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Heartbeat Christian News - 1st Qtr 2016 - COLT issue

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Continued from page 1 that one day I would preach the gospel in front of thousands! Secondly, Heartbeat Christian News is an independent, Christian newspaper whose mission statement is to help ALL Christians regardless of where they go to church or how they profess to believe. Heartbeat Christian News is supported solely by the advertisers the Lord blesses us with and donations from those who understand the importance of supporting the work of the Lord. we are not affiliated with any church systems or religious organizations. That doesn't mean we don't work with them or are not supportive of any of them. It simply suggests that the content you will find within these pages is given to me and our contributing writers by the Lord and is intended to edify you. What type of information can you expect to find within these pages? The feature article on the front page will typically always be teaching from the word of God for active Christians. Another staple of HBC News is End Day Prophecy written by Brother Lee Sharpe, a proven prophet of God for approximately 40 years. This segment is intended to warn you of impending danger and help you prepare for what's coming. A new installment we've added recently is Lost at Sea, which is written specifically for people who have never known the Lord! In other words, Who is God? Why should I believe in Him? What evidence can you give me that He even exists? And if He exists, why should I care? This article is perfect for Christians who want to witness to lost souls but don't know what to say! Of course you will ask or think, how am I going to get a lost person to read an article in a Christian newspaper. Because it's on the opposite page of another great part of Heartbeat Christian News which is our very own original comic strip called The Adventures of Wesley Doodle®. This comic strip is about a boy named Wesley, who is my son, and his stuffed dinosaur named Doodle. Wesley is 14 and has had Doodle since he was about a year and a half old. So the inspiration came easy. Two other mainstays are the Backsliders Beacon and Todd's Techy Tips. The Backsliders Beacon obviously is to help those who have known the Lord and fallen away to find their way back. And Todd's Techy Tips exposes the dangers of technology and teaches Christians how to safely incorporate it into their lives. How can you be sure this is a true work of the Lord? I'm glad you asked. 1. Heartbeat Christian News is thriving and growing in an age when many newspapers are shrinking, going out of business or barely hanging on. 2. Every bit of teaching can be verified by the word of God. 3. I have never formally been to college or worked for a newspaper prior to HBC News. So for God to make me a publisher, editor, comic strip author and artist, graphic designer, newspaper layout specialist and more is truly a notable miracle in my book. 4. Mark chapter 16 teaches us that God confirms the Word of His preachers with signs following. I just gave you many of those signs. 5. There are testimonies that people of nearly every age group from all different denominations both read and love this paper. 6. God always meets the need of Heartbeat Christian News when we need it. 7. I love what I do and it gives me great joy producing Heartbeat Christian News considering that the printed page is still the most powerful witness known to man to date. Please pardon the lengthiness of this article but I hate thinking I may have left something out that is important. Heartbeat Christian News is a quarterly publication; meaning we print every 3 months. It's a free paper and our mission is to help you! In closing, let me encourage you the reader to take advantage of the prayer request form that is in every issue we print. We all know someone who is lost, sick, addicted and so on. So fill out the prayer request form and let's agree together according to Matthew 18:19 for God to move in that person's life for His glory and their salvation! Thank you for your support of Heartbeat Christian News!