so we can help even more

children lead successful lives





Grow - verb \'grō\: to become larger; to increase in size; to become better or improved

Dear Friends,

As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, The Children’s Home fits that definition. During the past 12 months, we

have grown in size and quality, and we are confident we will continue to grow in the years to come. In this year’s Annual

Report, you will read about our new initiatives, service expansion and accomplishments.

You will see how we have served more than 7,800 children and families, and you will gain a deeper picture of some of the

children with whom we have worked. You will experience the transformation of James, Grayson, Kayla and Soroya’s lives.

And you will come to appreciate that each child’s potential can be realized if given the specialized support The Children’s

Home provides.

Teacher Jacqueline Welsh plays Sight Words

Bingo with students in the Lower School to

help them with vocabulary and reading.

You will see our commitment to quality in the stories we’ve shared and in the fact that 95 percent of our parents would

recommend our services to others. You will understand how we have differentiated ourselves through the growth in our

autism, early childhood day treatment, nutrition and health care programs. And you will meet three staff members who represent

the skills, talents and dedication of our 320 (and growing!) employees.

We are understandably proud of our children, our services and our staff. But we also know we couldn’t do it without you

– our donors, volunteers and other supporters. On behalf of the children we serve, thank you for your continuing support.




Sources: The Children’s Home; University

of Cincinnati Economics Center



John Banchy

President & CEO

of our parents would recommend our

services to others

of our preschoolers demonstrated

progress in cognitive and language





of our education referral sources

were satisfied with our services

of our high school seniors graduated

represents the annual economic

impact by The Children's Home in

Greater Cincinnati

John Banchy, president and CEO

of The Children’s Home, with

friends, Selena and Benjamin.



is the number of neighborhoods and

communities where children lived who

are served by The Children’s Home

is the number of Greater Cincinnati

schools where The Children’s Home

provided behavioral health services


The Children’s Home of Cincinnati ANNUAL REPORT | 2015-16


For more than 150 years, The Children’s Home of Cincinnati

has transformed the lives of vulnerable children, helping to

launch them on successful life journeys.



Our treatment and education programs

help more than 7,800 children

overcome their social, behavioral and

learning challenges. We provide those

programs to children who live in 177

neighborhoods and communities

across Greater Cincinnati, improving

the lives and futures of the children,

their families and communities.

Although our Madisonville campus

is the hub of our organization, our

services also are offered at schools

and health centers and in children’s

homes. Our private, nonprofit

organization is no longer a home for

children in the literal sense, but a

home for a variety of services that

help children develop skills and build


These are some of our programs:

K-12 School

For students with behavioral and learning


Counseling for Children

Behavioral treatment in schools, homes

and on our campus

Integrated Health Care Services

Combines physical and behavioral care

Early Childhood Day Treatment

For children ages 3-8

High School for Students with

Autism and Related Disorders

Accredited education and social skills



Highest state rating — 5 stars

Every Child Succeeds

Home visitation for at-risk mothers


Literacy program for preschool children

Counseling for Caregivers

For parents and other caregivers of

children already receiving services.


Treatment for teens with mental health and

substance abuse challenges

Partial Hospitalization

Therapeutic day treatment for children


Summer day camp

After-School Enrichment

For children ages 5-12

Emily Maue, therapeutic group leader

with the Early Childhood Day Treatment

program, helps Julian record his

good behavior on a chart.




More Children Experience Successful Outcomes

Shawna Redd, therapeutic group leader with the

Early Childhood Day Treatment program, congratulates

Teauan about his behavior.





























This map shows the locations of 173

schools across Greater Cincinnati where

The Children’s Home provided behavioral

health services in the last year.


program that treats young children

with severe behavior and

emotional problems is among

the fastest-growing programs at The

Children’s Home.

The Early Childhood Day Treatment

program provides therapy in small

groups to children who have inappropriate

behavior in their homes, schools

and community settings. The goal: to

help them progress so much that they

no longer need our services.

If they can be treated early enough,

more severe problems can be avoided

as they grow older, such as involvement

with the juvenile justice system.

“Intervening early is the key,” said

Stacey Cornett, senior director of our

campus-based services. “That translates

into better outcomes for these


The effectiveness of the half-day

program – for children 3 to 8 years old

– has been rising. Three years ago, 71

percent of the students could return to

their regular environment. In the last

year, 90 percent have returned. “That

means we’ve been able to help a greater

percentage of children meet their full

potential,” Cornett said.

A key to the program’s success is

that the staff has been increasingly

reaching out to the children’s families

and schools, helping the families and

schools to provide consistency in the

way the children are taught to manage

their emotions and behavior.

To meet the demand for the program,

two more classrooms have been built

for the program – the fifth and sixth

classrooms – allowing us to serve up

to 32 more children. The program now

has space for 96 kids.

The program has been so successful

that we’ve created a related full-day

program at the request of the Cincinnati

Public Schools. The Integrated Therapeutic

Classroom program provides

therapy as well as the added component

of education in group settings for

children 5 to 8 years old.












The Children’s Home of Cincinnati ANNUAL REPORT | 2015-16


Amanda Tipkemper, manager of autism

services, celebrating with 2016 graduates

of our Autism High School, William,

Grayson, Laura and Micah.



“For the families,

the most powerful

thing is seeing

their kids

being part of a


— Amanda Tipkemper, autism services

manager, The Children’s Home

The story of The Children’s Home

High School for Students with

Autism and Related Disorders is

simple: Our students have made great

progress, causing our enrollment to


To handle the demand, The Children’s

Home is planning to acquire a

location near our Madisonville campus,

allowing us to consolidate into one

location the three campus spaces we

now use for the autism school.

“The transformation we’re seeing

in our students with autism is remarkable,”

said John Banchy, president and

CEO of The Children’s Home. “With

our expansion, more teens will be able

to receive our services, reaching goals

they never thought attainable.”

When they arrived at The Children’s

Home, many of our students with

autism had modest goals of living with

their parents after graduation. But

here, they learn social skills, life skills

and more in an academic setting, giving

them the confidence to live on their


“They can actually see a future that

isn’t dependent on other people,” said

Amanda Tipkemper, autism services

manager for The Children’s Home.

