those you love are getting higher and higher,<br />

that’s why I put an article in here about “Bug-Out Bags”. We encourage everyone to<br />

have something of this nature, not just because there may be racial tension and/or riots<br />

in the future, but because of other threats such as natural disaster and potential outbreaks<br />

of disease. Our families are the future of our race, let’s not let them down by failing to<br />

prepare for eventualities that are most likely to occur.<br />

Look for more articles such as these in the Winter <strong>2016</strong> issue coming out in December.<br />

Anyone who would like to submit information or articles on these subjects is welcome to<br />

send them in and share their knowledge with the rest of us.


OF OUR<br />

For those who want to know, we didn’t get anywhere near the (100) request for copies of<br />

the booklet “VOICES OF OUR ANCESTORS”, but we sent a good amount out. This issue<br />

we are offering to send “ESSENTIALS OF MEIN KAMPF” out upon request. This is<br />

another great booklet that gives great insight into what was being said inside the book, yet<br />

compiled in a way to make it easier to understand. Simply write in and ask for a copy and<br />

I will send you one FREE of charge. All we ask is that you read it and share it with those<br />

who you feel crave racial awareness.<br />

I have had a few offers from people to write articles for the publication, and I look forward<br />

to seeing some come in. Just remember that you must back up your claims with facts and<br />

references so that when you share what you have learned, the readers may check the sources<br />

and prove to others when they share it. Other than that, all I can promise is that I will read<br />

your submission, and if it fits with the issue, I will put it in and give you credit. If you don’t<br />

see your article, then don’t give up. We appreciate your submission, the time and effort you<br />

put into it, and we will save it for possible use later on, but it has to fit in with what we are<br />

