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Get clinically proven anti-ageing results - even on sensitive skin. All thanks to an ultra-powerful, yet

stable and gentle new retinoid called retinyl retinoate. This clever encapsulated hybrid molecule of

retinol and retinoic acid is exclusive to the vitamin A experts at Medik8. Visible results from just 4 weeks.

Research published in the British Journal of Dermatology.



The proven Regen Lab PRP system concentrates powerful growth factors,

contained in your own blood, to be used for reinjection to promote tissue


Regen Lab PRP accelerates and increases tissue regeneration by stimulating

production of collagen and new blood vessels; stem cell migration, differentiation

and proliferation; and production of nutrients, antioxidants and the other components

of the extracellular matrix.











and Wounds




8 Editor’s letter

11 Beauty insider

120 Ed’s Faves


16 Makeup trends preview

68 Age busters: fast fixes, big results

76 The proven fat melters (no

exercise required!)

84 The best skin of your life

starts now – top treatments,

star products


22 The body image report

New study reveals what Aussie

women would change about

their bodies if they could

52 What’s really in your beauty


Deciphering clinical results vs

marketing hype

58 Animal testing alternatives in

the cosmetic industry

62 Changing faces

New research highlights what

we really think of cosmetic


76 The skinny on fat reduction

The latest technology science

has brought to the table

92 Five ways your smile can make

you look younger

16 Festival chic – makeup style

Jump-start your festival inspo

with these long-wearing and

fresh-faced products

18 Street smart – makeup style

Everyday essentials to help you

bring your beauty A-game, no

matter where you’re heading

20 #GirlBoss – makeup style

Professional makeup looks that

shout girl boss

36 Tools of the trade

Here are the essential tools to

add to your beauty belt

46 Luxe for less

You don’t have to break the

bank to look gorgeous!

84 The skincare edit

These are the products that

have made cult status. Welcome

to the cream of the crop!

110 Christmas gift guide

118 All about hair extensions 5


cover stories


28 In defence of labiaplasty

There’s more to vaginal

rejuvenation than just


60 Living Doll

Learn about the many benefits

of lip tattooing

68 What’s trending in minimally

invasive prcoedures?

74 Need an instant eye lift?

The new beauty tool to create

the look of an eye lift

98 When surgery is your best option

The ins and outs of facial


104 The light brigade

What’s the difference between

IPL and laser?

108 The new treatment for firmer,

tighter, beautiful skin


48 A closer look at liposuction

80 The cool way to lose fat

Reduce unwanted fat with no

surgery or downtime

82 Get that bikini-body, instantly!

This mud wrap guarantees

to take centimetres off your



30 Vitamin A, the grand dame

of skincare

We take a look at retinol, and why

this molecule is so celebrated in

the skincare industry

34 The new retinol for sensitive skin

New product launched eight

time more powerful than

regular retinol

40 The evolution of skin needling

42 The age eraser

PRP is now opening doors for a

range of cosmetic and wellness


70 Get skin that looks as good as it

feels with HydraFacial

88 On our radar – the new

skincare ingredient

A new skincare

line that’s using dermal

filler technology

Read the



version at


Body Balance

Dr John Flynn


Dr John Flynn

skin clinic

Reshaping can create


the look you want

skin clinic

Breast augmentation can

enhance the natural size

and shape of your breasts

Refi nement in Cosmetic Surgery

With breast augmentation, your natural form can be

enhanced and complemented. This results in a balanced

and symmetrical effect that suits your individual body type

and achieves a feminine silhouette.

Liposuction to Shape and Contour

With liposuction, Dr John Flynn can reshape and contour

your form to achieve balance between your body’s

proportions. Areas such as the abdomen and inner and

outer thighs respond particularly well to this procedure.




Dr John Flynn

M.B., B.S., Dip. R.A.C.O.G., F.R.A.C.G.P.

Dip. P. Dermatology., F.A.C.C.S.

Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery

Certifi ed by the American Board of Laser Surgery

Dr John Flynn has over 20 years of experience as

a medical practitioner on the Gold Coast

AD Flynn.indd 1




20/4/09 9:01:39 AM

AD Flynn.indd 1

For more information or to make an

appointment call Cosmedic and Skin Clinic

07 5588 4777

Southport | Gold Coast

Level 2, Pivotal Point

50 Marine Parade, Southport QLD 4215 |

Dr John Flynn

cosmedic& skin clinic

Dr John Flynn

20/4/09 9:01:39 AM

From the


After 17 years of publishing the definitive Cosmetic Surgery &

Beauty Magazine, we are proud to launch the bolder, cooler

and oh-so beautiful CosBeauty Magazine. It’s bursting with

tried, tested and coveted products and treatments, and tips

and tricks to help you live a beautiful life.

With a focus on beauty, lifestyle and wellness, CosBeauty

Magazine is the thinking woman’s beauty source. We’ll share with you the

latest on skincare technologies, makeup trends and fitness and health tips,

plus interesting insights into the increasingly blurred world of beauty and

cosmetic enhancement.

This issue kicks off with summer’s hottest makeup looks. Whether it’s at a

festival or in the boardroom, we’ve got you covered with the essential multitasking

products of the season (page 16).

We examine the grand dame of skincare, retinol, and why this ingredient

remains so highly celebrated and trusted both in the beauty and science

arenas (page 30). We showcase the skincare world’s crème de la crème

products (page 84), and look into the current state of play regarding animal

testing in the cosmetics industry (page 58).

Our report on page 76 on the non-surgical technologies that literally

destroy fat cells is essential reading, especially if you’re fit and healthy with

a fat bulge that just won’t budge. Plus on page 104 you’ll find our in-depth

article on lasers vs IPL and find out what the differences really are.

With Christmas just about here, we have collected the most glamorous

giftables on page 110, and you can also check out our Luxe for Less products

(page 46) – perfect for beauties on a budget.

The power of beauty is infinite – from a kindly spoken word to an

irrepressible smile. With the right attitude – and beauty tools – anything is

possible. Here’s to a beauty-ful 2017.

Issue 74

Nov-Jan 2017


Michelle Kearney

Editorial Director

Aimée Rodrigues

Art Director

Debbie Pilarinos


Tara Casey, Erin Docherty,

Aimée Rodrigues


Debbie Pilarinos, ShutterStock

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where specified in captions, photographs depict models who have

not necessarily received treatments described in this magazine.

Any ‘before and after’ photographs in CosBeauty Magazine

articles are of genuine patients. It is important to understand

that they represent one person’s experience and there is

no guarantee that any other patient will experience similar results.

Brought to you by MD Cosmedical Solutions

Total Facial Makeover

Minor Surgical & Local Anaesthetic Procedures

Astarte Threadlift Facelifts

Non-Surgical Mini Facelifts & Neck lifts

• Revolutionary new Absorbable Threads

• Simple non-surgical clinic procedure

• Minimal discomfort or downtime

• No general anesthesia or skin incisions

• Immediate results lasting 3 – 5 years

• Treatment for Facelifts, Neck Lifts, Brow

Lifts, Jowl Correction, Cheek Augmentation BEFORE AFTER

Eyelid Hooding Surgery

Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery

• Treatment of unsightly Eyelid Hooding

• Minor surgery with minimal bruising,

discomfort or downtime

• Treatment performed under light sedation

& local anaesthetic

• No hospitalization or general aneasthetic

• May be combined with Threadlift Facelift

Bat Ear Correction Procedure

Non-Surgical Bat Ear Correction

• Reduction of unsightly Bat Ears

• Simple procedure utilizing the most

advanced techniques

• Minimal bruising, discomfort or downtime

• No risks of unsightly scars

• Treatment performed under local anaesthetic

• No hospitalization or general aneasthetic

Why choose

MD Cosmedical Solutions …

• Over 5,500 Facelift Treatments

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• 100% Safety Record

• Renowned Worldwide Reputation

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Medical Team





Anti-Ageing &

Rejuvenation Specialties

• Threadlift Facelifts

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• Eyelid Hooding Surgery

• Bat Ear Correction Procedures

Fraxel Repair CO2 Laser

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• Stretch Marks Treatments

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• IPL Photorejuvenation

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• Hair Stylists

• Make-Up Courses

NEW Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery



Specialist Doctors & Registered

Nurses performing cosmetic medical

treatments Dr Buddy Paul Beaini


Australia’s Leading Cosmetic Clinics


Sydney CBD Sheraton & Wahroonga

P. 1300 885 808

Award winning Threadlift Facelift, Thermage CPT & Fraxel Clinics


Beauty insider


Who says makeup is

just for girls? James

Charles, 17-year-old

New York-based

makeup artist, has

become the first-ever


Did you know ear

art makeup is now a

thing? Championed by

French makeup artist

@violette_fr, the trend

has created an Insta-

Frenzy. Whether it’s the

next big thing remains

to be seen, but if

the amount of times

Violette’s creations are

getting regrammed is

any indication, it may

be here to stay!

Social media imploded


fronted the MTV Music

Awards this year with –

wait for it – no makeup.

Keys responded with: “I

hope this is a revolution

because I don’t want to

cover up anymore. Not

my face, not my mind,

not my soul…”. Thanks

for the lesson, Alicia –

makeup or no makeup,

we’re all beautiful!







This just-launched

interactive app lets you

experiment with thousands

of new lip shades.

Look at for this one as

it’s set to change the

way you try, share and

buy your next lip shade.

Kylie Jenner has

revealed her first KYLIE


collaboration. She’s

teamed up with big sis

Khloe Kardashian, of

course, on a beauty line

called Koko Collection.

Another notch in the

Kardashian empire belt!

Congrats to new bride,


her new book. This ragsto-riches

tale chronicles

how she’s made it to the

top of her game in the

beauty world. It’s also full

of inspiration for living a

beautiful life: beauty tips,

exercise programs, vision

statement templates,

recipes, and more.



recently confirmed

that both Gigi and

Bella Hadid will walk

in the much-hallowed

show, making them the

first sisters to rule the

famous runway together.

#ModelSisters 11


VANESSA MEGAN Cryō Facelift,

$179.95 (for 8 applications). This

very cool (literally!) plumping and

brightening serum for the face,

neck and decolletage works on

the principle of cryotherapy. The

ice cube treatment tightens the

appearance of wrinkles, pores

and under-eye bags.

We think we’ve found the fountain

of youth for skin. FACTOR4 is

the latest rejuvenation treatment

that uses your body‘s own growth

factors to give you back plumper

and smoother skin. Unlike

cosmetic injectables, the beauty

of Factor4 treatment is that it

uses your own cells to repair and

regenerate new skin tissue and

increase collagen production. So

it’s true: beauty really does come

from within!

This year LANCOME released its

new Energie De Vie range, a 3-step

system to combat urban fatigue

and awaken dull skin. Liquid Care,

$75, gives an antioxidant energising

shot of hydration, Pearly Lotion,

$60, contains evanescent pearls for

smoothign and plumping skin, and

the overnight recovery Sleeping

Mask, $80, helps freshen and

protect skin.


Illuminating Enzyme Masque

and Age Defying Eye Cream,

both $120, are two new

additions to the Elizabeth

Arden PRO line, which is

founded on breakthrough

formulations personally

developed by leading research

scientist Joseph A Lewis.

This collaboration between

Lewis and one of the most

established global prestige

beauty companies, Elizabeth

Arden, sees a full range of

scientifully backed skincare and

chemical peels.

SISLEY PARIS is a perennial

favourite of CosBeauty, and

the new additions to the luxe

brand are no exception. Double

Tenseur, $220, feels like a net

has been applied to the skin,

making skin look and feel

instantly lifted and firmer, while

the new Sisleÿa le Teint Anti-

Ageing Foundation, $190,

combines the best of skincare

and makeup for visible radiance

and anti-ageing benefits.

TEOXANE COSMECEUTICALS is a new skincare line with a very

impressive pedigree. It’s from the same Swiss brand that has an awardwinning

dermal filler range, and it uses its patented hyaluronic acid

technology to create a moisture-rich protective barrier on the skin for a

seriously noticeable improved complexion.



Happily Ever


Straight, white smiles with QuickStraightTeeth

Do your teeth stop you from smiling?

Do you want straight teeth and a perfect smile - quickly?

Do you want an affordable option to straighten your teeth?

If the answer is 'YES' to the above, then QuickStraightTeeth is the answer.

Not everyone is born with a perfect smile. The QuickStraightTeeth

system, with clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires gently

straightens your teeth to give you that movie star smile - without

the movie star price tag!

Our braces are so discreet that most people won't know you are

wearing them at all. With an option to suit everyone,

QuickStraightTeeth can help restore your confidence

with a beautiful smile.

FREE consultation & FREE whitening with every QST case worth $650

Call Macquarie Dental today on 02 9223 9000

Dr. Neil Lutton

For beautiful eyes, look for the good

in others; for beautiful lips, speak

only words of kindness; and for

poise, walk with the knowledge that

you are never alone.

– Audrey Hepburn


MAkeup style



It’s music festival season and we love the ‘anything goes’

attitude towards makeup. jump-sTART your festival inspo with

these long-wearing and fresh-faced products to complete

your look for a weekend of music and dancing.

INIKA Certified Organic

Light Reflect Cream, $39. A

multi-purpose highlighter

that illuminates the skin, this

handy little tube reflects light

and enhances natural facial

features. It can be used on

the cheekbones, brow bones

and eyelids for a natural

luminous look (or in the

corner of your eyes to really

make them pop!).

Clarins Bronzing Duo

Mineral Powder Compact, $62.

No one wants to be left red

faced during a music festival,

and those Aussie rays can

be pretty damn harsh. This

SPF 15 bronzer is a 100%

mineral sunscreen that

illuminates the complexion

with a subtle, natural-looking

colour for a luminous finish.

Benefit Hoola, $51. The

perfect fit for your festival

bag, this bronzing powder

gives a healthy, naturallooking

tan for the face. It

also comes with an ultra soft,

natural-bristle cheek brush.

Also great for contouring.

Clarins Ever Lasting Compact

Foundation, $53. For a makeup

colour that remains freshlooking

all day long, you can’t

go past this high-performance

foundation. It has an ultra-fine,

silky-soft, wet and dry texture

and guarantees flawless makeup

for 15 hours non-stop.


Sisley Paris Phyto Lip Twist

Sheer Balm in 16 Balm, $55. Get

balmy! This truly cocooning balm

covers lips lightly and transparently.

Smooth and silky, a single twist

leaves lips supple and soft. It’s the

perfect boho-chic staple – you’ll be

hard pressed to use another lip balm

after this beauty.

Clarins Crayon Khol in Intense

Blue, $38. Never hold back when it

comes to your festival look! Express

yourself with this long-lasting blue

eye pencil. This pop of colour is

perfect for jamming out and can

be applied as a traditional kohl or

around the eye contour area.

Clinique Sculptionary Cheek

Contouring Palette, $45. The

ultimate powder blush that delivers

buildable, blendable colour. The

palette is a multi-tasking gem,

featuring three shades that can be

used separately to colour, contour

and highlight or mixed together for

a rosy-hued glow.

L’Oréal Paris Mega Gloss in

Revolution Fabulous, $21.95.

Say hello to a zero-compromise

gloss, which provides mega shine

all day long. With a professional

lip shaper for perfect lips, it helps

you to achieve the highest level

of shine for the glossiest look

without stickiness.

Synergie Skin HydroBlush in

Peachy Keen, $49. A pressed mineral

blush with a breathable, hydrating

and long-lasting formula – in a

universally flattering peach colour. It

contains the ingredient Vegesome,

which is clinically proven to prevent

moisture loss, leaving skin fresh

and radiant.

Designer Brands Flawless

Illuminator Strobing Stick, 14.99.

You don’t have to go all out there

to create a show-stopping look

at a music festival. Keep it simple

and bohemian-inspired – focus on

highlighting natural beauty with

this illuminator stick.

L’Oréal Paris La Palette Nude in

Beige, $29.95. This nude eyeshadow

palette has 10 amazing shades, so

you can create your own festival

glam. From natural mattes to rich

shimmers, it’s time to unleash your

creativity – this festival look is in

your hands!

Guerlain Paris Terracotta

Bronzing Powder, $74. Guerlain Paris

knows what’s up, creating a golden

glow with a formula enriched with

moisturising ingredients that won’t

dry out the skin. It’s lightweight,

illuminating and oh-so luxe.

Maybelline NY 24-Hr Superstay

Foundation, $24.95. This is what

festival dreams are made of: a

foundation that lasts for up to

24 hours with coverage that will

not wear off, break down or

degrade. Superstay is the perfect

festival weapon.

Lycogel Breathable Tint, $125.

A foundation that really and truly

makes your skin better? Yes, it exists!

Get your hands on this luminous light

coverage that gives skin a vibrant

glow. If contains SPF 30 and a host

of skin-loving ingredients suitable for

even the most sensitive skin. Boom. 17










CLARINS Everlasting

Foundation SPF 15, $50.

What’s not to love about 18

hours of flawless coverage?

Wear this silky highperformance


around the clock knowing

your skin will look and feel

its finest.

ASAP Pure Mineral Bronzer,

$40. This all-day sheer

formulation creates a healthy,

youthful all-over glow. It also

contains protective natural

minerals and skin-volumising

hyaluronic acid to help

smooth away fine lines…


Helga Esteb /


Smooth Line Correcting

Concentrate, $32. Get in

line! This makeup base can

be applied directly onto

lines, wrinkles and enlarged

pores for a complexion

that appears smoother and

brighter with instant and

long-lasting results.




Nude, $79. This light-textured

liquid foundation with built-in

zinc oxide SPF 15 UV protection

is a true multi-tasker. It contains

niacinamide to hydrate skin and

target pigmentation, and tomatoderived

lycopene to protect the skin

from environmental ageing, as well

as a tint to even out skin tone.

THALGO Silicium Anti-Ageing

Foundation, $73. For ultimate

street-style beauty, this formula

offers the best of both worlds in a

unique skincare/makeup hybrid.

Combining the essential powers

of Marine Silicium and biomimetic

pigments, this is your go-to guy

for even skin tone.


30+ Triple Defence Protection,

$47. This fast-absorbing formula

kicks premature ageing to

the pavement, providing SPF

protection as well as a beautiful

sheer tint to create an effortless

healthy-looking glow.

PÜR COSMETICS 4-in-1 Pressed

Mineral Makeup Broad Spectrum

SPF 15, $49. Combining pure

mineral pigment with skincare

ingredients, the 4-in-1 is a

concealer, foundation, powder

and SPF 15 all in one. Perfect for a

girl on the run.


Long-Lasting Lipstick, $65. A

comfortable, high-coverage

lipstick to protect lips all day

long. Soft and finely textured,

this lipstick not only provides

coverage but also skincare

benefits to lastingly hydrate and

protect the lips.

