Caribbean Times 53rd Issue - Thursday 8th December 2016


Caribbean Times 53rd Issue - Thursday 8th December 2016

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Thursday 8th December 2016 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne has

pledged not to appear on the Observer

Media Group after he accused the media

entity of harassment.

The exchange happened on the Observer

AM show with host, Darren Matthew


“I don’t expect Observer Radio to

become Crusader Radio with their nastiness.

I have a certain amount of respect

for Observer but what’s happening here

amounts to harassment,” Browne declared.

The issue surrounds questions that

the radio host said his listeners were

asking in relation to land transactions by

members of the prime minister’s family.

The prime minister stated that no

member of his personal household is

involved in any of the transactions being

questioned. He said his son, an independent

businessman, bought the land

in question from a private individual; a

piece of land, he noted, that had been up

for sale even during the time the United

Progressive Party formed the government.

PM Browne said he had clarified

the matter of the land transactions on repeated

occasions and if Observer Radio

continued with the ‘harassment’, he will

no longer appear on its airwaves.

This comes as on Wednesday, the

UPP held a press conference to provide

what it termed ‘questionable’ transactions

involving individuals or entities

close to the prime minister.

Police Force graduates 12 OCS students

See story

on Page 3

2 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 8th December 2016

PM and Opposition leader discuss CCJ

By Everton Barnes

The ongoing discussion

on whether or not Antigua

and Barbuda should migrate

from the London-based

Privy Council and join the

Caribbean Court of Justice

(CCJ) was the subject of a

discussion between Prime

Minister, Gaston Browne,

and Opposition Leader,

Baldwin Spencer.

Government’s chief

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Letters to the editor to

spokesman, Lionel Max

Hurst, said the discussion

took place during a telephone

call from Browne to

Spencer. “The prime minister

reported that he offered

to let the United Progressive

Party (UPP) take the lead on

the CCJ campaign as it is

not the intention of the Antigua

and Barbuda Labour

Party (ABLP) to take credit

for the measure should it get

the two-thirds vote it needs

to make it happen,” Hurst


But PM Browne also

urged Spencer to encourage

the UPP leadership to fully

endorse the CCJ, not in their

personal capacities as have

been stated, but as leaders of

the opposition party.

By Everton Barnes

An American billionaire philanthropist,

Robert Foisie, is offering several scholarships

to Antigua and Barbuda students who

wish to pursue studies leading to a first degree

in engineering.

Foisie made the offer when he met with

the Cabinet on Wednesday.

Reports from Cabinet state that the

philanthropist is offering full scholarships to

study at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in

Massachusetts. “They will be full scholarships

to cover tuition, board, transportation,

books, incidentals and travel. However, the

scholarships will be competitive; applicants

will be required to sit an examination with

the top students being selected,” according

to Cabinet spokesman, Lionel Max Hurst.

He said the government is looking at how

it will be able to take advantage of this offer.

“As many students as possible may apply for

He called on the opposition

leader to mobilise

the UPP base to support the


According to Hurst the

prime minister made it clear

that unlike St Vincent and

the Grenadines and Grenada

where there were several

items on the ballot paper,

which in his mind confused

the electorate in those countries,

he repeated his position

that there will be only

one item on the ballot paper

for the referendum slated for

next year.

In their conversation, PM

Browne reminded Spencer

that he does not favour any

attempt to politicize the process

and any move to make

it one will result in the government

abandoning the

process. “The prime minister

has been consistent on

this particular point from the

very beginning,” Hurst recalled.

The government spokesman

noted that no one political

party can deliver the twothirds

majority required for

the measure to be approved

in a referendum. “The two

main political parties need

to work together if this referendum

is to be successful

and none one should attempt

to make it a partisan political

issue,” he added.

The CCJ was discussed at

Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting

when the prime minister

reported on his discussion

with Spencer.

Young Antiguans offered scholarships

the scholarships but only the top ones will

be selected,” Hurst reported. He noted that

students who receive the scholarship must

maintain a set grade point average in order

to ensure the continuation of the scholarship

for the four years of the programme.

Foisie reported that he makes charitable

payments to Worcester Polytechnic to

help young people such as those in Antigua

and Barbuda who do not have the financial

wherewithal to fund their education.

“My charitable donations were made

with the objectives of providing learning/

development opportunities for gifted young

students, who would not otherwise be able

to afford a university education in the field

of engineering,” he stated.

According to the American philanthropist

the WPI helped him when he was a young

student and it is his desire to offer such opportunities

to those in need.

Thursday 8th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

RPFAB graduates 12 students from

the Ottos Comprehensive School

By Renio Abbott

Yesterday afternoon

12, 5th form students from

the Ottos Comprehensive

School completed a 2-week

Internship in a Business

Sensitization Program at the

Police Headquarters. The

Program started from the

28th November - 7th December

2016 from 8:30 am

– 3:30 pm each day.

