Caribbean Times 52nd Issue - Wednesday 7th December 2016


Caribbean Times 52nd Issue - Wednesday 7th December 2016

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Wednesday 7th December 2016 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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Prime Minister, the Hon., Gaston Browne, left, with the main investor in the project, John Paul DeJoria, centre, and John Turbidy.

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Wednesday 7th December 2016

Opportunities for Barbudans

By Everton Barnes

Its official, the agreement

that will usher in a major

tourism development for

Barbuda has been signed between

the developers and the


Prime Minister Gaston

Browne, who signed on behalf

of the government, said

he is happy to welcome the

main investor, John Paul De-

Joria to the country whose

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personal wealth (estimated at

US$3 billion) means that he

has the ability to develop the


But the prime minister

also sees the project as opening

up many opportunities for

Barbudans. “I am confident

that this project will bring

significant benefits to the

people of Barbuda, and based

on the consultations held

with Barbudans, they voted

overwhelmingly in favour of

the development. Barbudans

have embraced this project

and I want to thank them for

their full cooperation,” he


Prime Minister, the Hon., Gaston


Noting that there have

been difficulties in the past

in getting projects approved,

PM Browne noted that this

project had what he termed

‘smooth sailing’. “The people

of Barbuda are beginning

to recognize that the govern-

Main investor in the project,

John Paul DeJoria

ment is making every effort

to develop the island; an island

that will develop as a

‘green island’ in the Caribbecont’d

on pg 3

Minister of Tourism delivers

on back pay for SJDC workers

By Renio Abbott

Earlier this year, St. John’s Development

Corporation came under fire from

employees who had unresolved issues with

back pay dating back prior to 2014 under

the previous government.

After angry workers gathered in protest

outside of the Ministry of Tourism in September

seeking an audience with Minister

of Tourism, Honourable Asot Michael, who

acknowledged that the situation which had

been the subject of previous instances of industrial

action was too important to ignore.

Immediate attention was given by the

“Action Man” calling a meeting with management

of SJDC and representatives from

the union in a matter of minutes after personally

speaking to staff and considering

their grievances, to properly manage expectations

and come to a timely resolution.

Out of that meeting, it was promised

that the government would fulfil its obligation

of making a payment on the outstanding

retroactive pay to staff by November

30th, 2016

“I serve an organization (the Antigua

and Barbuda Labour Party) that places the

interest of the working class people of this

country at the forefront of its agenda and

it was a prerequisite for me as the Minister

responsible for the operations of the St.

John’s Development Corporation to ensure

that this matter which dates back prior to

2014 be resolved in the best interest of these

workers,” stated the Hon. Asot Michael.

Only 3 months later, the St. John’s Development

Corporation made good on that

obligation by making a payment of EC

$250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand

dollars) on November 30th, 2016.

The management of the SJDC in the

meantime has had further dialogue with the

union and has made a commitment to pay

the net tranche of retroactive payments for

the periods of May 2014 to April 2015 by

February 2017.

Wednesday 7th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

New Barbuda airport coming soon

By Everton Barnes

The government is making great

strides in its commitment to the people

of Barbuda that they will soon have a

new airport.

As a fulfillment of that promise, the

government is requesting that all developers

with projects earmarked for the

sister isle, must deposit a sum of US$5

million that will go towards the new airport.

“I am pleased to announce that John

Paul DeJoria, of the proposed Peace

Love and Happiness Resort has demonstrated

his commitment to Barbuda by

paying in full the amount required.

This was done even before we signed

the agreement,” Prime Minister Gaston

Browne has reported.

He said the money is being held in

escrow at the Global bank of Commerce.

Browne further announced that two

other investors have paid a combined total

of US$9 million and that this means

that construction will commence early

in 2017,” he added.

“With US$14 million in the kitty, we

can go to tender in the new year for the

new airport for Barbuda,” Browne noted.

The current airport in Barbuda is located

in Codrington and it has very little

room for expansion, particularly to

enable it to accommodate private jets,

which will be used by the guests at PLH

Resort and other properties.

cont’d from pg 2

an,” he declared.

He added that nothing

will be done to undermine the

integrity of the island. However,

he said Barbuda must

have its own thriving tourism

industry that will support the

people of the island.

“This project will provide

many spins-off; opportunities

for the people to benefit

directly and indirectly from

this and other projects.

“Barbuda will not remain

‘a diamond in the rough’. It’s

time for Barbuda to strive,”

he declared.

Developer DeJoria, noted

that while he had not visited

Barbuda prior to learning of

the project, he was convinced

that it was an ideal place to

invest by the man who conceived

the idea, John Turbidy.