“Even their parents can imagine that

same future. That’s huge.”

Our newest programs for autism


• Transitional services — helping

young adults to bridge the years

from high school to adulthood with

classroom instruction, hands-on

learning and community outings.

No one else in Greater Cincinnati

is providing such a service now.

• Ready 2 Work! — A 10-week paid

summer internship program, providing

hands-on job experience.

Interns are trained and supervised

by one-on-one job coaches.

After being launched in 2011, the

school is now serving more than 50

students. It’s growing because families

are hearing about the transformation

our students are making. Initially, some

students don’t want to be involved in

their Individualized Education Program

meetings, designed to customize their

educations. By the time they leave,

many are leading the sessions.

Grayson Has Made Great Strides

Before he came to The Children’s

Home, autism had made it difficult

for Grayson to succeed in a

typical high school.

“I struggled a lot with making friends.

I’d be sitting alone at lunch. . .No one

would want to sit next to me on the

bus. Everyone would pretty much

avoid me at all costs. The most difficult

part was the bullying. I was frequently

teased, pushed around a lot, made fun

of. . .I didn’t fit in much so I came to

The Children’s Home.

The first day I came, it was really

nice. People were generous, kind and

accepting. I liked how people would

just come up to me and say hi and

introduce themselves. I felt like I really

fit in. It’s very enjoyable to have people

that know how you feel and then they

can adjust you to your surroundings.

Throughout my experience here,

I’ve gotten to learn how to

maintain a job, how to go

through interviews, how to

manage a budget, work with

money. . . I love that I have these

new skills.

I got to meet a young

man named Antonio.

He became one of my

best friends here.

Our students also are making

friends — some for the first time. In a

typical high school, many of them feel

isolated. “For the families,” Tipkemper

said, “the most powerful thing is seeing

their kids being part of a community.’’

And over time, I’ve gotten to meet his

friends and they were really accepting

as well. . . I would say this has been

a life-changing experience. I feel like

The Children’s Home High School has

helped me a lot in many ways.”

In May 2016, Grayson, now 18,

graduated from The Children’s

Home High School for

Students with Autism and

Related Disorders. Since then,

he’s moved back to Loveland

High School to take courses to

prepare him for college. He

attributes his success to

The Children’s Home.


The Children’s Home of Cincinnati ANNUAL REPORT | 2015-16


"We're planting the seeds for good nutrition"

— Lauren Lancaster, director of the Nutrition Council at The Children’s Home

Lauren, a student in the Ready

Set Work! program, sells produce

at The Children’s Home farm

stand under the guidance of Mary

Nyktas (standing), who works for

the Nutrition Council.

to integrate behavioral and physical

health care.

Now, partnerships have been formed

between programs of The Children’s

Home and Nutrition Council, including:

• Ready Set Work!: Students at the

High School for Students with

Autism and Related Disorders

have raised vegetables and fruit in

the campus garden, selling it at a

farm stand, all under the Council’s

guidance. The program has given

students exposure to the work

world as well as the opportunity to

assess their skills and get specialized


• Wellness Wednesday: Students

at the Lower School have tasted

a different fresh fruit or vegetable

every week. Some had never tasted

fresh produce before.

• Nutrition counseling: In a program

that will be tested at the new

Levine Family Health Center on the

Madisonville campus, the Council

plans to provide nutrition counseling

to children who are overweight,

obese or suffering from

nutrition-related health conditions.

Then, if it’s successful, the plan is

to expand it to other school-based

health centers across Cincinnati.

Said Lancaster, “We’re planting the

seeds for good nutrition.”

Joshua, a Lower School student, with beans he

picked from the garden at The Children’s Home.



Nutrition Council

Becomes Part of

The Children’s Home

What happens when you take

a 152-year-old children’s

organization, add a small

nonprofit and stir thoroughly? You get

a program to promote healthy eating

that’s able to serve more children in

even more ways.

That’s what happened when The

Children’s Home acquired the Nutrition

Council. Until this year, the 42-year-old

Council had been independent. But

both nonprofits recognized that the

Council would be stronger as part of

The Children’s Home.

A year later, the Council has achieved

more than what Lauren Lancaster, its

director, believed it could accomplish

by now, thanks to the backing of The

Children’s Home. “Combining our

efforts has substantially expanded our

capacity to provide nutritional education

and advocacy to the community.”

For the first time, the Council has a

teaching kitchen, created by renovating

space in the Emery Building on The

Children’s Home Madisonville campus.

It has a stove, oven, sink, refrigerator,

tables, chairs and more. Campers from

Camp-I-Can, the summer day camp of

The Children’s Home, have been introduced

to nutrition education there.

And new mothers have been able to

improve their cooking skills there in a

series called “Lunch and Learn,” offered

through Every Child Succeeds.

Overall, the Council educates children

and their families about healthy

eating, providing the knowledge, skills

and motivation that people need to

make healthy food choices. Among its

outside partners are early childhood

programs, schools, businesses, churches

and other community organizations,

helping it reach some of the region’s

most vulnerable children.

The acquisition of the Council was

natural for The Children’s Home, a continuation

of an effort started in 2011

Therapy Has Made a Difference

For Mother and Daughter

The Children’s Home is treating parents now too.

Life is better for Kayla and her

mother, Ashley, since they started

getting counseling at The Children’s


Previously, Kayla had been crying

every day after school. Bullying and

worrying about tests had taken a toll

on her.

Her mother had emotional ups and

downs, including angry outbursts. She

also had problems with self-confidence.

Their symptoms were affecting each

other and affecting their relationship.

In a program launched in 2014 called

Counseling for Caregivers, The Children’s

Home has provided care to both,

extending our counseling services to

some of the parents of the children we

treat. It makes sense to treat caregivers

because a parent’s well-being can have

Ashley (left) and Kayla

such a big effect on a child.

With her therapist’s help, Kayla

learned coping skills for anxiety and

dealing with bullies. She now knows

how to express herself without being

mean back to them. “My grades have

been going up a lot because I have not

been getting as anxious and as worried

on tests and on little quizzes,” she said.