SISLEY PARIS Phyto Lip Twist

Tinted Balm in Nude, $55.

Coloured like a lipstick and shiny

like a gloss, Phyto Lip Twist has

totally re-invented lipstick. Leaving

lips supple, moisturised, visibly

smoothed and plumped, this is our

new fave staple that we can’t get

enough of.

DNA RENEWAL Sheer Defense,

$98. Sheer Defense doesn’t mess

around when it comes to those

harsh Aussie rays. It has broadspectrum

to protect against future

sun damage and DNA repair

enzymes work to help repair

past sun damage. This is a real

investment in the health of your skin. 19


MAkeup style


Whether you’re starting a business or new project,

relocating to another city, or simply running the world

Beyoncé-style, you need a professional makeup look that

shouts girl boss.

Clarins Instant Definition

Mascara 01, $40. Your lashes

are instantly lengthened

and separated thanks to a

new double-brush design

and a new-generation

formula. This staple

mascara gives incredible

wide-angled volume.

Synergie Skin CC Lips in

Opulent-C, $39. This mulberry

colour is so delicious you’ll

want to eat it! Synergie’s

chic lip colour also produces

distinct hydrating benefits to

the lips and provides natural

UV protection.

Helga Esteb /

Clarins 3 Dot Liner

Easy Lining Eyeliner Dot

by Dot, $40. There’s no

doubt eyeliner can be a

real struggle, especially

when you’re attempting

the winged look. We’ve

never been happier to

know we have a little

helping hand in the form

of the Dot Liner.



Sisley Paris So

Intense Eyeliner in

Deep Black, $78.

Every girl needs

a good eyeliner.

This jewel is a felt

tip eyeliner that

delivers intense

black colour with a

matte finish, while

also helping to

supply nutrients for

lash growth. Where

do we sign up?!

Shiseido Rouge Rouge in Toffee

Apple, $50. Envelop your lips in this

super-vibrant red colour, for lasting

lustre and rich moisture. Toffee

apple is a subdued, medium-dark

red with subtle, warm undertones

and a natural finish.

Clinique Pop Lacquer in 02

Lava Pop, $40. This lipstick and

primer in one gives lips a rich pop

of colour teamed with a smooth,

velvety texture. Long-wearing and

durable, the formula contains shea

and murumuru butters for intense

moisture and nourishment.

Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral

Palette in No 13 Skin Tones, $68.

A gorgeous mineral palette that

will make any neutral shadow

lover’s heart beat faster. Create

an effortlessly beautiful selection

of amazing looks with these four

flattering shades.

Maybelline NY Push Up Drama

Mascara, $21.95. This mascara has

a creamy, plumping formula that

delivers instant volume and holds

the curl in place, while the push-up

brush scoops and lifts from root

to tip.

ASAP Pure Mineral Makeup,

$45. A concealer, makeup

and sunscreen all in one easy

application. Using revolutionary

skin brightening active,

chromabright and hyaluronic

acid microspheres to help reduce

the appearance of fine lines

and wrinkles, this skincare hero

ensures sheer, flawless coverage

as well as SPF 15 protection.

Maybelline NY Vivid Matte

Liquid Lipstick in Rebel Red,

$17.95. Stand out from the crowd

and drench your lips in this vivid,

high-impact colour. Pure pigments

collide with a creamy liquid base for

a soft, cushiony feel. 21








A new study has revealed that 93%

of Australian women would change

their body if they could.

In a society saturated with the influence of

celebrities and models, image is everything and

it’s everywhere. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook

or Snapchat there is no doubt that women,

in particular younger generations, consume

unattainable perceptions of reality in what is

considered the ‘ideal’ body image.

A new study has recently unearthed the attitudes of

women towards self-care, aimed at providing an insight

into the body concerns of Australian women today.

More than 1,000 Australian women were questioned as

part of the Women’s Attitudes Towards Beauty and Self

Improvement study, which took answers from candidates

aged between 25 and 60, revealing how they felt about

their bodies.

The nation-wide research by Cynosure and McCrindle

Forecast Strategy Research revealed some interesting stats

in terms of body confidence ratings and self-esteem, with

an incredible 93% of women admitting they would change 23


The body




of Australian women would

change something about their body if

they could


are unhappy with their

body shape


are willing to invest in enhancing their

appearance and wellbeing


would be “more okay with who I

am” if they achieved their ultimate

sculpted body shape


would be open to alternative

body sculpting methods

(i.e. beyond diet and exercise)


said laser treatment to target

“problem” areas of stubborn fat had

never been suggested to them

their body shape or physique if they could, with excess

body fat being the thing that most women would like

to change.

More than a third of women would like to change the

excess body fat on their abdomen (61%), thighs (43%)

and fl anks (36%), and 31% mentioned the excess body

fat on their arms. Also mentioned were wrinkles, stretch

marks and excess hair on the face and arms.

The research highlights the reality that low bodyesteem

is a common, national issue, with social media

presenting a new challenge and adding pressure to look a

certain way. It has been suggested that a young woman’s

body image is the single largest infl uence on her selfesteem.

If she thinks she looks unattractive or fat, her

self-confi dence drops dramatically and this can impact on

other areas of her life.

Only 7% of women reported feeling ‘extremely happy’

about their body shape, while 34% said they were ‘mostly’

happy. A whopping 42% were ‘only slightly’ happy and the

remaining 17% were ‘not happy at all’.

Respondents also reported that achieving their ‘ultimate

sculpted body shape’ would make them happier with

themselves (43%), more confi dent to go out with friends

(37%), more confi dent in their love life (32%) and help

them enjoy the beach more (31%).

When asked if they would try a way to sculpt their body

other than diet and exercise, 55% of women said they

would be open to alternative body sculpting methods such

as non-surgical body contouring treatments using laser or

other energy-based devices.

Nearly half the women reported they had never

considered using laser technology to target problem areas

because it has never been suggested to them. Similarly,

23% of women stated they would need more evidence

before trying laser.

Women are thinking about their bodies more than

ever before. Though troubling, these results are also not

surprising, given the increasing pressures women face today

imposed by media, social media and advertising.

This research helps create a sense of awareness

and aims to empower women and girls in many ways,

increasing body-confi dence education and helping better

communicate and understand the changing attitudes

towards body perception. The research rings through the

realisation that it’s about positive self-talk and feeling

good about the choices you make about your body, and

making these choices for yourself. CBM








Tinseltown / s_bukley / Featureflash Photo Agency



25% Miranda







given the


pressures women

face today

imposed by media,

social media and

advertising, Women

are thinking about

their bodies more

than ever before

1 in 2 want

‘thigh gap’

With thousands of

“thinspo” sites currently

live and continuing to gain

considerable traction across

social media platforms and

the web, there’s no denying

that the ‘thigh gap’ trend

remains one of the most

desired physical features for

young Australian women.

The study found that almost

one in two Gen Y (46%) and

Gen X (45%) women want

to change the excess body

fat around their thighs,

compared with 35% from the

Baby Boomer generation

(aged 52-60). /


SculpSure Australia


Fast and Effective Fat Reduction

» 25 minute treatment

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Move over “designer vagina”

– it’s about time we realised there’s more to vaginal

rejuvenation than just appearance.

Whatever your take on vaginal rejuvenation,

labiaplasty and related procedures are on the rise

and are here to stay.

There’s been considerable backlash against the supposed

“designer vagina”, but little has been written about the physical

and emotional benefits of such procedures.

Sexual health holds a massive influence over mental health

and psychological wellbeing. Even though it’s not so openly

discussed in mainstream media or even between friends, genital

surgery can help alleviate pain and improve quality of life for

many women. Why shouldn’t we as women have the right to

choose to have a procedure that will improve our quality of

life, so that we can walk down the beach in a swimsuit without

feeling embarrassed, go bike riding (or even walking) free from

physical pain, or have sex without any discomfort?

Dr Oseka Onuma, an Adelaide gynaecologist and pelvic

reconstruction surgeon, agrees. “No woman should suffer

embarrassment or feel inhibited in her relationship with her

partner due to the appearance of her vagina or physical sexual

dysfunction,” he says.

Dr Onuma believes vaginal rejuvenation has been

misrepresented and, because of this, women receive little support

in making a decision that is necessary to ease discomfort or

improve self-confidence.


The Australian Centre for Female

Pelvic & Vaginal Rejuvenation


“The number of women patronised by mainstream media

and even by some members of the medical community

when seeking help is disappointing,” he says. “The

majority of my patients seeking vaginal rejuvenation are

not motivated by the aesthetic, but a growing dislike of

pain during intercourse or discomfort when participating

in everyday activities.”

“I believe in empowering women through knowledge,

choice and access to world-class care,” he continues. “Many

people say ‘it’s all part of being a woman’ and ‘just put up

with it’, but why should you, when you have options?”

All women are born with differently shaped genitalia,

however the effects of childbirth and ageing can cause

many to suffer from problems that make them selfconscious

and unhappy, often affecting relationships with

their sexual partners.

Why shouldn’t we as

women have the right

to choose to have a

procedure that will improve

our quality of life, so that

we can walk down the

beach in a swimsuit without

feeling embarrassed or go

bike riding without physical


Oversized, elongated or asymmetrical labia minora – the

inner vaginal lips which surround the entrance to the

vagina – can cause irritation and discomfort when wearing

certain clothes, and during sporting activities or sex.

Laser-assisted reduction labiaplasty can sculpt an

overhanging or asymmetrical labia minora according to

the patient’s wishes. “There is a wide variation in the

appearance of the external genitalia, so there’s no one look

that is normal,” Dr Onuma says.

“Each patient will have different motivations, concerns

and expectations in seeking genital surgery,” he explains.

“It is important to listen to the concerns of the individual

patient, assess them with appropriate examinations and

offer a series of potential solutions.”

There are a number of options available, both surgical

and non-surgical, to address these problems. Taking action

can help restore self-confidence, boost self-image and

improve quality of life. CBM

Empowering women through

knowlege, choice and access to

world class care

Dr Oseka


Gynaecologist & Pelvic

Reconstructive Surgeon

BSc. (Hons), MJur., CCST,




4 Robe Terrace, Medindie SA 5081

08 8344 6085

Facsimile 08 8344 6087

Email 29





The grand dame of skincare






Vitamin A is arguably the single-most

important ingredient to prevent,

restore, normalise and help repair

damaged skin.

Medical research shows that ageing of

the skin is accelerated by the loss of lightsensitive

vitamins destroyed by sun, stress

and pollution. These lost vitamins include

Vitamin A, together with key antioxidants

and Vitamins C, E, pro-vitamin B5 and betacarotene.

These all work to normalise the

skin, assisting it to reverse the signs of ageing,

and to make it look younger and smoother.

Vitamin A in particular helps smooth both

wrinkles and fi ne lines, while increasing

skin hydration and collagen production. It

evens out skin texture, at the same time as

increasing skin thickness and improving its

elasticity. Vitamin A also improves acne,

natural exfoliation and overall skin tone,

diminishing mottled pigmentation.

Since our body does not make Vitamin

A, our skin becomes defi cient over time.

In particular, the sun depletes the skin of

Vitamin A and this is one of the reasons those

who super-expose their skin to sun damage

age faster than those who do not (and another

reason to always use broad-spectrum SPF

every single day, rain, hail or shine).

Vitamin A (as well as other key vitamins

and antioxidants) need to be replaced every

day to reduce the damage from sunlight.

The best way to replace these vitamins is by

topical application.

Formulations containing Vitamin A are

benefi cial to skin of all ages as it helps repair

injured skin and improves its water barrier

properties, making it soft and supple. It is also

effective in treating acne, as well as dry, scaly

or cracked skin.


As our skin gets thinner with age, it gradually

becomes less effective as a barrier, which

leads to signs of ageing such as lines and

rough patches. Vitamin A is critical in

the maintenance of healthy skin. Regular

application of Vitamin A, which regulates

skin cell growth, stimulates the skin’s renewal

process and causes it to thicken and appear

younger and healthier.

Cell-communicating ingredients use

receptor sites or cellular pathways to interact

with skin cells to signal them to function

optimally. Retinoids (including retinol),

which are derivatives of Vitamin A, are the

best known. They act as antioxidants and

neutralise the free radicals that result from

exposure to ultraviolet light. In addition,

they increase cellular turnover, stimulate a

thickening of the epidermis and promote the

removal of excess pigment.

Retinol is a Vitamin A (retinoic acid)

derivative that is an effective and widely

used topical anti-ageing solution. It has been

shown to reduce many visible signs of skin

ageing, especially fi ne lines and wrinkles,

encouraging better cell turnover in the upper

layers and normalising skin turnover.

In the form of stabilised retinol (retinol

molecular), it enables surface hyperpigmented

cells to be sloughed off evenly, in addition

to reversing the damaging effects of UV

light on the skin cells, which result in 31


hyperpigmentation. Retinoids are also

responsible for tyrosinase inhibition, reducing

clumping of melanin and reducing melanosome

size to further improve pigmented spots.

Medical research has also documented that

the use of retinol on the skin can create new

collagen deposition, greater proliferation of new

blood vessels and capillary formation. Dramatic

improvements have also been observed with

regard to skin smoothness, evening of skin

tones and overall skin rejuvenation. Retinol

also plays a role in conditioning the skin prior

to many cosmetic procedures such as facial

surgery, laser resurfacing and chemical peels.



It’s well known skin rejuvenation can be

achieved by applying Vitamin A to the skin,

but sometimes the various types of Vitamin A

on the market may make it confusing when

selecting which type to use on the skin. There

are a number of related molecules with Vitamin

A activity and these are classed under the

family name of retinoids.

Prescription retinoids include tretinoin (trans

retinoic acid); the over-the-counter retinoid

is retinol. Both convert to retinoic acid in the

skin. Trans retinoic acid is the most irritant

form of Vitamin A.

It’s no secret that a common side effect

after starting topical Vitamin A treatment is

temporary redness, irritation and fl akiness;

most users will need to build up a tolerance

to retinoids over several weeks. Retinol

skincare has fewer side effects than retinoic

acid prescription products due to lower

biological activity, among other factors. It

also goes without saying that stabilised highconcentration

retinol formulations will be

more effective than run-of-the-mill retinol

products, but will also typically be more

irritating to the skin.

Thankfully, any irritation at all may be

a thing of the past. Manufacturers are now

developing different effective forms of Vitamin

A which are less irritating, if at all.

It’s no wonder that Vitamin A (in its various

forms) is an important and necessary ingredient

in all quality anti-ageing product lines.

And with new molecules and new product

formulations constantly being developed, this

skincare stalwart is fast becoming the gold

standard anti-ageing product. CBM



Retinol is proven to be a potent tool in treating acne

by preventing the cells that line the follicular canal from

sticking together and creating the solid impactions that

block the follicle, thereby addressing the underlying

mechanisms that contribute to acne.







Vitamin A is a central driving factor in

the development of normal, healthy

human tissue, including all parts of the

skin. This is from conception to death. If

Vitamin A were to disappear tomorrow,

no more humans would be born in the

normal, recognisable form.


Skin becomes thin because of a general

lack of Vitamin A, sun damage, loss of

sex hormones and general ageing.


Retinoids (class of Vitamin A derivatives)

are a proven method to increase the

thickness of the dermis – the deep layer

of skin where wrinkles form.


Despite contrary belief, retinoids do not

make skin more sensitive to the sun. The

reason some product labels recommend

pm use only is because retinoids are

unstable in sunlight, thereby rendering

daytime use ineffectual. 33

The new retinol

for sensitive skin

Medik8 launches r-Retinoate, the Vitamin A derivative to

suit every skin type. Words by aimÉe rodrigues.



It’s the biggest open secret that

nothing without prescription can

improve the signs of photo-ageing

quite like retinol. The medically

backed anti-ageing and skin

beautifying benefits of this Vitamin

A derivative are undisputed. But this

‘dream cream’ still has its drawbacks

– retinol delivered at levels high

enough to have visible effects on skin

ageing can cause irritation, redness

and even flaking skin.

After three years in the making,

Medik8 has launched r-Retinoate, a

new retinol product that contains a

never-before-used molecule – retinyl

retinoate – which is proven to be

eight times more powerful than

regular retinol, without any irritation.

Every once in a while a product

is developed that propels the whole

industry forward. The discovery of

this new molecule, and delivered in

product form as Retinyl Retinoate

Youth Activating Cream (r-Retinoate

for short), represents a genuine

breakthrough in anti-ageing skincare.

According to published data, the

wrinkle repair rate is up to eight times

stronger with retinyl retinoate versus

retinol alone – without the irritation

that can be experienced with

ordinary retinol. In another skincare

breakthrough, r-Retinoate can be

used for both night and day without

loss of results like ordinary retinol.

So, let’s talk


The science behind retinyl retinoate

has been published in multiple

scientific and medical journals,

including a clinical study in the

eminent British Journal of Dermatology.

Within this study, a pair of in-vivo

trials showed that retinyl retinoate

applied twice daily led to results

Every once

in a while a

product is


that propels

the whole



significantly more effective than the

placebo or higher strength retinol

in treating wrinkles around the eyes


In the double-blind trial, wrinkles

were evaluated by two dermatologists

based on a global photodamage

score. After 12 weeks, the average

photodamage score improved for all

patients on the retinyl retinoatetreated

side, compared with the

placebo treated side. Further, after

eight weeks, 86% of the patients had

decreased photodamage scores with

retinyl retinoate treatment, in contrast

to 59% of those using ordinary retinol.

r-Retinoate uses only encapsulated

retinyl retinoate which is patented

around the world and exclusive

to Medik8. As published, the

encapsulated form works four times

faster, with results visible after only

four weeks of use.

From am to pm

Aside from irritation, another

drawback of retinol is that it becomes

inactive when in sunlight. This is

why you may have heard or read that

retinol should only be used at night.

(It has nothing to do with retinol

making the skin photo-sensitive or

more prone to sunburn.)

Since mounting evidence suggests

that retinol does not just help repair

collagen damage but also protects

collagen from UV destruction in

the first place, the ability to use

retinol during daytime seems highly

beneficial. r-Retinoate is the first of

its kind to be able to use day and

night, maximising anti-ageing results

in every single bottle.

Retinol without

the irritation

Ordinary retinol can be notoriously

irritating and can cause users to stop

treatment altogether (and miss out on

the long-term skin benefits).

If you’ve been sensitive to retinol

in the past, maybe an itchy rash,

breakouts or dry or flaky skin,

r-Retinoate will be your new beauty

cabinet bestie. Suitable for even the

most sensitive skin, it means the

power of retinol is now available for

everyone. CBM


r-Retinoate by Medik8 is available at select skin clinics across Australia.

Contact Advanced Cosmeceuticals for more information on 1800 242 011

or visit 35
















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Miracle sculpting sponge,

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blend makeup for that perfect

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and highlighting.




