10 Foods To Boost

Your Brain Power

Eating well is good for your

mental as well as your physical

health. The brain requires nutrients

just like your heart, lungs

or muscles do. But which foods

are particularly important to keep our

grey matter happy?

1. Opt for wholegrains

Like everything else in your

body, the brain cannot work

without energy. The ability to

concentrate and focus comes

from the adequate, steady supply

of energy – in the form

of glucose in our blood to the

brain. Achieve this by choosing

wholegrains with a low-GI,

which release glucose slowly

into the bloodstream, keeping

you mentally alert throughout

the day. Opt for ‘brown’ cereals,

wheatbran, granary bread and

brown pasta.

2. Eat oily fish

Essential fatty acids (EFAs)

cannot be made by the body and

must be obtained through diet.

The most effective omega-3 fats

occur naturally in oily fish as

EPA and DHA. Good sources

include linseed (flaxseed) oil,

soya bean oil, pumpkin seeds,

walnut oil and soya beans.

They are good for healthy brain

function, the heart, joints and

general wellbeing. Oily fish

contains EPA and DHA in a

ready-made form, which enables

the body to use it easily.

The main sources of oily fish

include salmon, trout, mackerel,

herring, sardines, pilchards and

kippers. Low DHA levels have

been linked to a higher risk of

developing Alzheimer’s disease

and memory loss.

3. Binge on blueberries

Evidence accumulated at Tufts

University in the United States

suggests that the consumption

of blueberries may be effective

in improving or delaying

short term memory loss. Widely

available, so there’s no excuse.

4. Eat more tomatoes

There is good evidence to suggest

that lycopene, a powerful

antioxidant found in tomatoes,

could help protect against the

kind of free radical damage to

cells which occurs in the development

of dementia, particularly


5. Add vitality with vitamins

Certain B vitamins – B6, B12

and folic acid – are known to

reduce levels of homocysteine

in the blood. Elevated levels of

homocysteine are associated

with increased risk of stroke,

cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s

disease. A study of a

group of elderly patients with

mild cognitive impairment

found that after two years of

intervention with high doses

of B6, B12 and folic acid there

was significantly less brain

shrinkage compared to a subset

given placebo treatment.


Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17

Can Reading While

Tired Weaken Your


Eye health is a vital aspect of

health care that should not be

taken for granted. However,

it is often placed on the back

burner in spite of the fact that

our eyes are under a great deal of strain

from many different sources including

those related to excessive close up work.

Reading is one such activity that does

encourage a lot of close up work. If you

are a college student, then, chances are

you may have gotten into the habit of

reading and studying in the wee hours of

the morning in your preparation for fi nals

or mid-term exams. From this point of


Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17

view, you may have wondered whether or

not it is safe to read while you are tired or

while you are sick.

According to natural health

care practitioners reading while

tired or sick puts a great deal

of strain on the visual system.

For example, due to the fact

that your eyes are not fresh in

this particular state, it is not recommended

because it places a

strain on the focusing muscles

of the eyes. When the body is

ill or tired, vision becomes dim

and cloudy.

Therefore, reading in that

state of health can actually

cause straining and straining is

a bad visual habit that may actually

weaken your eyesight.

Reading when tired is common

among many college students

in a concerted effort to

study for finals. Often, staying

up in the late hours of the night

while you are barely able to

keep your eyes open is hard on

the eyes.

It is generally better to read

when your eyes are fresh after

you have had a sufficient night

of sleep. If you are tired or sick

get a sufficient amount of rest

to allow your visual system a

good period of time for recovery

before you start reading.

Even though reading in dim

light does not cause permanent

damage to your eyesight, it is

still recommended that if you

are reading at night that you

should have proper lighting.

This is due to the fact that dim

light causes eye strain associated

with headaches and is hard

on the eyes.