“My friends have even said they’ve

noticed a difference in me, a good


After receiving counseling from a

therapist for adults, her mother now

has more control of her emotions and

greater self-confidence too.

And our Counseling for Caregivers

program – aimed at promoting family

healing — is growing. More than 90

parents and other caregivers are receiving


“Amazing stories are abounding,” said

Debbie Gingrich, director of behavioral

health for The Children’s Home.

“Reports of increased child success —

coupled with caregiver success — let

us know we are on the right track to

addressing a gap in our services.”


The Children’s Home of Cincinnati




Revenue and Expenses Increased; Employee Turnover Decreased

Revenue of The Children’s Home increased in fiscal 2016 by nearly 9 percent as we served more children in more ways than

ever before. Leading the way were our behavioral health and education programs, which grew by a combined $1.3 million.

We also initiated an effort to reduce employee turnover while enhancing employee recruitment. After an extensive compensation

market analysis, we increased the salary range and retirement benefits for key positions, increasing our expenses by more

than $1.3 million. It worked: Turnover decreased by more than 25 percent.

We also continued to invest in our facilities and equipment, spending $1.6 million, which included more space for our Early

Childhood Day Treatment program and Autism High School, creation of the Levine Family Health Center and more.


Statement of Activities ($000)

Statement of Financial Position ($000)


Cash and Cash Equivalents



Accounts Receivable, Prepaid Expenses & Other



Investments and Beneficial Interest in Trusts



The Levine Family Health Center became a reality thanks to the efforts of various partners. From left are Superintendent Mary Ronan, Cincinnati Public Schools;

James Schwab, CEO and president, Interact for Health; John Banchy, CEO and president, The Children’s Home; Dr. Robert Heidt Jr., Heidt Family Foundation

and The Children’s Home trustee; John Campbell and Michael Coombe, The Children’s Home trustees; Megan Levine and, her father, Edward, Edward L. Levine

Family Foundation; Lawrence Glassmann, Joe Dominiak, Victoria Parlin and Dr. Velissarios Karacostas, The Children’s Home trustees.



Operating Revenue

Program Service Fees

Endowment Support

Contributions, Grants, Other

United Way

Total Operating Revenue











Property and Equipment

Total Assets


Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses

Bonds Payable

Pension Liability

Total Liabilities













New Levine Family

Health Center Makes It

Easier for Children to

Receive Care

The Children’s Home has taken

another major step in caring for

children: We’ve opened a health

care center on our Madisonville Campus,

combining behavioral and physical

health care in one location.

For years, we’ve been known for our

behavioral health care. But with research

showing the strong relationship

between mental and physical health

problems, The Children’s Home decided

in 2011 to take steps to integrate our

care. The Levine Family Health Center

is a continuation of that effort.

“Families are excited about the

convenience of the Health Center,” said

Barbara Terry, The Children’s Home

chief operating officer. “And we’re

excited too because we’ve been able

to remove logistical barriers to medical

care. The net result – the health of our

children is improving.”

Busy lives, transportation problems

and the challenges in navigating complex

health-care systems have prevented

many families from obtaining adequate

medical care for their children.

But now, they’re receiving medical care

when they’re at The Children’s Home

for other services.

Neighborhood children and students

at several nearby schools also are using

the Health Center. No one is being

turned away.

The Health Center, which has four

full exam rooms and a lab, is located in

our 5051 Building on the Duck Creek

Road side of our campus. The Cincinnati

Health Department is staffing it with

a nurse practitioner, registered nurse

and medical assistant. A physician is

making regular visits.

We’re projecting that the Health

Center will have more than 1,000 visits

in its first year.

The major donors who helped to pay for the Levine Family Health Center’s renovations

and medical equipment include the Edward L. Levine Family Foundation, Interact for

Health and the Heidt Family Foundation.

Operating Expenses

Program Services




Fund Raising

Total Operating Expenses

Change in Net Assets

Operating Change in Net Assets

Non-Operating Revenues and Expenses

Change in Net Assets
















Net Assets


Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted

Total Net Assets

Total Liabilities and Net Assets











Our success depends upon our ability to

retain talented employees. Our strategy in

fiscal 2016 succeeded. We substantially

reduced employee turnover by enhancing

benefits, increasing compensation and

continuing to maintain a supportive work



The Children’s Home of Cincinnati ANNUAL REPORT | 2015-16


Board of Trustees

Lawrence A. Glassmann, Esq.,


John L. Campbell, Esq., Vice


Joe Dominiak, Vice Chair

Bill Fee, Vice Chair

Rob Grossheim, Vice Chair

Victoria W. Parlin, Secretary

Nick Ragland, Treasurer

Michael A. Coombe, Past


Health Advisory Council

Bill de Buys, MD, Council


Karen Bankston, Ph.D.

Rob Heidt, Jr., MD

Vel Karacostas, MD

John Langenderfer

Susan McElroy, MD

Karen Bankston, Ph.D.

William (Bill) D. de Buys, M.D.

Robert S. Heidt, Jr., M.D.

Anthony W. Hobson

Terence L. Horan

Adrienne C. James Ed.D

Velissarios Karacostas, M.D.

John Langenderfer

John (Tad) Lawrence

Phyllis McCallum

Susan L. McElroy, M.D.

Michael Coombe

Stephanie Byrd

Marilyn Crumpton, MD

Greg Ebel

Julie Geiler

George Glover

Brook Gumm

Patrick Nelson

Ramon Rodriguez

Mark Upson


Stephen L. Black, Esq.

Joseph H. Head, Jr.

Sharon Williams Frisbie

Sharon J. Mitchell

Robert Taft, II

Ross E. Wales, Esq.

Kate Keller

Jerri Kumalah

Monica Mitchell

Jonas Thom

Roger Williams

We Honored Stellar

Employees For Their

Dedication to Children

The Children’s Home presented its annual

Presidential Awards to three employees

who provided exemplary service. Here are

excerpts from the nominations, written by

fellow employees:

Melanie Murphy, a partial

hospitalization therapist, has “excellent

clinical skills and a natural ability to

connect with children. Her

level of commitment and

unwavering passion for

enhancing children’s lives

is evident. She often is

the first person at work

each day and the last person

to leave. She has provided support to

children outside of work hours, including

weekends. Again and again, she has made

accurate clinical decisions during crises,

resulting in a child avoiding serious injury

to himself or others.”