Device, $249 . Have a spa

treatment at home with this

microdermabrasion device.

It offers rejuvenated and

hydrated, smoother, firmer,

healthier looking skin in just

three weeks. It’s clinically

tested to improve overall

skin texture with a 5-minute

treatment, two or three

times a week.


ENVIRON Skincare Ionzyme

Gold Roll-CIT, $313. Designed

to enhance the look and

feel of your skin, Environ’s

luxurious 14-carat gold-plated

microneedler is our ultimate

weapon of choice. With 260

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roller will deliver noticeably

healthier looking skin.









Brush Set, $24.99. All you need in a set

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O COSMEDICS O-Sonic Facial

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We love the Oomph My Locks XXL

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RACINNE Lady M Massaging Ion

Applicator, $59. This nifty magic wand

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skin around your eyes absorb skincare

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8 9







DESSATA Detangling Brush, $29.95. Detangle

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SYNERGIE SKIN Rejuvaderm Home Roller,

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cosmeceutical home infusion, this high quality

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SKIN INJECT DNC Derma Roller, $79.95. An

at-home skin needling device with a host of

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response for a revitalised complexion.


O COSMEDICS The Skin Shammy, $19.95.

Washable, reusable and oh-so effective, this is

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skin needling

south african plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes talks

about his role in the development of skin needling and its

place in the future of skin rejuvenation.

Needling has come a long way

since 1995 when it initially

came onto the scene when

Andre Camirand first published his

experience about making scars less

visible by 'dry needling' them.

When I extended the concept to

rejuvenating skin in 1997, doctors

ridiculed the idea that a simple

pinprick could have such powers.

Like Camirand, I started by using

a tattoo artist’s device with a flat

array of four needles that could

penetrate 1-2mm into the skin. I had

previously been trained by the doyen

of tattoo artists so I could adapt

that skill to safely needle patients’

faces, but I learned that intensive

needling put the patients out of

social circuit for up to 10 days and

the procedure took a long time to do.

I also noticed that thick scars didn't

change sufficiently. I reasoned that

if one could use a roller with 3mm

needles, one could needle deeper

and probably faster and, because

there would be fewer holes, the skin

would return to a normal appearance

sooner. Intensive treatments this way

looked almost the same as using a

tattoo gun, but the healing time was

reduced to 5-7 days.

By 1999 I had a sufficient

number of clinical results to make

a presentation at the International

Plastic, Reconstructive and

Aesthetic Society conference in

San Francisco. The lecture theatre



was packed with standing room

only and one prescient comment

was that my lecture was the most

provocative and exciting idea for

the coming century.

I believed the clinical results

indicated there was regeneration of

tissue and, in particular, restoration

of the normal lattice arrangement of

the fibres in the dermis. Regeneration

had never before been described as a

result of any intervention and I ended

up explaining this in a long interview

on Channel 5 TV in the UK. The

first publication of skin needling was

in the Hot Topics section of Aesthetic

Surgery Journal.

At that stage I presumed the reason

for regeneration was from plateletderived

growth factors released after

puncturing tiny vessels in the dermis.

Almost at the same time Mark

Ferguson in the UK was studying

TGF-beta-3 in preventing the

formation of scars. In time I realised

that since TGF-beta-3 was released

from platelets, it was the most likely

cause of tissue regeneration and scar

reduction when needling skin.

However, there was no proof of

this until Matthias Aust took up

the challenge to study skin needling

and his team discovered that the

release of the TGF-beta growth

factors in simple wounding and in

skin needling were diametrically

different. In skin wounds, TGF-beta

1, 2 and 3 are all released but the

TGF-beta-3 fades away within 24

hours and TGF-beta 1 and 2 persist

for a week or two.

In skin needling the reverse

situation applies and this has been

confirmed in repeated tests: TGFbeta

3 persists at raised levels for up

to two weeks whereas TGF-beta 1

and 2 fade away within 24 hours.

This detail provoked the idea that

needling again a week later would

increase the effects of TGF-beta-3

and produce results superior to

needling at longer intervals.

However, in order to do needling

as intensively, we needed to fully

anaesthetise the skin and that

required sedation because it can

be very uncomfortable just to get

good anaesthesia of the face and

neck. The question then arose about

how to make needling easier for

the patient and also make it less

dramatic in appearance.

By using rollers with needles that

protruded only 1.0mm we could do

skin needling under simple topical

anaesthesia. That made needling

more accessible and because we

worked less intensively the clinical

and social sequelae would be easier

to tolerate. I assumed that with

an intensive needling one makes

about five times more holes in the

skin than we could by using topical

anaesthesia, so I recommended six

treatments done at weekly intervals.

After several months I realised

that this regime produced results very

similar to one intensive treatment but

more conservatively minded people

worried that frequent treatments

would negate the benefits of needling.

Indeed, some 'authorities' condemned

weekly treatments even though they

had no clinical evidence at all.

Aust and colleagues doubted that

needling at weekly intervals had

any value but fortunately researched

this and discovered that needling

at weekly intervals gave far superior

results. They also showed without

doubt that topical Vitamin A, and

they used Environ vitamin ACE Oil

in their studies, virtually doubled the

benefits of needling.

There is no clinical doubt, and

scientific investigation has proved,

the best way to induce changes by

needling is to use topical Vitamin

A and repeat the needling within 7

days. I believe the reason for this is

the concentrations of TGF-beta-3

build up to levels unattainable by

even the most intensive needling

because each needling experience

adds to the previous levels of TGFbeta-3.

The challenge now is to optimise

needling and I believe using wellselected

peptides can enhance our

results. My clinical research shows

dramatically better results when I

add a special cocktail of peptides.

I believe we should not use growth

factors themselves, but rather

molecules that will induce the

natural balance of growth factors. I

am currently researching needling

every second or third day and the

indications are that this regime gives

the greatest tightening of skin that I

have ever seen.

Needling does something clinicians

have craved for centuries: it causes

regeneration and rejuvenation and

we will learn to harness its powers

more effectively in the coming

years. CBM 41






PRP has gained fame with the trademark

Vampire Facelift, and is now opening doors for

a range of cosmetic and wellness possibilities.

Words by erin docherty.

PRP is a treatment with seemingly endless areas for application

– from turning back the clock on ageing to helping with

sexual dysfunction. And that’s just the start.

Using the body’s own natural resources, PRP (platelet-rich

plasma) works by literally drawing on your own blood and reinjecting

higher concentrations of blood platelets, which release

growth factors to the treatment site and stimulate new cell growth

and regeneration.

RegenLab PRP was the first to market PRP in the Australian

aesthetic arena back in 2007. Now, with 96 clinical publications

backing it (and counting), RegenLab PRP provides evidence-based

medicine for all uses of PRP; it’s a proven system using optimal

concentrations for optimal results. 43


The Vampire


The evolution of PRP for aesthetic

treatment is the trademark Vampire

Facelift developed by Dr Charles

Runels in the US. It’s become a

popular skin rejuvenation treatment

around the world, no doubt bolstered

by its celebrity clientele (just Google

it to watch Kim K having one).

The Vampire Facelift is a unique

treatment that uses a combination of

strategically placed hyaluronic acid

gel dermal fillers for structure, and

PRP overlay for enhancement of the

skin. This results in a natural-looking

the platelets from the blood and put

it into a syringe and it is injected after

the filler is used to sculpt the face,”

Dr Runels explains.

This platelet-rich plasma improves

the tone, texture and luminosity of

the skin, as well as reducing pore size,

and improving the fine crepey skin

around the eyes.

“We can go places with PRP

that we can’t go with filler, for

example, we can use the plasma

around the eye area,” says Dr Runels.

“The end result is a beautifully

sculpted face with a nice colour and

textural improvement.”

When I treat someone’s face,

I make them look five years

younger. We reset the clock

restoration of facial volume and

shape, without looking overdone.

“When I treat someone’s face, I

make them look five years younger,

but importantly they’re not frozen

in time. We just reset the clock,”

says Dr Runels, pioneer of the

Vampire Facelift.

The improvement is gradual and

results are cumulative. Usually a

course of three to four treatments over

a four to six months are required, with

a single top-up treatment once or

twice a year.

In the first part of the Vampire

Facelift procedure, the practitioner

strategically injects filler to achieve a

more sculpted and contoured face –

while still keeping the shape natural.

Next he or she harvests your own

blood growth factors (hence the name

Vampire), which your body would

normally use to heal damaged tissue.

“To do this, a numbing cream is

applied to the face, blood is drawn

and then it takes about 5-10 minutes

to process the blood. We then extract

The O-Shot

and the P-Shot

The O-Shot and P-Shot are other

PRP treatments also pioneered by

Dr Runels – and are changing the

approach to sexual dysfunction.

The O-Shot uses PRP in specific

areas of the vagina to improve sexual

satisfaction. Improvement in vaginal

tightening and sensitivity can result

in better orgasms and a happier sex

life. Similarly, the P-Shot uses PRP

to improve the strength of erections,

penile girth and sensitivity.

After seeing the outstanding

results from treating faces, Dr Runels

trialled PRP treatment for erectile

dysfunction and noted results in

increased volume and blood flow

without any side effects.

“It’s an absolute game changer,” he

says. “While we have implants, drugs

and other treatment options for men,

the P-Shot is the first method brought

to the market to actually improve

the circulation of blood to the

penis. There are people who try to


convince that drug therapy is the

best option, but that’s not always the

best thing if you can make the genital

tissue better using your body’s own

reparative cells.”

While Dr Runels was working

with the idea of the P-shot, it

occurred to him that other things had

been used for urinary incontinence

and sexual enhancement in females,

with limited results and high side

effects. So just what if PRP could be

used for female sexual function?

“Basically, with O-shot and

P-shot we now have two helpful tools

that actually help the tissue of the

genitalia itself,” says Dr Runels.

“The results are absolutely amazing.

These simple procedures mean

sufferers can have a comfortable

sex life and healthy relationship

again. Sexual dysfunction in females

is not only under-recorded but

it’s under-appreciated and it very

often profoundly affects women’s

self-confidence and can lead to

depression. Lives can be changed

dramatically with the O-shot. ”

“The techniques are evolving

thanks to the pioneering practitioners

who are now thinking, teaching,

modifying and implementing better

ways to use the technique, as well as

educating people about newer options

available to them.”

“PRP is finally being discovered

by other arenas and not just confined

to surgery for 15 years, like it was

previously. We’re learning how to

use it in medical specialties such as

dermatology, urology and gynaecology.

If that comes into play I believe

we’re going to see an explosion of

treatments, and the way we define,

create, isolate and use PRP is going

to evolve into something amazing,”

concludes Dr Runels. CBM

For approved Australian Vampire

Facial trained practitioners go to:


talking PRP

This is an area of medicine that is seriously growing. Every year

PRP is attracting more practitioners and patients because of the

regenerative results it produces and increased knowledge about

the virtually limitless potentials in how it can be used.

In September 2016 hundreds of doctors met in Italy to share,

learn and workshop the regenerative and aesthetic capabilities of

PRP at the annual Biobridge Conference. Two local doctors, Dr

Abbas Al-Taiff and Dr Robin Chok, were among the attendees.

“PRP’s role in internal and external wellness is developing –

and it’s endless. In the musculoskeletal system it has a very wide

Regenerative medicine is

becoming the norm, as we

continue to have a better

understanding of how we use

our own body tissue

range of applications and indications. For aesthetic medicine

it has a promising future for the management of a variety of

appearance and medical and/or cosmetic issues, including sexual

medicine,” says Dr Al-Taiff.

“Regenerative medicine is an exciting field, promising

successful results. It needs proper training, motivated

professionals and appropriate candidates. Our mission is to

overcome many health issues with our own cells,” he says.

Since the advent of worldwide interest in the

Vampire Facelift, and especially amongst the A-listers, there has

been a growing demand than ever for PRP procedures.

“RegenLab Biobridge Conference 2016 has been the most

exciting congress of experts from all over the world to discuss the

regenerative medical powers of PRP,” says Dr Chok. “Regenerative

medicine is rapidly becoming the norm, as we continue to have

a better understanding of how we can preserve our body function

with our own body tissue. Only with our own DNA stimulation

and reactivation is it possible to fight ageing and also many

illnesses that even modern medicine has not been able to treat.”

“With the advent of 3D tissue printing I believe regenerative

medicine will truly take off to a whole new dimension, as we

will have tissue that is much more bio-compatible to our body’s

biophysical function. Advanced processing of bio materials such

as calcium and silk are being looked into now – the future is

definitely brighter and not too far away,” Dr Chok concludes. 45


for less

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Soothing aloe vera means the

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cleans. The product has zero

microplastics to keep waterways

clean and aquatic life alive.

Skinstitut Moisture Defence

Ultra Dry, $45. Made right here

in Australia, this star product

works wonders on the skin and

provides intense hydration with

antioxidants to help smooth and

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Bio-Oil, $14.95. Improve the

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marks and uneven skin tone

without putting a dent in

your bank account with this

weapon against ageing and

dehydrated skin. Oh, and did

we mention the good people

at Bio-Oil have not changed

their pricing since launching

in the Australian market nearly

30 years ago? 47









We take a look at the ins and outs

of liposuction and reveal why it still

remains one of the most popular procedures

for body contouring.

Words by Erin Docherty.

You may be thinking liposuction has had a bit of a rough ride, what with all

the shiny new non-surgical body contouring fat-busting treatments that

are blitzing the market. However, that’s not quite the case. Liposuction

has remained one of the top procedures year after year, and its popularity is

showing no sign of slowing down.

The difference is that liposuction can complete a bigger reduction in larger

pockets of fat; typically something non-surgical devices just can’t manage well.

Rather than multiple non-invasive body contouring treatments, liposuction can

achieve results with just one procedure.

Dr John Flynn, from Cosmedic & Skin Clinic in Southport, QLD, says the

liposuction procedure has evolved immensely over the years. “In experienced

hands, the procedure is far more gentle and comfortable than ever before,” he

says. “Downtime is minimised (usually two or three days), which makes the

biggest difference for people who lead busy lives.”


Feature 49





cosmetic surgical


Although there is no definitive data about cosmetic surgery trends in Australia, we typically follow American

statistics to provide an insight into emerging and changing trends on our own shores.

Indeed, the current statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reveal liposuction is the

number-one performed cosmetic surgery in the US (the second is breast augmentation) and is the only surgical

procedure with a spot in the top 10 cosmetic procedures overall (surgical and non-surgical).


in my

opinion, is

the ultimate




A little bit about


Liposuction is a surgical procedure,

performed either under anaesthetic

with the patient asleep or with local

anaesthetic using the tumescent

technique where the patient is awake,

to remove deposits of fat from

specificareas of your body.

It can be performed almost

anywhere on the body where there

are pockets of fat, including your neck,

arms, stomach, back, chest, buttocks,

thighs and ankles, and is performed

as day surgery.

“Liposuction allows me to treat more

areas in a reasonable period of time

and we can be judicious on how much

fat we remove. Liposuction, in my

opinion, is the ultimate body shaping

treatment,” says Dr Flynn.

Generally, the area to be treated

is infiltrated with a tumescent fluid

containing local anaesthetic and

a vaso-constrictor which reduces

bleeding and bruising, before small

cannulas are used to vacuum out the

fatty tissue. Alternatively, a syringe can

be used to withdraw the fat.

Power-assisted liposuction, where

radiofrequency, ultrasound or laser

technology is used to improve

liposuction results, can help increase

your skin contracture, while toning

and tightening your skin’s surface.

‘There are several energy devices

that use either laser light energy,

ultrasound energy or radiofrequency

energy, which can be applied during

the liposuction procedure to help

tighten skin for a smoother postprocedure

result,” says Dr Flynn.

Just like any form of cosmetic

enhancement, liposuction is no

panacea. It’s important to remember

the risks of surgery and that

liposuction is not a way of losing

masses of weight or a cure for obesity.

What happens next

After surgery, expect to be swollen,

bruised and sore for a few days. It’s

also common to feel some numbness

in the treated areas, although this

should go away in the first few weeks.

You’ll usually wear a compression

garment for about three weeks to help

aid in skin retraction and healing.

You can typically return to work

after three to five days. It’s important

to remember that all liposuction is

surgery and requires diligent postoperative


Final results – a trimmer looking,

more proportionate and shapely form

– can be seen from around three to

four months after all swelling subsides.

Results are permanent so long as you

maintain your weight and follow a

healthy lifestyle. CBM



Cosmedic & Skin Clinic

Ph 1300 88 13 88


A breakthrough in

post-procedure care

Delivering faster healing,

a more comfortable

recovery and reduced

downtime. 1 1800 567 007

Stratacel is a breakthrough medical

product specifically developed for use

on sensitive skin areas immediately

post procedure.

This advanced, film-forming wound

dressing speeds up the healing process

and provides an excellent hydration

and soothing effect 1 .

For faster healing of the treated skin

and to achieve the best possible

outcome from skin rejuvenation and

resurfacing use Stratacel.


Manufactured by:

Stratpharma AG

Centralbahnplatz 8

CH-4051 Basel


Sponsor in Australia:

A L Kerr Medical Pty Ltd

174 Willoughby Road

Crows Nest NSW 2065

Tel: 1800 567 007

Always read the label. Use only as directed.

1. Data on fi le. Stratpharma AG

European Class IIa Medical Device

FDA Listed/TGA approved





in your






Deciphering the long list of

unfamiliar words and numbers on

a product’s ingredients list is a

daunting task, even when armed

with a chemistry textbook.

No matter how hard I try to stay calm and serene,

my blood pressure soars whenever I’m unfortunate

enough to stumble across certain advertisements.

The kind I’m referring to almost always feature some

actor or celebrity, who earnestly informs me that if I were

savvy enough to switch to a certain brand of shampoo, my

hair would be ‘eight times stronger’. Eight times stronger

than what? An ant? An elephant? My coffee? So, what’s

a cynical girl to do when it comes time for her to buy

cosmetics? In a market swarming with phantasmagorical

stories and promises, making an educated and informed

decision is a challenge.

The good news is this – the information you need is right

in front of you. You just need to know where to look and

how to decipher it once you find it. 53


‘ There’s

no rule in



demands that

the truth be

told. Vague


and loose


are all a part

of the game.

All’s fair in

love and


Ingredients lists

Many countries forbid the sale of cosmetics that do not

include a list of ingredients. In Australia, the sale of beauty

products, regardless of where they were manufactured,

is regulated by a set of statutory rules called the Trade

Practices (Consumer Product Information Standards)

(Cosmetics) Regulations 1991.