They had the opportunity

to work in a few different

departments such as, the

Human Resource Department,

Gary’s Farm Police

Station, Strat Com, Criminal

Investigation Department,

Narcotics, Criminal

Record Office, Traffic Department,

Minor Offences

and the St. Johns Police Station

Guard Desk.

Each student was placed

in the various departments

for a week then transferred

into another.

While working in the department

they learned about

the professionalism, risk

and function of each area of

the Police, and that it’s not

just about the detention of


Corporal Karim Warner,

one of the Public Relations

Officers of the Royal Police

Force of Antigua and

Barbuda stated that “the

program started last year

with 13 students and so far

the Ottos Comprehensive

School is the only school

that is taking part.

Warner further stated

that the Police Force is

willing to work along with

the principals of the other

Secondary Schools by simply

writing a letter to the

Commissioner of police for

the program introduced to

their 5th form students that

would like to be a part of

this great achievement.

Warner also stated that

after the program a few of

the students inquired as how



Don’t Dream it.

Drive it


do they apply to become

members of the Police Force

because they were ready to

serve their country”

Out of the twelve students

three were outstanding

Rushida Pollock for

for her “Professionalism

Award”, Shamar Smith for

“Best in Police Subjects”,

and Jahna Peter his “Communication


Program facilitator,

Senior Sergeant Frankie

Thomas expressed the love

and appreciation of the entire

force for the young









1 (268) 462-1062

4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 8th December 2016

The National AIDS Secretariat

continues World AIDS Day in Barbuda

The National AIDS Secretariat

continues its celebration

and AIDS Awareness

campaign on the sister isle;

staff of the Secretariat arrived

in Barbuda on Saturday

3rd December to begin

a week of activities.

The team to Barbuda included:

Delcora Williams

AIDS Programme Manager,

Oswald Hannys HIV Councilor

and Educator, Annetta

Dowe, chairperson of the

World AIDS Day committee

and Humans Rights Coordinator

Karen Brotherson.

Kick starting the activities

was a church service

at Holy Trinity Anglican

Church on Sunday 4th December,

where member of

the Barbuda Council with


The Antigua and Barbuda National Accreditation

Board has received queries about

the cost of accreditation as well as concerns

that the move to accreditation by an institution

will drive up tuition costs and therefore

put access to tertiary education out of the

reach of many.

It can indeed be costly for a college or

university to obtain and maintain accreditation

status. Apart from the cost of the actual

visit from the evaluation team, there are other

associated costs as the institution prepares

itself for the accreditation process.

An institution applying for accreditation

may need to address concerns about

the quality of the physical plant, may need

to upgrade equipment, may have to hire additional

faculty or may need to address any

Responsibility for Health

Bernie Newton addressed

the congregation while Reverend

Judith Archibald presided

over the proceedings.

This year’s activities

include: debate and reading

competitions on Monday

5th, the World AIDS

Day March on Tuesday 6th,

free ongoing HIV testing at

Barbuda’s Fisheries Complex

and bringing down the

curtains will be a Zumba

on Thursday 7th December


Six students from Sir Mc

Chesney George Secondary

and thirteen from the Holy

Trinity Primary schools participated

in the debate and

reading competitions with

both events taking place at

the respective schools.

Topics covered for the

debate was “Should HIV

Positive Students Attend

Public Schools?” those for

the reading competition

were; “Antigua and Barbuda

to Benefit from Funding

to Address HIV\AIDS and

Investing in Good HIV Prevention

and Care”

The proposition emerged

the winning team with best

Will accreditation increase the cost of Education?

numbera of issues in order to meet the standards

set down by the accreditation agency.

It is therefore possible that the costs associated

with obtaining accreditation will be

passed on to students and be reflected in an

increase in fees.

However, it is also possible that the move

to accreditation, as part of the institution’s

Strategic Plan, will in fact allow the institution

to use its newly acquired accredited

status to recruit more students. With an increase

in enrolment, it may not be necessary

to increase fees significantly.

It must be stressed however that although

accreditation might be costly, tertiary institutions

should not be deterred. The value

gained for both institution and its students,

in ABNAB’s estimation, justifies the expense


speaker going to Kezia

Charles of the opposition

while at Holy Trinity, eightyear

old Alexander Desouza

captured the 1st prize 2nd

prize Sheniah Mussington

and 3rd was Tejah Beazer.

The World AIDS Day

march through the streets of

Barbuda was scaled down

this year, as only a few students

participated. The

group assembled at the Post

Office, unto River and Top

Mission Roads and ended

with a short ceremony at the

Fisheries Complex.

Prizes and winning trophies

were donated by

State Insurance Cooperation,

a platinum sponsor of

the World AIDS Day with

responsibility for Barbuda

events; representing the

Cooperation was Public Relations

Manager Dornalyn


The AIDS Secretariat

thanks all of its sponsors, especially

the State Insurance

Cooperation for making the

events in Barbuda possible,

to all participants and the

general public, thanks for

your continuous support.