Reading when tired or sick

is not recommended due to the

fact that vision in this state of

health is dim and cloudy. Therefore,

reading under these conditions

places too much strain

on the focusing muscles of the

eyes that can weaken eyesight.

A general rule of thumb in the

event that you are tired is to get

an adequate amount of rest that

would enable your visual system

to recover fully. That way

you will be able to read in a

comfortable manner that does

not damage your eyesight.

My name is Joel King and I

am a City College Broadcasting

graduate and natural vision

improvement success story.

Reduce or even eliminate your

dependency on glasses with this

effective natural eye care program

that shows you how to

relieve tension and stress in the

eyes. Also, reduce the negative

effects of excessive computer

use,reading, television viewing

and eye strain related to the use

of digital devices.

Practice the easy to follow

vision exercise techniques that

lead to clearer, sharper, better,

natural vision.



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Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17

Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17



Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17



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Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17



Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17

Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17



Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17



Tel. 071 886 8969 |


Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17



Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17

Advertising with us will get your company

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Top 5 Dog Food

Myths Debunked!

The biggest dog food myth of all

time was the belief that dogs

should only be fed cooked,

processed, and preserved dog

food day after day. The truth is,

people made this myth up years and years

ago when dog food was fi rst created so

that money could be earned from the

by-products and other ingredients that

were not fi t for human consumption.

Don’t get me wrong, dog

food is okay for your companion

and great for convenience

sake, in the fact that it takes no

effort whatsoever to feed. However,

I feel that it’s extremely

far from being appropriate

for any breathing, living animal

especially my best friend.

I believe wholeheartedly that

dogs will thrive better if they’re

fed real, fresh, home-prepared

dog food.

This myth was actually only

revealed a short time ago when

all the dog food recalls started

happening. That’s when pet

owners started becoming more

interested in what they were

actually feeding their furry

friends and started looking into

homemade pet foods they could

feed their companions.

Unfortunately, the attention

from the media about the

recalls, has now created different

types of dog food myths.

Not only are people talking

about the recalls, their adding

false warnings about feeding

your pets homemade pet food.

Which is why I’ve decided

today to write my list of the

Top 5 Good And Bad Foods For

Your Dog To Eat.

Garlic Is Toxic To Dogs: It is

true that garlic is toxic to dogs

(some dogs just can’t handle it

especially the Japanese breeds).

However, if garlic’s fed in reasonable

amounts, it’s unlikely

it will cause any serious problems.

Personally, I feed my dog

half a teaspoon of minced garlic

once a week. I believe it’s a

great addition to his diet. Not

only is it an antioxidant and

detoxifying agent for him, it’s

also an excellent natural flea


Dogs Should Not Be Fed

Table Scraps: I have to laugh

every time I hear this one

because when I say table scraps

I am referring to healthy left

overs and not talking about the

bad ones - potato chips, jelly

doughnuts, hash browns, or oatmeal.

The fact is, yes, some

dogs will experience runny

stool/s after eating healthy table

scraps. However, it usually happens

to dogs that are limited to

only eating bland, processed,

kibble their entire lives and

their digestive isn’t use to eating

a variety of nutrient-rich foods

such as table scraps.

All Meat Fed To Dogs

Should Be Cooked: This is

another statement I find funny

and usually just laugh at. It

seems like the more feeding raw

becomes popular and more people

who are starting to feed a

nutritional raw diet, the more

it seems like dog food companies

try to convince the public

it’s not good. I am certain we’ll

hear more about this one as time

goes on until they make their

own raw dog food. Personally, I

feel that feeding dogs raw meat

is the best thing for them. However,

remember that pets are

like people and your pet may

prefer to have his or her meat

cooked instead of raw.