New leaders of The Children's Home are John Banchy (center), president and CEO, and Lawrence A. Glassman (right), board chair. Michael Coombe became past chair.



For 152 years, The Children’s Home has been known for its leadership.

Now, that strong leadership is continuing but with some new faces.

Lawrence A. Glassmann, who has served on the

board of trustees for five years, is the new board chair.

Glassmann, of Indian Hill, owns The Glassmann Law Firm,

devoted solely to resolving legal disputes. Previously, he

pursued a varied legal career as in-house and outside counsel,

including serving as vice president of Aventis Pharmaceuticals

and the senior vice president and general counsel

of Duramed Pharmaceuticals.

John Banchy became president and chief executive officer

of The Children’s Home after serving as chief operating

officer. Before joining The Children’s Home, Banchy had

been area director of an eight-state region for a national

nonprofit and served in leadership roles for a Fortune 100


Banchy has restructured the leadership team with the goal

of efficiently managing growth and providing strong support

for employees:

Barbara Terry became chief operating officer. She joined The

Children’s Home in 2013 as vice president of health care integration.

Joe Carolin became chief financial officer. He previously served

as finance director for The Children’s Home, joining the staff in


Roderick Hinton became vice president of advancement and

community engagement. He spent 20 years on the staff of St.

Xavier High School, most recently as assistant vice president for

enrollment management and strategic initiatives.

Amy Avera became vice president of human services. She has

more than 25 years of experience in human resources, including

with The Business Backer, a financial services company in Blue Ash,

and MedPlus, Inc., a software development company in Mason.

Planned Giving Council

Ramon Rodriguez, Council Chair

Richard Batterberry

John Campbell

Richard T. Flynn

Adam Braunscheidel

Robert Buechner

Young Professionals Board

Iloba Nzkewu, Chair

Kevin Carter

Tom Connor

Tim Kerdolff

Sarah Soule

Tracy Beesten

Adam Braunscheidel

Diana Campbell

Nathalie Cook

Chris Green

Robbie Hendricks

Emilee Lash

Bojan Lazic

Chris Lo

Staff with 10+ Years of Service

Rick Reinhardt 42

Hannah Boyd-Miller 31

Gwen Davis 26

Joyce Collier 26

Molly Hiles 25

Alyssa Terrell 24

Toni Beasley 24

Sheri Stokes 21

Mark Freshley 18

Sam Yorgovan 18

Teresa Hortenberry 17

Jill Smith 17

Ron Hamilton 16

Greg Wallace 16

Eddie Flowers 16

Jasmine Madison 16

Timothy Eberhart 16

Myra Britton 16

Jamar Hocker 15

Sharon Walterman 15

Heather Ellison 15

Lora Kurtz 15

Dana Couch 15

Alice Skidmore 15

Joan Stenger 14

John Roebel 14

Angie Loop 14

Bobby Horton 14

Debbie Gingrich 14

Johney Easterling 14

Jane Cash 14

Paige Bowlin 14

Joseph Naegeli 13

Matt Grutzik 13

Holly Shepherd 12

Suzanne Vann 12

Ali Hussain

John Schiff III

Jim Lupidi

Scott Lyle

Jaci Overmann

Julie Sweeney

Tim Weidner

Jennifer Wichmann

Roger Williams

Ronda Gadd 12

Shelli Tegenkamp 12

Robert Johnson 12

Mike Riehle 11

Brenda Dawson 11

Brian Walker 11

Terry Scott 10

Kevin Rinn 10

Caryn Williams 10

Patricia Black 10

David Lenning 10

Connie Read-Hawkins 10

Melissa Haag-Costin 10

Shira Williams 10

David Jones 10

Kathleen Boggs 10

Sybil McFadden 10

Jennifer Zavadil 10

Ronda Gadd, an autism behavior

support specialist, is “a jack of all trades,

especially when it comes

to her tremendous skill

in the application of the

Teaching-Family Model

(the approach used by

The Children’s Home to

care for children). She is

relied on for her expertise, and is focused

on implementing individualized, effective

interventions. She is constantly challenging

our team to be proactive, rather than

reactive, and to consider all of the variables

that impact the performance of our

students. She demonstrates flexibility,

creativity, resourcefulness, energy, adaptability,

the ability to think on her feet and,

the most important quality, a commitment

to teamwork.”

Rick Reinhart, a maintenance

supervisor, “is one of the nicest and most

helpful people I have met

at The Children's Home.

He is always happy to

help out with anything

that comes up, whether

it's a simple maintenance

issue, much appreciated

ride across campus in a golf cart or anything

that we need to carry out our work

for our clients. He makes me smile when

I see him, even if it’s just a wave across

campus or when he’s chasing us out of the

building during a fire drill. His compassion

and commitment to excellence ensures

that The Children's Home is a safe and

welcoming environment for clients, families,

visitors and staff.”


The Children’s Home of Cincinnati ANNUAL REPORT | 2015-16



We’re grateful to our supporters for giving so generously to The Children’s Home. Because of your contributions, we’ve

been able to transform more children’s lives in more ways than ever before. Due to space restrictions, gifts listed here are limited

to those of $100 and more received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.




Our Class Champion donors

have given unrestricted gifts of

$2,500 or more, which enables

The Children's Home to meet

the growing need within

our classrooms for quality

treatment and education

services. The following gave

generously between July 1,

2015 and June 30, 2016:

Brian & Jill Rowe Foundation

Chris and Vivienne Carlson

Cincinnati Horticultural Society

Contemporary Cabinetry East

Michael and Tucker Coombe

Directions Research Inc.

Joe & Sandy Dominiak

Fusite Division

Sharon Williams Frisbie

Lawrence and Joy Glassmann

Got Autism!