Subsection 5(1) of said Regulations states that all

ingredients in a cosmetic product must be listed, either

on the container or on the product itself, in descending

order by volume or mass. Unfortunately there’s no

requirement for disclosure of the exact quantities of each

ingredient or the precise formulations. Even so, finally we

have what appears to be a fairly reliable and consistent

source of information. Don’t we?

Well, not quite. Following subsection (1) is a long list

of exceptions to this rule. I would list them but I’m afraid

you’ll fall asleep as you read them - I did.

There are, however, two points worth noting. The first

concerns something called an ‘incidental ingredient’

which the Regulations define as ‘any ingredient or

substance which has no technical or functional effect...

and is present in insignificant levels’. Any ‘incidental

ingredient’ need not appear on the ingredients list at

all. Hmm.

The second is a confidentiality provision which

essentially allows a company to list a secret formula as

an ‘other ingredient’ if it successfully convinces the

Minister that revealing the ingredients would give away

a ‘trade secret’ and that the ingredients in question are

‘unlikely to be harmful to a consumer’. Even if we don’t

need to know what the ingredients are for the sake of our

safety, the lack of transparency prevents us from deciding

for ourselves if a product’s ‘miracle formula’ is likely to live

up to its promises.

What can we make of all this? Well, for a start, if a

product claims to rely on an active element (say Vitamin

C) which doesn’t appear until the middle or bottom of the

ingredients list, it’s safe to say that the concentration isn’t

substantial enough for it to have an effect on your skin.

The same goes for products that advertise the inclusion of

exotic ingredients like pearls, diamonds or mermaid scales.

More often than not these ingredients are only present in

miniscule amounts, which means they will appear right

near the end of the list.

Misunderstanding or


However imperfect it may be, the ingredients list is where

the facts end and the fiction is free to begin.

Learning how to read a list of ingredients is the best

chance you have of sifting through the waffle. Aside from



the list, a company can say pretty much whatever it

pleases. There’s no rule in advertising which demands

that the truth be told. Vague promises and loose

guarantees are all a part of the game. All’s fair in love

and marketing.

Studies quoted in the advertising material or on the

packaging need not be conducted in the same way

as studies used to test the safety and effectiveness of

pharmaceuticals. For example, the study need not be

impartial. It might be conducted by the same company

that manufactures the product, using a sample size

of, say, 10 women. If nine of them say they noticed

an improvement after using the product (note there

is no objective test for what ‘improvement’ means),

this result can be manipulated and included in the

marketing campaign.

So this hypothetical company can legally publish the

following statement: ‘In a clinical study, 90 percent of

the participants reported a significant improvement

after just three weeks of using Fantabulous Anti-Ageing

Serum’ (not a real product).

Other potentially misleading statements to watch out

for include the following:

– Not tested on animals - most ingredients were tested

on animals at some point in our past. Instead, look for

words to the effect of ‘not currently tested on animals’

or ‘no further testing on animals’.

– Hypo allergenic - says who? There are no regulations

to govern the use of this phrase, so if you have problem

skin, ignore this enticement and seek professional advice

before purchasing skincare products.

The good stuff

Providing you with an exhaustive list of good ingredients

is impossible, but look for products including antioxidants,

anti-irritants, ingredients which mimic the skin’s

structure, cell-communicating ingredients, emollients,

UV protection and delivery agents.

If your skin needs hydration, search for anything

containing a decent amount of hyaluronic acid (the

higher up the list, the better).

Lastly, a quick note on mineral oils and products

derived from petrolatum or crude oil. Despite the fact

that they’re hugely unfashionable these days, they are

very good moisturising ingredients with an excellent

safety record. For people with very dry skin, petrolatum

moisturisers provide excellent barrier protection,

helping to prevent further loss of moisture from

dehydrated skin. 55


The necessary stuff

Ingredients burdened with nasty names are sometimes

unfairly dismissed (consider poor old Diazolidinyl urea,

a preservative which sounds more like a disease than a

cosmetic ingredient). Look them up online and you’ll

discover most are harmless substances functioning as

thickeners, preservatives or texture enhancing agents.

Others, including sodium laureth sulphate (found in many

shower gels and shampoos) and parabens (found in almost

everything) have been tainted by false rumours.

If you’re not sure about an ingredient, look it up

online ( is a good resource) or talk

to a qualified skin specialist.

The nasty bits

I’d like to draw your attention to a few of the unnecessary

ingredients added to enhance a product’s superficial

appeal (the ‘Ooh, that smells lovely!’ factor). A lot of

these ingredients do nothing more than add fragrance

or colour to a product and are potentially irritating to

the skin. They include synthetic dyes, fragrances (both

natural and synthetic) and menthol, often added to create

a tingling sensation which convinces consumers that the

product is ‘working’.

Use-by date

No matter how desperate I am for my morning cup of

coffee, if the use by date on the milk is up, I’m far too

suspicious to risk drinking it.

The same should be applied to the use-by dates for

cosmetics. Have a close look at your beauty products and

you should be able to find a symbol which looks like a jar

with its lid open accompanied by a number and the letter

‘M’. So, for example, if the symbol on your foundation

bottle is followed by ‘12M’ then it has been estimated that

your foundation will survive for 12 months from the date

you break its seal.

All sunscreens in Australia need to have an expiry date

on them, so be sure to check the expiration date and make

sure it has at least a year to go before expiry.

This is only a guideline, as the shelf life of a product is

influenced by many factors both within and beyond your

control, including where you store it, how often you use it

and the way in which you use it (dipping dirty fingers into

the pot and leaving the lid off reduces the longevity of a

product). CBM





RHA (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) ®



For stockists or to buy online go to


00 633 830 *the syringe shown in the picture is a Medical Device Class 3 manufactured by TEOXANE Laboratories and is not included

Email in the skincare range.

or call 1800 63





in the




the Innovative new methods for testing

the safety of cosmetics.

Words by Terri Vinson (BSc. DipFormChem. DipEd)

Founder and Formulator of Synergie Skin.

Animal testing in the cosmetic

industry has become archaic,

and alternative testing

methods are growing. These new

methods are certainly more ethical

and are invariably more cost-effective

than breeding and testing products

on laboratory animals.

Animal testing has sadly been

conducted by cosmetic companies

for decades. Companies find it

more convenient to repeat the tests

that have always been performed

rather than adopt newer and more

reliable tests.

Alternatives to animal testing

are not only more ethical, they are

simply better. For example, animal

tests performed on pregnant rats to

predict the effect of chemicals on

unborn foetuses could only detect

60% of dangerous substances, a fairly

unreliable statistic. However, stem cell

culture tests that caused zero harm to

the rats were able to detect an accurate

100% of dangerous substances.

Silicon chip


New technology has enabled entire

human organs to be mapped and

reproduced on chips. These devices

are able to mimic live organs and

can be used to test effectiveness and

safety of substances on humans. The

skin, being the largest organ of the

human body, can now be reproduced

on a computer chip. Scientists are

currently striving to create an entire

human body on a single chip!

Computer models

Modern technology now has the

ability to replicate aspects of the

human body. Computer skin models

can be used to conduct virtual

experiments based on existing

information and mathematical data.

Skin cell cultures

Science has developed innovative

methods to culture human skin

cells and even 3D skin models in a

laboratory, enabling cosmeceutical

companies to finally be able to

test the effectiveness and safety of

ingredients in ‘ex vivo’ trials rather

than using live animal studies.

Human tissue


Human volunteers may also donate

skin cells and biopsies for skin studies.

Biopsies following cosmetic surgery

and even transplants of healthy and

diseased skin can provide cosmetic

companies and dermatologists with

the tools to study the physiology of

human skin and effects of cosmetic

ingredients. This tissue can be used

to create human skin models which

can replace the traditional rabbit

irritation tests.

Reconstituted human skin models

produced by innovative companies

such as Episkin can be used to replace

the common Draize skin irritation

tests performed on rabbits. The

rudimentary Draize Rabbit irritation

test, which was developed in 1944,

can only predict 60% of adverse skin

reactions. By utilising a 3D human

skin cell culture method, we can

accurately predict over 90% of skin

irritant reactions. Episkin tests have

proven to be more effective than

animal models at predicting human

skin reactions to cosmetic ingredients.

human volunteers

Testing the efficacy of novel

cosmeceutical ingredients is often

performed on live human volunteers.

Companies such as Lipotec test

the effectiveness of ingredients on

groups of individuals (usually around

20 volunteers in cosmetic studies).

Results of these in vivo studies

provide statistically significant results

for marketing purposes.

Sophisticated new imaging devices

such as the Visia scanner produced

by Canfield, world leaders in medical

imaging, can produce reliable clinical

data showing the effect of ingredients

on facial lines, redness, uneven skin

tone, UV damage and pore size.

Reliable and analytical medical before

and after images provide competing

data for cosmeceutical companies

which can replace animal tests.

The Chinese government currently

conducts routine animal testing

on cosmetic products imported

directly to China. Thankfully, there

is increasing pressure on China,

mainly from Europe and the UK,

to seek alternative methods for

testing cosmetics.

Whilst new methods are being

developed as viable alternatives to

animal testing, organisations such

as CCF (Choose Cruelty free) are

overcoming bureaucratic obstacles

and striving to convince cosmetic

companies to shift from traditional

animal testing to newer and more

ethical alternatives. There are still

challenges faced in convincing

companies to adopt and implement

new testing methods but the

alternatives are real, reliable and,

quite simply, right. CBM 59


Living doll

Lip tattooing is the ultimate makeup trick, creating

permanently kissable poutier pouts. Words by AimÉe Rodrigues.

Immediately after full lip tattooing

3 weeks after full lip tattooing

We buff them, moisturise

them and slather them in

colourful gloss. They frame

the words we speak and soften the

most intimate of moments. Indeed,

a voluminous set of lips is thought

to hold a thrall over the opposite sex

like no other part of the body. But

how can you maximise this asset if

your own lips are lacking in colour

and definition?

The procedure that’s on a lot of

people’s lips these days is makeup

tattooing, a semi-permanent

alternative to traditional makeup.

We spoke with Rita Porreca,

a Sydney-based aesthetic

practitioner well known for her

artistry in permanent makeup,

aka makeup tattooing.

In her Five Dock clinic she

offers a range of cosmetic tattoo

services designed to enhance features

such as the eyes and lips, add

definition to eyebrows using a special

feathering technique, as well as

disguise alopecia and scars.

“Cosmetic tattoo treatments

have really grown in popularity,”

says Porreca. “They offer hassle-free

mornings to those whose lifestyles

don’t allow the luxury of free time

between work and kids. Being able to

‘wake up made up’ is very appealing

to a lot of women. There’s also the

group who want to add a punch of

colour or a more defined lip line to

effectively make their lips look fuller

and more prominent.”

“When performed by an

experienced practitioner and

tailored to the facial proportions

and symmetry of each patient,

cosmetic tattooing can really

transform and enhance a client’s

features,” she adds.

Cosmetic tattooing differs from

regular tattooing in that it uses

pigment, rather than ink. It also

won’t last forever like a normal

tattoo. Depending on the area treated

and other factors, permanent makeup

tattoos will last several years before

the pigment gradually fades away.



did you KNOW?

SPMUC FP(NEW) 30/4/07 1:30 PM Page 1


The lips (and tongue)

have the most dense

though the lips of

people with darker

skin colour have more

melanin, making them

visibly darker.

timeless and

effortless beauty

timeless and effortless beauty

concentration of nerve


endings of any part of the

human body – it varies

from person to person,

SPMUC but FP(NEW) it’s around 30/4/07 10,000. 1:30 PM Lip Page skin has 1 no hair or

‘In When 1984 it my comes dream to eyes, was to lips, create face, a

Because of this, lips are an sweat glands. Therefore

Centre body, skin that and provided training, personalised we are the

erogenous zone, making it does not have the usual beauty experts’ solutions expert. With with more natural than and 25

kissing and other acts of protection layer of sweat lasting years’ experience results – a world we have above developed

intimacy a vital part of the and body oils that keep


an excellent




with doctors

mating ritual.

the skin smooth, inhibit

– and Rita surgeons. Porreca, We Founder also work & MDclosely

timeless effortless

with surgeons in post-operative


pathogens and regulate


warmth. This is why the

When it comes to Eyes, Lips, Face, Body, Skin and

– Rita Porreca, Founder & MD

Training we are the experts' expert. We also work closely


with surgeons on post-operative care.


lips dry out faster and

The skin of the lip, with become chapped

three to five cellular layers, more easily.

is very thin compared with

‘In 1984 my dream was to create a


typical face skin, which has

Centre that provided personalised

up SERVICES to 16 layers. WE PROVIDE 5.

beauty solutions Cosmetic with natural Tattooing


lasting results – a world above

Cosmetic Tattooing In some cultures, a

traditional beauty Medical salons.’ Tattooing

Eyebrows Hair stroke to shaded woman’s brows mouth to give and lips you more of a

3. natural appearance

– Rita Porreca, Founder Skin & Needling

are veiled because of their


Our Eyeliner lips are Subtle reddish to Dramatic representative or to define your association eye shape

Dermal BEFORE Planning Peels

because our lip skin is so with the vulva.

When it comes

Lips From lip liner to full lips & blends we make your lips look good with Non to Laser Eyes, Lips, Tattoo Face, Removal

Body, Skin and


an ideal



the blood

Training we are the experts' expert. We also work closely

and colour all the time.

with surgeons Cosmetic on post-operative Tattooing care. Courses

vessels more apparent,

Medical Tattooing

Areola re-pigmentation Is the final stage of breast reconstruction and is AFTER FULL LIP TATTOOING

also considered by those with areola colour loss.


Corrective Camouflage Can bring a natural skin colour back to scars

Cosmetic and burns Tattooing

Eyebrows Hair stroke to shaded brows to give you more of a BEFORE FULL LIP COLOUR


Skin Needling

Lip natural tattooing appearance techniques

Needling treatment for wrinkles, acne scars & scar relaxation


Eyeliner Subtle to Dramatic or to define your eye shape


LIP Lips Skin LINER From Rejuvenation Ideal lip liner for subtle to full definition lips & blends and the we look make of your lips look good with

fuller, an Is ideal more for shape ‘Rosie the rebuilding and Huntington-Whiteley’ colour of all new the collagen time. lips. It and can lightening add pigmentation.



shape and definition to sun-damaged lips, uneven lips and

lips Medical IPL that Hair have Tattooing Removal lost shape as a result of cold sores or injury.

LIP Areola Enables LINE/BLEND re-pigmentation hair removal Great from for Is small nearly the final lips every or stage an part uneven of of breast the lip body reconstruction quickly and is AFTER FULL LIP TATTOOING


shape also and efficiently considered and for lips that by those are uneven with or areola lacking colour in definition loss.

and Corrective volume. This Camouflage treatment achieves Can bring fuller a natural lips whilst skin at colour back to scars

Medical Skin Peels/Microdermabrasion

the and


same burns




time providing


a softer





Peel, CosMedix Peels


& Microdermabrasion

LIP This ultimate lip

to give


you a



to achieve



Skin Needling


lips. It’s great for busy people – no more lipstick touch-ups!

Needling treatment for wrinkles, acne scars & scar relaxation

There’s Cosmetic a wide Dermal range of Fillers colours & to Mesotherapy

choose from, ranging

02 9712 4133


follow us on

from Skin lightest to darkest shades. Wake up in the morning Bella Building, Shop 4/239

Cosmetic Rejuvenation Tattooing Courses

with Is Learn, ideal perfect

up-skill for lips, the and rebuilding all day,


every of day.

with new It’s

professional collagen the lip colour and cosmetic lightening that

tattooing pigmentation. Great


North Rd, Five Dock


won’t smudge off. CBM

located in Cosmedic Professionals

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fBeauty is ever evolving and

now, more than ever, how you

feel about the way you look

and how society perceives you are

increasingly important and a very real

factor in women’s everyday lives.

The Face Value survey,

commissioned by pharma giant

Allergan, asked 2,000+ Australian

women aged 20-49 how they feel

about their looks, the pressure they

feel to stay ‘youthful’, what they

know about treatments available

to address ageing, and how they

view those who have cosmetic

procedures such as dermal fillers

and anti-wrinkle injections.

The result? Behind efforts to

improve their appearance, Australian

women desire to ‘feel good and look

good’ and overall they want

to achieve a natural, best version

of themselves.

While women want to take the

steps to maintain their appearance,

in direct conflict with this is that

the act of doing so may cause them

to be seen as superficial, and therefore

makes them uneasy. Experts say

that despite rising interest and use

of non-surgical treatments, limited

understanding makes it hard for

women to openly explore whether

these options are right for them.

New research highlights what we

really think of cosmetic injectables.

words by Erin Docherty. 63


Societal pressures

The findings confirmed

overwhelmingly that the bulk of

Australian women are feeling the

need to address their appearance.

How women today feel about facial

appearance, the main drivers for

enhancing their looks, and how

they think age and looks are

perceived at work and by society in

general plays an integral role in how

they view themselves.

Over two-thirds (67%) of women

surveyed stated they are under ‘more

pressure than men to stay looking

young’ and that facial attractiveness

and perception of age impact work

opportunities. More than half (61%)

of respondents aged 35-49 agree

‘women are increasingly judged on

how they present themselves’.

While it was found that all women

prioritise health, appearance and

fitness, the focus was highest in

younger women (67% of 25-29 years

olds vs. 41% of 35-39 year olds, for

example), highlighting a possible shift

in the perception of beauty.

When it comes to social media, one

third (33%) of women aged 35-49 say

they post fewer pictures of themselves

now they sense they are looking

older; and 1 in 4 women in this age

group are ‘less comfortable when

people are taking pictures of them’

than they used to be.

The research also uncovered a

general desire for more openness

about facial injectable procedures

among women, with nearly half

(46%) of all respondents believing

women should be able to be public

about their experiences and do so

without feeling judged (39%).

Nearly half (46%) of all

respondents also said they would ‘be

supportive’ if a friend was considering

these procedures and a further 37%

would be neutral; only 17% say they’d

actively ‘discourage them’.





of Australian women make an

effort to look good ‘just for



say a desire to boost selfconfidence

is why they would

seek treatment


believe dermal fillers have

become more socially

acceptable compared with five

years ago


have used injectable

facial fillers


believe facial injectables

can look natural

64 65


Injectables and

the fear of


While women want to take the steps

to maintain their appearance, the

research revealed that they sense

some of the methods available do

not have full social acceptance and

therefore perceive a need for them to

be kept private.

The research delved into how open

women are to sharing information

on facial aesthetic procedures, and

the challenges of whether to keep it

private or go public and ‘risk’ scrutiny.

More than two-thirds of women

in the survey (71%) said they would

expect judgement for using an

injectable treatment, citing reasons

to keep it private including: being

viewed as ‘false or superficial’ (24%),

being made to feel ‘vain or selfindulgent’

(16%) and fearing ‘people

talking negatively about me behind

my back’ (12%).