Thursday 8th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

US Embassy hosts American bluegrass band Della Mae

The U.S. Embassy to

Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean,

and the Organization

of Eastern Caribbean States

was pleased to host American

bluegrass band Della

Mae, in a three-country traveling

tour of American bluegrass

music. The program

traveled to St. Kitts, Barbados,

and Antigua.

In Antigua, Della Mae

performed on December 3

for an enthusiastic audience

at the Multipurpose Cultural

Center in St. John’s, playing

a solid one-hour set of

their original songs, including

“Boston Town” — their

most recent release — “To

Ohio” and “You’re my

Bourbon Hound.”

The Grammy-nominated

band was founded in

2009 by fiddle player Kimber

Ludiker, who was born

in Spokane, Washington.

Kimber is a fifth-generation

fiddle player, having started

playing since the age of 3.

For this Eastern Caribbean

tour, Kimber was accompanied

by Celia Woodsmith,

lead vocalist and guitarist;

Bonnie Paine, vocalist and

washboard player; Avril

Smith, guitarist; and Vickie

Vaughn, bassist and vocalist.

“The U.S. Embassy is

hosting this series of public

concerts to underscore

the excellence and diversity

of American music, and to

promote cultural exchange,”

said U.S. Embassy Public

Affairs Officer James Rodriguez.

Della Mae performs in Antigua

“This concert series appealed

to a wide range of

music lovers, specifically

country music fans, American

bluegrass music fans,

young and upcoming musicians,

music students, and

the general public. We will

continue to support the arts

in St. Kitts and the Eastern

Caribbean through dynamic

cultural initiatives and programming.”

Although they maintain a

busy touring schedule, Della

Mae have also found time to

serve as cultural ambassadors

in the U.S. State Department’s

American Music

Abroad program.

In that capacity, they’ve

undertaken a series of extended

trips to Pakistan,

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,

Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,

Uzbekistan, Brazil, Saudi

Arabia, and the United Arab

Emirates, playing concerts

for local audiences as well

as collaborating with local

musicians and participating

in children’s music-education


6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 8th December 2016

Caribbean Exports celebrates regional exporting excellence

Bridgetown, BARBA-

DOS – The West India

Biscuit Company Limited

(WIBISCO), widely known

for their baked goods such as

biscuits and cookies, copped

the Caribbean Exporter of

the Year Award last night at

the 2 nd Caribbean Exporter

of the Year Awards.

The Awards event held

this year at the Hilton, Barbados

Resort on the evening

of December 5, 2016 hosted

by the Caribbean Export

Development Agency (Caribbean

Export) and funded

by the European Union (EU)

via the 10 th EDF Regional

Private Sector Development

Programme, aims to

recognise and promote the

contributions of outstanding

exporters to the region’s


“Our vision was that

these awards would raise the

profile of our SMEs in the

regional and international

market place, and I firmly

believe that we are on the

right track with this initiative.

This belief was validated

in 2015, when the inaugural

Caribbean Exporter

of the Year, the CEO of Sacha

Cosmetics, revealed that

this achievement opened

the doors for his company

into Cuba – a market that

they had previously pursued

without any success” expressed

Pamela Coke Hamilton,

Executive Director of

Caribbean Export.”

The importance of initiatives

like these Awards and

other projects implemented

by Caribbean Export was

exemplified by H.E. Ambassador

Daniela Tramacere in

her remarks “the European

Union has invested a considerable

amount of financial

and technical resources

in support of private sector

development, particularly

for export expansion. Since

2007, the EU has provided

approximately EUR 138m

in untied aid for trade to the

15 CARIFORUM member

states, not to mention the

support provided under the

cont’d on pg 7

Thursday 8th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

cont’d from pg 6

rum, banana and sugar programmes”.

Ambassador Tramacere is the

new Head of Delegation of the EU to

the Eastern Caribbean Countries, the


and went on to congratulate the award

winners, highlighting that since the introduction


EPA, which is central to the collaboration

between the two regions, progress

is being made. Tramacere reported

that “between 2009-2013 exports from

the Caribbean to the EU increased by


The event, which brought together

over 100 guests saw a total of 6 awards

being won. WIBISCO is a deserved

winner of the Caribbean Exporter of

the Year Award being a successful exporter

to over 20 countries across the

world and realising their motto ‘Baked

in the Caribbean, Loved Everywhere’.

With a company culture of innovation

and a continuous drive for excellence

they have successfully introduced new

techniques and equipment to increase

efficiencies and output in response to

the fast-paced ever changing global


The Female Exporter of the Year

Award was sponsored by RBC Royal

Bank, who have a particular interest

in supporting female business owners,

was won by Haitian Yve-Car Momperousse,

owner of Kreyol Essence; a

manufacturer of organic natural hair,

skin and aromatherapy products including

exotic oils, pomades, soufflés

and therapeutic candles.

