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Heartbeat Christian News - August 2015 issue

Dear Readers, I am

Dear Readers, I am thankful to God Almighty for this precious work of the Lord known as Heartbeat Christian News. You wouldn't believe saints how much hell the devil attacks me with to try and stop this work BUT praise be to God, my God won't allow it! I mean if you only knew the doubt, distractions and seemingly impossible circumstances I must overcome just to get each issue, you would be amazed. But as that excellent gospel song "I'm Coming Up on the Rough Side of the Mountain" so clearly teaches, I am thankful for every trial, every hill, every valley, every obstacle and any other attack. Why? Because THAT is what lets me know this IS God's work! The devil doesn't have any problems with things being done in the name of the Lord as long as he knows it's out of God's will and being done for the wrong reason. You see the work is easy because I love it. From a creative standpoint, it's always a pleasure seeing each finished edition of HBC News. It's the circumstances God blesses me to overcome that makes it feel like giving birth each time LOL. My reason for telling you this twofold. First of all, because the Lord laid it on my heart to do so. The second is I want to praise God for the privilege to work for Him full time and for giving me the desire of my heart. From the day I gave my heart to God, I ALWAYS wanted to be a worker in His kingdom making a difference. Like His Word teaches; he that winneth souls is wise! This promise I can make you reader. Share this paper with someone you love and you too will be a worker in God's kingdom. What work are you doing for God? God is real! There is no scientifically proven or logical reasoning that leads us to believe that we got here any other way than by our Creator. In fact, science can't even duplicate God's creation even if they spend billions of dollars. Did you know a human's DNA is the smallest part of a person's makeup known to man and that it is more powerful than the most powerful computer on the planet. What's your point preacher? My point is God has blessed me to give you understanding of what it means to be lost and to show you how you can be found. God is love and nearly every one of us has heard that many times BUT God's love is different from ours. His love is such that He made us and we fell from grace through sin and He came in the likeness of sinful man and took all our sin upon Himself on the cross and became the ultimate sacrifice for every sin ever committed by every human who will ever live on this planet. The Word of God is the oldest 'book' known to man and has never changed but only been revealed over a period of thousands of years. There is scientific and archaeological proof that everything the bible says happened did happen. Even the very existence of Jesus is proven through writings other than the bible; even that He rose from the dead. God even loved the devil so much that made him the god of this earth but only for a short time. That means that the devil controls the natural senses of a man unless that person willingly submits themselves to God's authority. One very important thing we all need to understand is that God is a completely freewill God and He will do NOTHING to force His will upon us. I do mean nothing! He loves us so much that He gave us complete freedom to choose life or death. That is why we must come to Him by faith only. Hebrews 11:6 "But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." I've even heard all my life that God doesn't make mistakes but Psalm 19:12 says “who can understand his errors?...”. We must bear in mind though that the Lord has the game fixed in one sense. His Word teaches us that we cannot save our own souls and we cannot overcome the devil without wholly submitting ourselves to Him. It's impossible! (Psalm 22:29) So the crux of the matter is this. We are all born lost souls. There IS a real heaven and a real hell. We are going to one of those two places at some point after we die. The choice is ours. Many have said “God is love and He wouldn't do that to anyone; hurt them or send them to hell.” That is right! God doesn't do it. If we choose not to believe and rebel against His plan of salvation then we do it to ourselves! One last thought you need to really take heed to. God does NOT condemn you for your sin no matter what it is. God convicts to let you know you are wrong and to bring you to repentance. All condemnation comes from the devil. How do you get saved? The first step is to realize you are lost and in sin and know that you cannot make it without God. The second is to confess all your sins to God in prayer with a sincere and repentant heart. God is a spirit and He is everywhere and He hears every word you say, knows every thought you have. The third step is to repent which means to do all you can do to get the things out of your life that you know are wrong; things that convict your conscience. The last step is to get yourself active in a church where the gospel is preached from the original King James Version of the bible and begin to seek God every day in prayer and in His Word. Fill out the prayer form located in this paper for more help.