Even more uncomfortable than

the thought that people are judging

them is the direct challenge where

women may be asked if they have had

a procedure. Overall it places them

in an uncomfortable situation where

they may have to tell a ‘white lie’ or

provide an incomplete response.

When asked whether they had

had a procedure, 41% of female

respondents (35-39 years old) said

they would change the subject or

tell a ‘white lie’; only 37% would be

truthful and admit to it.

“What’s very interesting is that

women may be over-estimating the

potential for a negative response

from friends, family and workmates,

when they consider injectable

options,” says Sydney plastic surgeon

Dr Steven Liew.

“There is clear empathy and

greater support now among women,

which indicates the actual level of

‘judgement’ that exists is largely

internal. What many women may

also not appreciate is that the

sophisticated and modern techniques

we use can generate very subtle,

refreshed results – everyone will

notice but no one will know.”

Knowledge gap

The results show a significant

information gap, and Australian

women appear to lack knowledge

about facial aesthetics options, and

whether they use them or would

consider using them.

The research found approximately

6% of 20 to 49-year-old women are

using facial injectables (dermal fillers

and/or wrinkle injections), equivalent

to more than 600,000 women – but

knowledge levels remain low. One

in five (21%) of the women in the

survey confirmed they are considering

dermal fillers yet over one-third (31%)

admitted they were not aware of them.

“To get the subtle, natural result

many Australian women hope for, it’s

critical that they are well informed,

doing research into the options, being

clear in what they want to achieve

and talking to a qualified, specialist,

trained doctor about an individualised

plan, before committing to

treatment,” says Dr Liew.

Cosmetic physician Dr Cath

Porter says, “As a specialist in this

area, I feel the more honest discussion

and accurate information that’s

out there, the better for women

who are using these products or are

considering them.”

“We’ve had anti-wrinkle injections

in Australia for 25 years now and

dermal fillers for 15+ years but there’s

an obvious mismatch between the

level of criticism women feel they’ll

receive, and the positive results that

can be achieved.”

For women aged 35-44, 23% feel

the celebrity looks in Hollywood ‘set

unrealistic and superficial ideals for

younger women’. Views on this are

mixed, however; 20% of women the

same age say the Hollywood look

is ‘deliberately attention-seeking

and not meant for everyday women’

– but then 16% of all women also

empathise that ‘their income relies

on their looks and, given the same

situation, perhaps we’d all do it.’



Our faces are our calling cards

– an outward projection of who we are –

and they are shared more widely than

ever on social media, as well as

representing us in everyday life

The new beauty


While the Face Value Survey

allowed us to explore the minds

of Australian women, Allergan

has also commissioned ‘The

Global Faces of Beauty: A Global

Report’ which revealed the views

of nearly 8,000 women across 16

countries, identifying a new age of

beauty confidence.

It compared the beauty and

ageing trends in 16 nations, including

Australia, Brazil, Canada, China,

France, Germany, Italy, Japan,

Mexico, Netherlands, South Korea,

Spain, Thailand, Turkey, the UK

and the US.

Examining the concept of beauty,

skincare routines and anti-ageing

treatments, the comprehensive

research revealed women are

more aware and open to aesthetic

enhancement and are taking control

of how ageing affects their appearance

as a way to feel more confident

about themselves.

“Never before has women’s

external image been so important

or so hotly debated. Our faces are

our calling cards – an outward

projection of who we are – and they

are shared more widely than ever on

social media, as well as representing

us in everyday life,” says Caroline

Van Hove, Senior Vice President,

International Medical Aesthetics

at Allergan.

According to the report, female

beauty is no longer driven solely by a

desire to look younger – women want

to control how they look as a way to

change how they feel as an individual.

“When it comes to women’s beauty

goals, some key cultural differences

are apparent. In Europe, women

embrace ageing naturally and subtly.

In Asian markets, women want a

more obvious transformation, while

in the Middle East women want

to look more beautiful with fast

enhancing results that accentuate

their best features. What is especially

exciting about this new research is

the discovery that women around

the world are united by an increasing

desire to control how their looks

evolve with time,” says Van Hove.

“And whether through photo

filters, makeup or aesthetic

procedures, investing in beauty is

their way of positively influencing

their image.”

Among these thousands of

individuals, some interesting trends

were apparent but one strong

universal truth emerged: women

choose to look great for themselves.

Modern, empowered women are

embracing aesthetic treatments to

look great not for social acceptance

but because it makes them feel

confident and strong.

“Now, with innovations in

aesthetics and the broader beauty

sector, women are able to harness

the power of their own image and

create a natural look that is right for

them. This is no longer something to

aspire to or wish for – it is accessible

and acceptable. Aesthetic treatments

are setting a new standard in beauty,

which women will come to demand

in the same way they expect great

looking hair colour,” says Van Hove.

“We know that women across

the globe are experiencing a beauty

revolution as they seize control of

their own image and use it to express

their inner self.”

Overall, what we can see from these

two studies is that Australian women

are more aware and open to aesthetic

enhancement and have a refreshed

attitude towards beauty, prioritising

confidence over a youthful appearance.

The results also confirm that there is a

high level of acceptance of injectable

procedures, alongside a national

preference for natural-looking results

and a heightened focus on skin quality.

This research plays a pivotal role

in exhibiting the diverse range of

opinions and attitudes around

beauty and the role of facial aesthetics

in helping women achieve their

goals. CBM 67




in minimally



Looking for real results

without the downtime of surgery?

We reveal the small treatments that

can deliver big improvements.

Looking younger does not

mean that hardcore surgery is

your only option. With everevolving

aesthetic advancements,

minimally invasive procedures have

become the go-to for improving

facial aesthetics and reversing signs

of ageing.

Whether you wish to look younger,

fresher, rejuvenated or ‘happier’,

there’s a range of less invasive surgical

treatments that can rival the results

of more complex surgery.

Sydney cosmetic physician Dr

Buddy Beaini calls on an array of

light-based devices, thread lifting

procedures and injectables in

his clinics to tailor results to the

individual patient.

“During the consultation I

ask my patients to describe their

main concerns. I then outline the

advantages, disadvantages, success

rates, downtime and budget involved

Words by Erin Docherty.

with a number of relevant treatment

options,” says Dr Beaini.

“Patients of all ages have been

treated, with excellent results,” he

says. “With the current advanced

technology and techniques,

facial rejuvenation has developed

dramatically, giving patients the

options to look and feel younger

without the need for major

surgery. In particular, thread

lifting, blepharoplasty and bat

ear correction (otoplasty) are less

invasive procedures that can achieve

significant results.”

Dr Beaini believes that when

used correctly, minimally invasive

procedures can reverse the

outward signs of ageing. “When

selected appropriately and used in

combination, minimally invasive

procedures can make the patient look

five to 10 years younger, and a lot

happier,” he says.


Thread Lifting

What is it?

This is a minimally invasive way to

lift the skin on the face to achieve

a younger and more contoured

appearance and counter the

inevitable effects of gravity. Threads

can be used to lift the brow, face

and neck, as well as reposition the

cheeks, reduce jowling and enhance

the lips.

What’s involved?

Dissolvable threads are inserted

into the skin’s dermis, or support

structure, to trigger the synthesis of

collagen and elastin at the site. The

threads act as scaffolding for the

production of these new connective

fibres, lifting and bolstering the

tissue for an anti-ageing and

rejuvenating effect.


“I’ve been performing mini-facelifts

and neck lifts with threads over the

past three or so years, and have seen

exceptional lifting and rejuvenation

results in more than 95 percent of our

patients,” says Dr Beaini.

Thread lifting is suitable for those

patients hoping to reverse the descent

of facial soft tissue associated with

ageing, or to waylay the need for a

surgical facelift. It is performed under

local anaesthetic, and incurs some

mild swelling and possible bruising




What is it?

“When we look at an individual’s

face, our attention first focuses on

the eyes, and any abnormality or

asymmetry,” Dr Beaini explains.

For this reason, blepharoplasty – or

eyelid hooding surgery – can achieve

significant results in rejuvenating the

entire face.

What’s involved?

The procedure involves excising

excess fat and skin from the upper

and/or lower eyelids to open the eyes

for a fresher, more alert appearance.

Dr Beaini performs this as day surgery

under local anaesthesia. It can be

used in conjunction with other

treatments such as brow thread

lifting, non-invasive skin tightening

and laser skin rejuvenation.


“If you have droopy, tired and ageing

eyes, the first impression is that you’re

sad, tired or unwell,” says Dr Beaini.

“Eyelid surgery is a very effective

and long-term solution and

automatically has the effect of

revitalising the entire face.”


Bat ear


What is it?

Bat ear, or prominent ear correction,

is a non-surgical ear pinning

procedure that restores facial

symmetry by reducing prominent

ears permanently.

“Any abnormality and asymmetry

in facial appearance will attract

attention, which is particularly the

case for people who have bat ears,”

Dr Beaini explains.

What’s involved?

Dr Beaini offers a permanent

non-surgical treatment to correct

and reshape protruding ears (bat

ear correction). He performs the

procedure with a mild sedative and

local anaesthesia; no hospitalisation,

general anaesthetic or surgical

incisions are required.


“These patients were born with

this problem and, in most cases, are

burdened with underlying emotional

issues relating to the appearance

of their ears. The joy and relief

they experience once their ears

are corrected makes this treatment

extremely desirable,” he says. CBM


“Thread lifting is commonly used to

lift and improve mid-face drooping,

deep cheek wrinkles, deep nasolabial

lines, excessive jowling and neck

laxity,” Dr Beaini explains. “Other

concerns it targets include brow

droop, facial asymmetry and loss of

cheek positioning.”


MD Cosmedical Solutions

Ph 1300 885 808 69


Get skin

as good as it


7 0 www .cosbe aut y . c o m . a u

S kin

Reach a whole new level of

hydration and enjoy the instant

improvement to the look and feel

of your skin with Hydrafacial.

Words by Erin Docherty.

Skin health doesn’t need to be complicated. HydraFacial

keeps it simple by delivering a non-invasive gentle

procedure that rejuvenates and protects the health of

your skin, allowing your natural beauty to shine through.

HydraFacial is the next-gen facial that produces

immediate and noticeable results after a single

treatment. It combines exfoliation, acid peels,

extractions and antioxidant infusions to cleanse, nourish

and brighten the skin to bring it to the top of its game.

The deep cleansing, decongesting and nourishing

treatment takes only 30 minutes, and it’s recommended

to have once a month to keep skin looking and

functioning at its peak.

“When I saw the results being achieved by the HydraFacial, I knew that it

was a modality that we needed to have in the clinic. Colleagues of mine were

raving about the results they were seeing,” says Melbourne cosmetic surgeon

Dr Sean Arendse from Flawless Rejuvenation.

“The treatment combines a number of modalities, including cleansing,

exfoliation, an acid peel, extraction, hydration and skin protection, all in

one 30-minute treatment, which is far superior and more comfortable than

traditional microdermabrasion,” he says.

Along with its effectiveness in cleansing, nourishing and brightening the

skin, HydraFacial sets itself apart from other skin-resurfacing treatments in the

way it hydrates and improves the appearance of the skin without any irritation,

downtime or discomfort. 71


What does

the treatment


What are

the benefits?

What results

can you expect?

The HydraFacial system is great for “I have only ever had positive

The HydraFacial system uses five

steps: cleansing and exfoliation

removes dead skin cells, an acid peel

dislodges grime from the pores, and

a vortex suction extraction system

unclogs the pores completely. This

cleansing is followed by the infusion

of a highly active hydrating serum to

nourish and protect the skin.

The nourishing consists of an

infusion of highly active hydrating

serums, consisting of vortex-fused

antioxidants and hyaluronic

acid, which is applied to nourish

and protect the skin. Finally, the

specialised HydraFacial Daily

Essentials skincare is applied to help

retain moisture and protect and

smooth the surface of the skin.

skin maintenance, or skin ‘fitness’.

It is soothing, hydrating, noninvasive,

non-irritating and has no

downtime. The gentle nature of

HydraFacial also means anyone is

suitable for treatment.

The HydraFacial works to

improve the appearance of fine lines,

wrinkles, congested and enlarged

pores, oily or acne-prone skin,

hyperpigmentation and brown spots.

It’s a great introduction to anti-ageing

procedures or a reliable skin refresher

if you’re after a quick complexion


“Many of our young patients want

the impossible: great results with

little or no downtime. The

HydraFacial is one of the few

feedback from our patients with

regards to the HydraFacial,” says

Dr Arendse. “Our patients report

an improvement in their skin after

the first treatment. Many tell us

how fresh their skin feels both

immediately and in the days

following treatment.”

There is no typical patient for

HydraFacial; treatment is widely

applicable and suitable for those

patients who are interested in

maintaining and optimising skin

health. It is safe at all ages and

on all skin types. Dr Arendse

recommends one treatment a

month for best results.

“A little party trick of mine is to

show my patient all the dead cells

modalities which indeed delivers and dirt that has been removed from

this,” says Dr Arendse.

their skin, which usually amazes

“We have seen consistently them, as we all think our skin is

reproducible reduction in the

cleaner than it is.”

The 5 steps

effects of sun damage, blemishes and “For my patients, the HydraFacial


fine lines, and improvement in is a pain-free, safe, zero-downtime

Cleansing and

overall skin texture, with regular treatment for any skin type that


treatments. A standout feature of the gives visible improvements in skin

Dead skin calls are removed HydraFacial is that we can deliver quality and texture,” concludes

to reveal healthy new skin

these results with zero downtime. Dr Arendse. CBM


It’s a real lunchtime treatment

Acid Peel

where patients can go straight back

This gentle peel helps

to work with glowing skin,” he says.

loosen dirt and debris from

Especially effective for dull,

pores without irritation

uneven skin tones in need of


invigoration, HydraFacial can also


be used to treat dry skin in addition

Automated extractions

to congested or acne-prone skin. It

use vortex suction to clean

out pores

is also effective post-surgically, after

facelifts, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty



and other facial cosmetic surgery,

Antioxidants and hyaluronic to aid recovery and enhance


acid are vortex-fused to the results.

nourish and protect the skin “The HydraFacial is used

extensively at Flawless Rejuvenation,



sometimes on its own, often in

The HydraFacial Daily

combination with LED therapy

Essentials skincare helps and also in association with a more To find a practitioner in your area,

maintain and protect results invasive treatment,” says Dr Arendse. visit


is the


of youth

This new era in skin rejuvenation is now available at these clinics

Lily Room Cosmetic

Medical Clinic

Suite 3

12-14 Malvern Ave

Chatswood NSW

02 9904 7000

Perth Skin Clinic

Unit 13, Dr7 Medical Centre

162 Wanneroo Rd

Yokine WA

08 9440 4500

Total Aesthetics

by Dr Teo

240 William St

Bathurst NSW

02 6331 7774

The DOC Clinic

Dr Ahmed Omarjee

302 Heaths Road

Hoppers Crossing

Melbourne VIC

03 9021 6022

FACTOR4 is highly concentrated and super-rich blood serum containing

four times more growth factors and cytokines than any brand Blood

Rich Injection product.

FACTOR4 is autologous (harvested from the body’s own substances)

and is used to reinvigorate skin quality and treat both wrinkles and

crepiness in areas of the face, neck, décolletage, back of hands, dark

eye circles, stretch marks and scars with bonus effects of a signifi cant

reduction in static face lines and tightening of the skin.

Call one of the clinics above for more information.









Defy the signs of ageing, revamp your

appearance and reveal your natural

beauty with Lids By Design, A NON-


While the eyes may be the

window to your soul, they

are also a significant marker

of your age. If you’re unhappy with

the appearance of your eyes and have

drooping, sagging or asymmetrical

eyelids, you may be on the fence about

deciding whether to go under the knife.

Say hello to your new best friend –

Lids By Design.

As we age, the skin around our eyes

loses its natural elasticity, causing the

eyelids to droop and sag. Lids By Design

is a safe, non-invasive solution to this

everyday problem, helping to resolve

issues like sagging skin, asymmetrical

eyes, and heavy lids that can disturb your

natural beauty.

Lids By Design is gaining a loyal

following in the US and now Australia.

It’s a simple beauty solution to instantly

lift eyelids and transform your appearance

without any needle or scalpel in sight. It’s

also an ingenious way to “try on” the look

of a surgical eye lift procedure.

What are they?

Lids By Design are temporary adhesive

strips. When applied to your eyelid, they

instantly lift lids and widen eyes, hiding

excess skin in the natural fold of your lid.

Made of medical-grade quality tape and

designed for both men and women, Lids

By Design is hypoallergenic, latex-free,

organic product that blends in with the

skin and can be worn all day.

How do they work?

The strips hide the excess skin in the

natural fold of your lid and instantly lift

the eye, making you look younger, fresher

and happier (no more tired-looking

hangdog eyes).

Lids By Design can temporarily help:

• Loose, sagging skin hanging over

your lashes

• Asymmetrical lids making you look

and feel uneven

• Excess skin covering the natural

fold of the lid

• Heavy lids disturbing the natural

contour of the eye area and

sometimes impairing vision.

The adhesive is breathable and

virtually invisible, so you can wear

them comfortably either alone or

under makeup. They’re also super

quick and easy to apply once you get

the hang of it. Designed for one-time

use, simply apply a strip to your eyelid

each morning before your regular

skincare and makeup regimen and

gently peel them off before bed.

Lids By Design is shaping up to be

the new non-surgical way to mask

the appearance of sad and droopy

eyes – perfect for everyday correction

or to add the wow factor to special

occasions. CBM



Lids By Design is distributed

in Australia by Bella Aesthetics.


to purchase online or call

02 9398 2755. Lids By Design RRP

$69.95 for 80 strips (40 days’ wear). 75









The world of non-surgical body

shaping is continually advancing.

Here’s the skinny on some of the

latest technology science has

brought to the table.

Words by AimÉe Rodrigues.

ver the past couple of decades body contouring surgery has

become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. But not

everyone needs or is willing to undergo surgery, anaesthesia

and the like to remove excess fat and reshape the body.

Some serious advancements in the field of fat

reduction now offer non-surgical procedures that can

achieve noticeable results with no downtime, no

surgery and minimal (if any) discomfort.

Most of these devices harness some form of energy –

be it radiofrequency, ultrasound, freezing temperatures

or hyperthermic laser – to break down underlying fat

while leaving surrounding tissues unaffected.

This type of procedure doesn’t require any anaesthesia

and is performed in the clinic. There is normally zero

downtime, only some mild discomfort and results are

permanent if you maintain your weight.

What’s the catch, you may be thinking? Well, that’s difficult

to answer. The only real ‘negative’ is that it’s suited to people

with small to localised fat deposits (think muffin top or some extra

belly fat), not for larger scale fat reduction.