Rob & Julia Heidt

Milt and Karen Hendricks

Jack & Jill Of America, Inc

Paul Keck & Susan McElroy

Kerry & Norah Clark Family


Mackenzie Levine

Megan Levine

Morgan Levine

The Marnick Foundation

Sanford R. Martin

Sharon and Graham Mitchell &


Tory and John Parlin

Joseph A. and Susan E. Pichler

Fund of The Greater Cincinnati


Mrs. Nancy Lee W. Preston

Joelle and Nick Ragland

Reds' Wives & Families

Skyler Foundation

Skyline Chili

Mike & Amy Stonecipher

Barbara and Dennis Terry

Janine Westercamp

Anthony Woodward



Members of the Golden Heart

Society have included The

Children’s Home in their estate

plans, creating legacies that

will transform the lives of

future generations of children

and their families.

Anonymous (3)

Estate of Joel Adams

Estate of Matthew Allen

Bob & Angie Buechner

Anna M. Case

V. Anderson Coombe Trust

Mr. and Mrs. M. Kam Cooney

Estate of Isabelle R. Davidson

Lorene C. Diesel

Mr. and Mrs. John Dietz, Jr.

Joe & Sandy Dominiak

Estate of Edward H. Doyle Trust

Helen T. Ehlers Irrevocable Trust

Gladys Elsasser

Lillian G. Emenaker

Estate of Adrian French

James D. Geier

Guy L. and Ina M. Layne

Charitable Remainder Trust


Milt & Karen Hendricks

James & Joyce Jerow

Estate of George P. Johnson

Estate of Jennie Long

Estate of Otto Luedeking

Virginia Mahne

Robert A. Manggrum

Mary-Morse Matthews

Estate of Stanley and Agnes


Kay Meek

Estate of Evelyn Michaels

Robert A. Molloy

James Monroe Charitable Lead

Annuity Trust

Ann Dorsel Monroe Charitable

Lead Annuity Trust

Kenneth Morris

Estate of John T. Parris

Estate of Elizabeth Patterson

Clifford T. Pfirrmann Trust

Nancy Pope and Timothy Barrett

Joseph Rawson Scientific Trust

Estate of Jean Reich

R. Amor Reiter Charitable

Remainder Annuity Trust

Betty L. Ryberg

Estate of F A Sackett

Estate of Charles E. Schell

Ivy S. Schnell

Charles H. Sisson Trust

Estate of May Smith

William & Laura Snyder

Estate of Charles M. Terry

Mrs. Ruth S. Upson

J. Frederick and Helen B. Vogel


Suzanne Wakefield

Mr. and Ms. Albert Wilson

Estate of Lucille Carol Wolff

Estate of Mildred N. Work

Charles E. Work Fund Trust

Barbara S. Wright




Murray Shipley, who founded

The Children’s Home in 1864,

was committed to the welfare

of children in Cincinnati. Like

our founder, members of

the Murray Shipley Society

demonstrate an important

commitment to our mission

by consistently making annual

gifts. Donors who support the

annual fund for five or more

years, including the current

fiscal year, are recognized as

members of this highly valued


James T. Aglamesis

Ms. Lois A. Albrecht

Anonymous (4)

Dr. Norita Aplin and Mr. Stanley

H. Ragle

Leslie T. Applegate

Stanley and Bobbie Bahler

Ann Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Barker

Mr. Carl E. Barmore

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Mrs James Benedict Fund of The

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

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Ronald and Betty Bollinger

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Edith Brewer

Brian & Jill Rowe Foundation

Mr. Thomas E. Brinkman, Sr.

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George & Mary Jo Budig Family


Barry Bullen

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Castellini Foundation

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Charles H. Dater Foundation, Inc.

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Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

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J Rawson Collins Fund of The

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

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The Wohlgemuth Herschede


Dawn and Jim Yunker

James and Alison Zimmerman

Soroya holds her son, Gabriel. They are joined by her older

son, Micah, and Lora Kurtz, family education support specialist

with Every Child Succeeds, who provided services to

Soroya when Micah was a baby.

Soroya Achieved

Her Dream

As a teen-age mother in high school, Soroya

could have been overwhelmed trying to care

for her infant son.

But she wasn’t alone. She had a home

visitor, Lora Kurtz, from The Children’s Home,

who gave her tips for raising Micah and

provided other support and encouragement.

Every time she’d see Lora drive up, she’d get

excited. “It would just pick me up.”

That was more

than a decade ago.

Soroya, now 30, has

a master’s degree.

She is married with

three children. And

Micah is an Honor

Roll student.

“You made me a

more confident,



Even more

amazing, thanks to

Lora’s positive influence, Soroya has achieved

her dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher,

which means Soroya is helping to provide the

best possible start for other children too.

The Children’s Home provided Lora’s visits

through its Every Child Succeeds program. The

program offers home visits for first-time atrisk

mothers, helping them create a nurturing,

healthy environment for their children. The

Children’s Home has the largest Every Child

Succeeds program in Hamilton County, serving

more than 1,800 families since becoming an

Every Child Succeeds partner.

Soroya hasn’t forgotten the role Lora, a

family education support specialist, and The

Children’s Home played. “You made me a more

confident, competent parent,” she told Lora recently.

“The lessons I learned with Every Child

Succeeds, I’ve used with all my children.”


The Children’s Home of Cincinnati ANNUAL REPORT | 2015-16


“My mom told me I need to keep up

the good work at school.”

James Has

Become A


By the time 2016 had arrived, James had become a

leader among his peers, earning awards for his behavior.

It was a remarkable transformation. When he arrived

at The Children’s Home two years earlier, James was

known for physically and verbally lashing out at staff

and other students. He would leave the classroom for

long periods of time, refusing to comply with directions.

“When I started getting in trouble, I started

realizing I had to stop doing this,” he said.

Teachers used various approaches

to help him control his anger, including

sports and walks. He built positive

relationships with staff, which led to his

willingness to learn and practice appropriate

behaviors. He has been able to handle

his anger in an appropriate manner and

maintain good grades.

Now, his mother is proud of him again.

“My mom told me I need to keep up the

good work at school and doing what I’ve

been doing.”