Dogs Should Not Eat Grains:

It is definitely true that grains

have gotten a pretty bad reputation

over the last few years and

many of the dog food recalls

were because of tainted wheat

gluten. It doesn’t mean your

cherished companion should

not eat grains. Remember, not

all grains are the same. All-natural,

human quality grains are

actually healthy for your furry

friend because they’re full of

natural nutrients that support

digestion, heart health, and


Dogs Should Live On An

All-Meat Diet: It is true that

animals in the wild does eat

more meat than domesticated

pets, there are a few things that

you should keep in mind. First

of all, domesticated pets are

not exposed to the same level

of environmental elements that

wild animals are. Domesticated

pets spend more time lounging

around in our beds, or on our

couches, and stay more at rest,

which results in less of a need

for meat. Second, in the wild an

animal will first eat the contents

of their prey’s stomach, which

consists mainly of plant-life

and grains. Third, wild animals

actually eat grains and greens in

between feeding on raw meat.

Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17


A Chocolate A

Day Can Keep

You Healthy

It is widely believed that eating

dark chocolate is good for cardiovascular

health. Some health and

lifestyle experts, however, emphasized

that there is no evidence for

this fact. Recently, the British Journal of

Nutrition published a new study, which

supports regular consumption of chocolate.

Before changing your diet to eat

more chocolate and sweets, you should

understand that this study is published

based on clinical observation and available


According to the new study,

the researchers from Luxembourg

Institute of Health (LIH),

university of South Australia,

university of Warwick Medical

School and university of

Maine suggested that consuming

a small amount of chocolate

every day can help to prevent

insulin resistance and type


Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17

2 diabetes. The study considered

the data of 1,153 people

between the ages 18 and 69.

When comparing the health

of various participants, the

research group found lower

insulin resistance and healthy

liver enzymes in those who

claimed that they ate around

100g of chocolate every day.

Insulin resistance is one of the

very important factors determining

the onset of cardiovascular


The academic researchers

proposed the hypothesis

that chocolate can be useful

for insulin sensitivity and liver

enzymes. This study is conducted

rigorously, noting down

the lifestyle and diet preferences

of the participants. The

consumption of tea and coffee

is also monitored. Both tea

and coffee contain polyphenol

which is useful to accelerate

cardiometabolic effects of


The visiting academic at the

University of Warwick Medical

School,and Scientific Director

of department of population

health at LIH, Prof Saverio

Stranges said that cocoa based

products can be suggested

as dietary recommendation

to improve cardio health and

metabolism. However, he added

that the results are simply observatory

and more robust evidence

based trials are required.

He also emphasized that natural

cocoa product is entirely different

from highly processed commercial


Among those who participated

in the study, 80% of the

individuals said that they eat at

least 24.8g of chocolate every

day. These people were active,

young and had higher educational

status compared to those

who did not eat chocolate regularly.

The principal investigator

of the study, Dr. Ala’s Alkerwi

said that the people who consumed

chocolate had significant

socio-demographic profiles, better

health access and healthy

lifestyle habits. This can also be

an important contributor for the

reaction of the body to insulin

and liver biomarkers.

Researchers have agreed

that randomized control studies

and additional observational

research are required to truly

understand how chocolate is

useful in reducing insulin resistance

and preventing disorders

related to cardiometabolism.

Local artist eases Sharks

Trail Adventurers into

December holiday mode

Durban – Homegrown musical

talent Cheryl Engel is relishing

being a part of the vibrant

atmosphere of the festive

season kick-starting STIHL

Sharks Trail Adventure at Summerveld

Estate in Shongweni on Sunday 4 December.

The big crowd of athletes

and their families expected for

the fifth edition of the popular

mountain biking and trail running

event this December are in

for both a sporting and lifestyle

treat as magnificent trails and

scenery are complimented by

Engel’s live music, a not-to-bemissed

Christmas market and

spectacular country setting.

“I haven’t actually been

up to the Sharks Trail Adventure

before but it sounds like an

amazing event and I’m really

looking forward to being there

this year,” says Engel.

“I have two kids and I love

being a mom so me being a

family based person then filters

into my music, something that

hopefully resonates with the

family atmosphere of the event.

