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Heartbeat Christian News - February 2015 issue

"Sonny" even when it is

"Sonny" even when it is Cloudy.. In 1997 I married my husband Sonny whom I have been married to for 17 years now. After only four years of marriage, Sonny had a tragic auto accident just 3 miles away from home and nearly bled to death. The impact of the accident left him crippled where he had to learn to walk all over again. He spent 21 days in the hospital and I never left his side God spared his life and after 8 months of recovery watching him graduate from the bed, to the wheel chair, to a walker and then a cane, I realized that I had been with him 24/7 and became very weary and wanted to get back to work. Bills were piling up, I was letting stress get the best of me, and we needed time apart. The day after I made the decision to go back to work, we received a notice from the hospital that we had been cleared of a huge debt for seventy four thousand dollars. This took such a burden off our minds. God showed up and showed out. It was not many weeks later we got a notice from the hospital where Sonny was immediately admitted for only one night before they air lifted him to the bigger hospital. They also canceled our bill of four thousand dollars . Neighbors, friends, family members, church members began sending checks in the mail to us, and even brought money to our front door. The whole time I was out of work while caring for my husband, as monetary gifts came in to us unexpectedly, I kept record of every penny. We received Supernatural provision from God that year in the amount of over twenty two thousand dollars in addition to the debt cancellation from the hospitals. That does not count the gifts, food, and presents I received while living at the hospital for 3 weeks. Sonny may have been in a dark steep valley, yet he never lost his ability to laugh and have fun. He cut jokes; he played basketball with the kids outside while rolling around in his wheel chair. His attitude was that of "Praise God Anyhow!" Sonny's bight and positive remarks kept me from giving into pressure. He would tickle me or make fun and crack a joke. When we first met I could not believe how much we had in common. We both loved to run, ride bikes, sing, and workout. He taught me so much about the proper way to work out, breathing techniques, and how to practice good nutrition. One of the surgeons actually claimed that the reason Sonny is alive today is because he was in such great physical condition. I do believe that prevention methods did contribute to his healing, but Only God could give us such a Miracle. While Sonny was in the wheel chair God brought to the surface a special gift inside of him which he could use while recovering. He learned how to paint beautiful pictures on canvas. So many people have commented on his paintings when they come to our house and have stated, "Why is he not doing this for a living." God has turned his story into a beautiful portrait of his love and faithfulness to heal, to restore, and to recover all Sonny and I are back to the gym, singing again, riding bikes again, and soon to be running side by side again just like we began.

Momma's Porch Sound wisdom for women of God Life is given to all of us by God. It's our choice what we make of it. We can live life to the good or to the bad. God Himself breathed the breath of life into us and we became a living soul. Throughout my life as a Christian, I have had the honor and privilege of seeing thousands of souls saved and their lives changed. In this life, the only real peace we will ever have is in the Lord. He came to bring us life and life more abundant. In this life, we have many troubles and trials, but Jesus said in His word, He would bring us through them all. We have to trust and believe in His word. Some people wreck their life with sin and expect the Lord to fix it all in just a few minutes. That is not the way it works. Jesus said “if thou canst believe, all things are possible” If we dedicate our life to the Lord, then we will find more joy than we have ever known. The joy of the Lord is our strength. He will give us the desires of our heart, but we have to make sure those desires are to do good and to keep His commandments. We can see life by the changing of the seasons. In spring, we see the flowers begin to bud and the trees begin to have life on the limbs as the leaves begin to grow. In the summer, this earth is full of all colors and everything in bloom. This is the way God intended it to be. In the winter and fall, the leaves leave their branches to make room for new life; only God can do this. This is the time to lay aside and begin to count your blessings of the life He has given you. He says in His Word to “think on these things”. Sometimes we are so busy and get caught up in things of this life, we forget about what God said; He came to bring us life and life everlasting if we belong to Him. Don't ever take all you have for granted. If you have come through a trial, remember, He brought you through it for a purpose; either to get closer to Him or to teach you something and show you the strength of life. Only God is the giver of life. Don't ever abuse this. Look to the joy God has brought to you and be Blessed. Sister Glenda Sharpe is a preacher, pastor's wife of 54 years, CFO of an international ministry of the truth, former headmaster of a Christian school and a mother in Israel to many women throughout the years and a faithful servant of the Lord.