($25,000.00 + )

Aetna US Healthcare

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Heidt Family Foundation

Interact for Health

The Edward L Levine Family


Rockwern Charitable Foundation

The Marge & Charles J Schott


John A Schroth Family Charitable

Trust, PNC Bank

The Spaulding Foundation

United Way of Greater Cincinnati


($10,000.00 + )

William P. Anderson Foundation

CareSource Foundation

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical


Reds' Wives & Families

Kerry & Norah Clark Family


ClearArc Capital, Inc.

Michael and Tucker Coombe

Charles H. Dater Foundation, Inc.

The Thomas J. Emery Memorial

Fort Washington Investment Advisors


Fund Evaluation Group

Dr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Robert S.

Heidt, Jr.

Milt and Karen Hendricks

Dr. Philip and Barbara Lichtenstein


Mercy Health


The Daniel and Susan Pfau


Joseph A. and Susan E. Pichler Fund of

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Mrs. Nancy Lee W. Preston

Brian & Jill Rowe Foundation

Skyler Foundation

Skyline Chili


The Gorilla Glue Company

Turnbull-Wahlert Construction, Inc.

U.S. Bank National Association


($5,000.00 + )

1919 Investment Counsel, LLC

Anonymous (3)

Autism Speaks

John and Suz Banchy

Bartlett & Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Block

The Camden Foundation

Chemed Foundation

The Crosset Family Fund of The

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Custom Design Benefits

Directions Research Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Dominiak

Fusite Division

Lawrence and Joy Glassmann

Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office

Drs. William and Paige de Buys

Indian Hill Church

Adrienne and Larry James

The Marnick Foundation

Sharon and Graham Mitchell & Family

Mrs James Benedict Fund of The

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Patrick and Lisa Nelson

Ohio National Financial Services

Tory and John Parlin

Joelle and Nick Ragland

Joseph Rawson Scientific Trust

Barbara and Dennis Terry

The TJX Foundation

Maxwell C. Weaver Foundation

Western & Southern Financial Fund

William S. Rowe Foundation

The Wohlgemuth Herschede



($1,000.00 + )

Rachid and Sophie Abdallah

Anonymous (2)


AutoZone Inc

Bank of America

Barnes Dennig & Co. Ltd.

G William Boyd Fund

Dr. and Mrs. John Brewer

Dr. Diann Bridenbaugh

Buechner Haffer Meyers & Koenig

Co., LPA

Angie and Bob Buechner

Stella M Buerger Charitable Trust

Janet Arena Burns

Kenneth R. Campbell and Joan L.


Chris and Vivienne Carlson

Jeff Carpenter and Michael Faulkiner

Castellini Foundation

Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

Cincinnati Horticultural Society

City Club of Cincinnati


Mr. Jim Clines

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cody

J Rawson Collins Fund of The

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Contemporary Cabinetry East

Dr. and Mr. Marilyn E. Crumpton

Dental Care Plus Group

Dick and Karen Durand

Emerge Managed Solutions, LLC

Mr. John C. Evans

Family Wealth Advisory Group


Bill and Sally Fee

Doug and Ginny Feeney

Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank

Focused Capitol Solutions, LLC

Jim and Sarah Goldman


Robert and Anne Grossheim

Anonymous Fund No. 18 of The

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Mr. Joseph H. Head, Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. Albert Heekin III

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heidt

Mr. Donald S. Heithaus

Michael and Ann Hernick

Fund of The Greater Cincinnati


Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hobson

The Homan Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Terence L. Horan

Jack & Jill of America, Inc.,

Cincinnati Chapter

Jedson Engineering

Ms. Mary Jensen

Dr. Karacostas and Claudia


Ellen M. Katz

Karen, Bill, Lauren & Ian Kent


Mr. Michael King

Kohnen & Patton LLP

Mark & Elisabeth Kuhlman Family

John Langenderfer

Mr. and Mrs. Hank Lazenby

Ms. Suzanne LeBlanc

Jim & Tiara Lupidi

Mrs. and Mr. Jennifer Martin

Mr. and Ms. Randy Martin

Sanford R. Martin

Phyllis L. McCallum and Steven

W. Jemison

Dr. Susan L. McElroy

Kay Meek

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller

Ann Monroe

Neediest Kids of All

North American Properties

Novartis Matching Gift Program

Mr. and Mrs. Wally O'Dell

The Oliver Family Foundation

O'Maley Family Foundation

Plante & Moran, PLLC

Louis Prince

Mr. and Ms. Ernest Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sauer

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Scherer

Sarah Ball Schloss

Ms. Kathryn Shahani

Mr. Richard D. Siegel

Southwestern Ohio Kiwanis

Mental Health Association, Inc.

Speedway Children's Charities

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Stonecipher

Ms. Barbara Stumpf

Douglas and Renee Sutton

Taft, Stettinius & Hollister

Total Quality Logistics, Inc.

Toyota Financial Services

U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank Foundation Matching

Gift Program


United Health Group Employee

Giving Campaign

USI Midwest

Mr. Gregory Wallace

The Warrington Foundation

Ms. Carol Welch

The William Powell Company


Williams Foundation

Anthony Woodward

Dawn and Jim Yunker


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Kadi and J.R. Anderson

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Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Beck

Steve and Susan Black

Randal and Peter Bloch

Mr. Gary Boggs

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Mrs. Abbey Cole

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Ms. Gloria Dean

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Mr. and Mrs. Jim C. Frooman

Mr. Gene Fugate

Mr. Mark Hofer

Laura and Tony Humphrey

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Ms. Suzanne Lindner

Timothy Lomison

Mr. and Mrs. John Manos

Miller Coors

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Neidhard

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Reynolds

J Kenneth Richter

Kevin and Kathy Rinn

Ernie and Karen Rummler

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Schlaudecker

Mr. John Shepherd

Mr. and Mrs. Clark Sole

The Spirit of Cincinnatus

Dana Maher Strauss Fund of The

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Ms. Elaina Stuard

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Tempel

Mike and Alyssa Terrell

Mr. Tom Wagner

Ross and J.J. Wales

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Weisker

Mr. Keith L. Wells

Ms. Linda Wulff

Ms. Lindsay Zierolf


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Ms. Claudia Abercrumbie

Wick and Katherine Ach

Achievers Employee Giving

Ms. Jen Ackerson

Chris Adams

Ms. Janice Adams

John & Monica Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Opeolu Adeoye

James T. Aglamesis

Mr. and Mrs. Salah Ahmed

Ms. Lois A. Albrecht

Dr. Glenn Aldinger

Ms. Romola Allen

Andy Alvey

Mr. and Mrs. Lars Anderson

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Dr. Norita Aplin and Mr. Stanley