The Green Exporter of the Year,

sponsored by Williams Industries Inc.

was taken by Perishables Jamaica Ltd

(PJL) for their efficient use of green

technologies in the production of herbal

teas that use authentic Jamaican raw

materials. From their 20-acre farm

they operate on a 15Kw Photovoltaic

system, which has reduced their electricity

cost by 70% since installation.

SMAKS Luxury Group has been

in business since 2011, and produces a

range of Caribbean-flavoured teas. In

the past 3 years a new product was developed

- Chai Rum, the world’s first

tea-infused rum, which the company

now exports to seven countries in Europe.

SMAKS took home the Emerging

Exporter of the Year Award sponsored

by Automotive Art in recognition

of the explosion of growth witnessed

since the unique product innovation.

The Special Award for Excellence

in Service Export, which recognises an

outstanding Caribbean firm whose primary

area of business is the provision

of services with global reach, was won

by Nand Persaud International Communications

Inc from Guyana. An organisation

that employs over 500 people

has experienced an impressive 31%

increase in export growth in the provision

of a range of customer support

services to their international clientele.

Glyn Partidge, Founder of 10 Saints

Brewery Ltd, was the Agency’s Choice

Award winner on the night. 10 Saints

is a Barbadian micro-brewery that has

leveraged several opportunities from

Caribbean Export exemplifying the

great drive and determination required

to successfully export products and services


8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 8th December 2016

Thursday 8th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 8th December 2016

Wednesday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Four-legged mother

4. Opposite of “Ten-hut!”

10. Ducky color?

14. Lupino or Cantor

15. Hebrew greeting

16. General’s assistant

17. Temporary delay

19. Give up

20. One who does a lot of


22. Spit four-letter words

23. Labors along, as a workhorse

24. First name in all-time homers

27. Bach work

30. Certain puzzle authority

33. So-so grade

36. “Dragnet” org.

37. Carrey’s “Me, Myself &


38. Heartland state

39. Isabel’s center

40. Related research citations

42. Bird feed

43. Go halvesies

44. Boat boy of note

47. Word hyphenated with ran

49. William Jennings Bryan

delivery of 1896

54. Its cones don’t hold ice


55. Over, professionally

58. Valentine’s Day figure

59. Commendation

60. Consanguine folks

61. Riga native

62. “Hotel California” band

63. Flightless fowl


1. Poorly lit

2. ___ Annie of “Oklahoma!”

3. Star of “A Night at the Opera”

4. Flabbergast

5. Thees and ___

6. Doesn’t get a handout

7. Made it to the ground

8. Like a lemon

9. “Frasier” honor

10. NFL lineman

11. Children’s song refrain

12. Stirred in

13. Malicious glances

18. Diplomatic success

21. Cowpoke’s poke?

24. Part of a car’s underpinning

25. “And ___ we go!”

26. Tug-of-war need

27. Feudal lord’s lands

28. The ___ Reader (eclectic


29. Theater or party tack-on

31. Ireland, another way

32. ___ Scott decision

33. Caesar’s comic foil

34. Easy-to-pour pitcher

35. With the greatest of ___

38. At the pawnshop

40. Prefix meaning “foreigner”

41. Dead Sea Scrolls makers

42. Most like Solomon

44. Dismiss from school

45. River in France

46. “___ now, when?”

47. Time for fools?

48. One way to get a car

50. Run with a long, easy


51. ___ mater (brain membrane)

52. Like bachelor parties

53. Go backpacking

56. Matchstick counting game

57. Homophone for new

Thursday 8th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Cloudy with occasional rain


High - 82ºF

Low - 76ºF

Wind: East North East 15 mph

Sunrise 6.24 am; Sunset 5.33 pm

Wednesday’s Crossword Solution



21). Before you can overcome

your fear you must first be

aware of what it is. Identify it

and note its parameters. See

how it’s something that has attached

itself to you, but it’s not

you. Peel it away.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). You can’t control what

other people find interesting.

Instead you’ll learn more about

it and use this knowledge to

your advantage, fashioning

your message to make it compelling

to your audience.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). Blank spaces beg to be

filled. Filled spaces, like full

elevators, are repellant to newcomers.

Take a deep breath

and figure out what you need

to give away in order to invite

fresh energy.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

Pop artist Andy Warhol once

remarked that two people kissing

always look like fish. Kissing

that happens this week will

lead you to a feeling of being


ARIES (March 21-April 19).

Everything does not have to

be about accomplishing some

goal. But if you’re having

trouble finding motivation, ask

yourself to deliver a measurable

result within a particular

deadline. It will work wonders

to get you going.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

An attractive someone is on

your mind. The effort you put

into either forging this relationship

or steering it in a new

direction will pay off and make

your life wonderful.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

The projects that are on your

schedule will be accomplished,

while the projects that are in

your mind will go unattended.

The time and date stamp is

what makes things happen.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

There’s a lot you’ll do because

it feels right. You don’t need

to know, with every little exchange,

what’s in it for you.