“We will build a project

that will leave the island and

the people better off than

when we first got here,” he

said. He promises that the

project develop with equal

care for the people involved

and as well as that of the environment.

He also announced that

the project, to be branded

Peace, Love and Happiness

Resort, will be developed on

the south western side of the

island in the area commonly

called Low Bay.

Along with the project,

where he will invest an estimated

US$250 million over

time, DeJoria announced

direct benefits to Barbuda.

“Not only will we hire almost

the entire island, but we will

also be doing special projects

such as assistance to schools,

medical care and the island’s

food supply. These are to

benefit the people of Barbuda,”

he stated.

For his part, Turbidy, who

first discussed his concept

with the government some

years ago, said he wanted to

find the right investors and

found that in DeJoria. He revealed

that the government

had insisted that he find a developer

for the in order to get

final approval.

According to Turbidy following

a meeting in Aspen

Colorado, both he and DeJoria

arrived at common ground

on how to proceed with the

project. “We are going to be

green in this development

and we have selected a highly

respected resort developer

to be in charge of the project.

The PLH Resort will





Don’t Dream it.

Drive it





1 (268) 462-1062

comprise of a 100-room boutique

hotel with private villas

that will cater to the highend

clientele. It will be many

times larger than Jumby Bay.

Construction is expected

to start in the new year.



4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 7th December 2016

V.C. Bird envisioned the Economic Powerhouse

By Renio Abbott

On Friday 9th December,

we celebrate the life of

our National Hero Sir Vere

Cornwall Bird.

The celebration culminates

with a Wreath laying

ceremony at Sir V.C. Bird

Bust, that was erected in

his honour at the Market


The annual ceremony

sees multitudes of Antiguans

and Barbudans pay

their respects to the accomplishments

of arguably our

most impactful National


“Papa” as he was affectionately

called is known

to many as the father of the

Nation and was born on December

9th, 1909.

Sir Vere was a giant of

a man he led the team in

the union as they fought

for better waged and better

working wages and better

conditions. He was also our

country first Premier and

later our first Prime Minister

after we attained Independence

on 1st November,


Unlike most of Sir Vere’s

Political Colleagues in

the Region, his education

was limited to his primary

schooling at T.N Kirnon

School they known as the

Boy’s School.

However, his love for the

people allowed him to attend

the high office of President

of the Antigua trades

and Labour Union in 1945.

After the Minitrial System

was introduced in 1956,

the Governor gave Sir Vere

the Trade and Production

Portfolio; further constitution

advancement came in


Sir Vere was a visionary

and a trailblazer, who believed

that education was

the means to elevate ourselves

from poverty.

Antigua was the first

Eastern Caribbean Island to

receive statehood from Britain

with London remaining

responsible for foreign policy

and defence in 1967.

In 1971 Sir Vere lost

government to the PLM but

also the parliamentary seat

he had held for 25 years and

in 1976 Sir Vere regained

Governance in Antigua and


In 1955, the Princess

Margaret School was built

by the colonial administration

at the behest of Sir Vere.

The Princess Margaret

School was made a Secondary

School. The first batch of

22 students, secretly selected

to take the equivalent of

today’s CXC exams, scored

highly, so far produced two

or four Prime Ministers,

specialists and an impressive

list of achievers came

from the Princess Margaret

School, and remains one of

the outstanding institutions

of learning in Antigua and

Barbuda today.

In 1985 Antigua’s international

airport, which was

first named Coolidge, was

renamed V.C. Bird International

Airport in his honour.

Sir Vere envisioned the

means of production, for indigenous

Antiguans to own

more businesses, and play

an ever-increasing role in

the generation of jobs, economic

opportunities, and

in the management of our


He took an economy

based exclusively on sugar

and cotton, and transformed

the economy, creating new

wealth so all could enjoy the

benefits of a new Antigua

and Barbuda.

Vere Cornwall Bird

planted the seeds for national

development that would

bear fruit well into the future.

He helped to drive the

fear from our hearts, inculcated

over three hundred

years by the whip, public

floggings, incarceration for

resistance, humiliation and


Vere Cornwall Bird provided

the living example of

superior leadership for the

people in Antigua and Barbuda.

He died in St. John’s on

28th June 1999, leaving a

legacy that every Antigua

and Barbudan can be proud


Long live the vision of

Sir Vere Cornwall Bird.

Wednesday 7th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Calvin Ayre donates US$200,000

to Island Academy Bursary Fund

By Renio Abbott

Newly adopted son of Antigua

and Barbuda, Canadian

Entrepreneur Calvin Ayre understands

the importance of


Ayre who has called the

shores of Antigua and Barbuda

his home for 10 years

also understands how costly

it can be to receive a quality

education, especially when

you come from a low income


With this in mind, the

philanthropist, yesterday donated

US$200,000 to the Island

Academy Bursary Fund.