doing in order for it to be printed.<br />

Live, Learn, Lead!<br />

Mars Wilhelm<br />

October <strong>2016</strong><br />

PEOPLE<br />


AND A<br />


HOW TOMAKEA BUG-Out Bag:<br />

Your 72-Hour Emergency<br />

Evacuation Survival Kit<br />

The term ’Bugging Out÷ refers to the decision to<br />

abandon your home due to an unexpected emergency<br />

situation–whether a natural disaster or one caused by<br />

man. A ‘Bug Out Bag’ is a pre-prepared survival kit<br />

designed to sustain you through the journey to your<br />

destination once you’ve decided to ‘Bug Out’ in the<br />

event of an emergency evacuation. Typically, the<br />

Bug Out Bag (BOB) is a self-contained kit designed<br />

to get you through at least 72 hours. This kit is also<br />

referred to as a 72-Hour Bag, a Get Out Of Dodge<br />

Bag (GOOD Bag), an EVAC Bag, and a Battle Box.<br />

The thought of having to evacuate your home due to<br />

a sudden and imminent threat is not at all<br />

unrealistic. The reality is that sudden and<br />

uncontrollable events of nature and man do<br />

happen. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, storms,<br />

earthquakes, floods and volcanic explosions can<br />

strike fast and hard–wreaking havoc on homes,<br />

vehicles, roads, medical facilities and resource supply<br />

chains such as food, water, fuel, and<br />

electricity. When Hurricane Katrina struck the<br />

Southern US Coast just a few years ago, tens of<br />

thousands of people had to evacuate their homes with<br />

little warning. Unprepared and with no emergency<br />

plan, many of these people were completely<br />

dependent on scavenging and hand-outs while living<br />

in make-shift shelters–fending for themselves in a<br />

time of complete chaos and disorder. A 72-Hour<br />

Emergency Kit packed with survival essentials would<br />

have been an invaluable and priceless resource. In<br />

our unstable and unpredictable world economy, we<br />

would be foolish to think there is also no chance of a<br />

terrorist or military attack from forces domestic or<br />

foreign that could possibly force us to evacuate our<br />

own home. An act of war is not the only threat from<br />

man. Dams burst, power plants go down, pipelines<br />

explode, oil spills occur, and other man-made<br />

structures and facilities can fail, resulting in<br />

disaster. Outbreaks of sickness and disease could<br />

also warrant an evacuation.<br />

We cannot control when, where, or how disasters<br />

strike. But we can control how prepared we are to<br />

deal with a disaster. There is a fine line between<br />

order and chaos and sometimes that line can be<br />

measured in seconds. When every second counts,<br />

https://youtu.be/BJJRqA3BY8k<br />

having a plan and the tools to see that plan through<br />

are crucial to survival. The Bug Out Bag is your #1<br />

resource in your overall Bug Out Plan and may very<br />

well be your key to survival one day.<br />

There are 10 supply categories that need to be<br />

considered when assembling your Bug Out<br />

Bag. Before we dig into each of these categories it is<br />

important that I discuss the bag (or pack rather)<br />

itself. Your Bug Out Bag needs to be a backpack. It<br />

needs to be large enough and sturdy enough to<br />

contain the gear necessary to get you through 72<br />

hours of independent survival. You need to be<br />

comfortable carrying it for extended periods of<br />

time. And, in my opinion, you don’t want to<br />


gear. A ‘tricked-out-pack’ can make you a target of<br />

people who want the supplies that you have. Try not<br />

to let your pack send the message that you are<br />

stocked to the brim with all kinds of survival<br />

necessities. Keep it basic. I personally use<br />

a SnugPak Rocket Pack as my Bug Out Bag.<br />

Once you have chosen your pack, below are the 10<br />

supply categories that need to be considered when<br />

assembling the contents of your Bug Out Bag:<br />

Category #1: WATER<br />

You will need at least 1 liter of water per day for<br />

proper hydration–preferably more, especially<br />

considering hygiene concerns and certain weather<br />

conditions. Since this is a 72 Hour Survival Kit, that<br />

means it needs to contain 3 liters of fresh drinking<br />

water–minimum. This water should be stored in 2-3<br />

durable containers with at least one of them being<br />

collapsible to reduce bulk as the water is used. A<br />

metal army canteen is another good choice because it<br />

can be used to boil drinking water that is collected ‘in<br />

the field’ if your immediate supply runs dry. I carry<br />

a collapsible Platypus water bottle, a 32 oz. Nalgene<br />

water bottle, and a metal US Army issue canteen.<br />

Because water is so critical to survival, I highly<br />

recommended also packing at least 2 water<br />

purification options. Boiling water for 10 minutes is<br />

an option but is not always the most convenient. I<br />

suggest packing 1 water filtration system and also<br />

some water purification tablets. I personally pack<br />

a Katadyn Hiker Pro Filtration System, anAquamira<br />

Survival Straw (as a backup) and sodium chlorite<br />

https://youtu.be/fnMc4JeQ488<br />


2<br />


needs: clean water.<br />

Category #2: FOOD<br />

Don’t worry about planning for three well balanced<br />

meals per day–this is survival, not vacation. I’ve<br />

gone on many survival trips where I haven’t eaten for<br />

a few days, so you can live without any food at all for<br />

72 hours. However, it isn’t pleasant. You should<br />

pack simple & easy to prepare meals. Canned meats<br />

and beans are great options. Canned beef or chicken<br />

stews are equally as effective. If the weight of your<br />

Bug Out Bag is an issue, dehydrated camping meals<br />

are excellent choices. Remember, though, they<br />

require hot water to prepare–so that means a stove or<br />

fire and valuable time (if you are traveling). Military<br />

MREs are also good options. They have a long shelflife,<br />

contain their own heating systems, and are very<br />

packable. They can be expensive, though. I would<br />

also suggest tossing in a few energy bars and candy<br />

bars. These are packed with calories and carbs–both<br />

of which are extremely important.<br />

When we discuss food, we also need to discuss<br />

preparing it. A very simple cooking kit is all you<br />

should need. It should contain at least 1 small metal<br />

pot, a spork, a metal cup and maybe a metal pan or<br />

plate. Anything more than this is overkill. In many<br />

instances, preparing food requires heat. A fire will<br />

always work but may not be practical in every<br />

situation. I would suggest packing a lightweight<br />

backpack stove with 1-3 fuel canisters. I’d rather<br />

have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I<br />

personally carry a self-igniting MSR Ultra light<br />

stove in my BOB with 1 fuel can.<br />


I include clothing in this category. Regardless of<br />

climate, I recommend packing the following (some of<br />

these items can be on your body when you leave): 2<br />

pair of wool hiking socks, 2 changes of underwear, 1<br />

extra pair of pants (NOT BLUE JEANS AND<br />

PREFERABLY NOT 100% COTTON), 1 base layer<br />

thermal underwear, 1 warm fleece hat, 2 extra shirts<br />

(1 long sleeve, 1 short sleeve), 1 mid-weight fleece, 1<br />

warm rain jacket, 1 heavy duty military poncho (can<br />

be found at any Army/Navy Surplus), 1 pair of<br />

comfortable waterproof hiking boots.<br />

What to pack for an actual shelter is a heavily<br />

debated topic within the survival community. I like<br />

having options and I like redundancy–especially<br />

when it comes to shelter. Protecting yourself from<br />

the elements, whether rain, cold, or heat, is incredibly<br />

important.<br />

Your first emergency shelter option is the military<br />

poncho listed above. These are designed with<br />

grommets in the corners to be used as a make-shift<br />

emergency tarp-tent and are actually quite<br />

effective. I’ve spent many nights in the woods<br />

during all kinds of weather conditions with nothing<br />

more than a wool blanket and a military<br />

poncho…and have been fairly<br />

comfortable. Practicing the set-up is the key. Know<br />

HOW to use it before you need to.<br />

A second emergency shelter option is a simple<br />

reflective emergency survival blanket. There are<br />

many different kinds and brands of these on the<br />

market. I prefer one fromAdventure Medical<br />

Products called the Heatsheet. Not only can it be<br />

used as an emergency survival sleeping bag, but it<br />

can also be used as a ground tarp or as a tarp-tent<br />

shelter. These are lightweight and cheap.<br />

Besides the poncho and the heatsheet, I also carry a<br />

6’x10' waterproof rip-stop nylon tarp. I use this style<br />

of tarp as a year-round camping shelter, so I know it<br />

works. It’s lightweight and really effective if you<br />

practice setting it up. You can also bring a<br />

lightweight camping tent. These can be pricey, but<br />

they are really nice.<br />

Lastly, you will want to include a very packable<br />

sleeping bag. If I had to give a general degree rating<br />

I would say a safe bet is a 30-40 degree bag. This<br />

pretty much covers all of your bases. Sure, you’d be<br />

cold at 20 degrees, but you would live. If you have<br />

the room, a nice wool blanket is a great<br />

addition. Wool maintains 80% of its warming<br />

properties even when soaking wet and is a very<br />

durable survival fabric with incredible insulating<br />

properties.<br />


Making fire is one of the most important survival<br />

skills of all time. You need a minimum of 3 ways to<br />

make fire. Because you are preparing this Bug Out



Whether you walk around in the free<br />

world, or inside a prison, your race is dying.<br />

Whether or not you have a high school<br />

diploma or a college education, your race is<br />

dying. Whether you are asleep or awake,<br />

every second of the day it is still dying. In<br />

fact, even as you read these words, no matter<br />

who you are, what you are doing, or what<br />

you have accomplished in the past, right<br />

now your race is dying, right along with its<br />

history, heritage, and its hope for future<br />

survival.<br />

Now, I ask you, what exactly have you<br />

done to stop this? What are you doing this<br />

day, and what do you have planned to<br />

defend it tomorrow? Your people’s past,<br />

present and future are under attack and in<br />

peril of destruction, therefore it is YOU who<br />

must choose sides. You must either take<br />

action against the forces of white racial<br />

destruction, or become the destructing force<br />

behind it, the choice is yours to make. And<br />

if you think for one moment that it is not as<br />

simple as this, then you may be blind to the<br />

facts of life, but you are still the reason why<br />

your race is dying out, and it is high time<br />

that you took stock in yourself, your actions<br />

and/or your inactions.<br />

Those of you who are racially aware must<br />

take action to spread that racial awareness to<br />

others, despite the fact that many of your<br />

own people will call you names and spit in<br />

your face for your efforts. Those of you,<br />

who are not racially aware, or just now<br />

begun to gain racial knowledge, must<br />

struggle to obtain this awareness and the<br />

know-how to communicate it to those who<br />

are ignorant. Because, let’s face it, although<br />

you cannot see or hear the death of your race<br />

worldwide, each and every moment that you<br />

procrastinate causes the Aryan Family Tree<br />

to loose yet another of it is precious<br />

branches. These branches are lost forever,<br />

and that means, even if we win this struggle<br />

for White Preservation, they can never be<br />

regrown, replanted, or replaced, and shall<br />

always remain lost to us.<br />

It is important that we all understand that<br />

whatever we do today will be tomorrow’s<br />

past, and any actions that we take this day<br />

that carry over into tomorrow will be the<br />

birth of our future. It is because of this that<br />

we must choose our actions wisely, and be<br />

true to their course. Most importantly we<br />

must ACT, for inaction cannot be the seed<br />

of future effort, only action can do that. Our<br />

words only matter when they have taken<br />

seed and planted future actions for our race.<br />

The rest of them are simply wasted<br />

ammunition in the war for White survival.<br />

I give a nod of high respect to all those<br />

who are currently taking an active effort to<br />

promote the preservation and enhancement<br />

of our people. Now look around you, locate<br />

those others who proclaim to be racially<br />

aware, and give them guidance in some sort<br />

of racial activism. Do not allow them to sit<br />

idle as our race dies out, lead them into<br />

productive efforts. They too are tools that<br />

may be utilized in small ways to promote<br />

our cause. Think about that as you put down<br />

this publication and remember, this is much<br />

bigger than ourselves, this is survival!<br />

-Klaus Krieger<br />

3<br />

Continued on Page 31

4<br />


"If by the instrument of governmental<br />

authority, a people is being driven to its<br />

destruction, then rebellion is not only the<br />

right but the duty of every member of that<br />

people."<br />

During times of social decay and turmoil,<br />

the more responsible members of a society<br />

will nearly always be found supporting the<br />

constituted authority against the hostile or<br />

rebellious actions of disruptive elements.<br />

For the truly responsible and prudent citizen<br />

takes the long view, and he sees (in the<br />

words of the Founding Fathers) that<br />

governments long established should not be<br />

changed for light and transient causes; that,<br />

however grievous may be the defects in any<br />

governmental policy or even in any system<br />

of government, it is nearly always preferable<br />

to tolerate these defects and to work for<br />

reform rather than to destroy the system.<br />

Order Before Justice<br />

Most injustices and evils on the part of a<br />

government are, after all, tolerable, but the<br />

absence of order is not. Not only is order an<br />

indispensable prerequisite for any form of<br />

society and for all human progress, but life<br />

itself cannot continue in its absence.<br />

Western man has been guided in his<br />

upward struggle throughout the millennia by<br />

an inherent will-to-order. It is an essential<br />

aspect of our racial soul. To many, then, it<br />

seems natural that the best racial elements of<br />

our society should be the champions of law<br />

and order, while the worst elements should<br />

be the principal proponents of disorder,<br />

revolution, and chaos.<br />

Yet, as with most things, there are limits<br />

beyond which blind support of<br />

governmental authority ceases to be a virtue<br />

and instead an evil.<br />

The great question of our day is: How<br />

much corruption must be tolerated for the<br />

sake of order? When have things gone so far<br />

that reform of the System is no longer<br />

feasible and revolution becomes the<br />

responsible alternative? Where should the<br />

line be drawn?<br />

Americans More Servile<br />

History does not help us much. The<br />

conditions which, 2000 years ago, led our<br />

forefathers to decide that the line had been<br />

crossed are totally unlike those of today.<br />

We could easily justify the toleration of<br />

unfair taxes, of government meddling in our<br />

personal affairs and infringement of local<br />

prerogatives, if we could thereby maintain<br />

an orderly society in these vastly more<br />

dangerous times.<br />

Although we can admire the American<br />

colonists' fierce intolerance of tyranny, we,<br />

having become more servile and practical,<br />

would not rebel under similar circumstances.<br />

And if the issues troubling us were no more<br />

burdensome than those faced by them, the<br />

appellation "responsible conservative"<br />

would not be such an epithet of ridicule and<br />

contempt today.