But for some exchanges this

is important. Otherwise, you

won’t be motivated to follow


LEO (July 23-Aug. 22).

You’re good company. Left to

your own devices, you’ll get on

to some truly interesting pursuits

and/or meaningful work.

Anyway, it’s better to be alone

than to be with people you

don’t enjoy.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). If

you’re concerned with making

sure your time is spent doing

something meaningful, don’t

worry so much about what

you’re doing. Meaning will be

achieved by bringing a sacred

quality of attention to any endeavor.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

Experts say that good relationships

start with the one you

develop with yourself — as if

that’s such an easy thing to get

right. For many it’s not. If it’s

hard to change from the inside

out, change from the outside


SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

A beautiful face isn’t attractive

to you unless there’s also a fascinating

brain behind it. You

feel fortunate to know people

who are as becoming as they

are smart. Playing together will

be the best part of the day.

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 8th December 2016

The Medical Benefits Scheme wishes to advise all its’ beneficiaries

that the Browne’s Avenue Pharmacy is now open

to serve you. Enjoy quick service including pick-up & drop

off services and spacious parking. Opening hours are MON

– FRI 8 AM- 3 PM. Special extend hours on 12th – 23rd

of December & 3rd -13th JANUARY 2017: 7AM – 4 PM.

Have a healthy and happy holiday from the Medical Benefits




Qualifications and Requirements

• Minimum 2 years call center experience

• Minimum 1 year supervisory experience

• Proficiency with Microsoft Office software

• Excellent organizational, problem solving and analytical


• Maintain records and prepare reports

• Maintain rapport with police and fire departments

• Respond to emergency situations in a calm and effective


For more information please call OSEC at 562-8533/4/5

Kindly note that the DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICA-

TIONS is Thursday 8th December, 2016

The Helping Hand Foundation, Calloo Cay Antigua and

the Old Road football club presents a Jouvert and beach

bash & barbecue on Friday 9th December, 2016 (V.C. Bird

day). The Jouvert begins at 5am and route is through the

main road in the village. The beach bash and barbecue will

take place at Morris Bay, Old Road from 2pm until. Tickets:

$50.00 (Inclusive of meals & 4 drinks). Please come and

support this worthy cause as the funds will go towards the

HHF ongoing projects. Call 770-6055 /562-6224-/562-6227

for tickets.

Please be advised there will be a end of year meeting for

all members to be held at the msjmc conference room on

wednesday 14th december, 2016. Please make an effort to

be in full attendance.

Advertise with

Caribbean Times!

Call 562-8688 or email us at

The Family and Social Service Division, Foster Care Program,

under the Ministry of Social Transformation in collaboration

with our community partner Digicel will be hosting

an Ice Cream Social for Children in Care on December

11, 2016. All Foster families are invited, please contact the

Division for more information at 462-4402 or 562-1508/9.

Thanks in advance for your support.

The Supernova Athletics Club invites all to its fun-run and

breakfast on Friday 9th December, commencing at 5:30am

at Yasco Sports Complex. Papa Bird breakfast $12.00 until

10:30 am. Proceeds in aid of purchasing uniforms for athletes.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

The Moravian Mass Choir Presents: Joy - Come Celebrate

The Child 13 on Sunday December 11th commencing at

7:00 pm @ Spring Gardens. Guests Artiste include: Chozen,

Hells Gate Steel Orchestra, and Soloists Ewala Piper and

Charmaine Donovan. Admission is free but an offering will

be taken towards the Music Ministry. Come and be Blessed.

The A.E.Goodwin Faith and Hope School off the All Saints

rd east of the Townhouse Mega Store invites you to its flea

market on Saturday 10th December 2016, from 9:00 am to

1:00 pm. Barbeque chicken will be also available Proceeds

will assist us with school projects. Do support us. Thanks in


The Cedar Hall Moravian Church invites you to its Extravagant

Black and Gold Gala Event on Saturday 17th December,

2016 starting at 7pm. This grand event takes place at

the Ernest James C.E Building on the Church grounds in

Jennings. Tickets - $150 per couple or $80 single. It’s an

evening of fine dining, great entertainment and wholesome

fun. So bring the entire family and enjoy this spectacular

event. Proceeds are in aid of church development.

The meeting which was scheduled to be held for all OCS

past students on Thursday 30th November at 6:00pm is now

going to be held on the school compound on Saturday 10th

December, 2016 at 3:00 pm please make a very special to

come to this meeting. Agenda end of year beach bash.

The Antigua Girls’ High School will be holding its annual

Carol Service on Tuesday December 13th, 2016, at the

Spring Gardens Moravian Church, beginning at 5:00pm. All

old girls, parents, retired staff and friends of AGHS are cordially

invited. Please bring a soft offering.