“A lot of my friends are

mountain bikers and I’m sure

many of them will in fact be

there on the day while I’m actually

a bit of a runner myself.

“Who knows, maybe I’ll

even be able to take part in one

of the day’s trail runs before

performing on stage a little

later,” the folk/rock singer cum

social athlete adds enthusiastically.

Born and raised in Glenwood,

the 34 year-old singer/

songwriter started singing and

performing at a very young age

old but only pursued a career

as an artist four years ago when

she formed the duo Connecting

Stars in 2012.

After releasing their song

‘Stuck’ into USA, the track

achieved the rare feat of charting

on the US Billboard AC

chart, peaking at number 28,

paving the way for two tours of


Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17

the United States and culminating

in Engel winning the Songwriter

of the Year Award at the

Texas Sounds International

Country Music Awards.

At the start of 2016 Engel

opted to pursue a solo career, a

decision that has already seen

her perform numerous local

gigs and enjoy resounding success

in a short space of time.

“I taught music for a while

but I always had this burning

passion to be on stage, something

I finally decided to do

once I turned 30.

“Since going solo at the start

of the year, doors have just been

swinging open for me all over

the place and I’ve been so busy

with gigs and performances,

which really has been fantastic.”

Drawing on her life experiences

to craft poetry that forms

the lyrical basis of her heartfelt

songs, the born and bred Durban

artist is eager to contribute

to the Shark Trail Adventure’s

distinctive ambiance that

has become so popular amongst

friends and families looking to

enjoy the event’s diverse programme

as well as spend some

quality early festive season time


While the event’s 40km,

20km, 10km and 2km Kiddies

Ride mountain bike and 18km

and 9km trail running races

offer something for all off-road

endurance adventure seekers,

the race village’s picturesque

location and laid-back atmosphere

is set to captivate supporters,

spectators and market

Local singer/songwriter

Cheryl Engel is looking forward

to helping create part

of the unique STIHL Sharks

Trail Adventure atmosphere

when this year's edition of

the event takes place on

Sunday 4 December at Summerveld

Estate, Shongweni.


Gameplan Media

browsers alike.

An exclusive Sunday staging

of the renowned Shongweni

Farmers Market in the shade

of Summerveld Estate’s ageold

plane trees is set to offer

attendees the chance to explore

local crafters’ wealth of homemade

Christmas wares and delicious

artisan food and beverages,

all the while taking in

Engel’s easy-listening, memorable


The 2016 STIHL Sharks

Trail Adventure takes place at

Summverld Estate in Shongweni

on Sunday 4 December.

Entries can be submitted

online via and

more information can be found

at www.sharkstrailadventure.

Olympic flavour wraps

up 2016 Wall & Back


Durban – After Wade Krieger

and Jenna Ward wrapped up

overall Illovo Suncoast Pirates

Wall and Back Surfski Series

titles, Friday night saw Matt

Bouman and 2012 London Olympic sprint

bronze medallist Bridgitte Hartley claim

race wins in favourable conditions at the

sixth and fi nal race of the 2016 series.

Having missed out on an

overall title shot when Krieger's

series lead became unassailable

last week, SMG/Epic Kayaks'

Bouman was dominant as he

powered his way to his second

win in his fourth outing meaning

he finished the series in second

place overall.

With four races counting

towards the overall series standings,

Jenna Ward’s second place

finish at race 6 meant that she

took home the spoils and with it

her second Wall and Back series

title following her 2014 series


“It has been a long year for

all of us but it is always great

coming out on a Friday night

and having fun in the surf,”

Euro Steel’s Ward mentioned.

“We have missed a few of

the girls but it was great having

Bridgitte (Hartley) here in the

ocean and I really enjoyed the

whole series!

“It’s great to get another

series win and I think the series

is always a great way to end the

season in Durban but I am now

shifting my focus to the Cape

Point Challenge soon so it isn’t

quite time to relax yet!”