In order to understand when the support of<br />

the governmental authority stops being<br />

responsible and becomes merely obstinate<br />

we must examine the basic premises on<br />

which any government's right to exist is<br />

founded.<br />

The prevalent view of the government<br />

today, shared by both liberals and<br />

conservatives, is that it is an expensive but<br />

necessary public utility whose principal<br />

functions are to maintain law and order,<br />

mediate squabbles among the citizenry, and<br />

provide certain general services, such as<br />

national defense, mail delivery, and a bureau<br />

of weights and measures.<br />

There is a diversity of opinion, of course,<br />

on details. Laissez-faire conservatives take<br />

the attitude that the services provided by the<br />

government -and consequently, its operating<br />

expense -should be kept at a minimal level.<br />

Welfare oriented liberals are more inclined<br />

to demand the maximum of services and not<br />

worry about the expense.<br />

Not A Dime's Worth of<br />

Difference<br />

In the most fundamental sense, however,<br />

right and left alike regard government from<br />

the same viewpoint: It is a dispenser of<br />

largesse, an oilier of the machinery of<br />

commerce, a source of favors and privileges,<br />

a traffic cop and an errand boy. Its role is to<br />

help keep society running smoothly so each<br />

citizen can "do his own thing" with a<br />

minimum of friction from others who are<br />

doing their things.<br />

The consequence of this libertarian<br />

concept of government is the catastrophic<br />

state of affairs which exists in the western<br />

world today.<br />

We plunder and poison our environment,<br />

both physical and spiritual, while the<br />

government sits on its hands.<br />

Perversion, drugs, organized crime, and<br />

political corruption flourish, and the state<br />

can do nothing.<br />

Massive treason occurs in our streets, just<br />

as in the highest councils of our land, and<br />

rioting aliens burn our cities, while<br />

Washington looks on helplessly.<br />

System Is Sick<br />

But this breakdown in operational function<br />

is only the outward manifestation of a far<br />

graver inner sickness -a sickness stemming<br />

from errors of the most fundamental sort in<br />

the very premises on which today’s<br />

government is based.<br />

It is clear that the men who sacrificed their<br />

lives at the Alamo had a deeper motivation<br />

than a desire to preserve the police power if<br />

the state. And those who died on Iwo Jima<br />

did not do so for the sake of the farm<br />

subsidy program or an independent<br />

judiciary.<br />

Patriotism in fact has very little to do with<br />

law and order, the protection of property<br />

rights, or the regulation of commerce.<br />

Contrary to libertarian claims, it has not<br />

much to do with freedom either. The<br />

preservation of freedom or of “The<br />

American way of life” may be convenient<br />

concepts around which to build war<br />


6<br />


the reason men are willing to die in battle<br />

has more fundamental roots.<br />

Feeling For Own Kind<br />

Though patriotic feelings may be<br />

developed ad modified in citizens by<br />

education or indoctrination, the rudiments of<br />

patriotism are inborn. That inborn quality is<br />

simply the instinct for the preservation one’s<br />

own kind.<br />

The only government which can rightly<br />

demand of its citizen’s loyalty unto death is<br />

a government based on this fundament. A<br />

government properly constituted and a state<br />

properly conceived serve to express the<br />

collective will of a people –that is a group of<br />

human beings sufficiently homogenous in<br />

their physical and psychical makeup that the<br />

fundamental concept of “kind” has real<br />

meaning for every member of that group.<br />

Thus the state –and much less any<br />

government –is no end in itself, but only a<br />

means to an end. That end is the<br />

preservation and advancement of a people –<br />

of a racial community.<br />

The Organic State<br />

Only so far as a state is identified with the<br />

vital interests of a people is it entitled to the<br />

allegiance of that people. Such allegiance is<br />

then equivalent to loyalty of one’s own kind,<br />

and such a state is organic in that its<br />

existence stems in a natural –one could say<br />

biological–way from a natural community.<br />

Any racially self-conscious citizen finds<br />

himself subject to two allegiances: that<br />

binding him to his own kind and that<br />

obligating him to his government. Of the<br />

two, the first has precedence. Only in an<br />

organic state do the two coincide.<br />

Multiracialism Is Absurd<br />

A government which claims to represent<br />

the interests of a multiracial society is not<br />

only unnatural but absurd. To whom, for<br />

example, does the Bantu in South Africa or<br />

the Arab on occupied Palestine give his<br />

loyalty –to the government or his own kind?<br />

Neither the Afrikaaners or the Jews are so<br />

foolish to imagine it will be to the<br />

government, despite the multi-racial baloney<br />

to which they feel obligated to give lip<br />

service. For this reason, both Jew and<br />

Afrikaaner take care to keep all the strings<br />

of government on their own hands.<br />

We in America have not been so smart –<br />

but, then, no other nation has ever been<br />

subjected to such a program of liberal<br />

brainwashing and internal subversion as we<br />

have.<br />

A Corrupt Monstrosity<br />

The United States government has,<br />

through slow and (until the last 20 years)<br />

nearly imperceptible change, been<br />

transformed into an organic institution<br />

embodying the will and aspirations of a free,<br />

White, and proud citizenry to a corrupt,<br />

unnatural and degenerate monstrosity,<br />

irresponsibly catering to the dissolute tastes,<br />

desires and whims of an increasingly<br />

debased, raceless conglomerate of<br />

materialistic serfs, products of the urban<br />

jungle and the most tyrannical thought-


As the government grinds massively<br />

onward, it behaves like a Frankenstein<br />

monster out of control. It has become<br />

completely alienated from the racial<br />

elements which originally created it and<br />

gave it life. This terrible truth manifests<br />

itself daily in a thousand ways.<br />

Terror in the Schools<br />

Every White student in the public school<br />

systems of America’s cities, racially<br />

integrated by decree of the Justice<br />

department, has experienced the terror<br />

which stalks his classrooms and recreation<br />

fields, hallways and restrooms. The daily<br />

shakedowns and beatings, indignities and<br />

intimidations bring a feeling of hopelessness<br />

and despair, because the government<br />

responsible for this classroom terror will not<br />

even admit that it exists.<br />

Every White policeman and every White<br />

serviceman belonging to a police or military<br />

unit racially integrated by decree of City<br />

Hall or the Pentagon feels the loss of spirit<br />

and efficiency which has come as a result.<br />

He is sickened and discouraged by the<br />

slackening standards in his once proud<br />

profession, by the growing corruption and<br />

rising drug abuse on the part of those who<br />

wear his uniform.<br />

An Alien Tide<br />

Every working man whose union has been<br />

flooded with under skilled “minority”<br />

workers by Labor Department decree senses<br />

the loss entailed, not only to his craft or<br />

trade but to the nation. If he has any pride of<br />

workmanship he must sorrow as the old,<br />

hard earned traditions of skill and excellence<br />

yield to the alien tide of “equality.”<br />

Every responsible and racially conscious<br />

public school teacher, who, year by year,<br />

sees more lies and distortions in the<br />

textbooks he must use –textbooks which are<br />

being continually “revised” by decree of the<br />

Department of Health, Education and<br />

Welfare –knows the shame of aiding in the<br />

planting of those lies in the minds of his<br />

young charges.<br />

Schools Racially Destructive<br />

This is among the most deadly of all the<br />

System’s racially destructive activities.<br />

Through its iron control over the educational<br />

process it deliberately alienates an entire<br />

generation of young Americans from their<br />

cultural and racial antecedents. It applies the<br />

corrosive compound of half-truths and lies,<br />

calculated omissions and subtle<br />

psychological to destroy all bonds between<br />

the individual and his racial community.<br />

Our schools do not truly educate; instead<br />

they produce young people, who, at worst,<br />

are so filled with artificially instilled<br />

feelings of guilt and self-hatred, the<br />

consequence of never-ending propaganda<br />

about “White racism” and the oppression of<br />

minorities, that they actively and<br />

consciously collaborate with the avowed<br />

enemies of our people. At best, we get<br />

young men and women who, having been<br />

denied the knowledge of the greatness and<br />

uniqueness of their race and of their<br />

responsibility as the bearers of that greatness<br />

and uniqueness, are indifferent to any appeal<br />

to racial solidarity. They are all converts to<br />

the liberal religion of individuality –the view<br />


8<br />


himself.<br />

Every year –every day –that this deadly<br />

process continues brings us closer to that<br />

point of no return when there will be so few<br />

uncorrupted escapees from the public mindmolding<br />

institutions that no effective<br />

resistance to the System can any longer be<br />

built.<br />

Government Genocide<br />

The United States government does not<br />

carry on its genocidal activities blindly or<br />

accidentally, or against its will. It does not<br />

act reluctantly because of pressure from the<br />

alien-controlled newspapers and<br />

broadcasting networks.<br />

The agencies of government are integral<br />

parts of the entire corrupt System. They<br />

work hand in hand with the propaganda<br />

media to quench any spark of racial<br />

consciousness which might threaten their<br />

rule.<br />

Ultimately in the System, in order to<br />

secure its own evil existence, seeks the<br />

destruction of every last remnant of the only<br />

race which, having created it, is also capable<br />

of destroying it.<br />

Servants of the System<br />

The time has come when we must wake up<br />

and realize that the policeman on the street<br />

corner and the Congressman in Washington<br />

are no longer either our guardians or our<br />

servants. They are the guardians and<br />

servants of the System –though not<br />

necessarily consciously or with malice<br />

aforethought. More often they are only<br />

timeservers; more or less powerless cogs in<br />

the machine themselves.<br />

Nevertheless, willingly or unwillingly, it is<br />

the System they serve.<br />

The governmental structure which our<br />

forefathers built up to serve and protect us<br />

has been turned against us. Its strength is no<br />

longer our security but our peril. Its<br />

weaknesses are no longer our misfortune but<br />

our opportunity.<br />

The line has been crossed.<br />

Among racially conscious Americans<br />

there is widespread awareness of the<br />

destructive role of the System, but an<br />

equally widespread paralysis of the will<br />

where any remedy is concerned. Part of the<br />

fault lies in the fact that with Blacks and<br />

Jewish liberals and the spoiled, hairy brats<br />

of the Establishment shouting for a<br />

revolution, everyone else is inclined to<br />

regard revolution as a dirty word. To most<br />

mature and thoughtful patriots it is an<br />

abomination.<br />

A Trap for Conservatives<br />

This attitude arises from a failure to<br />

understand that the “revolutionary” tactics<br />

of those elements presently rioting in the<br />

streets are only a means of further<br />

emphasizing those things we already hate<br />

worst in the System. They only want to push<br />

us even faster along the road to racial ruin.<br />

Thus, our “responsible conservatives” (and<br />

others) fall into the trap of saying: “No the<br />

System is going fast enough the way you

WANTIT. We will oppose your revolutionary<br />

demand by defending the System against<br />

you.”<br />

And they will still vainly seek solutions in<br />

the realm of reform rather than revolution:<br />

Write a letter to your Congressman. Send a<br />

dollar to help awaken your fellow citizens to<br />

the dangers of communism. Vote<br />

conservative. Join a tax protest. Pray that the<br />

earth will open up and swallow the Supreme<br />

Court.<br />

Present Prosperity a Curse<br />

When the average White working man can<br />

own a color TV set, two new cars, and a<br />

house in the suburbs, it is very difficult to<br />

think revolution. We are comfort corrupted.<br />

No matter how bad the System is, we are<br />

unwilling to sacrifice our material luxuries<br />

for the sake of securing the future of the<br />

race.<br />

We find it too difficult to accept that it is<br />

better that we suffer the worst privations, the<br />

most grinding poverty, the most tyrannical<br />

oppressions than that, wallowing in comfort,<br />

we allow the race to die.<br />

And so we keep looking for easier ways.<br />

But there aren’t any easy ways. Maybe there<br />

were 50 years ago, but not today.<br />

It is no longer possible to cure the System<br />

–to bring Frankenstein’s monster to heel –by<br />

Constitutional methods.<br />

When the electoral college ceased being a<br />

person-to-person evaluation and choice of<br />

their representatives and leaders from<br />

among themselves by a properly qualified<br />

citizenry, the governmental forms handed<br />

down to us by a free Anglo-Saxon yeomanry<br />

lost their meaning and relevance.<br />

Today’s political shell game, in which the<br />

entire public heard is allowed a “choice”<br />

from an array of media-generated images,<br />

makes a cynical mockery of the very<br />

concept of representative democracy.<br />

As long as public opinion is not the<br />

spontaneous consensus of a racially and<br />

culturally homogenous populace but is the<br />

