2 years ago

Heartbeat Christian News - 2nd Qtr 2016 - COLT issue

Prophecy as spoken by

Prophecy as spoken by Brother Lee Sharpe (End Time Prophet) 12­9­1995 Yea I say the impostors some call holy swingers will continue to increase. Persecution through hate movements – TV, Movies, TV Comedy and look for the taxation of churches, persecution through education. Yea a persecution madness released on true Christians, on true ministers, children will be attacked as never before. They will become more rebellious, young girls and boys will be exploited at much younger age. Children drug and alcohol use will increase very rapidly. Children hate for their parents will increase to dangerous proportions. The standards of the churches will continue to decrease till no standards at all. Millions will keep deceiving and being deceived by false prosperity. As Noah's predictions were ignored, so will many of you ignore this, BUT it will surely come. Homosexuality will become epidemic. Mass rape­riots in the streets. Demonic spirits of lust will sweep all nations. Moral filth will wax worse and worse – Nudeness – sex acts on TV; even in some churches. Yea America has past point of no return. Yea I say unto you just prior to final judgment, half of the USA will be declared disaster area. Earthquakes will increase – famine coming – millions will starve to death. Food prices will be driven beyond reach of most. Record heat in the north – cold in the south. 20 years coming will be filled with disasters. Those who prepare is wise. Buy only what is needed. Get out of debt Sell everything as needed Keep cash flow at a minimum Get rid of credit cards Do not panic or get confused ­ just be cautious Get a reliable car and keep it. By all means, do not cheat on God. As you give to God, it shall be given you that believe according to Proverbs 27:12. A prudent man forseeth the future evils and hideth himself but the simple pass on and is severely punished saith the Lord. Brother Lee Sharpe is a proven prophet of God over the years with God confirming the word he preaches with many signs, notable miracles and wonders as we learn from Mark chapter 16. You can hear Brother Lee preach at Truth Tabernacle Church every Wednesday night at 7:30pm and Sunday morning at 10:30am. Truth Tabernacle is located at 703 S. Jackson St in Athens, TN.