H. Ragle

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Applegate

Mrs. Maria Arand

Ms. Geraldine Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. John Armstrong

Ms. Ann Bailey

Dan and Fran Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Balkenbusch

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Banks

Dr. Karen Bankston

Theron Barham

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Barker

Mr. Carl E. Barmore

Mrs. Valerie Barnes

Ms. Beverly Barr

Ms. Cynthia Barr

Eileen and John Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bascom

Mr. Ronald Bates

Ms. Kathleen Baxter

Mr. William Bayer

Doug and Toni Beasley

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Beckman

Ms. Mary Beth Beimesch

Michael and Kathleen Benken

Mr. John Berninger

Mr. Chad Bertke

Duane and Kathleen Berwanger

Mr. Vince Bessler

Ms. Lisa M. Biank Fasig

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bishop

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C.


Mrs. Stephanie Blommel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blow

William K. Bogdan

Ms. Courtney Bokelman

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bollman

Steven and Diana Bosse

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bosse

Mrs. Hannah Boyd-Miller

Mr. Matthew Brackmann

Ms. Mary Helen Brainard

Mr. Adam Braunscheidel

Mr. Thomas E. Brinkman, Sr.

Mr. Chris Brockman

Mrs. Connie H. Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Brose

Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Brown

Sherry and Robert Brubaker

Mr. Emerson Brumback

Ms. Sarah Buller

Ms. Ann J. Bunis

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Dr. and Mrs. George M. Callard

Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Campbell

Ms. Diana Campbell

Mrs. Jan Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Casey

Ms. Giuliana Centurion

Mrs. Kathleen A. Chatham

Mr. and Mrs. John Chriswell

Ms. Maria Cianciotto

Cincinnati Woman's Club

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Ms. Wenona Lynn & Deborah

Lynn Clark

Mr. Carl Clippinger

Mr. Dowdell Cobb

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Coggeshall

Dr. Sheryl Cohen

Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Coith Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Comey

Mr. Rick Compton

Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Kevin


Mr. and Mrs. Tony Cook

Ms. Shelly Cooke

Ralph and Mary Corley

Jeff Cornwell

Mr. Nigel Cotterill

Mr. Dale Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Don Crain

Ms. Beth Crane

Dr. and Mrs. Alvin H. Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Currin

Cycle Bar Hyde Park LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Daniels

Thomas and Debra Dattilo

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Daugherty

Ms. Lucy Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Davis

Mr. Tom Davis

Mrs. Miriam E. Deshon

Mr. Charles Deuser

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Dickinson

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Diesbach

Ms. Louise Donohue

Ms. Suzy Dorward

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dove

Dr. Richard Plotnick

Ms Marilyn A. Driehaus

Duke Energy Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Dumbauld

Ms. Jodi Duncan

Mr. and Ms. Christopher Ellison

Sally Evans

Ms. Angela Eynon

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Fassler

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Faulkner

Mr. Ray Faulkner

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Feltrup

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Ferguson

Ms. Holly Finn

Mr. Steven Francis

Ms. Susan Franer

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Fredette

Jay and Katharine Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Friedhoff

Friedlander Family Fund

Sharon Williams Frisbie

Mr. Corey Gampfer

Ms. Tracey Gampfer

Gap Foundation Money for Time


Ms. Mary Ann Gardner

Morris W Gates Memorial Fund

GE Foundation Matching Gifts


Mr. Lloyd Geary

Mr. James D. Geier

Ms. Anne Gelke

George & Mary Jo Budig Family


Mr. and Ms. Louis George

Mr. Tim Geraghty

Mr. David M. Giles

Mr. Mark Ginty

Ms. Dana Glasgo

Mr. and Mrs. George T. Glover

Ms. Amy Glubzinski

Mrs. Sarah Gray

Mr. Lonnie Grayson

Mr. Chris J. Green

Ms. Marguerite Greene

Mr. Dean Gregory

Kenneth and Karen Grob

Ms. Jennifer Groff

Mr. and Mrs. Wes Haag-Costin

Mr. Steve Halper

Hamilton County Educational

Service Center

Ms. Kathy Hamm

Ms. Shelia Hancock

Mr. and Mrs. Bryon Harger

Ms. Ruth Harrison

Ms. Shelby Haskins

Ms. Mindy Hastie

Ms. Connie Hawkins

Mr. Robbie Hendricks

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Herzog

Mr. Stephen Hightower

Molly R. Hiles

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hill

Mrs. Lanita Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hoeweler

Ms. Christine Hoff

Mrs. and Mr. Terri Hogan

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Hoguet

Ms. Julie Hoh

Ms. Jacqueline M. Holloway

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Holm

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Howorka

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hubbard

Dr. Karen Hudson

Ms. Martha Huheey

Ms. Anne Ilyinsky

Mara Jauntirans and Brian Smith

Mrs. Elsa M. Jensen

Mrs. Susan Johnson

Marilyn D. Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Jones


The Children’s Home of Cincinnati ANNUAL REPORT | 2015-16


Mr. Steven J. Judson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kayse

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kerdolff

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Kereiakes

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Kiefhaber

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L.