artificially created and manipulated<br />

concoction of a small clique of racially alien<br />

mind-molders, it is idle to contemplate<br />

bringing about, by System approved means,<br />

and significant governmental change<br />

contrary to the wishes of those who control<br />

the System. Yet, millions of optimistic<br />

patriots perennially convince themselves<br />

that they have found an honest politician<br />

who, if only they can sneak him past the<br />

professionals and get him elected, will<br />

outwit the string-pullers and return the<br />

American government to hands of its proper<br />

owners. They drastically underestimate the<br />

cunning of their masters.<br />

Other millions believe that public<br />

enlightenment is the answer. For example,<br />

they are under the impression that the<br />

catastrophic 1954 Supreme Court decision<br />

on racial integration of our schools was the<br />

consequence of the court being supplied<br />

with faulty information on racial differences.<br />

They seriously misjudge the motives of the<br />

beast.<br />

A Stake Through The Heart<br />

We do not need to reason with the<br />

monster; we need to puta bullet into its brain<br />


10<br />


blood and chaos and battling the alien<br />

enemy from house to house in burning cities<br />

across our land –then by god it’s better that<br />

we get on with it now than later.<br />

If “reasonable” citizens have no stomach<br />

for it, then the task must fall to our<br />

radicalized youth. And it’s the responsibility<br />

of the National Youth Alliance to take a<br />

leading position in coming revolutionary<br />

developments, so that young Americans can<br />

build a revolution for America and for our<br />

people, instead of serving as pawns in the<br />

alien –controlled, anti-American and anti-<br />

White revolution of the Marxists.<br />

This article was first published in<br />

“National Vanguard” (Issue No. Ljọ ǃ Njljǃ ỹ,<br />

yet even today we see the reflections of its<br />

words coming true 45-years afterward. I<br />

can only hope that in the year 2061 there<br />

will be White people who read this<br />

publication and utilize its knowledge to keep<br />

racial awareness alive amongst the newer<br />

generation of activist.<br />

Why WHY We WE Fight FIGHT<br />

When they are desperate and have their<br />

backs against a wall, most men will fight, if<br />

they can see a chance thereby relieving their<br />

plight.<br />

In America today, desperate men are<br />

scarce. We complain about taxes and rising<br />

prices, but we are not desperate about either,<br />

despite imaginative rhetoric to that effect<br />

heard occasionally.<br />

We denounce the treason in our<br />

government and the alien monopoly over our<br />

information media, but neither have made<br />

us desperate.<br />

Discontent, Yes: Desperation No<br />

The busing of school children into<br />

integrated blackboard jungles makes us<br />

angry, but few have become really desperate<br />

as a result of even the most outrageous<br />

busing edicts.<br />

Those who felt a strong attachment to<br />

their church or some other traditional<br />

institution of our people which has been<br />

debased-or has debased itself in recent years<br />

have responded with sadness or a sense of<br />

frustration rather than desperation.<br />

Because we are not hungry, we are not<br />

desperate. Because we are not in immediate<br />

peril of our lives, we are not desperate.<br />

Because America, wallowing in the grossness<br />

of her decadence, in the stench of her<br />

corruption, in the vileness of her materialism


and circuses aplenty, we are not desperate.<br />

Where desperation is lacking, other<br />

incentives for fighting must be found, but<br />

there are few which serve so well.<br />

Alienated Are Bought Off<br />

Alienation can sometimes be pressed into<br />

service, in a negative way. But today even<br />

the alienated are so sated with material<br />

comforts that they fight only fora diversion,<br />

for excitement. Their destructive impulses<br />

toward a society and a civilization to which<br />

they feel no fundamental commitment are<br />

held in check by their continuing greed for<br />

the pleasures that civilization can supply for<br />

them.<br />

Almighty Public Opinion<br />

The pressure of the herd can also make<br />

men fight. In the trenches of World War I,<br />

when the sergeant shouted “Over the top!”<br />

men who only wanted to find a safe place to<br />

hide nevertheless swarmed out to do battle.<br />

Fear of the opinions of their fellows was<br />

stronger even than the fear of death.<br />

The same thing can also be made to work<br />

on a mass scale. The fighting energy of a<br />

whole people can be mobilized, if there first<br />

has been created the public sentiment that<br />

each and every citizen should join the effort<br />

against a national enemy-real or imagined.<br />

Pressure to Conform<br />

One needs not feel a sense of personal<br />

commitment or duty in order to be compelled<br />

to fight: he merely needs to feel that that is<br />

what is expected of him. Herd pressure works<br />

equally well to prevent people from fighting<br />

or opposing a thing, by holding out the<br />

threat of public disapproval of those who do<br />

so. Exactly such pressure today serves as the<br />

first line of defense for the System which is<br />

destroying America.<br />

Power of Materialism<br />

The lure of booty has always provided a<br />

powerful motive for men to fight, whether<br />

that booty was in the form of the spoils of a<br />

medieval city or the high salary status and<br />

privileges that states provide for their elite<br />

secret policemen.<br />

Special agents of the FBI are generally<br />

recruited from the finest stock in the U.S.,<br />

but, because they are paid handsomely to do<br />

so, they enthusiastically defend the System<br />

and wage relentless war against patriots who<br />

would throw off its shackles.<br />

Patriots face, in addition, the negative<br />

prospect of loosing whatever material<br />

possessions they might otherwise hope to<br />

acquire by going along with the destroyers of<br />

their nation.<br />

In times when treason doth prosper, the<br />

opposition to treason seldom does.<br />

Why then, since we are neither desperatein<br />

the ordinary physical sense of the word-<br />


12<br />


nor lured by the promise of riches, do we<br />

fight?<br />

Extraordinary Motivation<br />

In order to carry on a demanding and<br />

unpopular activity over a long period of<br />

time; an activity which requires long hours<br />

of hard work with little or no financial<br />

reward and presents the constant danger of<br />

physical injury, imprisonment, or<br />

assassination; an activity that often<br />

alienates friends, neighbors, relatives,<br />

business associates, and employers and can<br />

result in loss of present employment with<br />

blackballing for the future-one needs<br />

extraordinary motivation.<br />

Since the ordinary physical rewards are<br />

ruled out, the motivation must be of an<br />

idealistic or spiritual nature. It must<br />

transform one’s whole outlook on life, so that<br />

ordinary temptations cease to tempt, and<br />

ordinary deterrents cease to deter.<br />

Racial Idealism<br />

We fight when others will not because we<br />

have recognized values and meanings that<br />

they have not.<br />

Our central value that which gives<br />

meaning to all the rest, is race.<br />

We understand and love the greatness<br />

which is in our race. We are determined<br />

that those who want to drag that greatness<br />

down and smother it under alien filth shall<br />

not succeed.<br />

The contributions of our great thinkers<br />

and creators, the beauty from our great<br />

poets and artists, the heroism and daring of<br />

our great warriors and leaders, the sacrifices<br />

of our martyrs-the sublime dreams of the<br />

millions of our outstanding men and women<br />

through the ages-must continue to have<br />

meaning and to give inspiration.<br />

Their lives must not have been in vein.<br />

The heritage they have created for us must<br />

be guarded and passed on.<br />

Genetic Treasure<br />

Even more important than this spiritual<br />

treasure is the biological basis without which<br />

it could never have been created. What God<br />

and Nature have wrought through millions<br />

of years of upward evolution is stored in the<br />

genes of our race. There is no treasure more<br />

precious, more profoundly significant in the<br />

universe.<br />

The life of any individual-the lives of all<br />

men now living-are of insignificant value in<br />

comparison.<br />

Sense of Identity<br />

In such an attitude will be recognized a<br />

sense of racial identity. We understand that<br />

our own lives have real meaning only<br />

because we are parts of an infinitely greater<br />


If the race dies, then no man’s life has<br />

meaning or value. So long as the race<br />

continues to live, however, every member of<br />

the race, even those who have been buried<br />

ten thousand years, continue to share the life<br />

of the race.<br />

In the race-and there alone-is immortality<br />

for those who will partake of it. If a<br />

thousand years from now, the race no longer<br />

survives, then the life of all those now living<br />

will have been wasted, meaningless, in vain.<br />

Serving Nature÷s Purpose<br />

Of what significance are all our bodily<br />

pleasures, all our satisfactions of ownership,<br />

of accomplishment, of status-a thousand<br />

cocktail parties or banquets, a hundred<br />

seductions, a dozen expensive automobiles,<br />

credit cards, bank accounts, luxurious<br />

houses-what do all these things count when<br />

compared to the privilege of being a part of<br />

the same immortal race as Arminius and<br />

Newton and Shakespeare; more so of being a<br />

part of Nature’s great upward striving<br />

toward the Infinite? That is the meaning of<br />

everything and the worth of everything, our<br />

lives included: being a part of the grand<br />

scheme.<br />

Of all things in the universe, only men are<br />

able to choose, in some degree, what that<br />

part shall be. What an awesome<br />

responsibility that is!<br />

Poisonous Doctrines<br />

The understanding of these fundamental<br />

truths may be badly obscured in our times,<br />

when the cancer of neo-liberalism has eaten<br />

out the soul of our people with its poisonous<br />

doctrines of egoism and equality.<br />

In earlier times they were widely<br />

understood. A thousand year ago our<br />

ancestors taught their sons a proper<br />

perspective toward life and death. Say the<br />

old sagas:<br />

“Cattle die, and kinsmen die,<br />

And so one dies oneself.<br />

One thing I know that never dies:<br />

The fame of a dead man’s deeds.”<br />

As late as 1945 this outlook persisted in<br />

Europe, where youth learned the same<br />

lesson, paraphrased in the motto: “Ewig ist<br />

der Toten Tatenruhm.”<br />

The Long View<br />

This is the long outlook, the impersonal<br />

outlook, without which the self-denial and<br />

self-sacrifice necessary for our ultimately<br />

victory cannot be maintained.<br />

If it seems too hard, we do not need to<br />

think in terms of eternity; we only need to<br />

think ahead a few years, when each of us<br />

must face the end of his individual existence.<br />

What will the record show: a life of selfindulgence,<br />

without a contribution to the<br />

race, without any participation on history, a<br />


14<br />


human organism returning to the dust<br />

whence it sprang? Or will it show a life of<br />

striving for those things which, in the long<br />

run, are the only things which count-and<br />

hence, a life which counts?<br />

Seizing Greatness<br />

How terrible that last moment must be for<br />

one who can see only emptiness behind-and<br />

ahead? How much easier for one who,<br />

through a life spent in striving for his race,<br />

can feel a sense of identity with that race<br />

and can, therefore, look ahead into a future<br />

filled with a greatness and achievement<br />

20of which he has become a part, even if<br />

only a infinitesimally small part.<br />

Shared Feeling<br />

There are hundreds of thousands of our<br />

people in North America alone, who, in a<br />

sense, share the feeling of racial idealism we<br />

have described.<br />

If we include those who, even in this era of<br />

ironclad thought control, we have retained<br />

some feeling of Western racial identity who,<br />

despite the incessant admonitions of the<br />

brain washers. Feel a faint stirring of racial<br />

pride when a Neil Armstrong walks on the<br />

moon or a slight flicker of racial indignation<br />

when a Henry Kissinger announces a major<br />

foreign-policy decision –the number is in the<br />

millions, perhaps as many as a quarter of<br />

the White population of the continent.<br />

But this, for the vast majority, is racial<br />

idealism only in a very restricted sense. It<br />

does not dominate their lives. It is a largely<br />

passive, part time sort of thing. It remains<br />

subordinated to self-interest.<br />

Idealism Must Dominate<br />

Racial idealism can only serve as the<br />

incentive for building our movement, for<br />

carrying on our struggle, when it has filled<br />

and transformed our lives, when it has<br />

excluded every other feeling and<br />

consideration and determines our very<br />

thought and action.<br />

It must posses us: it must drive us: it<br />

must allow us no rest and no peace.<br />

Then, although we retain all our human<br />

imperfections and weaknesses of will and<br />

character, these things cannot keep us from<br />

the fight, however much they may still slow<br />

and hinder us in that fight.<br />

No Alternative<br />

A single, burning sense of our mission<br />

allows us no choice: it has robbed us of the<br />

privilege of deciding whether we shall fight or<br />

not: it has destroyed any possible alternative<br />

for us. We can no longer decide: I will quit,<br />

because this fight is too difficult: I will go<br />

back to enjoying life’s material and sensual<br />

pleasures again, because I am too weak to<br />

resist their temptation: I will give up,<br />

because so few are willing to help me.