Parents of students attending Public Schools served by the

National School Meals Programme (NSMP) are asked to

take note that the final lunch service for 2016 will be on

Thursday 8th December. Operations will resume on Monday

9th January, 2016.

Thursday 8th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Parham takes top spot after 4-1 thrashing

By Carlena Knight

Asot’s Arcade Parham took the top

spot in the Antigua Barbuda Football

Association Premier league after a 4-1

thrashing of defending champions, Cool

and Smooth AC Delco Glenn’s Pet Paradise

Greenbay Hoppers on Sunday.

In the second match of the triple header

at the Antigua Recreation grounds,

Parham outplayed Hoppers which resulted

in handing them their first loss of the

season and pushing Parham two points

ahead in the 10 team standings.

Jense Salles found the net first for the

victors in the 27th followed by Tevaughn

By Carlena Knight

Defending champions,

Jumby bay and runners up,

Coaches will once again clash

this time for the playoffs title

in the Antigua Barbuda Volleyball

Association Business


With the semifinals being

played on Tuesday night at

the YMCA Sports Complex,

‘Peter Reds’ Harriette in the 37th.

As the second half began it was clear

that Parham meant business with a strike

from Faine Valecin in the 59th with the

nail in the coffin coming from Nazir Mc-

Burnette in the 88th minute. The lone

goal for Hoppers came from Ammiel Joseph

in the 78th minute.

In the feature match on Sunday, Sandals

Inet Grenades upset FLOW Old

Road, 3-2 in the round south derby.

Despite the valiant effort from Rashad

Jules and Stefan Smith in the 54th

and 84th minute Old Road could not

deny Grenades the victory.

Ministry of Sports Coaches

claimed the first spot into the

finals after defeating ABIIT

Millblades in a thrilling first

match. Coaches were pushed

to the limit by Millblades who

forced the match into a third

set(25-27) after falling in the

first (25-18).

Millblades however could

not deny Coaches their spot

By Carlena Knight

Darryl Appleton made a new personal best in the 100m

backstroke in the FINA (International Swimming Federation)

World Championships in Windsor Family Credit Union Centre

(WFCU) in Canada in a time of one hour two minutes and

nine seconds (1:02.09).

Appleton improving on his former time of one three minutes

and fifty-eight seconds (1:03.58) however did not advance

from heat 2 of the event. The Antigua and Barbuda contingent

consists of four swimmers and four officials.

The swimmers include: Samantha Roberts, Stefano Mitchell,

Gabriella Gittens and Darryl Appleton who will all compete

in individual events while the four officials include:

Wayne Mitchell (Coach), Frances-Ann Mellanson (Manager),

Mark Mitchell who will take part in Golden Coaches Clinic

and Edith Clashing who is the first OECS Technical Official

to be apart of the officiating team at the championships.

to the finals after falling in the

deciding set (15-10).

In the second semifinal

match, defending champions

Jumby Bay found not much

difficulty in securing their

spot for the fourth straight

year after defeating APUA

Inet in straight sets (25-18,27-


The curtains will fall on

the 2016 league on Thursday

night with the bronze

Atapharoy Bygrave struck first for

the victors in the 24th minute followed

by Lamar Lodges in the 51st minute and

Asrick Samuels in the 90th minute.

This win now moves Grenades to

third in the standings, two points behind

Hoppers (17) and four points behind

leaders, Parham (19).

In the first matchup of the day, Glanvilles

FC stunned SAP FC, 2-0. It was a

shocking upset for SAP FC as they fell

under to newbies, Glanvilles FC with

goals coming from David Harrison in

the 14th minute and Mickel Phillip in the

77th minute.

Coaches and Jumby Bay to clash for Playoff title

Appleton makes new PB

medal match between ABIIT

Millblades and APUA Inet at

6:30pm with the gold medal

clash starting at 7:30pm

where Jumby Bay will look to

claim their fourth straight title

and Coaches will hope to pull

off one of the biggest upsets in

the league.

Immediately following

the matches will be the closing

ceremony and the ABVA

Fundraising Raffle Draw.

Antigua vs Barbuda Meet

to take place this weekend

By Carlena Knight

The Antigua vs Barbuda

Meet will take place this Friday

in Codrington, Barbuda

where three horses, Fresh

Milk, Feature Attraction and

Four Hundred will compete.

All three horses who are

presently in Barbuda will face

off with Barbudan horses in

six races. Not forgetting the

local supporters here, a package

will be available.

This is according to Technical

Director of the Antigua

Turf Club who stated in a previous

interview that the Club

will be offering packages to

all interested individuals.

The package is $250

which covers the ferry, ground

transportation to and from the

wharf in Barbuda, breakfast

and entrance to the races. All

interested person are asked to

call 770-4080.

Admission is $20 per

adult and $10 per child.

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 8th December 2016

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this Year. December 10th - Make up Sale. December 14

- 16 - Facebook Contest. December 17th - Customer Appreciation

Day. Tel 562-5618. Come go with the Flo.