Kleingers and Associates

Mrs. Mary Jean Kleingers

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Ms. Dolores Koch

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Mr. and Mrs. Hill Kohnen

Mr. and Mrs. Tuck Krehbiel

David and Kathleen Kress

Mr. and Mrs. James Krismer

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Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kroth

Victoria Amanda Kuhlman

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Jeffrey Layne

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James and Jane Link

Karen S. Linton Gransee

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Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Luken

Mr. and Mrs. William Luning

Ms. Stella J. Lutkehaus

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Lutz

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lyle

MadTree Brewing, LLC

Patrick and Mollie Marot

Ms. Adrienne Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Martindell

Mr. James P. Mason

Mr. Jonathan A. Mason

Mimi Matthews

Manuel D. & Rhoda Mayerson


Ms. Kathryn McCord

Mr. and Ms. Jason Lawson

Ms. Erica McDonnell

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. McKenna

Ms. Maggie McKinley

Mr. Michael McKinley

Ms. Meghan M. McNamara


Microsoft Employee Giving

Mr. David M. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Miller

Mr. Scott D. Miller and Ms. Lori

A. Murphy

Ms. Judy Mitchell

Murray S. Monroe, Jr.

Judge Louis M. Moore

Ms. Eleanor Morgan

Mr. Jon Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. George G. Morrison


Sonya Motley

Grant Mueller

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Mrs. Dawn A. Mundy

John Murphy

Mrs. Meg Nauss

Mr. Tim Nealon

Ms. Kym Nelson

Mrs. Lisa Nelson

Eric and Suzanne Nielsen

Mr. and Mrs. Malott Nyhart

Mr. and Ms. Iloba Nzekwu

Mr. and Mrs. William P.


Ms. Rita Vig and Mr. Henry


Mardie and Bob Off

Ms. Cynthia Ogden

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Dr. and Mrs. Wendell O'Neal

Mrs. and Mr. Kieran O'Neill

Mrs. and Dr. Jaci L. Overmann

Mr. Wayne J. Owens

Mr. David Palopoli

Mr. and Mrs. David Parlin

Ms. LaTasha Patrick

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Paulsen

John and Marianne Peck

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Penn

Ms. Monetta Pennington

Ms. Patricia A. Phillips

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Pomeranz

Mr. Mark S. Poppe

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Mrs. Dee Ann Reifsteck

Ms. Bonnie Rettig

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Dr. and Mrs. James F. Rice

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Mr. Scott Robertson

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Mr. and Mrs. John Roesch

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Roll

Ms. Sara Rorer

Ms. Susan Roschke

Rev. and Mrs. Walter Roschke

Jeffrey and Rebecca Rubenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Haydon Rudolf

The Honorable and Mrs. Robert

P. Ruehlman

Ms. Sue A. Ruffner

Ms. Kathleen Rulon

Mark and Susan Rummler

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Rush

Ms. Amanda S. Sacksteder

Ms. Kristina Sargent

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sauer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scallan

Ms. Barbara Schanzle

Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard Schiefer

Ms. Cathy Schloss

Ms. Judith Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Schmidt

Ivy S. Schnell

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Seamon

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Sena, Jr.

Mr. Joseph M. Senger

Mr. Michael Shayeson

John L. Campbell, vice chair of the Board of Trustees, is joined by children from The Children’s Home

at An Evening for the Arts, an event with dinner and music to benefit our fine arts programming.

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Shelton

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Shepard

Ms. Roxie Shoemaker

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Simminger

Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld

Mr. Ruban Sivaruban

Mr. and Mrs. William Sloneker

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Society of the Transfiguration-

Elizabeth Matthews Memorial


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Mr. Clarke Sperry

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Fifth Third Bank

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Molly R. Hiles

Mr. Michael Jackson

Kathy’s Happy Organs and Pianos

Ms. Marci Korach

Ms. Catherine Laden

Ms. Amber Larkin

Ms. Cheryl Lewis

Miss Eve Lewis

Macy’s Credit & Customer


Ms. Lisa McGinnis

Miami Valley Paper Hanging

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mitchell

Ms. Sarah Muglia

Ms. Heidi Murray

Ms. Diane Nakoff

Ms. Julie Nicholson

Ms. Regina Nixon

Northern Kentucky University

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Parson

Quest Diagnostics

Srinath Ramarathnam

Resurgent Capital Services

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The Marnick Foundation

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Adam Braunscheidel

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Birthday of Kathleen


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Dr. Phil Lichtenstein being

named a Health Care Hero

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Elizabeth Matthews

Society of the Transfiguration

Elizabeth Matthews Memorial


• Best Nonprofits to Work for 2016 / The NonProfit Times

• Top Workplaces 2015 / Enquirer Media

• 5-Star Rating / Ohio’s Step Up to Quality

• Accredited / Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services

• Accredited / Healthy Families of America

• Accredited / National Association for the Education of Young Children

• Certified / Ohio Department of Education

• Certified / Ohio Department of Mental Health

• Certified / Teaching-Family Association

• Licensed / Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

• Member / Alliance for Children and Families

• Partner / United Way of Greater Cincinnati

Ronald Mueller

Ms. Joyce Schroyer

Mike O’Donnell

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan O’Donnell

Robert Preston

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Cates

Susan Reisenfeld

The Honorable Norbert A. Nadel

John E. Schenkel

Mr. and Mrs. John Chaney

Mr. Michael Mouzakitis

Ms. Sophia Mouzakitis

Murray Shipley

Martha G. Mason

Phyllis Snyder

Mr. Alan Snyder

Evelyn Starkey

Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Moeller

Irwin Stout

Mrs. Sally Auble

Ms. Susan Dorfman

Mrs. Susan L. Ebenschweiger

Bill and Sally Fee

Ms. Lori Fenner

Ms. Katherine Graeter

Ms. Kathryn McCord

Mr. Randy Smith

Ms. Rachel R. Steinman

Ms. Ronna Young

Ms. Maureen Zorndorf

Mrs. Elizabeth Betagole

Mr. David W. Black

Mr. David Rothman

Mr. Brad Smith

Mrs. Erica Wolff

Jeanette Swan

Sarah Ball Schloss

Meagan Toothman

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Oakley

Robert Wachler

Indian Hill School Retirees

Annual Report created by Ashire Communications |


The Children’s Home of Cincinnati ANNUAL REPORT | 2015-16


Invest in Vulnerable Children

Your generous support will help transform the lives of more than 7,800 children in Greater Cincinnati.

Donate your time or money or schedule a tour. Go to or call 513-272-2800.

5050 Madison Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45227-1491

Phone: (513) 272-2800

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