The fund is designed to

give children from less fortunate

families the opportunity

to enjoy the benefits of the

well-rounded education that

the educational institution

which many children from

middle to high income families

attend, has to offer.

The principal, Portia

Moursy expressed her gratitude

for the sizeable donation,

indicating that the funds

will go a long way in providing

an education to Antiguans

who would not have

Calvin Ayre

the opportunity otherwise.

Music students gave wonderful

renditions of traditional

African music giving

the audience a sample of the

skills that they learned in the


“I am thrilled to be here

today to deliver my Foundation’s

(The Calvin Ayre

Foundation) second annual

donation to this fine scholarship

program, which I consider

an excellent means of

allowing deserving students

to transcend their humble origins

and realize their full academic

potential.” Ayre stated.

He encouraged other individuals

to join him in investing

in the people of Antigua

and Barbuda with the belief

that the benefits of this investment

will have ripple effects

that will continue to spread

for generations to come

“Education is a transformative

tool. I was a keen

student when I was in school,

and that focus helped take me

from a pig farm in rural Canada

to the cover of Forbes


“I’m confident that the Island

Academy students who

benefit from this program

will go on to make myself,

their families and their nation

proud” he concluded.

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Wednesday 7th December 2016

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Wednesday 7th December 2016

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Tuesday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Bed supports

6. Quick cut

10. Scads (2 wds.)

14. Chocolate drink

15. The ____ Ranger

16. Aggravate

17. Spirited vigor

18. Marooned

20. Purpose

21. Type of poplar

23. Passenger vehicles

24. Vacation spot

26. Tilts

28. Grade

30. Picturesque

34. Flank

37. Prisoner

40. Crack pilot

41. Genesis site

42. Actress ____ Keaton

43. Copied

44. Conger

45. Alphabet part

46. Concern

47. Dried grape

49. Dream

51. Carved pole

54. Pilfers

58. Actor Martin ____

61. Winter coat

63. Hr. part

64. Submarine’s viewer

66. Horned animal, for short

68. Remove wrinkles

69. Wheel shaft

70. Golfer ____ Woods

71. Famous loch

72. Colored

73. Boulder


1. Clean thoroughly

2. Baggy

3. Summits

4. Summit

5. Largest desert

6. Sharp blow

7. ____ Prize

8. Foolish

9. Farm enclosure

10. Wake up

11. Pocket fluff

12. Bread topping

13. Williams and Kennedy

19. Fox trot, e.g.

22. Harsh-sounding

25. Portent

27. *

29. Make socks

31. California valley

32. Bakery worker

33. Give up

34. Fortuneteller

35. Concept

36. Food shop

38. Wrestling pad

39. Afresh

43. Long (for)

45. Detroit team

48. Beer mugs

50. Begins

52. Type of glue

53. Syrup tree

55. Pedro’s friend

56. Fine fabric

57. Night sound

58. Rotate

59. At this location

60. God of love

62. Marsh plant

65. Scoundrel

67. Successful song

18 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 7th December 2016

Abuse ah wah

them mean fuh do

By Jacqueline Wetherill

Physical, Sexual, Emotional and all other forms of abuse is a

serious crime.

Some men and women think they have the right, but abuse can

make you lose your mind.

Some people think is not their business to intervene; only when

someone get kill them cry and them scream.

A person who is being abused always shows signs: they lie and

cover up to let you know that they are fine.

Abuse Ah Wah Them Mean Fuh Do .

From the first hit look out for more, kicks and punches will come

in galore.

As a child I have seen what domestic violence can do, I had four

family members who died from it too.

The hurtful part is when them come with their fake cry, and these

women choose to believe their lies.

They hug up and make up, is just for a while, then the blows and

bad words start to control your mind.

Abuse Ah Wah Them Mean Fuh Do.

Some men are so controlling they deprive you of your family

members and your friends.

These men control your every movement to know where you go,

and to check you for any strange scent.

Woman talking to a male cousin they ,are so jealous; they

think you are cheating on them with another man.

Then they get physical and embarrass you in public; then they hit

you with whatever they have in their hand,

Abuse Ah Wah Them Mean Fuh Do.

Some women are scared for their lives, because they are threatened

with knives.

The law should get serious on these types of crimes, and bail

should never be granted to protect women’s lives.

Too long, men, children and mostly women are being abused, and

the penalty for these crimes is no use.

Drugs and shoplifting pay a high price, but we as women don’t

have a serious voice;

Domestic violence will always continue until the law gets serious.

