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Heartbeat Christian News - August 2015 issue

I've known Brother Lee

I've known Brother Lee Sharpe since I was 16 years old. I am now 47. Before I met him the first time, I never knew there were any modern day prophets like we read about in the bible. The way I heard about him was through several family members who had been in many of his meetings and were eye witnesses of how God used him to perform the kind of notable miracles we see in the Word of God. Not to mention, they had told me he lived what he preached and what he preached was rightly divided from the bible. To confirm that, I listened to quite a few of his messages on cassette tape and heard for myself. The first time I ever seen him in person was in a church service at Truth Tabernacle when the ministry was in the Rome/Lindale, GA area. Understand I had never met the man in my life prior to that night and not only did he call me by name but he also prophesied over me and told me some things I had been praying and God used him to call me into the ministry. Now let me say, approximately a year later, I was living on the church property, going to school at Truth Christian Academy which was an outreach of the church and worked very closely with Brother Sharpe for quite some time. One thing we learn in the bible about God's prophets is that what they prophesy will come to pass and that is how we know they are of God. In 30 years, I have never known anything that he has prophesied that didn't come to pass. He has always told me the truth whether it hurt my feelings or not. In fact, many of the things that are coming to pass today in this country and around the world, he prophesied many years ago. I have rarely ever heard him refer to himself as a prophet which is another sign of his true calling. The prophets in the bible didn't run around bragging to everyone they were prophets but those with discernment just knew. You see the Word of God teaches us that His prophets are direct, often point out what's wrong with the church and warn God's people of the wrath to come. Also, they live a solitary life. You may wonder why I am telling you all this. Because the bible teaches us to know them that labor among you and it's important you the reader know that this regular installment of Heartbeat Christian News known as 'End Day Prophecy' isn't just for show. It is written by a true prophet of God with all the signs of a prophet active in his life for about 42 years. So you would do well to take heed to every word, verify it by the Word of God and heed the warnings you read herein. This installment of End Day Prophecy was written by Todd Abraham, publisher of Heartbeat Christian News. You can hear Brother Lee Sharpe preach every Sunday morning at Truth Tabernacle Church at 703 S. Jackson St. in Athens, TN. Jesus Saves Jesus Loves You