We keep up the fight because we must,<br />

because otherwise life looses its meaning and<br />

its value.<br />

American Tragedy<br />

If it were not so, how could we retain our<br />

resolution when we see tens of millions of<br />

people-and not just the credulous, the venal,<br />

the depraved, but also the perceptive, the<br />

idealistic, the upright-enthusiastically<br />

supporting as their ”leaders” scoundrels so<br />

base and corrupt that they would be<br />

summarily hanged in any healthy society:<br />

Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower, the<br />

Kennedy gang, Johnson, Nixon, McGovern<br />

and the rest? Even Hubert had among his<br />

followers a number of otherwise sound and<br />

decent young people! Or when, addressing<br />

an auditorium full of students, we see in the<br />

front row two or three interracial couples<br />

ostentatiously fondling one another in order<br />

to “rattle the racist,” while smirking behind<br />

them whispering instructions is some<br />

swarthy, alien creature with a nasal accent<br />

whom we learn the students have chose to be<br />

president of their student government?<br />

Garden of Man<br />

Idealism is hard to keep under such<br />

circumstances. If it were possible to give up –<br />

if there were any way out-we would run.<br />

Instead, we fall back on our long view.<br />

We remember that we are not fighting to<br />

save a single generation, but ten thousand<br />

future generations: that in the sea of weeds<br />

around us there are a few flowers, and that<br />

the garden consists of those flowers rather<br />

than the weeds. We see, in our mind’s eye<br />

that garden as it can be some day, when the<br />

weeding is done: a beautiful and healthy<br />

thing, a credit to its Creator.<br />

Doing What Is Necessary<br />

This, then, is the vision we keep before us:<br />

our people as they can be: a people who<br />

despite their present affliction, carry the<br />

seeds of unlimited greatness: on whom, alone<br />

among all the creatures of earth, has been<br />

bestowed the divine fire.<br />

If we fail in our mission as keepers of the<br />

sacred fire, than the light of the universe will<br />

flicker and die.<br />

Thus, regardless of the difficulties, the<br />

discouragement, and the sacrifices we must<br />

face, we know that what we do is necessary.<br />

That is all we need to know.<br />

The greatest man of the West expressed<br />

this outlook when he said: “We must not<br />

ask whether it is possible to attain our goal,<br />

but whether it is necessary. If it is<br />

impossible, then we shall try our best and<br />

perish in the attempt; but if it is necessary<br />

and proper, than we must believe that it is<br />

possible.<br />

”National Vanguard (Issue No. 14, 1972)<br />


Students Nation-Wide<br />

to attend University<br />

Funded “White Privilege”<br />

Bash!<br />

Schools across the country are<br />

offering course credit and paying for<br />

students to attend “The White<br />

Privilege Conference.”<br />

More than 20 workshops on topics<br />

of sex, race, and gender will be<br />

featured at the event.<br />

One workshop, titled “Self Care and<br />

Healing as Change Agents,” will provide<br />

attendees with a safe-space to share the<br />

emotional burden that comes from being a<br />

social justice warrior.<br />

“Feeling exhausted, burned out from<br />

working to dismantle racism and white<br />

supremacy, and other forms of oppression in<br />

organizations, groups, and individuals? Still<br />

deeply committed to creating greater equity,<br />

inclusion and social justice in society and in<br />

organizations, yet finding yourself, at times,<br />

too weary or overwhelmed to make<br />

meaningful change? We all deserve spaces<br />

to heal, refuel, and re-commit to our vision<br />

and goals,” the workshop description states.<br />

16<br />

Major universities across the country are<br />

offering course credit, and in some cases<br />

even paying the cost, for students to attend<br />

an annual national event known as “The<br />

White Privilege Conference.”<br />

The <strong>2016</strong> conference will feature a variety<br />

of speakers and numerous breakout<br />

sessions, all of which come at an additional<br />

charge. On two of the four days, participants<br />

will have the opportunity to spend six hours<br />

attending workshops of their choosing,<br />

including several tailored for middle-school<br />

and high-school students in<br />

attendance. More than 20 workshops will be<br />

featured at the event, covering topics of sex,<br />

race, and gender.<br />

Another workshop will be geared<br />

exclusively towards middle-school and highschool<br />

students to allow them to “engage in<br />

meaningful dialogue about white privilege,<br />

white supremacy, and methods of breaking<br />

down systems of oppression.”<br />

Other workshops will explore topics such<br />

as:<br />

--“Racial Justice As A Spiritual Imperative:<br />

Re-imagining the Power Of Our Deepest<br />

Knowing In Our Racial Justice Work: This<br />

institute is designed for those who<br />

have been engaging in racial justice work for<br />

some time and want to look more deeply<br />

into the aspects of the work that touch our<br />

spirits, souls, core beliefs, etc.”<br />

--“Blackness, Whiteness, & Womynness:<br />

Embracing the Intersectionality of Race and<br />

Gender Practice While Building Equitable<br />

and Just Relationships Toward Effective<br />


ANTI-Racist [sic]: As we strive to build crossracial<br />

anti-racist partnerships, what are the<br />

challenges we face that may prevent us<br />

from working together effectively? This<br />

institute will draw on our experiences as a<br />

Black cisgender womyn and a white<br />

cisgender womyn partnering as anti-racist<br />

educators and administrators with a<br />

commitment to re-imagining equity and<br />

justice in our relationships as womyn.” [The<br />

misspelling of “woman” are intentional; a<br />

way to excise “man” from the word — ed.]<br />

--“White Followership – Centering People<br />

of Color and Building Effective White<br />

Practices for Racial Justice & Systemic<br />

Change: Informed by current movements for<br />

racial justice led by people of color, this<br />

participant centered, action-oriented and<br />

reflective workshop will introduce and apply<br />

the white followership framework.”<br />

of the conference. In addition, a document<br />

obtained by Campus Reform shows the<br />

university will also be covering the “hotel fee<br />

and transportation,” which would<br />

theoretically put MU’s total expenditure for<br />

the conference well beyond $240 per<br />

student.<br />

“Students going on the White Privilege<br />

Conference trip pay $60 and the rest of the<br />

cost is covered by funding from other<br />

campus offices including the Office of<br />

Diversity Affairs, the Black World Studies<br />

Department, Living Learning Community<br />

Fund, the Residence Hall Association, and<br />

the Family Fund,” Hoa Bui, MU’s contact for<br />

the event, confirmed to Campus Reform.<br />

17<br />

According to the conference website, at<br />

least 1,500 people attend the event every<br />

year, including students, teachers, and<br />

professionals. The conference, which lasts<br />

four days, has been held annually since<br />

1999.<br />

The student registration fee is $200, plus<br />

an additional $100 for various “one day<br />

institutes,” and another $40 for a<br />

“community dinner,” a sum of $340.<br />

However, some universities are offering to<br />

front the cost and cover hotel and<br />

transportation fees.<br />

For instance, Miami University (MU) of<br />

Ohio is covering more than half the cost and<br />

charging students a flat fee of only $60,<br />

potentially $240 less than the total expense

Haverford College in Pennsylvania is<br />

sending students to “The White Privilege<br />

Conference” free of charge. According to the<br />

university’s website, the President’s Office<br />

will be covering the cost with help from the<br />

“Quakers Affairs Office” and the “CPGC,” an<br />

acronym for the school’s Center for Peace<br />

and Global Citizenship.<br />

course experience” and offered students up<br />

to four “continuing education units,” which<br />

translates to ten hours of participation in an<br />

accredited program. To complete the<br />

course, students were required to keep track<br />

of the breakout sessions they attended and<br />

write a reflection paper on their experiences.<br />

Campus Reform contacted representatives<br />

for “The White Privilege Conference”<br />

numerous times to ask how many<br />

universities send students to the event but<br />

did not receive a response by press time.<br />

18<br />

“Cost to you: 0$ [sic],” the website states.<br />

In the past, the University of Wisconsin-<br />

Madison sponsored grants to attend “The<br />

White Privilege Conference.” The Office of<br />

Undergraduate Advising at UW-Madison<br />

founded “two grants for members of the<br />

advising community to attend the White<br />

Privilege Conference,” an email sent to all<br />

faculty stated.<br />

According to “The White Privilege<br />

Conference” website, students attending the<br />

event can earn up to three academic credit<br />

hours, depending on the discretion of<br />

university advisers. Although some<br />

universities may elect to turn down students’<br />

request for credit, at least one university in<br />

the past has promoted the conference as an<br />

elective course.<br />

In 2013, the University of Colorado in<br />

Colorado Springs advertised the<br />

conference on campus as an “independent<br />

-Consider these facts. For the very first time in history<br />

your race is facing the very real possibility of cultural<br />

obliteration and total extinction. Not only has the Aryan<br />

birthrate dwindled alarmingly, but the steady increasing<br />

forced integration, immigration and miscegenation is<br />

generating an equal, if not speedier, course toward the<br />

total demise of Aryan kind. Do not insult your own<br />

intelligence by saying this is not so. And do not insult<br />

those courageous ancestors who died to preserve your<br />

future by saying you don’t care! Do not fool yourself by<br />

thinking this is not a crucial problem. The long-enduring<br />

and seemingly invincible Aryan race, builders of the<br />

mightiest civilizations on earth, possessors of god-like<br />

creativity that built the wonders of the world, find<br />

themselves dwindled, divided, apathetic and persecuted<br />

by their own blood and kin. Like the titan Prometheus,<br />

condemned for bringing divine gifts to the world, our<br />

reward has become our fetters. Chained are we now to<br />

the rock of our misplaced compassion, with our enemies<br />

gnawing at our vital organs. But it is not other races<br />

who forged our chains, it is we ourselves who fashion<br />

our own demise. We have let ourselves become outcasts<br />

in our nations and governments. As a race we are dying,<br />

but it is not because we have any less capacity for<br />

intelligence that our predecessors, less strong or less<br />

warlike. It is because our spirit is dying<br />

.-Ron McVan


Initiates WHITE GUILT<br />

program against White<br />

children in Public<br />

Schools<br />

MADISON – “(R)acism is caused by<br />

white people, by our attitudes, behaviors,<br />

practices, and institutions … How do you<br />

justify it for yourself?”<br />

That’s the heavy-handed question asked of<br />

Wisconsin’s public school teachers, one of<br />

many similar assertions found in a<br />

conference handout from a controversial<br />

state Department of Public<br />

Instruction initiative to combat “white<br />

privilege” in the classroom.<br />

The four-year-old CREATE Wisconsin<br />

education initiative was ostensibly designed<br />

to help public school educators reach<br />

disadvantaged students. CREATE, the<br />

acronym for Culturally Responsive<br />

Education for All: Training and<br />

Enhancement, may be more notorious for<br />

its racially charged teaching points,<br />

including:<br />

From Examining the Dynamics of<br />

Oppression and Privilege, found in a<br />

2009 CREATE conference handout: “In<br />

this country the institutional system<br />

supports the dominance of white people”<br />

and “More frequently than not, white<br />

people take advantage of privileges<br />

generated by a racist society.”<br />

From Paul Kivel’s 2009 CREATE<br />

conference handout, The Costs of Racism<br />

to White People: “We are given a false<br />

sense of superiority, a belief that we<br />

should be in control and in authority, and<br />

that people of color should be maids,<br />

servants, and gardeners and do the less<br />

valued work of our society.” According to<br />

his website, Kivel is a “social justice<br />

educator, activist, and writer, has been an<br />

innovative leader in violence prevention<br />

for more than 35 years.”<br />

In her 2009 CREATE conference<br />

presentation, Wisconsin DPI<br />

employee Dr. LaVerne Jackson-<br />

Harvey said, “There appears to be a<br />

national trend that can be attributed [to]<br />

the conservative agenda that currently<br />

exist[s] with former closet racist[s]<br />

leaving the closet and entering the light to<br />

write policies that support covert and<br />

overt racism that impact[s] students of<br />

color.”<br />

EAG News, the content website<br />

of Education Action Group Foundation, a<br />

Michigan-based, conservative advocate for<br />

19<br />


20<br />


CREATE Wisconsin initiative funded<br />

through federal taxpayer dollars.<br />

The initiative, launched in 2009,<br />

“mobilizes educators to reflect on their<br />

educational practices,” to assist students<br />

from diverse backgrounds in achieving the<br />

same academic levels as their peers,<br />

according to the CREATE Wisconsin<br />

website.<br />

CREATE Wisconsin hosts an annual<br />

conference and various workshops for<br />

Wisconsin educators.<br />

Steve Gunn, author of the EAG expose,<br />

said it appears the goal of the initiative “is to<br />

build up guilt among white educators.”<br />

going to make any kid feel like he stands<br />

much of a chance,” he said.<br />

“There’s nothing wrong with white<br />

teachers taking a look at themselves and<br />

how they deliver lessons to make sure all<br />

kids understand what they’re talking about.<br />

But it seems this thing has taken on a far<br />

more radical tone,” Gunn added.<br />

EAG also asserts the approach creates<br />

separate educational systems, ultimately<br />

patronizing minority students.<br />

“It says Wisconsin minority kids aren’t<br />

capable of doing well in standard<br />

classrooms, and that’s just not true,” Gunn<br />

said. “To make it sound that if you don’t<br />

bend the curriculum to meet the standards of<br />

different cultures or they’re doomed to fail<br />

is being untrue to them.”<br />

Is DPI’s CREATE Wisconsin initiative an equalopportunity<br />

espouser of ‘White privilege,’ as a<br />

new EAG expose suggests? Steve Gunn, the<br />

reporter who put together the EAG story, said he<br />

believes the goal of the initiative “is to build up<br />

guilt among white educators.”<br />

“On the flip side of that are the<br />

resentments among minorities and minority<br />

students… They would have them feel like<br />

the entire system is against them. That isn’t<br />

The view that public schools often fail to<br />

teach minority and disadvantaged students<br />

by failing to reach them culturally is a<br />

widely accepted tenet among the left-center<br />

education school of thought.<br />

“Many American schools in general,<br />

attempt to deny the minority students of<br />

their culture,” notes a blog written by<br />

students enrolled in Philosophy of Education<br />

at Georgetown University in Washington,