All of these body contouring devices may have temporary side effects,

such as swelling, redness or bruising around the treated area, which normally

disappear after a week or so. Changes are gradual, as the body naturally

metabolises the destroyed fat cells over the next several weeks.

Although non-surgical body contouring devices offer an effective means for

achieving a more streamlined body shape – commonly targeting treatment

areas such as the abdomen and thighs – it’s worth remembering that no nonsurgical

device can achieve the level of fat removal possible with liposuction.

Here we look at the top-three trending fat-busting procedures in the

Australian market. 77




This non-surgical treatment uses

radiofrequency (RF) energy to reduce

pockets of fat. The energy is emitted via

an applicator through the skin without

damaging the outer layers, only targeting

the underlying fat and tissues.

The latest technology in this area

is the enCurve by Lutronic, officially

launched in Australia in September

2016. It uses a special frequency

(27.12MHz) to selectively target

and heat fat cells to an optimal

temperature, leading to the fat

cells’ death. The body’s natural

removal process then takes

over, permanently removing the

damaged cells. This results in

a sleeker body contour in the

treatment area.

This is touted to be a more

gentle and comfortable way to

reduce fat cells, literally melting

away fat rather than blasting it.

The tummy, hips and thighs

are most suited to RF body

contouring treatments, and

most people report only a slight

warming sensation on their skin

during treatment.

Like other non-surgical body

contouring devices, results can be

observed after a single treatment,

although a series of treatments

is usually recommended for

significant results.



Non-invasive fat reduction using

hyperthernic laser is also new to the

market. Launched in Australia in

November 2015 by Cynosure, the

innovative treatment, called

SculpSure, is the first FDA-cleared

laser treatment for non-invasive fat

reduction of the flanks (love handles)

and abdomen.

It uses a 1060nm laser to target and

destroy fat cells below the dermis.

Multiple areas can be treated at

once in just 25 minutes, and all skin

types are suitable. The controlled

hyperthermic laser induces fat cell

injury by raising adipose temperature

to a range of 42 to 47˚ C – the ideal

temperature to eliminate fat cells,

without damage to surrounding tissue.

There is no downtime and minimal,

if any, discomfort. Results can be seen

around six weeks after treatment as

the body naturally metabolises the

destroyed fat. A series of treatments

is typically recommended for

optimum results.



Cryolipolysis uses freezing

temperatures to kill fat cells without

traumatising the surrounding

tissues or harming the skin. The

two main contenders using this

fat-freezing technology are Clatuu

and CoolSculpting.

During treatment, the area to be

treated is suctioned into position by

the device’s applicator head

and then cold temperatures

are directed to the fat cells

under the skin, leaving the

surrounding tissues intact.

The “frozen fat” dies and

is absorbed by your body

over time.

A gradual cooling sensation

is felt, similar to placing the

area in iced water, but this

subsides as the body gets used

to the change. The initial

suction may be uncomfortable

depending on the laxity of

the skin, but any discomfort

usually subsides about 10

minutes into treatment.

Post treatment, the target

area feels stiff and cold,

appearing squarish as if still

moulded to the inside of the

applicator. This can look

strange immediately after

the treatment, but it subsides

after about 30 minutes as

the skin and underlying

tissues soften back to room

temperature. CBM




• For wrinkles, scarring & stretch marks

• Reusable 20 – 30 uses

• Hypoallergenic // Non-transdermal

• Treats ageing, sun damage & side sleeping creases

• Worn while you sleep or during the day

Chest Smoothing Kit

Mouth Smoothing Kit

Forehead & Eye Smoothing Kit

Neck Smoothing Kit 1300 620 122



way to





From love handles to double chins,

here’s the technology to reduce unwanted

fat with no surgery or downtime.

Words by AimÉe Rodrigues.

by now you’ve probably heard

about CoolSculpting, the

in-clinic treatment that

permanently destroys fat cells by

literally freezing them to death.

It’s just one of the many new

non-surgical body contouring

devices now available to us

– and it’s been spreading like

wildfire across the country, not

least of all because once the fat

cells have been destroyed, it’s

permanent. (Yes, you heard

that right.)

The skin therapists at Skin Renu Laser & Skin

Rejuvenation Clinic know a good thing when they see

it. They’ve been using CoolSculpting at their clinic for

more than a year now and have seen some impressive

circumference-reducing results.

“The demand for non-surgical body sculpting treatments

is growing exponentially – for the right person it’s a great

way to eliminate fatty deposits on areas such as the tummy,

love handles and inner thighs in the space of a lunch

break,” says Sylvia Down, practice manager at Skin Renu.

“CoolSculpting is a clinically proven non-invasive body

sculpting technology that uses freezing temperatures to

target areas of the body which are reluctant to shift fat,

resulting in smoother contours, a more sculpted body and a

more proportionate physique.”

During CoolSculpting treatment, the unwanted fat is

sucked between two cooling plates. This vacuum-like

suction draws the area into the applicator head so that the

cool temperature is directly delivered to the underlying fat

cells to kill them while keeping the skin unaffected. The

destroyed fat cells are then naturally metabolised over the

body over the ensuing weeks and months

Though you may feel intense cold initially, this feeling

usually subsides as the area numbs. You may also feel some

pulling, tugging and mild pinching.

CoolSculpting has recently released a new applicator

head, the CoolAdvantage applicator, to increase direct

contact with the area being treated and lower the

temperature. This means treatment time is cut in half and

now takes as little as 35 minutes. Treatment with the new

CoolAdvantage has also shown a 45% increase in comfort

levels, reducing the pulling and pinching sensation to next

to nothing.

CoolSculpting can be used to treat the tummy, love

handles and flanks, to name a few. Fat reduction of

between 20 and 25 percent in the treated areas is typical.

Something of a breakthrough is the development of

CoolSculpting to treat double chins. The CoolMini

applicator has been specifically designed to target smaller

areas of fat accumulation, such as a double chin. Up to

20 percent fat reduction in the area can be achieved in

one to two treatments.

“Of all the devices and technologies I have seen as an

aesthetic medical practice manager, nothing beats the

CoolMini for double chin elimination,” says Down.

For the body, generally two or three sessions are

required, performed six to eight weeks apart, although

some people see fantastic results after just one treatment.

“CoolSculpting is an excellent option for the average

modern-day person who is within the healthy weight range

but has some problem areas that just won’t budge with

diet or exercise alone,” says Down.

The capabilities of medical science are never ending

and it’s fascinating to think that, in as little as 35 minutes,

the term ‘freezing your butt off’ can literally become

reality. CBM



Skin Renu Laser &

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Summer is here

and while you

might still be

waiting for your

beach bod to

arrive, there’s

a simple, quick

and effective solution to shrink

your waistline.

With the International Body

Wrap, you can enjoy the benefits

of radiant, glowing skin and say

goodbye to a guaranteed 15cm

off your total body circumference.

The best part? The treatment

is free if you don’t drop the

minimum 15cm.




The International Body Wrap uses

natural Dead Sea clay to cleanse

and detoxify your body of impurities

such as toxins and free radicals. So,

while you’re detoxing your body,

you’ll also be detoxing your skin.

Your body will first be measured

and marked up so that your exact

centimetere loss can be calculated

after the treatment. You will then

be wrapped head to toe with

bandages soaked in Dead Sea clay

and a vinyl suit is worn for warmth

and comfort.

Historically known for its cleansing

and detoxification qualities, the

clay is used to draw toxins out of

the body. As the clay particles

become hydrated, they expand

and are able to absorb many times

their own weight in body toxins.

After an hour, the wraps are

removed to reveal softer, firmer

and more toned skin. The skin tissue

is also compressed and the soft

fatty tissues are compacted,

resulting in reduction of your

body circumference.

The solution acts as a magnet

for many toxic elements present

in the body such as free radicals.

Like a giant poultice, it draws

out toxins and impurities from

your body while cleansing your

skin to leave it feeling softer

and smoother.

The result? Your body is

significantly smaller, trimmer

and toned-looking, all without

stepping on the treadmill.

Your new, sexy shape should

last at least 30 days – and up to

12 months if you maintain a healthy

lifestyle and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Not only do you walk away with

a new beach body but the wrap

also helps to improve circulation,

skin texture and does wonders for

an all-over confidence boost. Where

do we sign up?! CBM



Nicole’s Beauty Salon offers only the very best treatments available,

including the International Body Wrap which improves the appearance

of cellulite, stretch marks and scar tissue and is guaranteed to take 15

centimetres off your entire body size - or your money back!

With highly trained aestheticians and stunning surroundings, any

treatment you have at Nicole’s Beauty Salon will be a luxurious

experience you’ll long for time and time again.

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These are the products that

have made cult status; the

essentials we find ourselves

scraping, squeezing and tubecutting

to get every last

precious drop. Welcome to the

cream of the crop!




Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age, $550. A truly

complete anti-ageing product that acts on

the visible signs associated with the three

dimensions of ageing: genetic, environmental

and lifestyle. The results are spectacular for skin

hydration and radiance which in turn help to

improve wrinkles and skin laxity.

Black Rose Precious Face Oil, $260.

This luxurious silky smooth dry oil truly has to

be experienced to be believed. With a high

concentration of active ingredients, it helps

restore comfort, suppleness and renewed

vibrancy to dry or dehydrated skin.


Hydr8 Day 360 Total Anti-

Ageing Moisturiser SPF 30,

$119. This multi-purpose

SPF30 nourishing moisturiser

is formulated with active

ingredients to protect against

sun damage and help reduce

the appearance of fine lines

and wrinkles. An everyday


C-Tetra Vitamin C

Antioxidant Serum,

$78.20. A professionalstrength


Vitamin C serum four

times more active than

regular Vitamin C. It

helps combat sundamaged

skin and

protect against future

damage. (Also acts

as a wonderful skin



360 Retinol 0.5, $74.95. Part of

the new Obagi360 System, this

gentle encapsulated retinol is

released over time, delivering the

proven anti-ageing cell renewal

benefits of retinol while reducing

the appearance of flaking, redness

and inflammation.

360 Exfoliating Cleanser, $49.95.

This cleanser polishes skin and

cleans out the pores, helping fade

signs of ageing such as brown

spots, fine lines and wrinkles. The

result is softer, smoother skin that

appears youthful and radiant.


Environ has long been

considered a world

leader in scientific

skincare, and the

award-winning brand’s

Our Youth EssentiA

Vita-Peptide Eye Gel,

$107, takes eye care

to the next level. The

gel helps plump up the

delicate skin around the

eyes, helping to reduce

the look of fine lines

and rejuvenate the

area in general. 85




Celltresor Intense Rebuilding Cream,

$397. Supports the skin’s natural

regeneration by acting on the cellular

level to visibly improve skin volume

and hydration. The skin is prompted to

rebuild the dermis and the epidermis,

thereby regaining elasticity and volume.

ÜberZinc, $110. If there’s one product you use, make it

this. The greatest defence against ageing is quality sun

protection, and ÜberZinc has you covered. It’s made with

20% zinc oxide that screens UVA/UVB rays, as well as

antioxidant pure green tea extract. It’s invisible on the skin

and luxuriously hydrating. Win/win!

Super Serum, $149. This antiageing

serum packed with powerful

rejuvenating peptides and marine

bioferments should be a skincare

staple for anyone concerned with

ageing skin.



Active C Serum, $124. Vitamin C

is one of the essential all-rounders

for healthy, clear skin and this

supercharged Vitamin C serum

fortified with extra antioxidants and

peptides lives up to its promise for

lightening and brightening

the complexion.

Phyto Corrective Masque, $85.

This new offering from skincare

giant Skinceuticals provides

an immediate calming effect

on sensitised skin. It contains

concentrated botanical

extracts and hyaluronic acid to

intensively soothe and provide

instant hydration.




Phyto Replenish Oil, $120. Old

faithful Dermalogica has a new

kid on the block, this feather-light

facial oil which helps to strengthen

and restore the skin’s natural

protective barrier, shield against

environmental stressors, and lock

in moisture for all-day dewy skin.


DNA Intensive Renewal, $157.50.

Arguably the hero of the

legendary DNA Renewal range,

this serum targets the skin’s

natural DNA repair processes to

help counter damage caused by

environmental stressors.

DNA Intensive Renewal is

enjoying cult status for its ability

to make skin appear more

youthful and glowing.


Retriderm Vitamin A Skin

Serum 0.75% Plus, $105.

These clinically proven

Vitamin A serums

(available in different

0.5, 0.75 and 1%

strengths) have a

protein-rich, oil-free

formula, making them

unique amongst retinol

products and allowing

for maximum absorption

with minimal irritation.

Skin is noticeably

smoother, thanks to the

promotion of increased

collagen, elastin

and hyaluronic acid

production in the skin.


Define, $116.60. This

extraordinary exfoliating

cream is a gentle at-home

skin resurfacer using a

complex of alpha hydroxy

acids and retinol to gently

exfoliate multiple layers of

the skin and encourage cell


Opti Crystal Eye Serum,

$138.60. A good eye

product is an important

weapon in the fight against

ageing. This impressive

serum uses growth factors

and alpha lipoic acid to

diminish the look of lines

and wrinkles. 87


on our radar

The new skincare


We look at a new skincare line that’s using

dermal filler technology for a unique

approach to skin hydration.

It’s no secret that

cosmeceuticals are major

players in skincare – and

for good reason. Bridging

the gap between cosmetics

and pharmaceutical-grade

creams, they contain active

ingredients that can affect

real changes at a cellular level, helping to

repair and protect the skin.

The latest line-up is Teoxane

Cosmeceuticals, a unique skincare system

that combines luxury with science, and

boasts a brand-new ingredient to the

beauty world.

It was specifically designed to protect

and moisturise the skin after cosmetic

procedures such as chemical peels, laser

or microdermabrasion, but it goes much

further than this – it nourishes the skin

to further reduce the appearance of

ageing for smoother, more radiant skin.

Introducing a new

skincare ingredient

Whether you’ve just had a cosmetic

rejuvenation procedure or simply want to

maintain a youthful appearance, Teoxane

products are clinically proven to help

restore volume, hydrate the skin and

reduce the common signs of ageing.

Each product in Teoxane

Cosmeceuticals is formulated with a new

ingredient called resilient hyaluronic



acid (RHA), which works to create a

moisture-rich protective barrier on the

skin. This crossed-linked hyaluronic acid

is also used in the Teoxane Laboratories’

dermal filler range, Teosyal. So basically

using Teoxane Cosmeceuticals is a bit

like a dermal filler in a bottle.

Teoxane’s unique RHA builds a net

that traps moisture, helping to prevent

skin dehydration or trans-epidermal

water loss. By working together, this

“hydration net” keeps the skin healthy

and promotes re-densification of the

skin layers.

This “mesh” permits the gradual

release of active ingredients, allowing the

skin to receive continuous nourishment

over the course of the day or night.

As it’s gradually absorbed, the

RHA (in combination with a range of

antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and

amino acids) helps reduce fine lines and

age spots, smooth skin tone and texture,

and enhance volume. The results are

softer, more radiant skin that looks and

feels noticeably younger.

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals also helps

improve your skin’s ability to block

environmental nasties with another key

ingredient called NovHyal. It promotes

the production of your body’s own

essential building blocks of the skin and

support structures, which is vital to your

overall skin health.

The key ingredients and hydrating

factors make this a range to look out

for – it has the potential to revolutionise

the skincare market and become the new

beauty protocol for glowing skin. CBM





Prep Cleansing Solution


Regenerative Skin



Ultra Comfort Soothing Balm


Dermo-Restructuring Anti-

Wrinkle Cream for Normal Skin


Dermo-Restructuring Anti-

Wrinkle Cream for Dry Skin


Soothing Aftercare Fluid


RHA Advanced Eye Contour

Suitable for Sensitive Skin



The Teoxane Cosmeceutical range

is available in selected clinics or

online at 89

You want the best possible results

from your next procedure!

Post procedure care is an important

factor in achieving the best

possible medical and aesthetic

result and reduced downtime

from resurfacing and rejuvenation


Now there is a new breakthrough

medical product available in

Australia, specifically developed

for use on sensitive skin areas

immediately post rejuvenation

procedures – Stratacel from Stratpharma


Stratacel’s enhanced formula has

been specifically developed for

sensitive areas such as around the

eyes, nose and lips. Stratacel has

been developed to provide the best

possible results on these skin areas

when used immediately after the


Stratacel will remain in full contact

with the compromised skin even

across skin folds and difficult to

cover areas.

When applied immediately post

procedure, Stratacel speeds up the

healing process, reduces the post

inflammatory burning sensation and

redness, relieves itching and discomfort,

and soothes the treated skin.

Stratacel contains no alcohol, parabens

or fragrances. Stratacel is suitable

for people with sensitive skin,

and may be used during pregnancy

and while breastfeeding.

To achieve the best results, Stratacel

should be applied once or twice

daily to exposed areas of skin. Once

dry it can be covered by sunscreen,

cosmetics, make-up, pressure garments

or casts.

If a secondary dressing is required

then it is not necessary to wait for

Stratacel to dry before applying and

you only need to re-apply when

changing the secondary dressing.

Ask your Clinician for Stratacel

to ensure you obtain the best

possible post procedure care and

aesthetic result.

Stratacel is a gel that forms a flexible,

film forming wound dressing

for the repair of damaged or compromised

skin following dermal

abrasion, laser resurfacing and

chemical peels.

When used as directed Stratacel

dries to form a transparent and

thin protective layer that is gas

permeable and waterproof which

hydrates and protects compromised

skin areas and superficial wounds

from chemical and microbial


Once dry, Stratacel creates and

maintains the optimal environment

that enables the building blocks

of new collagen and elastin. And

because it forms a flexible film,

Stratacel’s enhanced formula has been specifically

developed for the use on sensitive skin areas like the

periorbital region, nostrils and lips. On these skin areas

it is particularly important to achieve a thin and even

distribution of the dressing. At the same time the dressing

has to be very resistant to the higher mechanical exposure

of these skin areas.

Stratacel’s occlusivity control and adhesive properties

have been optimised to meet these requirements

and to provide the best possible results on sensitive

skin areas.

Laser resurfacing 1

Treatment with Stratacel following fractional laser resurfacing.

During treatment

Day 7

Complex corrective resurfacing 1

Treatment with Stratacel following laser resurfacing.