Abuse Ah Wah Them Mean Fuh Do.

Antigua and Barbuda, wake up! Stop ignoring the signs of child

and domestic abuse.

Some people think it’s not their business to intervene, but only

when it hit your door then reality grab you.

Women and children lie a lot to cover up for everything.

Family members, neighbors, co-workers, youth groups, churches,

get involved, it is your business, Law enforcers be more serious;

protect us, hear us , we have the right to know that we are

safe from the hands of these ferocious beasts who brutalize women

and think it is okay; it’s not.

Do Something. Talk is cheap. Do something before another person

is killed by domestic violence.

Wednesday 7th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 19

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda


High - 82ºF

Low - 75ºF

Wind: East North East 12 mph

Sunrise 6.24 am; Sunset 5.33 pm

Tuesday’s Crossword Solution



Dec. 21). Before you take it

too seriously or accept it as

the truth, think of social media

as a performance, and one

that most people deliver in

the most flattering of theatrical


CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). There’s something in

this day that makes you nervous,

and that, while uncomfortable,

can be turned into a

big plus for you. This is just

the right level of challenge

to strengthen your emotional


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). You want the new chapter

to start, but it can’t yet.

These ideas haven’t been

explored to their natural conclusion.

Go for closure. The

others involved need it just as

much as you do.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

The lasting impression won’t

be about what you wore or

how you did your hair. The

lasting impression is the one

that causes the other person

to feel. The deeper the feeling,

the more indelible the


GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

You wouldn’t readily categorize

today’s task as “fun,” but

since you have to do it anyway,

you’d do well to try to

find some novel aspect to it.

While looking for something

fresh here, you’ll accidentally


CANCER (June 22-July 22).

It’s becoming clearer that in

order to effectively complete

the job, you need the right

tools. Timeliness is crucial

now. Invest in the knowledge

and resources you need to be


LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You

want to help your loved ones,

and yet, if you do it all for

them, you’ll rob them of the

pride of accomplishment.

Settle back and watch a while.

Only help when they’re really

and truly stuck.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

It’s one of those days when

you find it easy to appreciate

your bountiful life. There’s

no reason to reach out for

more because as you tend to

what you have, more reaches

out for you.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

There’s so much on the agenda,

and if you write it out and

attack the items one by one

you’ll get through most of

them on this incredibly productive,

high-energy day.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

To be concerned about what

an attractive person thinks of

you is a trap. You are most attractive

when you base your

thoughts, feelings and motivations

on your own self-respect.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

You want to know what people

are thinking, and you’re

not afraid to ask. What you

learn will help you get yourself

or your product aimed for

maximum popularity.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

The temptation exists to let

hype replace action. Don’t let

the talk get ahead of you. Too

much talk and you feel you’ve

already done the thing. The

task becomes boring in comparison

to the talk.

20 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 7th December 2016

“Drop Sleep” charged with murder

By Renio Abbott

The Police have charged

27-year old Omarley “Drop

Sleep” Henry of Perry Bay

with the murder of his

ex-girlfriend, 22-year old

Shariece Henry of Christian


The deceased shared a

Beware of counterfeit bills

By Renio Abbott

With the Christmas

season upon us, the police

are asking citizens to be

cautious when conducting

financial transactions.

They have received

several counterfeit EC

$20 notes from a couple of

tourists who were visiting

the island.

The police believe that

the counterfeit bills were



provided as change to the


An investigation into

the matter is currently ongoing.

The general public is

being asked to be on alert

for the circulation of the

illegal tender and to report

any suspicious activities to

the Police without delay.

4-year old daughter with

the accused and became the

country’s 5th homicide victim

one week ago when the

accused allegedly stabbed

her multiple times about

her body at his Perry Bay


Henry went into hiding

after the gruesome

incident, turning himself

in two days after when a

relative along with a wellknown

pastor assisted him

in turning himself in.

He was admitted to the

Mount St. John’s Medical

Centre at that time for

treatment as he had ingested

a portion of Bleach.

He has since recovered

due to the quick reaction of

the Police and emergency

staff at MSJMC and is expected

to appear before the

Court on Wednesday to answer

the charges.

Antiguan takes silver

in half marathon

By Carlena Knight

Antiguan long distance

runner, Kalique St. Jean

claimed the silver medal on

Sunday in the British Virgin

Islands Half Marathon in


St. Jean who is a member

of the Hurricane Power

Athletic club and former

Princess Margaret student,

finished in a time of one

hour and twenty-one minutes


He was edged out for

the gold by Grenadian,

Reon Radix, who finished

in a time of one hour twenty

minutes and eighty-seven

seconds (1:20.87).

This was St. Jean’s first

time participating in the


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