D.C. The entry is headlined, “Keeping<br />

Minority Culture and Students in their<br />

Place.” “This happens because the social<br />

institutions reward those for living distinctly<br />

traditional American lives and punishes<br />

those who deviate from the norm. The<br />

American education system, as a social<br />

institution, attempts to mimic this rewardand-punish<br />

structure by creating a system<br />

where education is standardized.”<br />

Supporters say they’re pushing for<br />

greater “cultural competency” in the<br />

classroom.<br />

DPI spokesman Patrick Gasper defended<br />

the program, which is funded through the<br />

federal Individuals with Disabilities<br />

Education Act program, commonly known<br />

as IDEA.<br />

“The CREATE Wisconsin initiative aims<br />

at reducing disproportionality in special<br />

education programs, increasing achievement<br />

for all students, and closing gaps which are<br />

serious issues facing Wisconsin schools,”<br />

Gasper wrote in an email to Wisconsin<br />

Reporter. He went on to quote from the<br />

initiative’s web page.<br />

backgrounds achieve at the same level as<br />

their peers?<br />

“Why are students from diverse<br />

backgrounds enrolled in special education<br />

more often than their peers?<br />

“To answer these questions, CREATE<br />

mobilizes educators to reflect on their<br />

educational practices. The objective is<br />

to identify strategies that contribute to<br />

eliminating the achievement gap and<br />

utilize those approaches through<br />

professional development, training and<br />

technical assistance.”<br />

The achievement gap among minority<br />

students and white students is very real and<br />

very pronounced, particularly in<br />

Wisconsin’s urban schools.<br />

In Madison alone:<br />

o<br />

o<br />

45 percent of 10 th grade black males<br />

are proficient in reading, while 87<br />

percent of white males are.<br />

The graduation rate for black males is<br />

only 52 percent, while the rate for white<br />

males is 88 percent.<br />

21<br />

“CREATE begins with one question:<br />

Why? Why don’t students from diverse<br />

Blacks comprise 24 percent of the student<br />

population but 29 percent of special<br />

education students. Native

22<br />

O<br />

Americans comprise 1 percent of the<br />

student population but 20 percent of<br />

special education students, according to<br />

the EAG report<br />

School officials from the Madison<br />

Metropolitan School District or Milwaukee<br />

Public Schools did not return Wisconsin<br />

Reporter’s calls seeking comment.<br />

Gunn said EAG attempted to dig deeper<br />

into the CREATE Wisconsin initiative but<br />

stopped when DPI sent a statement noting<br />

the bill for the public records EAG<br />

requested would cost about $19,000.<br />

EAG asserts CREATE goes well beyond<br />

the scope of bridging the achievement gap,<br />

deep into the realm of racial inequalities<br />

viewed through the prism of some of the<br />

more liberal thinkers in education.<br />

“None of this is particularly surprising<br />

when you consider who’s influencing<br />

CREATE Wisconsin. One of the program’s<br />

main consultants is Glenn Singleton,<br />

founder of the Pacific Educational Group.<br />

That group’s mission is to “enlighten” the<br />

nation’s educators about how public schools<br />

promote “white culture” and “white<br />

privilege.” EAG wrote.<br />

CREATE Wisconsin’s website engages in<br />

some weighty questions about U.S. history.<br />

Case in point, a Teacher Resource<br />

Article titled “Did the Indians really invite<br />

the Pilgrims to the First Thanksgiving?”<br />

The answer, the article states, is less<br />

important than how the “stereotypes” of the<br />

story of the first Thanksgiving have<br />

pervaded the classroom unexamined.<br />

“We believe that the concept of giving<br />

thanks or gratitude should be impressed<br />

upon children and that the Thanksgiving<br />

season is a good time to do that in the<br />

schools. But we also believe that the<br />

stereotypes of “Indians” that we often see in<br />

classrooms around the time of Thanksgiving<br />

only reinforce the simplistic and misleading<br />

images of Native People that non-Native<br />

children may already have,” the article<br />

notes.<br />

“As for the last question, about the ‘First<br />

Thanksgiving’:<br />

“We feel that the term ‘First<br />

Thanksgiving’ is an extremely biased one.<br />

The ‘pot luck’ meal that is remembered<br />

today, whether it was truly a ‘thanksgiving’<br />

or not, whether it really happened or not,<br />

may have been the first European ‘harvest<br />

home’ or fall festival on this continent for

CENTURIES — for thousands of years in fact —<br />

Indigenous communities here had been<br />

celebrating thanks many time a year for<br />

what Mother Earth gave them. They still do<br />

today.”<br />



Wear a white wristband as a<br />

reminder about your privilege,<br />

and as a personal commitment<br />

to explain why you wear the<br />

wristband to others.<br />

For the record, CREATE Wisconsin<br />

operates on about $890,000 in taxpayer<br />

funding per year, according to the EAG<br />

expose.<br />

But<br />

What kind of fight will the<br />

older generation wage on<br />

their youth when the minds<br />

of their children have been<br />

turned against their very<br />

survival?<br />

Who will take up the task<br />

of honoring their race when<br />

the youth no longer have<br />

the pride or desire necessary<br />

to do so?<br />

Who will teach the truth<br />

when the lies have been<br />

accepted, taught and<br />

repeated to our posterity?<br />

As a people who are now<br />

in their last grasp of racial<br />

survival, it is time that we<br />

stand up and fight the very<br />

enemy before us...before<br />

our children stab us in the<br />

back as the loyal servants<br />

of those that wish us dead.<br />

Fight for what you love, or<br />

what you love will turn and<br />

fight you...<br />

-Klaus Krieger<br />

Surely things have not gotten so bad that our<br />

own government would force our children to<br />

wear bracelets in PUBLIC SCHOOLS that<br />

make them feel guilty for being White, right?<br />

Wear them to remind them that their race is<br />

guilty for the other races problems? So that<br />

other students could rightfully ask them why<br />

they are wearing them, and have to respond<br />

with answers that degrade them? Things are<br />

bad, but they aren’t THAT bad are they?<br />

They ARE that bad! In fact, part of the<br />

CREATE program you just read about in<br />

Wisconsin is exactly that bad. And if you<br />

think it is going to stay in that state, then you<br />

might want to wake the hell up and smell the<br />

roses, because prototypes of this nature are most<br />

likely being initiated in Public Schools all over<br />

the United States, and guess whose taxes go<br />

towards paying for them?<br />

This is NOT a time of peace, war is being<br />

waged in the minds of our children through<br />

the very institutions we send them to gain<br />

knowledge, and our government is the one that<br />

is waging it against our race!<br />

If they defeat our childrens pride, what do we<br />

have to build good character upon? If they make<br />

our children regret the very race they are, what<br />

chance of racial survival does the next generation<br />

possess? When will our people nally feel the<br />

sting of outrage from having to sit by and let<br />

this happen?<br />

If you won’t see this as an outright attack<br />

on our race now....WHEN will you?<br />

-Mars Wilhelm<br />


24<br />

ELITE K-8 school<br />

teaches white<br />

students they’re<br />

born racist<br />

July 1, <strong>2016</strong> | 2:15pm<br />

An elite Manhattan school is teaching white<br />

students as young as 6 that they’re born racist<br />

and should feel guilty benefiting from “white<br />

privilege,” while heaping praise and cupcakes<br />

on their black peers.<br />

Administrators at the Bank Street School for<br />

Children on the Upper West Side claim it’s a<br />

novel approach to fighting discrimination, and<br />

that several other private New York schools<br />

are doing it, but even liberal parents aren’t<br />

buying it.<br />

Modal TriggerA slide from the Bank School<br />

shows the different goals for white children<br />

(right) and “kids of color” (left).<br />

They complain the K-8 school of 430 kids is<br />

separating whites in classes where they’re<br />

made to feel awful about their “whiteness,”<br />

and all the “kids of color” in other rooms where<br />

they’re taught to feel proud about their race<br />

and are rewarded with treats and other<br />

privileges.<br />

“Ever since Ferguson, the school has been<br />

increasing anti-white propaganda in its<br />

curriculum,” said a parent who requested<br />

anonymity because he has children currently<br />

enrolled in the school.<br />

Bank Street has created a “dedicated space”<br />

in the school for “kids of color,” where they’re<br />

“embraced” by minority instructors and<br />

encouraged to “voice their feelings” and<br />

“share experiences about being a kid of color,”<br />

according to school presentation slides<br />

obtained by The Post.<br />

Meanwhile, white kids are herded into<br />

separate classrooms and taught to raise their<br />

“awareness of the prevalence of Whiteness<br />

and privilege,” challenge “notions of<br />

colorblindness (and) assumptions of ‘normal,’<br />

‘good,’ and ‘American’” and “understand and<br />

own European ancestry and see the tie to<br />

privilege.”<br />

The same slides point out that a number of<br />

leading private schools across the country<br />

also have segregated students by “race-based<br />

affinity groups.” It lists several in New York,<br />

including Riverdale Country School, Brooklyn<br />

Friends School, The Cathedral School, The<br />

Calhoun School, Ethical Culture Fieldston<br />

School, and Little Red School House and<br />

Elisabeth Irwin High School.<br />

- Anonymous Bank Street parent<br />

Under Bank Street’s “Racial Justice and<br />

Advocacy” curriculum, parents say, teachers<br />

push white kids to grapple with America’s<br />

history of racism. Then they indoctrinate them<br />

into thinking “systemic racism” still exists, and<br />

that they’re part of the problem and must hold<br />

themselves accountable even for acts of<br />

racism committed by others.<br />

“One hundred percent of the curriculum is<br />

what whites have done to other races,” said<br />

another Bank Street parent. “They offer<br />

nothing that would balance the story.”<br />

Added the parent, who also asked to go<br />

unnamed: “Any questions they can’t answer<br />

they rationalize under the pretense of<br />

‘institutional racism,’ which is never really<br />

defined.”<br />

The program, these parents say,<br />

deliberately instills in white children a strong<br />

sense of guilt about their race. Some kids<br />

come home in tears, saying, “I’m a bad<br />

person.”<br />

They say white kids are being brainwashed<br />

into thinking any success they achieve is<br />

unearned. Indeed, a young white girl is seen<br />

confessing on a Bank Street video: “I feel<br />

guilty for having a privilege I don’t deserve.”<br />


46 States Saw<br />

Young White<br />

Population<br />

Decline<br />

This shift will ripple through the<br />

working-age population.<br />

Our labor market is growing<br />

increasingly dependent on workers<br />

of color who now face persistent<br />

gaps in educational attainment and<br />

economic opportunity. That's<br />

evident in the demographic trends<br />

among the young people of today<br />

who will comprise the workforce of<br />

tomorrow.<br />

Demographer William Frey, a<br />

senior fellow at the Brookings<br />

Institution's Metropolitan Policy<br />

Program, recently analyzed the<br />

changes in the youth population<br />

across the 50 states from 2000 to<br />

2014.<br />

As the charts below show, Frey's<br />

analysis produced the striking<br />

finding that the total number of<br />

whites younger than 20 declined in<br />

46 of the 50 states over those years.<br />

While many Americans may be<br />

aware that whites are shrinking as a<br />

share of the youth population, the<br />

declining absolute number of<br />

whites in so many states points<br />

toward more profound changes in<br />

the nation's make-up than most<br />

may be anticipating.<br />

Nineteen states saw their white<br />

youth population decline from<br />

2000-2014 by at least 100,000 (led<br />

by California, New York and<br />

Pennsylvania). Among the 50<br />

states, only Utah (at 66,909) saw a<br />

significant increase in its<br />

population of young whites over<br />

that period; the other states that<br />

recorded gains (Idaho, South<br />

Carolina, and North Carolina)<br />

posted minimal advances of 10,791<br />

or less.<br />

Overall, from 2000 to 2014, the<br />

nation added 8.2 million non-white<br />

kids younger than 20-and lost<br />

nearly 6.6 million whites in that age<br />

group.<br />

In sharp contrast, the number of<br />

kids of color increased in 48 of the<br />

50 states from 2000 to 2014.<br />

Twenty-three states added at least<br />

100,000 minority kids over that<br />

period (led by Texas, California and<br />


26<br />


in their population of people of<br />

color younger than 20.<br />

In all, the number of kids of color<br />

added in 30 states exceeded the<br />

number of white kids added in any<br />

state (Utah).<br />

In individual states, the two trend<br />

lines often rocketed in opposite<br />

directions.<br />

Over this period, Texas lost<br />

236,736 whites younger than 20--<br />

and added 1,553,182 non-whites in<br />

that age group. Florida lost 269,319<br />

young whites, and added 740,675<br />

young people of color. In California<br />

the replacement was nearly one-toone:<br />

the state lost 929,927 whites<br />

younger than 20 and added 914,502<br />

non-whites. Even in the Rustbelt,<br />

Pennsylvania lost 456,798 young<br />

whites and added 244,902 young<br />

non-whites.<br />

Overall, Frey calculated, from<br />

2000 to 2014, the nation added 8.2<br />

million non-white kids younger<br />

than 20-and lost nearly 6.6 million<br />

whites in that age group.<br />

These changes in the composition<br />

of America's youth will steadily<br />

ripple through the working-age<br />

population. The trends among<br />

young people today are one reason<br />

Frey and other analysts have<br />

projected that rising majority<br />

groups will provide all of the net<br />

growth in the U.S. workforce<br />

through at least 2030. Over that<br />

period, Frey and others<br />

forecast, not only will whites decline<br />

as a share of the working-age<br />

population, but the absolute<br />

number of working-age whites will<br />

also shrink.<br />

That means the nation will grow<br />

increasingly reliant for its workers<br />

on young people from ethnic and<br />

racial groups that today experience<br />

higher rates of childhood poverty,<br />

are more likely to be disconnected<br />

from both school and work, and are<br />

completing four-year college<br />

degrees at much lower rates than<br />

whites. Failing to close those gaps<br />

today, Frey notes, could leave<br />

American employers scrambling to<br />

find enough skilled workers<br />

tomorrow.<br />

"The good thing about<br />

demography is you can look ahead<br />

and see what's coming," says Frey.<br />

"And this is something we can point<br />

to and work at. The time is now to<br />

put a national spotlight<br />

Websters Dictionary actually has a<br />

term for this, and it is described as<br />


“the gradual extinction of a people<br />

or racial strain through a tendency to<br />

restrict voluntarily the rate of<br />

reproduction”.<br />

That’s right......Suicide.....