Before treatment

During treatment

Day 9

The skin’s thickness varies according to anatomical site and age of the individual. The upper eyelid

has the thinnest skin and it can be used as the denominator to calculate relative ratios of skin

thicknesses with respect to other sites of the face. Using the upper eyelid average skin thickness,

the nasal tip skin thickness is 3.3 times thicker and the brow/forehead is 2.8 times thicker. 2

Thin skin is more sensitive therefore special attention is required for thin areas such as the

periorbital area and areas close to the lips and nostrils. 1800 567 007

Manufactured by:

Stratpharma AG

Centralbahnplatz 8

CH-4051 Basel


Sponsor in Australia:

A L Kerr Medical Pty Ltd

174 Willoughby Road

Crows Nest NSW 2065

Tel: 1800 567 007

Always read the label. Use only as directed.

1. Data on file. Stratpharma AG

2. Richard Y. Ha et al. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 2005;115:1769–1773

European Class IIa Medical Device

FDA Listed/TGA approved




ways your

smile can

make you

look younger



We all know the effects that lines

and wrinkles can have on our

appearance, but did you know that

your smile could be making you look

older? Words by Erin Docherty. 93



we attribute

the signs of ageing

to sun damage or

just getting older.

However, it’s rare that

we consider our teeth

to be a major player in

how we’re ageing.

Not only can your teeth affect your smile but they

can also dramatically age your appearance, causing

your entire face to appear tired, prematurely aged

and even angry.

“It’s been scientifically proven by tracking

eye movement that the most common

place people look when you’re talking

to them are your eyes and mouth,”

says cosmetic dentist Dr Neil Lutton

from Macquarie Dental in Sydney.

“Due to this, a bad smile can severely impact the

assessment of your age. A new smile can knock years

off your appearance.”

As you get older, everyday wear and tear can take

its toll on your teeth. The good news is the shape and

colour of your teeth are problems that are easy to fix.

We take a look at five ways your smile can make you

look older and how you can fix it.


Discoloured &

stained teeth

The number-one way that your teeth

can make you look older is through

discolouration and staining.

As we age, our teeth naturally darken

because of the colour they absorb from

certain foods and drinks such as red wine,

coffee and tea.

“The very outer layer of the enamel is

constantly dissolving and re-precipitating.

As this process occurs, any staining

elements in the mouth such as coffee, tea

and red wine can become trapped in the

tooth as it re-precipitates. This causes the

tooth to become darker and darker as time

progresses,” says Dr Lutton.

No matter how well you take care of

your teeth, stained or discoloured teeth are

inevitable and they will not go back to a

lighter colour on their own.

How to fix it

Just as the whites of your eyes suggest

youthfulness and health, a shiny white set

of teeth can make your face look a whole

lot younger.

The only way to reverse the staining

and discolouring of your teeth is with a

bleaching or whitening treatment. In-clinic

whitening treatments will yield the best

results, but at-home whitening kits can

achieve a good colour change and are easy

and cost effective to maintain. You can also

use these at-home kits to maintain your

professional treatment results.

For dark grey or black stains, whitening

may only do so much, and veneers, which

physically cover up the stains and also act

like a brand new set of teeth, may need to

be considered.



Crooked or

crowded teeth

Crowded or uneven teeth not only contribute to physical stress

and strain on your teeth but can also make you look much older

than you actually are. When your teeth don’t fit into place due to

shifting, they can crowd your mouth, causing unwanted attention

to visible imperfections such as chips, staining or discolouration.

Even if you start out with perfectly straight teeth, something

called medial drift can cause them to shift over time.

Crooked or crowded teeth can make your smile look narrow,

which is the opposite of what you want as a wider smile is seen as

more attractive and youthful. Crowded teeth can also chip easily

and are prone to receding gums, premature bone loss, tooth decay

and exposed roots, which make them look long (ever heard the

expression ‘long in the tooth’!?).

Remember, you are never too old to straighten your teeth!

Healthy teeth can be moved at any age and can take 10-15

years off your appearance.

How to fix it

The most reliable and permanent way to straighten your teeth

is with traditional braces, Invisalign or the newest alternative,

Quick Straight Teeth. The latter is an innovative teeth

straightening treatment that offers both invisible fixed and

removable braces at an affordable price – and promises to fix

crooked teeth in as little as six months.


Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth is one of Australia’s

fastest growing brands and can align and

straighten teeth in less than six months.

The cutting-edge technology offers a range

of orthodontic options to straighten teeth,

including their virtually invisible braces. If

fixed braces are not your thing, they also offer

removable braces. Win/win!

Another massive plus is that Quick Straight

Teeth treatment is actually affordable, making

a perfect smile within just about anybody’s

reach. Check out for

more information.


Excess gum


You wouldn’t think of your gums as an age

accelerator, but they certainly can be. A gummy

smile, which can occur naturally or be a result

of ageing, shows more of your gums than teeth.

As a result, this can create a short, worn-down

smile making you look older than you are. It can

also affect the proportions of your lips, making

them look thinner.

How to fix it

Excessive gum tissue can be trimmed away in a

fairly quick and minimally invasive procedure

called gingivectomy. This procedure usually

takes around 15 minutes to an hour, where the

gum line is reshaped using a scalpel or laser.

The procedure will make your smile more

attractive and importantly can also help keep

gum disease at bay by helping you to clean more

effectively around and between your teeth. In

more severe cases surgery may be required, or

an orthodontic option for teeth that are out

of alignment. 95





While a missing tooth at the front

of your smile can certainly make you

look older, a fact that is less obvious

is that even missing teeth in the

back of your mouth can change

your appearance.

Missing teeth, no matter where

they are located, affect the structure

of the mouth. The primary issue is

bone loss in the jaw, which is an

inevitable consequence of leaving a

toothless gap in the mouth.

Since the teeth and jawbone

provide support for the cheeks

and lips, missing teeth and the

results of bone erosion can cause

some unwanted changes to your

appearance. Over time, your lips and

cheeks will collapse inwards due to

the lack of facial support. This results

in a saggy, wrinkled look that can add

years to your appearance.

How to fix it

If you have missing teeth, dental

implants can offer you a long-lasting

solution to provide a structure that

reflects that of the natural tooth.

Dental implants replace the tooth

root with an artificial root that is

surgically placed into the upper or

lower jawbone. Implants help protect

against bone loss and the aged look

it creates, and they feel and function

just like natural teeth.



and grinding

While it’s not an easy habit to crack,

teeth grinding and clenching is a

problem for more than 50% of adults

(according to and is a

contributing factor to an ageing smile.

Whether it’s due to stress, irregular

sleeping patterns or nothing at

all, this chronic grinding can wear

down your upper and lower teeth

and actually cause major changes in

the structure of your jaw. This can

make you look years older than you

actually are due to a loss of youthful

definition. Your bite can also be

affected, causing a misalignment of

the jaw as your chin projects forward,

making the lower third of your face

appear squished.

“Grinding and clenching, or

bruxism, will exacerbate the natural

wear of the teeth. Therefore, if

someone is 30 years old and a heavy

grinder, 10-15 years can be added

to their facial appearance due to

extreme wear,” says Dr Lutton.

How to fix it

One of the few actions you can take

on your own is to wear a night guard.

While it will not get to the root of

the cause, it will stop the teeth from

excessive wear and can maintain the

soft lines of the jaw by keeping the

muscles from bring overworked.

Often your teeth become so worn

down by excessive grinding and

clenching that they will need to be

restored with crowns or veneers,

which build up the length of your

teeth. If your bite needs adjusting,

orthodontics can reposition it. CBM



Tips to


your smile

The number-one tip is great oral

hygiene, which includes brushing

flossing/interdental cleaning, and an

effective mouthwash.

Book regular appointments to visit your

dentist and hygienist to keep your teeth

clean and to avoid gum disease.

Wear a night guard or occlusal splint to

prevent nocturnal grinding (bruxism).

This can also act like an orthodontic

retainer, keeping the teeth in position

and resisting unwanted tooth

movements caused by age.

Cut down on red wine, black coffee and

highly coloured foods.

No smoking!

Use sunblock and a lip balm that has a

high SPF to prevent sun damage, which

will intensify and speed up the loss of

elasticity in the lips. 97





surgery is

your best


The non-surgical enhancement

market has well and truly taken

hold, but there are times when

surgery is not just a last resort but a

preferred option. Words by AimÉe Rodrigues.

When it comes to fixing a crooked nose or lifting a severely sagging

face, most times surgery is still your best bet. Surgery these days is a

far cry from yesteryear – as techniques continue to evolve, procedures

have become more and more customisable, leading to very natural-looking

results and more manageable downtime.

Today, there’s a wide range of cosmetic surgery options available to target

specific areas of the face and body. Whether facial surgery (such as a facelift,

neck lift and blepharoplasty) or body surgery (such as breast enhancement,

liposuction and abdominoplasty), the modern approach to cosmetic surgery

involves tailoring a procedure or combination of procedures to your individual

requirements and goals. Here, we explore the most common procedures in

facial surgery. 99



First performed more than 100 years

ago, surgical facelift techniques have

continued to evolve and today can

enhance virtually any part of the

ageing face. Predominantly used to

restore the contours of the face, a

facelift, or rhytidectomy, can correct

sagging, loose skin and reposition fat

and tissues to add volume back to

the face.

Over time, the effects of gravity,

sun damage and the stresses of

everyday life appear on the face,

altering the way people appear

to the outside world. Deep lines

may appear around the eyes

and mouth, sagging skin may

fall from the cheek, jawline

and neck, and fat deposits that

were once full and firm deplete,

leaving hollow and sunken

areas of the face. As people are

living increasingly lengthy lives,

a facelift is designed to address

these age-related changes and

help both men and women look

as young as they feel inside.

By repositioning both the

skin and the layer of muscle and

tissue beneath (known as the

superficial musculoaponeurotic

system, or SMAS), the modern

approach to facelifting restores

facial elements to a more

desirable position to create a

younger looking appearance

while avoiding the tell-tale

signs of surgery.

The modern approach to facelifting

predominantly addresses volume

replacement and vectors of lift. The

procedure also helps smooth lines and

folds but it does not address overall

skin texture, skin thickness, and may

not improve wrinkling and creases

around the nose and mouth.

Facelifts can be divided into full,

lower and mid-facelifts. Typically, a

full facelift will begin with incisions

made and concealed within the

hairline. From here, the skin is

separated from the muscles and tissue

beneath, and the SMAS layer is

then tightened in the mid and lower

face, as well as the neck. The skin

is then pulled back, reducing lines

and wrinkles. Excess skin and fat is

removed, and the incisions are closed.

A lower facelift addresses the

appearance of ageing features in the

lower part of the face. Depending

on the specific needs of the patient,

a surgeon will use one of a number

of different types of incisions. It is

common for a single incision to be

made within the hairline extending

down around the perimeter of the ear

and into the hairline on the back of

the head. Through these incisions,

the skin is lifted from the underlying

tissue of the lower face, jaw line and

neck to expose the muscle and fibrous

tissue beneath.

The SMAS is then repositioned to

elevate and tighten the underlying

facial structures to a more youthful

and aesthetic position.

Once the SMAS has been adjusted,

the skin is repositioned, with any

excess being removed. The incision

is then closed with sutures. A lower

facelift procedure typically takes

three hours, depending on the extent

of surgery.

A mid-facelift is concerned with

tightening the underlying tissues

and elevating the fat pads to give

improved shape and volume to the

face. Although capable of restoring a

firmer, younger-looking appearance,

a mid-facelift cannot correct

loose skin in the neck and

jaw line.

A mid-facelift can be

performed using a variety of

different incisions and surgical

techniques. One approach is

the endoscopic technique,

whereby small incisions are

usually made just above the

hairline, above the ear or by the

temple. Additional incisions

are made inside the mouth over

the cheekbone. With the aid

of an endoscope, the surgeon

can gently manipulate the

facial tissues and fat pads

and lift them to a more

youthful position.

This procedure takes around

one and a half hours, depending

on the extent of treatment.

Recovery from modern

facelifts is typically much

less extensive and lengthy

compared with facelifts of

the past, with less swelling,

bruising, pain and recovery time.

There are also different procedures,

such as mini-lifts, which use smaller

and fewer incisions, offering less

recovery and down time.

Advances in surgical procedures

and technology mean there

are several different face lift

techniques available today. They

are designed to address your unique

needs more specifically, helping

to ensure optimal and naturallooking





From skin laxity to thinning and

fat depletion and descent, ageing

can take its toll on the eye region,

resulting in delicate changes.

With age, the muscle layer

beneath the skin starts to lose

its tone; the fat of the eyelid can

protrude forward to cause a dark

shadow; the cheeks begin to shrink,

leaving a groove-like valley known as

a tear trough; and the brows descend.

The result is a tired-looking,

aged appearance.

The effects of ageing can also

be exacerbated by sun exposure

and smoke damage, both of which

exacerbate crow’s feet and fine lines

and wrinkles under the eyes.

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is

a surgical procedure to improve the

appearance of the upper and/or lower

eyelids and refresh the appearance

of the surrounding eye area. The

approach to eyelid surgery will be

individualised to each patient. Skin

quality, ethnic features, as well as

anatomical differences will dictate

the ideal approach for each patient.

Surgeons will typically consider the

aesthetics and function of both the

upper and lower eyelid, and consider

whether altering one or both is the

appropriate surgical approach.

The incision for an upper lid

blepharoplasty is in the lid crease and

is made with either a scalpel or CO 2

laser that seals the blood vessels as

it incises. Skin, muscle and fat are

removed to reduce hooding in the

upper eyelid.

Incisions for the lower lid

blepharoplasty can be made either

inside the eyelid or just below the

lower lash line. Excess skin in the

lower eyelids is removed through

these incisions to correct under-eye

bags or sagging.

Results become apparent gradually,

with swelling and bruising usually

subsiding after around two weeks

to reveal a smoother, better defined

eye region and a more alert and

rejuvenated appearance. Results

typically last around seven to

10 years.


The effects of gravity, sun damage

and the natural ageing process all

contribute to a gradual descent of

the brow, giving a ‘heavy’ or ‘hooded’

look to the upper face, which can

make a person appear angry, sad or

older than their years.

A brow lift raises the brow line

by repositioning the muscles of the

forehead, as well as rejuvenates the

upper eye area, reducing heaviness

and sagging over the eyelid and at the

outer edges of the eye.

Brow lift surgery can be performed

using several different techniques,

depending on the patient’s individual

requirements and the surgeon’s

preferred method.

In endoscopic brow lifts, small

incisions are made in the hairline,

allowing the tissue and muscle

beneath the skin to be repositioned

or removed, correcting visible creases

and furrows in the forehead. Swelling

and bruising normally subside after

two to six weeks.

An alternative technique is the

coronal brow lift. The coronal brow

lift targets specific areas of the brow

to correct. The procedure involves

an incision in the hairline from

ear to ear, lifting the forehead and

removing excess skin from the scalp.

Recovery time is longer than with the

endoscopic lift.

A brow lift is often combined with

a facelift or blepharoplasty to provide

a harmonious rejuvenation.


Rhinoplasty is one of the most

popular cosmetic surgery procedures.

It can either build up or reduce the

nose to improve its appearance and

to balance it with the other facial

features. Nasal surgery can also

correct impaired breathing caused by

structural abnormalities.

It is performed either using a closed

procedure, where incisions are hidden

inside the nose, or an open procedure,

where an incision is made across the

columella, the narrow strip of tissue

that separates the nostrils.

Swelling and bruising usually

subside after 10 days. Results are

permanent and it may take up to a

year for the new nose to fully refine.


Performed in conjunction with a

facelift or as a standalone procedure, a

neck lift is designed to correct excess

skin and fatty tissue of the neck (the

so-called ‘turkey neck’), platysmal

bands which run from beneath the

chin to the lower neck, as well as a

poorly defined chin/neck angle and

jaw line.

The type of surgical technique used

for a neck lift procedure depends on

several factors, such as the degree

of skin excess and laxity and the

presence of fatty tissue. Liposuction

of the chin and/or neck area may

also be required to remove excess

fatty deposits and help create a more

defined chin/neck angle and jaw line.

Recently there have been

advancements in correcting an aged

neck through less invasive means,

offering less downtime.

Choosing a surgeon is one of

the most important decisions. His

or her experience, training and

artistic eye will all impact the

results. Take the time to understand

the risks, limitations and possible

complications as well as set realistic

expectations prior to surgery to help

the chances of achieving optimal

outcomes and being happy with your

new and improved look. CBM







There’s a growing number of IPL

and laser devices on the market, but

what’s the difference?

Words by AimÉe Rodrigues.

The healing properties of light have

been recognised for thousands of

years. The Greeks and Romans both

understood that sunlight could play

some remedial role – although there

was little understanding of why.

As early as 1903 scientists realised

light could be used for therapeutic

treatment. The same year Danish

physician Niels Finsen Ryberg was

awarded the Nobel Prize for his work

on light therapy, which eventuated

with a machine that emitted similar

wavelengths to the sun.

In 1917, Albert Einstein theorised on the stimulated emission of radiation,

or what we commonly refer to as lasers. Today lasers are used in a multitude

of products and systems from DVD players to barcode scanners.

Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification for the Stimulated Emission

of Radiation and is used in the beauty industry for an array of treatments

ranging from the correction of skin irregularities, pigmentation and wrinkles

to hair reduction.

In a similar timeline, Nikola Tesla first conceived the idea of intense pulsed

light (IPL) in the early 1900s and presented his idea to the American Army.

He believed that light energy could be launched to intercept a flying object,

instantly vapourising it. However, it was not until a group of Jewish Russian

physicists, after migrating to Israel, implemented the idea of using intense

pulsed light in medicine, paving the way for IPL treatments.

Pulsed-light machines and lasers basically work in the same way. Put simply,

a wavelength is selected that is readily absorbed by the target tissue. Both aim

to heat the target to a temperature high enough to destroy it without damaging

the adjacent normal tissue.

The difference between the two is that a laser emits a single frequency of

light that is coherent. This means that all the lightwaves are travelling in the

same direction, allowing the target tissue to absorb the maximum amount of

heat. The target tissue is all-important when treating skin problems with a laser.

The target tissue for pigmentation is melanin, for spider veins it is blood and

for wrinkles water. Each of these target tissues absorbs a different wavelength of

light, meaning a different laser is needed for each specific problem. 105



is most


used for:

Lasers tend to be very specific

to the conditions they treat,

whereas IPL devices are more

generalist in their offering

Superficial pigmentation, such

as age spots and sun spots

Lightening and reducing

redness, rosacea and spider


Overall skin rejuvenation

for mild to moderate sundamaged


Hair removal

Unlike lasers, IPL devices produce a broad spectrum of light in a range

of wavelengths. While IPL can be used for many different types of skin

concerns, such as pigmentation and sun damage, it is not specifically

designed to treat any of these conditions.

In other words, lasers tend to be very specific to the conditions they treat,

whereas IPL devices are more generalist in their offering.

Intense pulsed light uses light wavelengths that target either melanin or

haemoglobin in the skin. It can be used to permanently reduce unwanted

hair growth, fade brown spots and cauterise enlarged or broken capillaries

and port wine stain birthmarks. Some treatments have been developed

specifically to treat rosacea.