Thursday 8th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Marsh doubts leave Australia unchanged

AUSTRALIA - Uncertainty

over Shaun Marsh’s badly

broken finger has ensured

that Australia’s revamped Test

squad was retained for the first

Test against Pakistan at the


The selectors had made

sweeping changes after Australia’s

crushing defeat in Hobart,

where South Africa secured

the series, and only six of the

XI from that Test retained their

places for the day-night Test in

Adelaide. Matt Renshaw, Peter

Handscomb and Nic Maddinson

all made their debuts in Adelaide,

where Australia picked

up a consolation victory.

Maddinson, who made 80

in a Sheffield Shield match for

New South Wales this week,

was thought he man most likely

to make way in the event

of Marsh returning to fitness.

However Marsh was not considered

as he continues rehabilitation

after a broken finger

suffered against South Africa

in Perth.

“Shaun has yet to resume

batting and will have a follow-up

x-ray this week that will

be reviewed by a specialist,”

the CA head of sports science

Alex Kountouris said. “This

will determine when he can resume

cricket training.”

It is believed that Marsh’s

finger injury, a re-break suffered

during the first Test after

he initially fractured it in Sri

Lanka, is of a more serious nature

than initially thought.

Australia’s coach Darren

Lehmann conceded that Marsh

would now need to prove his

fitness via the Big Bash League

- either for the Pakistan series

or the tour of India next year,

for which he is considered a

vital component given a sound

batting method against spin.

Lehmann said Marsh would

be able to slot into a middle order

role when fit, despite most

recently playing as an opener

alongside David Warner.

“He did really well in Perth

in the Test match for us opening,

he scored a hundred for us

opening but he’s had success

down the order as well,” Lehmann

said. “He’s one of those

guys who can fit in anywhere in

the top six which is pleasing to

have. It depends on what happens

with other positions.”

The Gabba Test is also a

day-night affair, and given Australia’s

success in Adelaide and

the desire for stability, there

is every chance they will take

an unchanged XI into a Test

cont’d from pg 16

achieved and won the match for West Indies.

The West Indies went on the win the first ever

one-day cricket world cup. Reds observed that

during that tense last wicket partnership, no one

left West Indies players dressing room. Many

players wept openly as victory was snatched

from the certain jaws of defeat, on that fateful


At Adelaide in 1993, the last Australian pair

of Craig Mc. Dermott and Tim May needed two

runs to win, after they had added 40 runs for the

last wicket. Walsh bowled a delivery outside the

leg stump which Mc. Dermott played for what

seemed a certain boundary. Desmond Haynes

dived full length at forward short leg and brilliantly

stopped any runs.

The last ball of the over was a bouncer

which Mc. Dermott gloved into the hands of

wicketkeeper Junior Murray. West Indies won

that match by two runs.

That victory tied the series at one game

each. West Indies then went to Perth where they

demolished the Australians within three days of

the five day test. Ambrose took seven for seventy-six

in that match.

Reds colleague and friend Tony Cozier

(who passed away earlier this year), was fondly

remembered. Reds, on his first tour of duty,

for the first time in more than

a year. The only possible alteration

would be if Adelaide

12th man Chadd Sayers came

into contention, and he did his

chances no harm by taking

eight wickets in the Sheffield

Shield this week.

“We were very pleased with

how the team came together in

Adelaide after some significant

changes following the Tests in

Perth and Hobart,” the interim

selection chairman Trevor

Hohns said.

“This is a young group with

a lot of promise and we believe

all deserve their opportunity

again in this upcoming Test.”

Of Australia’s debutants

from the previous match, Maddinson

in particular will be

keen to prove his Test worth at

the Gabba, having fallen for a

12-ball duck in his only innings

of the Adelaide Test.

Maddinson bounced back

from that disappointment with

80 in the first innings for New

South Wales this week in their

Shield game against South


The other Adelaide debutants,

Handscomb and Renshaw,

both enjoyed longer stays

at the crease in their first appearance

for Australia. Handscomb

scored a half-century

in the first innings and then hit

the winning runs in the second,

while Renshaw occupied the

crease for 137 balls in Australia’s

chase to help them secure


was sent with Cozier by the CBU to broadcast

the series between England and the West Indies

in 1975. They were joined by Jeffrey Charles

of Dominica who then worked for the BBC in

London. The English commentators in that series

were Christopher Martin-Jenkins and John

Arlott. Reds and Cozier went on to broadcast

cricket for the next forty years together travelling

the then known cricketing world.

When asked to what does he attribute his obvious

success Reds replied thusly: ‘I think there

was some guiding hand which led me to the life

and profession I eventually had. There was also

very hard work and effort on my part. At no

time did I allow myself to think I was not good

enough to achieve becoming a cricket commentator.’

It may very well be that that same guiding

spirit led him to Saint Lucia where he headed

the OECS sports desk from 1984 to1996. Reds

now calls Saint Lucia home.