The Elder<br />

Futhark<br />

by: Mars Wilhelm<br />

: The horns of<br />




PRONUNCIATION : “fay -who”<br />

DEITY: The Aesir<br />



bovine livestock<br />



Generation, Fire- Borer, Cattle,<br />

Livestock, Mobi le Property, Money,<br />

Power, To Grow, To Wander, To<br />

Destroy, To Shred.<br />

Fehu is the rst rune of the rst<br />

octet. It takes its shape from the horns<br />

of cattle, (which represent mobile<br />

property in ancient times), and<br />

literally translates into the meaning<br />

“cattle” itself.<br />

Fehu is the raw archetypal energy<br />

of motion and expansion in e th<br />

multiverse. It is the all encompassing<br />

and omnipresent power symbolized by<br />

the changing bovine heard and by<br />

wildre. It represents material wealth,<br />

fertility, and tamed earth energy that<br />

may be controlled by human will. It is<br />

the essence of mobile power and<br />

strength, but it is a potential source of<br />

disruption as well, for it contains the<br />

mystery if both creation and<br />

destruction and the harmonious<br />

functioning of these two extremes,<br />

which leads to dynamic evolutionary<br />

force. It is the rune of eternal<br />

becoming. As with other runes, it<br />

describes the holy process of birthlife-death-rebirth,<br />

or arising-being /<br />

becoming-passing away toward new<br />

arising. It is the archetypal force that<br />

gives impetuous to this eternal<br />

process.<br />

Fehu is a power that ows outward<br />

like re from its course and must be<br />

circulated in order to be benecial.<br />

The circulation of this re must be<br />

handled by the athlings with wisdom<br />

and foresight so that they do not<br />

destroy themselves or others. It is<br />

related to the deities of the AESIR. It<br />

is a rune of duty, of good for good, of<br />

true worship, and of health.<br />




PRONUNCIATION: “ooo -rooze”<br />

DEITY: The Vanir<br />


INTERPRETATION : The horns of<br />

the aurochs or falling drizzle<br />

PRIMARY MEANING : Primal<br />

Strength<br />


Primordial, Eternity, Primal Fire,<br />

Primal Light, Primal Bull Aurochs,<br />

Resurrection, Slag, The Afterlife, or<br />

Drizzle -The Primal Fertilizing<br />

Essence .<br />


28<br />

URUZ is the second rune of the<br />

rst octet. It is the mother of<br />

manifestation and represents the<br />

Aurochs, an extraordinary wild bovine<br />

of ancient Europe. It is the forming<br />

force, not the form itself. It is the<br />

denition of the origin and destiny of<br />

all things. It represents untamed<br />

earthly energy, primal shaping forces<br />

that may not be controlled by the<br />

human will.<br />

Due to its shaping power, Uruz is a<br />

rune symbolizing wisdom and lore, as<br />

the pattern of preserved tradition that<br />

is sprung from the natural order. Just<br />

as this indicates a healthy society (one<br />

in accordance with natural order), so<br />

too is this a rune of good physical<br />

health in the personal realm. The U<br />

Rune promotes strong and harmonious<br />

organic systems. It is the rune of vital<br />

strength and virility, a life force of the<br />

masculine polarity, and as such, it<br />

teaches patience, endurance, courage,<br />

and the application of aggression at<br />

the proper time under the proper<br />

circumstances.<br />

Uruz is utilized to enhance<br />

independence and leadership abilities<br />

as well as to aid in the growth of<br />

“wisdom.”<br />



THORN<br />


PRONUNCIATION : “thoor -ee -<br />

saws”<br />

DEITY: Thor<br />



Hammer, or the thorn on a branch.<br />

PRIMARY MEANING: Defense<br />


Thunder, Thunderbolt, The Strong<br />

One, Giant, Lightning Flash, Thorn.<br />

Thurisaz is the third rune in the rst<br />

Octet. It is the directed cosmic force<br />

of destruction and defense, the<br />

archetypical instinctual will, without<br />

self-consciousness. It stands for both<br />

Thorn and the God Thor. It is a<br />

reaction to the clash of two polarized<br />

forces and the transformation of that<br />

force into kinetic energy.<br />

Thurisaz is a very powerful defense<br />

rune; it utilizes the destructive force<br />

that is oftentimes necessary when<br />

battling enemies and chaos, although<br />

it may also be the cause of the chaos<br />

itself. This rune is a symbol of<br />

lightning and thunder and is equated<br />

with Mjollnir the hammer of Thor,<br />

which is considered the destroyer of<br />

the etins and the protector of Midgard<br />

and Asgard .<br />

Thurisaz is the container of the life<br />

death polarity. It is the ultimate power<br />

to assimilate potential energy of the<br />

two extremes of kinetic energy into a<br />

pattern of action. It is a projectable<br />

form of applied power. It is also a rune<br />

of regeneration and fertilization. As<br />

the lightning heralds the crop bringing<br />

rains, so the TH- rune breaks down<br />

barriers and fecundates so that new<br />

beginnings may be possible. The<br />

“Thorn” is the thorn of awakening that<br />

dispels the power of the “svefnthorn”<br />

(sleep thorn).<br />

This is the rune that represents the<br />

cosmic phallic power.<br />

This article was an exert from the booklet<br />

“THE ELDER FUTHARK”, which is advertised<br />

in the back of this issue. These are<br />

but 3 of the 24 Runes that our ancestors used<br />

to guide them through life, and if you buy the<br />

booklet before the next issue comes out you<br />

will receive $1.00 off its cost. Simply write<br />

the code: FUTHARK on your order form.

