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Heartbeat Christian News - 2nd Qtr 2016 - COLT issue

Dear Readers, Did you

Dear Readers, Did you ever wonder what I do? Or maybe are curious to find out more about who is behind Heartbeat Christian News? Well, first and foremost, it is the Lord's work and I am simply the vessel God uses to carry it out. But perhaps you see all this advertising, and the Lord has truly blessed us with many great advertisers, and think HBC News is a cash cow. And I live sumptuously off of the proceeds of it. Let's clear the air. A few things I really want you the reader to know are as follows. First, the bible teaches us to know them that labor among you. Second, the Lord instructed the apostle Paul that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Three, the bible is adamant about leading by example. In fact, the word of God is strict about the latter principle more so than any other vocation I believe. So we will start with point number one. In a previous issue, I published an article which was a brief summation of my testimony. If you missed that or would like a copy sent to you, you can e­mail me that request to or write to me at Heartbeat Christian News | PO Box 1378 | Athens, TN 37371. As far as it being more blessed to give than to receive, please note that Heartbeat Christian News is a generous work of the Lord; by His grace. We tithe and offer out of the gross proceeds of all monies and even services received in trade for HBC News. Not to mention, it is expensive what we do because we print on a better quality newspaper than your daily publications and cover an area approximately 75 miles North to South and 15 miles East to West. Alas we come to point number 3 which is leading by example. If you have followed this newspaper for long, you know we are adamant about teaching Christians that they need to be involved in the work of the Lord, which in no way includes attending church. The attending of church is like going to school to get trained in how to work for the Lord. Nearly every week, without fail, I work 7 days a week. In addition to publishing, editing, design and layout, authoring and illustrating The Adventures of Wesley Doodle, ad sales and distribution of Heartbeat Christian News, I also work part time as a server at the Cracker Barrel in Athens, TN on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. My nickname so many know me by there is ToddZilla LOL. You may wonder why would I do that. Because Heartbeat Christian News is not at a point financially where I can do it full time, being a quarterly publication, and it is and has been a very effective place to promote the newspaper. With that being said, the Lord has truly blessed me with some awesome tips. The best ever coming from Mr. Ricky Powers, owner of Bob's Small Engine Repair here in Athens, TN. He left me a $101.00 tip! Wow! So going forward, if you would like to meet me in person, I also would like to meet you. It would be my honor. And until further notice, if anyone beats that $101.00 tip, I think it cool to publish their name in the subsequent issue of HBC News. God bless every one of you who supports this awesome work of the Lord in every way! So You Want Proof? Perhaps you are wondering if God really exists or have wondered. Well that is a tricky subject because there is proof outside the pages of the bible; but it's not so strong that without faith you are going to believe it. Why? Because God is a faith God and He requires those of us who want to be saved to believe His Word. The reason it's important for you to believe that God is real is so you will believe His Word which is the ONLY plan of salvation that offers everlasting life. First and foremost, Christianity is the only religion that is based on a man Who lived and died and rose from the dead. There is biblical and non­biblical historical proof of this. A Roman historian named Tacitus wrote of a quote from Nero who blamed the great fire of Rome on Christians who derived their name from Christus, which being translated in Latin means Christ. Pliny the Younger, governor of Bithynia wrote to Trajan the emperor on how to deal with the Christians who sang in alternate verses a hymn to Christ, as to a god. Implying that Christ had been a historical figure Who lived on the earth. The most remarkable reference came from Josephus, a Jewish historian of the first century. On two occasions, in his Jewish Antiquities, he mentions Jesus. Josephus references James as “the brother of Jesus the so­called Christ.”. The most awesome thing he wrote was “About this time there lived Jesus, a wise man, if indeed one ought to call him a man. For he … wrought surprising feats. When Pilate … condemned him to be crucified, those who had … come to love him did not give up their affection for him. On the third day he appeared … restored to life … And the tribe of Christians … has … not disappeared.”. Finally there is a reference in the Babylonian Talmud to the execution of Yeshu which is the Hebrew pronunciation of Jesus. If that's not enough, consider that the Authorized Version of the Holy Bible, known to us as the original King James version, is proven in so many ways by ancient manuscripts, archaeological evidence, scientific evidence and historical evidence to be true in every facet. Why is that important? Because it's the account of God's creation of man, man's fall from grace through sin and God's plan of redemption. This same bible teaches us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge. Meaning if you reject God's plan of salvation, the only end left for you is hell and eventually the lake of fire. But if you accept it, God will bless you with health, joy, peace, deliverance and everlasting life. If you want to give your heart to God, simply pray to Him right where you are, confess your sins with a sincere, repentant heart and ask Him to be Lord of your life and write to us for direction on what to do after you pray at: Heartbeat Christian News Attn: Lost at Sea PO Box 1378 Athens, TN 37371. God bless!