Euro Steel star Hartley is not

familiar with the conditions at

Pirates SLC, and despite their

gnarly reputation she was grateful

that she was greeted by

some tame surf and some gentle

off-shore conditions for her

Wall and Back debut.

“I think it must have been

some beginners luck because

we had some pretty calm conditions!”

Hartley said with a

With the series title already in his bag, Gravity Sports/Epic Kayaks' Wade Krieger had to settle for second at Race

6, the fi nal race of the 2016 Illovo Suncoast Pirates Wall and Back Surfski Series, on Friday evening.

Top Foto/

Gameplan Media


“Having some good conditions

made it a lot easier for me

as I managed to get out past the

backline safely and was fifth

overall. After that I just put my

head down and followed Matt’s

(Bouman) lead as he decided to

paddle a bit deeper than others.

“We managed to get a few

sets on the way back which was

exciting and I really enjoyed my

time in the ocean.

Despite an Olympic medal

to her name Hartley is still an

ocean racing novice and with

her push towards the 2017 ICF

Canoe Marathon World Championships

she is branching out

into other paddling codes.

“I used to paddle a bit in the

ocean but never seriously so I

still think I am beginner and I

think that I am more comfortable

in a river boat than a surfski!”

she chuckled.

“Unfortunately I missed the

weekly dice so I decided that

I would take on a Friday night

surfski race and I really enjoyed


The men’s podium was

rounded out by Steve Woods

with Irvin Dixon and Byron

McKie dominating the doubles

encounter as they led the mixed

pair of Oliver and Michelle

Burn, who were the first mixed

double home, across the line.

More information can be

found at www.wallandback.








1.Matt Bouman 35.00

2.Wade Krieger 35.15

3.Steve Woods 35.18

4.Luke Nisbet 36.24

5.Gene Prato 36.44


1.Bridgitte Hartley 40.04

2.Jenna Ward 42.53

3.Thea van der Westhuizen


Junior Men

1.Bailey de Foundemiere


2.Brendon Delport 43.12



1.Byron McKie/Irvin Dixon


2.Oliver Burn/Michelle Burn


3.Thomas Lovemore/Tayla

Walkeling 42.10


1.Oliver Burn/Michelle Burn


2.Thomas Lovemore/Tayla

Walkeling 42.10

3.John-Craig Springate/

Olivia Springate 48.37


1.Savannah van Rooyen/

Siobhan Sharp 47.44

Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17


Sani Stagger

continues to

evolve with age

Underberg local and Sani Athletic Club stalwart Dave Barnett's love affair with the Sani Stagger will continue

in 2017 although he won't be running due to injury but will continue to fulfi l his role as volunteer for the popular

event on Saturday, 26 November.Supplied/ Gameplan Media


Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17

Underberg – As the fi nal entry

for the 2016 Sani Stagger was

submitted, race organisers

and volunteers were well into

their preparations for raceday

as they embrace the unique challenge

that this one-of-a-kind race presents

ahead of the start of the ever-popular

event on Saturday, 26 November.

The race has come a long

way since it was first proposed

24 years ago and with a fully

subscribed entry in 2016, a stalwart

of the race and the community

Dave Barnett believes

that the new organising committee

can take the race to new


“We used to use the Sani

Stagger as a charity run for the

SAPS Widows and Orphans

Fund back in 1994,” Barnett


“It was a small race and it

didn’t really gain a lot of popularity

until it was taken over

by the Sani Athletic Club in

2003 and it was Trish and Clive

Crawly who were instrumental

in getting the race to where

it is now.

“They got everyone involved

and made the event about the

community in the same way

that Spurg (Flemmington) and

Matt (Goode) are doing now.”

The Southern Drakensberg

plays host to a number of endurance

events throughout the

year with the prestigious KAP

sani2c, the N3TC Drak Challenge

canoe marathon as well

as a handful of running events

to have a road marathon almost

completes an action-packed, allyear

round adrenalin festival.