King Samir<br />

Shabazz: Bomb<br />

White Churches<br />

and Kill White<br />

Babies<br />

In an August 13 New Black<br />

Panther Party online radio broadcast,<br />

the group’s National Field<br />

Marshal from Philadelphia King<br />

Samir Shabazz, went off on a<br />

vicious tirade about bombing<br />

white churches and killing white<br />

babies.<br />

Samir Shabazz<br />

If Blacks want to be free,<br />

Shabazz explained, “you’re going<br />

to have to kill some of these<br />

babies, just born three seconds<br />

ago. You’re going to have to go<br />

into the God damn nursery and<br />

just throw a damn bomb in the<br />

damn nursery and just kill everything<br />

white in sight that<br />

ain’t right.”<br />

Later in his rant, Shabazz<br />

describes how white churches<br />

are also a legitimate target: “We<br />

gonna need preachers going into<br />

the cracker churches throwing<br />

hand grenades on early Sunday<br />

morning when the cracker got his<br />

hands up, ‘please white Jesus!’<br />

Well we gonna throw a bomb in<br />

that God damn church, burn up<br />

the cracker, burn up the cracker<br />

Jesus, and burn up some cracker<br />

white supremacy.”<br />

In typical Shabazz fashion, he<br />

also described in detail how he<br />

would like to go into New Jersey<br />

and Pennsylvania suburbs to<br />

“drag some of these god damn<br />

rusty dusty ass crackers out of<br />

their homes, skin their asses<br />

alive, hang their asses up by<br />

some damn rope in some trees,<br />

drag them up and down the<br />

streets by God damn trucks, sick<br />

the pit bulls on them, pour acid<br />

on their asses, dump them in a<br />

God damn river, bring them back<br />

up, bust them in the head with<br />

a rock.”<br />

Shabazz also discussed the<br />

need for AK-47s, M16s, grenade<br />

launchers, and other weapons for<br />

a NBPP military.<br />


30<br />

Shabazz’s outburst is the latest<br />

is a series of violent messages<br />

from NBPP members on Black<br />

Power Radio, hosted by NBPP<br />

Spokesman Chawn Kweli. On<br />

April 2, the NBPP’s Tampa Bay<br />

Chief of Staff Michelle Williams<br />

expressed support for violence<br />

against whites in aftermath of the<br />

shooting of Trayvon Martin. And<br />

a June 25 episode featured General<br />

T.A.C.O. (Take All Capitalists<br />

Out) of the Black Riders Liberation<br />

Party ranting about hunting<br />

down white people. He adds<br />

that after they die “we should dig<br />

them up, and kill them again!<br />

Bury them, dig them up, and kill<br />

them again, and again,<br />

and again!”<br />

I seriously doubt that, IF, a radio station<br />

for a pro-whtie organization were to openly<br />

declare that Whites needed to kill black<br />

babies, bomb black churches, etc, that it<br />

would be allowed to remain on air, yet here<br />

we have the New Black Panther Party<br />

openly discussing the fact that they want to<br />

murder our children, and there is no media<br />

coverage, and no outrage. What is wrong<br />

with this? EVERYTHING!<br />

All a person has to do is google “black panther<br />

party wants to kill white babies” and you will<br />

nd videos, articles, and even songs made about<br />

this action. In fact, if a White person wanted to<br />

check the facts on ANYTHING in this publication<br />

it would nd some horribly disturbing truths, but<br />

the fact of the matter is that many will not. They<br />

will call us crazy and label us racist, and mark it<br />

all up as insane or out of date mindsets.<br />

In any case, here we are with a group of black<br />

men and women who have hundreds of people<br />

in all states attend their rallies and speeches, all<br />

in the name of killing us, and we have trouble<br />

grouping up 15-20 White people to do a simple<br />

protest against what is going on?<br />

Is it not enough to know that it is wrong? Are<br />

the recent murders of white police ofcers and<br />

the indiscriminate beatings of white people all<br />

over the United States not enough? Those cops<br />

did not go to work thinking they would be killed,<br />

those men and women who were attacked and<br />

almost killed did not wake up and think that it<br />

was their day to be put in the hospital...so what<br />

makes you think that you will see it coming in<br />

your town? Does it have to happen to one of your<br />

loved ones rst?<br />

I cannot emphasize this enough, we are being<br />

divided and destroyed as a race! Our youth is<br />

being turned against us, our women are being<br />

raped, and our authority gures are being killed.<br />

Not because of random actions, but because of<br />

the color of our skin...<br />

You do not have to pull a weapon and act<br />

violently in order to do something...there are<br />

peaceful ways to stand up without being weak<br />

or timid. Simply recognizing what is going on<br />

and spreading the word to others is an act of<br />

deance that would do wonders for our peoples<br />

chances of survival!<br />

Whatever you do, be aware of what is going<br />

on and prepare yourself and your family because<br />

it will not get any better until it gets much worse.<br />

But remember, those who are not part of the solution<br />

are part of the problem...<br />

-Mars Wilhelm<br />



options like lighters and waterproof matches. You<br />

will also want to include a fire steel which can<br />

generate sparks in any weather condition. Besides<br />

these items, you will need to pack some tinder for<br />

fueling your initial flame. You can buy tinder from<br />

any outdoor store, but cotton balls soaked in<br />

petroleum jelly is the best I’ve ever seen.<br />


Whether you build your own kit from scratch or buy<br />

a premade kit, make sure it includes the following<br />

items at a minimum: 1? x 3? adhesive bandages (12),<br />

2? x 4.5? adhesive bandages (2), adhesive knuckle<br />

bandages (3), butterfly closure bandages (2), gauze<br />

dressing.<br />

My personal gear for this category<br />

includes: Adventure Medical Kit’s First Aid Kit<br />

1.0and, I’ve added 3 suture kits, more alcohol pads, 2<br />

rolls of 2? gauze, CARMEX Lip Balm, and some<br />

larger butterfly bandages.<br />


The first and most important tool in your Bug Out<br />

Bag is a knife. Choosing your survival knife is a<br />

very personal decision, and besides your knowledge,<br />

it will undoubtedly be your most useful survival<br />

tool. I suggest carrying a full tang fixed blade allpurpose<br />

survival knife. It should be large enough to<br />

use for chopping, splitting, and self-defense but also<br />

small enough to use for more delicate camp chore<br />

tasks such as carving feather sticks and preparing<br />

food. The right balance is a personal decision. In my<br />

opinion the overall length needs to around 10? –not<br />

too much over. Any larger than this and the knife<br />

becomes more difficult to use as an effective tool and<br />

starts to get bulky. I have made the decision to carry<br />

2 knives in my Bug Out Bag. I carry a Ka-Bar US<br />

Army Military Fighting Knife and also a Mora 840<br />

MG Clipper Knife which I use as a smaller all-around<br />

camp knife. Mora knives are very reliable all-around<br />

camp knives, and a good Mora can be purchased for<br />

under $15.<br />

Besides a knife, one other item you will want to<br />

consider is a good multi-tool. A multi-tool comes in<br />

handy for all types of projects–from cutting wire to<br />

complex mechanical chores. Your multi-tool should<br />

have a screwdriver (both phillips and flat-head),<br />

pliers, a knife blade, and wire cutters at a<br />

minimum. Leatherman makes all kinds of great<br />

multi-tools which can be purchased at almost any<br />

sporting goods store. I personally carry<br />

a Leatherman MUT Military Multi-tool.<br />


You need to pack at least 2 light sources. I would<br />

suggest having 1 flashlight that with throw light some<br />

distance like a mini mag light or a mini LED<br />

flashlight. The 2nd can be a smaller one to use<br />

around camp or while fixing meals, etc. Mini<br />

keychain LED lights are lightweight, cheap, and last<br />

a long time. Other ideas are glow-sticks, candles,<br />

and LED head-lamps. I personally carry the<br />

following light sources: Gerber Firecracker<br />

Flashlight, a lanyard multi-function tool with small<br />

LED light, 1 glow-stick & 1 package of 9 hour<br />

candles. Again, I like options.<br />

CATEGORY #8:<br />


A fully charged cell phone is at the top of this list. In<br />

an emergency, cell phone service will probably be<br />

jammed up. However, text messages typically still<br />

go through, so having a cell phone is a<br />

necessity. You should also have either a fully<br />

charger EXTRA cell phone battery or a means of<br />

charging your cell phone. There are several options<br />

for charging your phone in the field without<br />

electricity. Some include solar charging units, hand<br />

crank chargers, and aftermarket battery<br />

boosters. You need to research and determine which<br />

solution is best for your current phone make/model.<br />

In addition to a cell phone, you should also pack a<br />

small battery powered or crank powered AM/FM<br />

radio. This could be an important source of<br />

information and for the price and weight, you can’t<br />

go wrong. I personally carry a hand-crank FR-300<br />

Emergency Radio. The hand-crank also has a cell<br />

phone charging feature.<br />

Under this category I will also include IMPORTANT<br />

DOCUMENTS. In the case of emergency<br />

evacuation, you should carry with you certain<br />

important documents. Among these should be your<br />

driver’s license, passport, social security card,<br />

medical information, important phone numbers<br />

and account numbers (bank, insurance, credit cards,<br />

etc.), and your gun carry permit.<br />


32<br />


map of your surrounding area, your state, and any<br />

area in-between your location and your Bug Out<br />

Location (your predetermined destination in case you<br />

have to Bug Out). You would be foolish to depend<br />

on a GPS in an evacuation emergency. PACK<br />

MAPS!<br />

I personally carry all of these documents in a sealable<br />

waterproof map case.<br />



You can almost certainly guarantee that in an<br />

evacuation emergency there will be chaos and<br />

disorder. Events of this magnitude inevitably<br />

overwhelm normal police and public safety<br />

measures–at least for a short time. History tells us<br />

that rioting, looting, rape, and violent crimes will<br />

occur. You need to be prepared to protect and defend<br />

yourself and your resources–especially if you have a<br />

family. You would be naive not to take this category<br />

seriously. The best measure of self defense is a gun–<br />

period. Besides the intimidation factor, a gun has<br />

reach and stopping power. A gun can also be used<br />

for hunting if necessary. What kind of gun to pack is<br />

a lengthy topic all by itself. Some like shotguns,<br />

some prefer rifles, and others choose handguns. I<br />

have chosen to pack a 357 Ruger Revolver. I chose a<br />

handgun because it is easy to conceal and is fairly<br />

lightweight. I chose a 357 because of the stopping<br />

power, and I chose a revolver because I know beyond<br />

the shadow of a doubt that every time I pull the<br />

trigger a bullet will fire. I’ve had automatic pistols<br />

jam on me enough times to know I don’t want my life<br />

to depend on one.<br />

Other formidable weapons of self-defense can be<br />

your survival knife, a machete, or even a walking<br />

stick. I, though, would hate for anything except a<br />

gun to be the only thing between me and a gang of<br />

thugs.<br />


Just in case you have to Bug Out on foot, the weight<br />

of your pack should always be a consideration. You<br />

should be comfortable carrying your pack for up to 3<br />

days. Because of this, everyone’s pack load will vary<br />

depending on their comfort level. Below are some<br />

additional items that I have packed in my Bug Out<br />

Bag that you will also want to consider when<br />

building your own:<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

CASH – $1000 minimum (because cash talks)<br />

Toilet paper<br />

200 feet of paracord (building shelter)<br />

Duct tape (100s of uses)<br />

100 feet of Army issue trip wire (misc. projects,<br />

snares)<br />

Pad of paper & pencil (leave notes or record<br />

information)<br />

Small Bible<br />

2 Bandanas (because they are so dang multiuseful)<br />

Leather work gloves<br />

Small knife sharpener<br />

Machete (clearing brush, chopping wood, selfdefense)<br />

4 spare AA batteries for my Gerber Firecracker<br />

2 dust masks (can double as crude filters)<br />

Bar of soap & small bottle of hand sanitizer<br />

(hygiene)<br />

Travel toothbrush w/ tooth paste<br />

36? length of rubber tubing (siphon, tourniquet)<br />

Small sewing kit<br />

2 heavy duty 30 gallon garbage gags (water<br />

storage, shelter, poncho)<br />

P38 can opener<br />

Binoculars<br />

Small fishing kit<br />

Stakes<br />

Sunglasses (can double as safety glasses)<br />

Whistle<br />

Insect repellent<br />

Earplugs<br />

Compass<br />

At the end of the day, there is no perfect Bug Out<br />

Bag. Even my own BOB changes and evolves with<br />

my needs, thoughts, wants, and tastes. An<br />

incomplete and imperfect Bug Out Bag is better than<br />

nothing at all in an emergency. For me, the peace of<br />

mind in knowing it’s there on the shelf to grab if I<br />

need it is reason enough to have taken the time,<br />

effort, and money to build it. I hope that my thoughts<br />

about the Bug Out Bag have been informative and<br />

helpful (and maybe inspirational) as you consider<br />

building your own.

SIZE: 5.5”x8.5”<br />



Simply select the card design you want based on the numbers below it, choose the amount of the design you<br />

would like to order, along with the words you would like printed on the inside and make your payment out to<br />

Excalibur Publications - P.O. Box 712 - Marble Falls, Texas 78654. Cards usually ship out within a week of<br />

payment receipt.<br />

We guarantee all designs against denial. That means if you send us the denial form we will let you select<br />

another design equal to the ones denied PLUS FIVE MORE to compensate you for your time.<br />

5 = $5.00 10 = $9.00 25 = $20.00 50 = $30.00<br />

1<br />

2 3 4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

33<br />

10<br />

11<br />

12<br />

13<br />

14<br />

Thinking of You... Thank You! Get Well Soon! Happy Holidays! Happy Birthday!<br />

A<br />

B<br />

C<br />

D<br />


<strong>EXCALIBUR</strong> PUBLICATIONS<br />

34<br />

The Essentials<br />

of MEIN KAMPF<br />

VOICE OF<br />



The<br />


The<br />

ELDER<br />



A collection of Quotes<br />

This booklet is a collection of quotes from “MEIN KAMPF”, written by Adolf<br />

Hitler in 1923. It helps the reader to understand the universal lessons taught in<br />

the book by categorizing each quote under its meaning, and is designed to provide<br />

the Pro-White Man/Woman with a reference for a profound racial philosophy that<br />

launched the greatest White struggle in the world. (20-pages) $4.00<br />


By: Wulf Sorensen<br />

One of the greatest Pro-White booklets ever, even though it was written over<br />

a 100-years ago. It discusses the degeneration of racial pride and teaches the<br />

reader what they need to build up racial pride within themselves. I recommend<br />

it for the novice as well as the seasoned Racialist. It’s words do not lose their<br />

significance over time, as evidenced over the last 100-years. (12-pages) $2.00<br />


The sayings of Har<br />

The Havamal is taken directly out of the book “The Prose Edda”, written in<br />

the year 1223. It is based upon the dictates of the Norse God Odin, and guides<br />

the reader on the subjects of hospitality, relationships, trust, honor, etc. It’s a<br />

good read, if for nothing else than tounderstand what guided our People for<br />

thousands of years before modern day. (16-pages) $3.00<br />

‘LIVE - LEARN - LEAD’<br />

By: Mars Wilhelm<br />

This booklet discusses a concept that has inspired my Racial Activism through<br />

the years, and provides the reader with the philosophy that keeps me focused.<br />

The simplicity behind the concepts of ‘living’, ‘learning’, and ‘leading’ for our<br />

Race all comes together in the grand purpose of ‘living to learn for our Race’ and<br />

‘learning to lead for our Race. (20-pages) $4.00<br />


By: Leon Degrelle<br />

As a General in The Waffen-SS, Leon Degrelle was often seen on the front<br />

lines with his men as they went into battle. After the war, he moved to France<br />

and began writingabout the War, telling what he knew to be the truth about The<br />

Waffen-SS in World War II. This booklet sums up that truth and tells how the<br />

Waffen-SS was formed, performed in battle, and much more. (24-pages) $5.00<br />


By: Mars Wilhelm<br />

This booklet details each Rune within the Elder Futhark, their meanings, and<br />

their usage. It provides the reader with a lost language, as well as the divination<br />

that our People once relied upon.Whether or not you are a fan of Norse Mythology,<br />

this booklet will give you an understanding of Heritage as it explains the way our<br />

Folk communicated early on. (20-pages) $4.00





By: Eugen Fischer<br />

This is a transcribed lecture give by Eugen Fischer and goes into detail about<br />

the racial origin of the Jews, their history, and how they come about. It’s also<br />

a breakdown of how racial stock is destroyed, and what a race would have to do<br />

in order to filter out tainted genes. (28-pages) $4.00<br />

RACE<br />

AND<br />


VOLUME I<br />

PEOPLE<br />


OF OUR<br />

AND A<br />

BY<br />


FUTURE<br />


By: Mars Wilhelm<br />

This booklet is a collection of articles, quotes and opinions of the author over<br />

several years. From topics such as history, to Racial Awareness and Racial<br />

Activism. Most of the materials appeared in print as articles within publications<br />

such as ‘The Guardian Angel’, ‘Fidei Defensor’, and ‘Excalibur’. Full of racial<br />

facts and statistics. (36-pages) $5.00<br />

RACE<br />

AND<br />



PEOPLE<br />


OF OUR<br />

AND A<br />

BY<br />


FUTURE<br />


By: Mars Wilhelm<br />

The second Volume of the ‘Race And Revolution’ series is packed with additional<br />

articles, quotes, opinions, and even a few Pro-White poems from the authors work<br />

as a writer of topics on Racial Awareness. Just as good as Volume I, there just<br />

simply wasn’t enough room to fit everything into one booklet. A great read for the<br />

reader who likes to back up their facts. (36-pages) $5.00<br />



This booklet was written as a study manual for SS cadets in The Third Reich.<br />

It details the importance of keeping the Aryan blood pure through the proper<br />

selection of a Mate. In today’s world of miscegenation, it’s an example of what<br />

we can do to select the proper mate, and why it’s necessary for the good of our<br />

Race. (24-pages) $4.00<br />


Simply list the title of the booklet(s) that you want to purchase on a piece of paper that goes<br />

along with your Money Order. MAKE SURE THAT ALL MONEY ORDERS ARE MADE<br />

OUT & MAILED TO ‘<strong>EXCALIBUR</strong> PUBLICATIONS’. Orders will be shipped out within<br />

2 weeks of payment. All (10) booklets may be purchased together for the price of $30.00, a $1.00<br />

savings per booklet. All proceeds from sales go toward the spread of Racial Awareness.<br />

35<br />

If you are a writer, and you feel that you have a well written booklet or publication that could<br />

help our Race, feel welcome to write in and submit it for consideration. We make no promises<br />

to publish your work, but if we do so, a small ‘royalty fee’ per printed publication will be set-up<br />

and provided to you on a quarterly basis.<br />

<strong>EXCALIBUR</strong> PUBLICATIONS<br />

P.O. BOX 712<br />

MARBLE <strong>FALL</strong>S, TX 77575


Out of the night that covers me,<br />

Black as the pit from pole to pole,<br />

I thank whatever gods may be,<br />

For my unconquerable soul.<br />

In the fell clutch of circumstance,<br />

I have not winced nor cried aloud,<br />

Under the bludgeonings of chance,<br />

My head is bloody but unbowed.<br />

Beyond this place of wrath and tears,<br />

Looms but the horror of the shade,<br />

And yet the menace of the years,<br />

Finds, and shall nd me, unafraid.<br />

It matters not how straight the gate,<br />

How charged with punishments the scroll,<br />

I am the master of my fate,<br />

I am the captain of my soul.<br />

-William Earnest Henley<br />

1875<br />


14<br />

PU B L<br />

I C AT<br />

88<br />


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