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Heartbeat Christian News - 2nd Qtr 2016 - COLT issue

Heartbeat Christian News - 2nd Qtr 2016 - COLT

Your Church or My Church Have any of you who use this statement on a regular basis stopped and thought about how ridiculous it sounds? Or considered how far Christians have strayed from THE truth as it is laid out in the bible. Do you remember Whose church it really is and that God is NOT divided? It's time for a preacher of THE truth to step on some toes because they need stepping on. But remember, this is what God Almighty has been burning in my spirit for months now so you better listen to the voice of one crying in the wilderness. Let's start with the basics. The church of Jesus Christ is NOT a building made with hands; period! (Acts 7:48) It is the saints of God in whom dwells the Spirit of God. Yes we assemble in buildings we call churches but as children of God we are supposed to understand the difference. Moving on, you also need to realize that no place in the bible teaches anything other Continued on Page 5 ...