“The Sani Stagger is such a

unique event in that not only is

it a tough marathon and Comrades

qualifier but you don’t

often get to see the same sort of

scenery you do from the top of

Sani Pass.

“The community have

become so involved in the race

and we try to make the race better

every year in how we support

the runners and make their

experience as enjoyable as possible.

“There have been runners

coming from all over the world

in the past to take part which I

think is a testament to the popularity

of the race.

“We are really hoping that

the weather is going to play its

part and give us beautiful views

from the top of the hill!” added

Barnett hopefully.

The thirteen half-marathon

veteran has had many years

to piece together the logistical

puzzle that the Sani Stagger

poses and he, along with the

rest of the marshall team, has

been able to put together a concise

plan over the years.

“It is an incredibly long day

for us and we start at around

02:30 in the morning and from

the Sani Pass Hotel, the venue

for the marathon start, set out to

set up the watering tables along

the route.

“What I have always done in

the past is meet my son at the

21km mark at the top of Sani

Pass and run the half marathon

back down but unfortunately I

injured myself and so haven’t

been able to train which has

ruled me out of this year’s race,

unfortunately,” Barnett mentioned.

The Sani Stagger serves up

a number of challenges to the

runners and despite the rigors

of running a marathon, runners

have to negotiate their way up

Sani Pass but more importantly,

navigate the 21km of gravel

road back down.

“The road surface means that

you really have to watch every

step you take on the way down

and that can be difficult when

you have already run a half

marathon up the hill!

“Altitude is another issue

as runners will be up at around

3000 metres above sea level

at the top which means the air

pressure is a challenge in itself.

“Despite these challenges the

runners are always in high spirits

and the spirit of the community

members that assist on

race day really does lift the runners

in a unique way and I feel

this camaraderie brings runners

back every year,” Barnett


For more information go to

Trail runners conquer

wet conditions

at KZNTR Summer

Series Faulklands


Billed as a cultural experience

rather than a trail run, the

KZNTR Summer Series Table

Mountain event took place on

19 November 2016 in crisp,

clear conditions. The 7km, 12km and 20km

routes all ascended the iconic, fl at-topped

mountain outside Pietermaritzburg, which

is steeped in local folklore and afforded

participants magnifi cent views of the

uMngeni and uMsundusi valleys, Nagel

Dam and Pietermaritzburg in the distance.

“This race is special, it’s the

one I make sure I do every time.

The climb early on is a challenge

when the body hasn’t

warmed up, but the views and

rare opportunity to experience

a place that is sacred to

the local community make it so

worthwhile!” said PMB local,

Colin Boyes, who ran the 12km

course for the 9th time.

There was a strong showing

from local runners in the

7km and 12km events, but regulars

put their stamp on the

20km event. The men’s 20km

was won by Nomore Mandivengerei

(1:23:11), who is putting

the final training in before Ultra

Trail Cape Town in 3 weeks

time, Muzi Madikwa in 2nd

(1:26:13) and Innocent Nyawose

completing the podium

(1:36:34). Kim Westbrook has

returned to the trails with a

bang, winning the ladies 20km

event in 1:51:47. Chasing hard

were Jess Kew in 2nd (1:53:15)

and Zoe Papadakis (1:53:25) in

3rd, pushing each other to the

finish line.

This was the second event

of 3 in the KZNTR Summer

Series, the final event taking

place at Hilton College School

in two weeks’ time on the 03rd

December 2016. Visit www. for more


Photo captions:

003: Vusi Mseleku makes

his way through the bush at the

base of Table Mountain on the

20km route.

005: Local participant

Sindiswa Nzama (10yrs) was

the first female across the line

in the 7km course, finishing in

6th overall.

018: Jade McPhail enjoying

the beautiful trails and panoramic

views over Nagle Dam

from the top of Table Mountain.

Photo Credits: Julian


Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17


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Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 17

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