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Heartbeat Christian News - February 2015 issue

The House That Mercy

The House That Mercy Built The Name Says It All By Todd Abraham I was blessed a few months back to hear about a very special place up in Tellico Plains, TN called The House That Mercy Built. “God's mercy is everlasting to them that fear Him,” according to Psalm 103:17. At Heartbeat Christian News, one of the things we are really passionate about is publishing stories that lift your faith, make you feel good and honor those who unselfishly serve God in helping others. And the following story/testimony made me feel great while I was interviewing Pastor Mitchell “Mickey” Payne and his wife Roma, the founders of The House That Mercy Built. A song by the same name is where the name for the house/ministry originated back in 2011 when it was opened. Many miracles surrounded the beginning of this beautiful place that is located in the scenic countryside beyond Tellico Plains. How do you know when a work is ordained of the Lord? Because God, through supernatural circumstances, will make a way “where there seemeth to be no way” for you to get it done. That is exactly what happened as businesses and individuals began to donate money in large quantities and services to help secure the purchase of the house where the ladies now live who are going through the program. Adding to this, the Lord blessed Mickey and Roma to purchase the house at a price that was about 2/3 of the original listing price. Two years of planning went into this project before they ever opened the doors and began to accept residents. And if all that wasn't enough, to give Mickey and Roma a baptism by fire, God gave them a young lady who was most likely their toughest challenge to date. Her name is Tammy. She came into the program at the age of 42 and had been arrested 42 times in her life! God did the miraculous with her through the program and now she is a woman of God, the housemother and a mentor to all the ladies who come through the program. Adding to that, God gave her a notable miracle and healed her completely of Hepatitis C with the medical records to prove it! Praise God for His wonderful works! I want to add here my perception, as an outsider and someone who barely knew anything about this ministry or the pastor and his wife, that I could sense the sincerity and love of God in Mickey and Roma as I interviewed them. I was surprised and delighted to learn that the house where the ladies reside is much nicer than the one Mickey and Roma live in, which shows true unselfishness and a giving spirit. They stressed to me that a major focus of the program is getting these ladies submersed in the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. In summation, it was a great thrill for me, and a confirmation from the Lord that not only was this a story for this issue and one He ordained to be included is that I 'accidentally' met Bretta Wright, Mickey and Roma's daughter. But if your faith is like mine, I don't believe in accidental circumstances. Bretta is married with her own family, works as a teacher, goes to school and still makes time to help with paperwork and public relations type work for The House That Mercy Built. I could write a volume more I am sure but alas, space doesn't permit. There is more than one way to support this very worthwhile ministry; by prayer, monetary donations (because it's an expensive feat) and/or professional services such as doctors, lawyers, dentists or residential services such as plumbers, electricians, contractors, etc. To do so, visit their website: www.HouseThatMercyBuilt .com. Write to them at The House That Mercy Built – In c/o River of Life Ministries – PO Box 867 – Tellico Plains, TN 37385. You can also call them directly at 423­295­5434 or 423­519­7472. House of Mercy Graduates What has The House that Mercy Built meant to me? Nikki Jarrett­November 2013. The House of Mercy was a place of restoration and healing for not only myself but as well for my family. I was able to find peace of mind and healing that I was never able to before. Danielle Cox­ April 2014. The House of Mercy has given me freedom, peace and my family back. It has taught me that I have a purpose in life. When we graduate we are equipped with the tools to face the world and tell them of God’s glory. Natoshia Foster­ April 2014. The House that Mercy built saved my life. It was there that I formed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I felt Love and acceptance for the first time in my life. I am forever grateful for The House that Mercy built. Tammy Conner November 2012, What can I say about The House Mercy Built? It is a place that I have experienced God in a supernatural way! It is not just a place it is a home that is sanctified by God. I was dead now I am alive. I was blind now I can see. I was empty now I am filled. I was sick now I am healed. Christy Watson November 2012, Through The House Mercy Built I met a man named Jesus, who would forever change my life. He gave me joy that I can’t explain, love unconditionally and peace that passed all understanding. Melanie Lambert November 2013, The House of Mercy is a place of restoration, a place I come to when my life was turned upside down. But when I left I felt complete knowing who I am in Christ, and knowing the promises he has for me. Logan Watson, The HOM for me was a place of complete transformation and restoration. My life was transformed, a complete 360, into what God had intended for it to be. My family relationships have restored to me in ways I never could have imagined. Now I have an intimate relationship with God, not only have I been saved but my house will be as well.

Dear Reader: Allow me to take a moment to give glory to Almighty God for the wonderful gift of being a comic strip artist and author. Prior to the start of this comic strip, I never did any sort of artistry of any kind. So that is one sure sign it is a gift from the Almighty. Notice: Be sure and get the next issue of Heartbeat Christian News when we will be introduced to a new character in The Adventures of Wesley Doodle named Loser Larry. This character was created by Wesley Abraham. Want to see your comic strip character featured in this comic strip??? Send us a drawing, name of character and personality description to