IPL treatment cannot typically address extensive sun damage and skin

discolourations but it can reduce surfaced capillaries and brown spots,

as well as help revitalise and even out the overall complexion.

Laser therapies also work by targeting tissue and can be used for a

number of treatments, including pigmentation, scarring, unwanted

hair, spider veins, sun-damaged skin, wrinkle reduction and overall

complexion rejuvenation.

The advent of fractionated laser some 10 years ago, where microscopic

columns of skin are treated while surrounding skin is left intact, has made it

possible to achieve results comparable to traditional CO 2

laser resurfacing

(which can basically take 10 years off your appearance) with fewer side

effects and significantly less downtime.

Fractional laser technologies break up light beams to allow columns of

untreated tissue to activate healing mechanisms beneath the skin’s surface,

treating skin conditions ranging from scars and birthmarks to wrinkles.

These lasers work by creating microscopic thermal injuries that trigger

collagen production, stimulating cell renewal and plumping out the tissues.

In other words, the laser works by creating tiny holes, or ‘dots’, in the skin’s

surface, penetrating deep into the dermis which triggers the body’s natural

healing responses. It leaves the skin around each dot intact, enabling the

surrounding tissue to heal these microscopic thermal injuries by stimulating

the production of new collagen.

The anti-ageing benefits of fractional laser technology include improving

evenness of skin tone and texture, reducing pore size and the appearance of

lines and wrinkles, and helping to reverse the effects of sun damage. A more



is most


used for:

Pigmentation, including


Tattoo removal

Acne and surgical scars

Improving skin texture, pore

size and skin firmness

Rosacea and broken capillaries,

port wine birthmarks


Hair removal

mild treatment may take several sessions, while one procedure is usually

sufficient for a more aggressive treatment.

Another difference between laser and IPL the size of the area that can

be treated in one session. Generally IPL treatment heads are up to eight

times larger than the small spot size produced by lasers, so treatments are

quicker but not as targeted as laser and typically require more treatments.

In terms of safety, the two types are similar, but with lasers both the

practitioner and the patient need to use eye protection, and treatment

needs to occur in an area where people can’t wander in and be exposed

to the light. Although light from IPL systems may be unpleasant, it’s not

harmful or dangerous to the eyes. Generally speaking, lasers tend to be

safer for darker skin types, whereas IPLs are typically not suited for darker

skin types or tanned skin.

When it comes to choosing between laser and IPL, it’s important to keep

in mind that what works best for one person isn’t necessarily what works

best for the next. An experienced practitioner will advise you what is

most suited to your specific needs, and should have a variety of treatment

options to select from (including both IPL and laser devices).

Another point worth being aware of is that IPL systems are available

in different strengths and vary in how high the energies can be set. Many

of the IPLs in the non-medical marketplace are not capable of reaching

energies necessary to treat certain conditions adequately and may even

lead to burns and other avoidable complications, so always ensure you are

in the hands of an experienced and accredited practitioner in a medicalbased


Results of light-based therapies vary, depending on the technique and

experience of the practitioner and the individual patient. Patients should

always ask their practitioner how new the laser or IPL machine is and

when it was purchased. Recent models are far superior to earlier ones in

terms of achieving predictable and precise results. CBM 107

The new treatment for firmer, tighter,



If you want to turn back the clock on ageing or help

it to tick a little slower, Fractora is the new way to

rejuvenate skin. Words by Erin Docherty.


E nhancement

ant a little ‘lift’ but don’t want a procedure where you need to go into hiding for weeks? You can now

enjoy smoother, tighter, firmer skin on the face and body without the surgery or downtime.

Fractora is a non-invasive treatment for quick and effective skin rejuvenation. With the ability

to treat sagging skin, wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentation, skin texture improvement and overall

rejuvenation, Fractora is becoming known as the “all-rounder” treatment.

Fractora skin treatment is a fractional resurfacing treatment that restores skin to a more youthful appearance by

boosting the skin’s collagen and elastin levels.

Melbourne cosmetic surgeon Dr David Topchian says the idea that one device can be used for a number of skin

concerns is very appealing. “As well, because it’s not a laser, Fractora can be considered for people with more pigmented

skin types, which is a real plus. The icing on the cake is that the system can also be used for skin tightening and fat

reduction on the body,” he says.

What can Fractora


Fractora can treat a broad range of

aesthetic skin concerns on the face,

neck and body.

As well as general facial

rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction,

treatment can also target tightening

of skin around the jawline, neck,

under the eyes, and on the cheeks

and forehead. Fractora also improves

skin texture and clarity.

We’ve been told that while it’s

most commonly used on the face and

neck, the arms, stomach and even

legs can benefit from treatment, for

tissue contraction and toning.

How does it work?

Fractora delivers radiofrequency (RF)

energy into the skin through an array

of tiny ‘pins’ to create localised heat

and micro-injuries in the treatment

area. This unique combination of

fractional resurfacing and dermal

microneedling is thought to be

more effective than traditional laser

resurfacing devices.

The heating of the skin promotes

collagen restructuring, improving

the appearance, texture and clarity

of the skin.

Fractora is an extremely versatile

treatment and can heat the skin

at different levels to target these

various skin concerns. That means

that results can be customised and

the treatment matched to your own

acceptable downtime.

What does the

treatment involve?

A handheld device is placed on

the treatment area, and small pins

create tiny punctures in your skin,

sending heat below the surface

to promote collagen production.

Treatments usually take around

30 minutes and numbing cream

is usually applied to minimise

any discomfort.

Downtime is minimal, but you

can expect to see micro lesions a

few days after treatment and slight

redness for up to one week.

Typically three treatments are

recommended to observe optimal

skin rejuvenation results, with

treatment intervals usually at every

five to six weeks.

Dr Topchian says his patients

have been satisfied with the overall

appearance and health of their skin

after just one Fractora treatment,

including noticeable results in

rejuvenation and tightening.

“Patients will see a subtle

rejuvenated effect which continues

to improve over a few months. Lines

soften, pigmentation improves and

the general texture of the skin is

improved,” he says.

Visible results can be seen

immediately, but typically after

two weeks the most noticeable

results appear. Improvements to

texture and appearance in skin tone

continue up to three months after the

treatment. Deep lines are softened

and acne troughs are smoothed out

with every treatment, improving

and strengthening skin health.

Pigmentation and tone, wrinkles

and some other textural issues may

dramatically improve after a single

treatment. CBM



To find a practitioner near you, visit 109









S kin




From acne scarring and sun

damage, to unwanted scars

and wrinkles, the appearance

of your skin can have a big impact on

your confidence and self-esteem.

Where it was once a challenge to

treat these common skin problems,

PEARL offers a unique advancement

in technology, delivering maximum

single treatment results for the

skin with superior comfort and

minimal downtime.


Distributed in Australia by Cutera,

PEARL is an ablative laser designed

to improve imperfections due to

ageing and sun damage. It uses

an exclusive YSGG wavelength

technology (2790nm) to maximise

results and safety while minimising

downtime, all in a single treatment.

PEARL works by using laser pulses

to create tiny holes deep in the skin.

It selectively and precisely removes

the surface of the skin’s layers without

damaging the surrounding skin.

The process removes sun-damaged

tissue and stimulates the growth

of healthy, new skin, full of fresh

collagen. This plumps the skin from

below, repairing photo damage and

other skin imperfections.

wrinkles, poor skin texture, large

pores, unwanted scars and skin

blemishes such as age spots. Perfect

for the treatment of wrinkles, PEARL

works especially well on fine lines and

blotches. In terms of deeper wrinkles,

you can expect them to soften and

look much less obvious.


The treatment generally lasts for

around 30 minutes, making it a great

lunchtime procedure.

Before treatment the doctor will

apply a topical numbing cream to

help with any discomfort. Most

patients describe the sensation

as a series of fast, hot pinches. A

comparative study to similar devices

demonstrated that PEARL was a

more comfortable treatment.

After the procedure, you can

expect some temporary swelling

and slight redness. The good news?

You can return to regular activities

immediately following the treatment.

In terms of results, you can expect

to see an improvement one week after

treatment, and maximum results are

seen over a six-month period.

With minimal downtime and

visible results, PEARL is the perfect

treatment if you are looking to tackle

deep-set imperfections and tired/

weathered skin in one-treatment

session. CDM



Interested in a treatment? Visit to find a

Cutera treatment provider in your area.


PEARL can be used to treat a variety

of common skin concerns. It can be

used to treat the entire face, including

the delicate eye area and around the

mouth. These are the niggling areas

that often show the first signs of

ageing, and can be difficult to treat.

PEARL delivers unbeatable results

in sun damaged skin, acne scarring,



AFTER (photos courtesy of Cutera Clinical


AFTER (photos courtesy of Cutera Clinical









No exercise required!








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Bella Media launches CosBeauty

Australia’s dedicated glossy to all things beauty.

Your Clear Choice

Picosecond + Nanosecond + Dual Wavelengths = The High-powered Choice

Introducing enlighten — the world’s first — and only — dual wavelength (1064nm + 532 nm) and dual pulse duration

(750 ps + 2 ns) laser system fearuring class-leading treatment parametresand customisation.

Now available for tattoo removal and the treatment of benign pigmented lesions.

GO Where it Counts

enlighten has the power to take you where you want to go:

up to 3X greater energy with 1064 nm (600 mJ) and up to

1.5X greater energy with 532 nm (300 mJ)*.

GO Deep!

High pulse energy + large spot sizes

GO Fast!

2 minute start-up and real-time calibration

GO Beyond!

Broad and precise fluence control at all spot-sizes

Our Independent Spot-size

and Fluence Adjustment

Fluence (J/cm 2 )







2 4 6 8

Spot Size (mm)

*Compared to competitive systems

2 8

Wide Spot-size Range

Adjust spot-size on-the-fly

from 2 - 8 mm

2 minutes

Fast Start-up Time

System ‘ready’ in 2 minutes

Zero Wait-time

Real-time calibration allows

instantly selectable parameters


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3. LA PRAIRIE Anti-Aging

Eye & Lip Perfection À Porter,

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Working together to fill in the

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4. NUXE Christmas Bon Bon,

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Fragrances Christmas

Cheer Candle Passionfruit

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Like pavlova on Christmas

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10. KOSMEA Rose

Collection, $34.95.

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Arlésienne Eau de Toilette,

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it with the Beauty Milk,

$40, Shower Gel, $29 and

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The instant

eyelid lift


America is

now available

in Australia

• Dermatologist Tested • Medical Grade • Hypoallergenic • Latex Free

LIDS BY DESIGN ® is a non-surgical

correcting strip, available in different sizes,

to instantly lift eyelids and widen eyes, hiding

the excess skin in the natural fold of the lid.

Virtually invisible, quick and easy to apply, they

last all day and makeup can be applied over

the top. They are ideal for:

• Loose sagging skin hanging over lashes

• Asymmetrical lids

• Excess skin covering the natural fold of the lid

• Enlarging the appearance of the eyes



To purchase or to become a stockist:


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12. BHAVE Moisture Surge,

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Ultimate Radiance Kit includes

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The Hyaluronic story reveals

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Containing an anti-wrinkle

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EGrowing out short hair

and in that awkward

in-between phase? Or

just after a thicker, sexier

style? Hair extensions are your

golden ticket to a good hair day,

every day.

In a matter of hours, hair

extensions allow you to have long,

thick hair. In the right hands, they

are virtually undetectable, can

be worn up or down and can last

months on end, even up to a year.

Transform your look and go from drab to fab

with the latest hair extensions.

Invest in the best

Joseph Mourad, from his renowned

salon in Double Bay, Sydney, is the

godfather of hair extensions. The

go-to hair professional is well known

for his seamless results and for using

the best quality human hair.

His hair extension methods are

highly coveted world wide – and

his celebrity clientele includes

entertainer Mel B and Grammy

award-winning recording artist

Mya. His secret? It’s all in the

technique: the innovative ultrasonic

cold fusion technique.

What does it


The cold fusion method uses

ultrasound technology to attach

the hair extension to your natural

all about


hair close to the roots. The result is

natural-looking hair extensions that

are virtually non-detectable.

“Hair extensions are about giving

people beautiful and strong hair,”

says Mourad. “Extensions provide

volume, length and manageability –

and make getting ready for a

night out or special occasion

so much easier. They’re also

surprisingly affordable.”

The ultrasonic cold fusion

technique allows for multi-strand

bonding, making the whole process

efficient and gentle on the hair. It

bonds clinical keratin with keratin

found in the hair shaft.

“The technology is so advanced

and the bonding so seamless,” says

Mourad. “It achieves impeccable

results and the extensions can be

completely undetectable to the

eye. And, because there is no use

of heat, glue or clips to bond the

extensions, the your natural hair is

not compromised or damaged.”

When applying the extensions,

emphasis is placed on properly

blending colour and thickness with

the natural hair. Attached strand

by strand, the extensions can be

attached to long, short, straight

or wavy hair as long as the natural

length is more than 2cm.

Each strand has about 20 hairs

in it and a full head can take from

100 to 300 strands, depending on

the required thickness. In just a

few hours, hair is transformed from

short, thin strands to thick, long

locks. “It can completely transform

your look,” says Mourad.

Results that last

Depending on how you care for

them, extensions can last up to

12 months.

Once attached, they should be

treated the same way as you would

natural hair. “It’s important to be

particularly careful when combing

and blow-drying your hair. However,

hair extensions can be cut and

coloured just like your natural hair,”

says Mourad.

Say hello to a more glam you and

enjoy the benefits of fuller, longer,

head-turning hair. CBM


Joseph Mourad Hair & Beauty

Double Bay, Sydney

Call 02 9328 2277


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Tried, tested and celebrated,

we take major note of the

beauty heroes that give superior

results. Check ‘em out.


Sisley Paris Phyto-

Sourcils Perfect Eyebrow

Pencil in Cappuccino, $65.

Brow down with the ultimate

eyebrow pencil to highlight,

correct or modify the

eyebrow’s natural shape. It’s

enriched in provitamin B5,

acacia and carnauba waxes,

and is gentle on the fine,

sensitive skin in the brow

area. #1

Sisley Paris Phyto-Touche

Sun Glow Bronzing Gel

Powder, $120. Nothing

is better than a flawless,

glowing complexion and our

secret weapon is this all-over

gel-powder. Suitable for all

skin tones, the formula offers

a transparent, silky ultranatural

result. #2

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge,

$50. Our favourite thing

about this amazing lipstick

is that it won’t feather, flake

or fade, so your pout will

always look picture-perfect.

Infused with moistureboosting

patented Pro-

Xylane, lips are replenished,

soft and comfortable for up

to eight hours. #3



Sisley Paris Double

Tenseur Instant & Long-

Term, $220. This product has

only just been released but

it’s already become a firm

favourite of ours. It delivers

an immediate lifting and

smoothing effect, while

strengthening the skin’s

dermal structure. #4







24-Hour Foundation, $14.99. Searching for

a foundation that goes the distance without

breaking the bank? Search no more! This

long-wearing foundation boasts a full,

smudge-proof coverage without looking

cakey or feeling heavy. #5

OXYGENETIX Oxygenating Foundation,

$85. Ideal for acne, rosacea and postprocedure

skin, Oxygenetix Breathable

Foundation is full of skin-loving ingredients

that stimulate skin cell production and

diminish redness. Light and breathable, it

feels like a second skin! #6


LANCÔME Cushion Blush Subtil, $60.

We are in love with this cushion blush

from Lancôme! The healthy glow booster

features a smooth, light and melt away

texture that gives dazzling radiance to the

face, while its pop of pigments really set off

the cheekbones. #7

JANE IREDALE Pommisst Hydration Spray,

$49. Delivering a boost of antioxidants to

hydrate, condition and protect the skin,

this limited edition hydration spray is your

essential summer buddy. With one little

spritz, the clean scent soothes and uplifts

the complexion. #8

JANE IREDALE HandDrink Hand Cream,

$58. Treat your hands to some TLC with

Jane Iredale’s delicate, rose scented, ultra

hydrating SPF 15 hand cream that protects

and moisturises your hands without feeling

greasy. Great for thirsty skin. #9

SCOUT COSMETICS 5 Free Breathable

Nail Polish, $19.95. Get ready to party this

summer with the bright and colourful new

nail polish range from SCOUT Cosmetics.

Locking in moisture and allowing your nails

to breathe, this cute new range will make a

statement with any outfit. #10

8. 9. 10. 121


GOLDWELL Kerasilk Color Range includes

a hit list of amazing products that provide

long-lasting colour depth and brilliance for

coloured hair. Try the Kerasilk Color Shampoo,

$34.95, Cleansing Conditioner, $24.95, Gentle

Dry Shampoo $42.95, and Intensive Lustre

Mask, $42.95. #11


MEDIK8 Retinyl Retinoate Youth Activating

Cream (r-Retinoate), $298. This new

breakthrough Vitamin A product is Medik8’s

premium retinol, and one of our absolute

faves. It is clinically proven to be eight times

more powerful than regular retinol – without

any irritation. #12


MEDIK8 C-Tetra Cream – Vitamin C Day

Cream, $129. This is the day cream you

have been looking for. Luxurious and fastabsorbing,

it features a combination of

powerful vitamins and antioxidants to help

restore radiance, hydrate and protect against

everyday nasties. #13


Concentrate, $138. Turn your back on ageing

with this advanced formula, offering powerful

anti-ageing ingredients and antioxidants

to provide firmer looking skin and reduce

the appearance of mild to advanced

photoageing. #14



SYNERGIE SKIN Vitamin B, $110. Dry skin

and pigmentation have met their match

with this cosmeceutical serum. Containing

a range of powerful vitamins to strengthen

skin and boost immunity, Vitamin B increases

hydration, and helps regulate oil production

and stimulate collagen production. #15


OBAGI Professional-C Serum, $79.95. This is

one of our skincare essentials! Light-textured

and rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this little

guy helps improve the look and feel of your

skin. #16

OBAGI Exfoderm Forte, $79.95. We can’t

get enough of this lightweight lotion that

helps exfoliate the top layer of skin, removing

dull, old skin cells to reveal a brighter

complexion. #17








Using the latest technologies, our team of experts

is committed to help you achieve natural-looking

results in a relaxed and friendly setting.

Come in and experience the Skin Renu difference.

Our comprehensive treatment menu includes:

world-class wrinkle reduction and

lip enhancement

laser skin rejuvenation

CoolSculpting non-surgical fat reduction

Thermage non-surgical face lifting

medical peels

clinic-only premium skincare

Call us to book a complimentary consultation

02 9555 9506

16B Beattie St, Balmain, Sydney

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the ultimate body

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