During his many years in Saint Lucia Reds

has been a great asset to sports in general and

cricket in particular. Sports enthusiasts will welcome

this opportunity to wish Reds the best of

health and good luck as he retires from broadcasting

the game he so dearly loves. Reds is due

to broadcast his last cricket match in Guyana

between that country and Barbados from 9 to

12 December, 2016. (Kaieteur News)

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 8th December 2016

Reds Perreira calls it a day

On the day Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira was

to broadcast his final cricket match in Saint

Lucia before settling into retirement from

broadcasting, he was instead sitting with

me at a popular Rodney Bay café relating

how the broadcasting of cricketing had taken

him throughout the cricketing world.

Surely, it was not how he had anticipated

ending his long love affair with the gentleman’s

game. But a low tropical trough

had dumped so much rain on the Darren

Sammy Cricket Stadium that play had to

be abandoned.

It was the fourth and final day of a regional

match between ‘Reds’ native Guyana

and the Windward Islands. There was

however sufficient play on the first two

days to earn Guyana first innings lead

while sinking the Windward’s team into

further despair.

As a child, Reds suffered the unenviable

inability to speak clearly due to severe

stuttering. He loved the game of cricket

more than anything else in the world. His

first recollection of being glued to rediffusion

radio station was during the England

versus West Indies test matches in England

in 1950.

During that series John Arlott, Rex

Alston and E.W. Stanton of England were

to make a lasting impression on the young

Perreira as they described the game, ball by

ball, from the commentary box.

The following year (1951) when West

Indies toured Australia Reds listened to

the broadcast of these matches from 11pm

to 4am. He listened intently to Australian

commentators Jonny Moyes, Michael

Charlton and Allan Mc. Gilvrey.

‘I became even more fascinated by the

theatre and imagery of the game. I could

see in my mind’s eyes the perfect green outfield

as I listened to the crowd’s applause

and saw the polished red sphere raced to

the boundary from a perfectly timed cover

drive.’ Reds was later to broadcast Australia

versus West Indies test matches with Mc

Gilvrey in 1973, 1978 and 1979.

‘I began to watch inter-colonial matches

in my teens. The games were between

British Guiana (BG), as it then was Barbados,

Trinidad and Jamaica. The first regional

game I witnessed was between Barbados

and BG. I was there for the highest opening

partnership of 390 runs between Leslie

White and Glendon Gibbs of BG – White

260 and Gibbs 216. That record lasted for

50 years. In those days my father, who was

a very strict man, had given me a choice

between the movies and cricket as recreation.

I chose cricket.’

As the young Perreira watched he also

listened to the broadcasts. By then he had

dabbled in second division cricket and soon

came to the realization, that he should concentrate

on broadcasting the game, rather

than pursue it as a career. He used to lie in

bed every day broadcasting cricket from

imaginary contests. His mother listened

without ever asking him to desist, or to

suggest that her son may have been a little

off kilter.

‘I credit my mother for her subtle support

in helping me overcome my embarrassing

stuttering. However, the children

at my school (St. Mary’s R.C.) were not as

kind and supportive. I literally abandoned

school in my teens because of the constant


After school Reds worked for a short

period and then left for England for five

years to develop himself. ‘In England,

I knocked around the BBC where Alva

Clarke of Saint Lucia worked as a broadcaster.

I also watched a lot of test and county


’Reds decided that he would return

home at the end of 1967. He also made the

decision to spend the greater part of that

year in Denmark. It was in Denmark that

his working hours finally allowed him the

time to kick the stuttering habit once and

for all. He worked the morning, noon and

evening shifts as a dish washer and had the

time between shifts to himself. He used that

time to read the English newspapers which

he bought at the railway station across the

street from his workplace.

‘Pronouncing ‘R’s and ‘S’s were a particular

challenge. I rehearsed these until

my confidence began to grow. ’By the time

Reds returned to Guyana at the end of 1967

Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira

he had broken the back of his stammering

handicap. ‘In Guyana I was employed by

Hugh Cholmondely (1969), at a radio station

which he managed. I broadcast my first

test match at Bourda (Guyana) in 1971.’

When asked to name the two most

memorable cricket matches he broadcast,

Reds took a long pause and then said:

‘There are so many, it’s difficult to choose

just two.

’He then settled on the quarter-final

match between West Indies and Pakistan in

the first ever cricket world cup, a sixty-over

affair played at Edgbaston, England in

1975. He then mentioned a test match between

the West Indies and Australia at Adelaide,

in January 1993, which West Indies

won by one run.

In that one-day quarter-final contest Pakistan

scored 276. West Indies with a strong

batting line up were struggling at 203 for

nine. Few if any, had given the West Indies

any chance of winning that match. But in

walked Andy Roberts to partner Derek

Murray in the middle. The two began slowly

taking quick singles and two’s whenever

the opportunity arose.

Slowly but surely these two were inching

towards 276, which they eventually

cont’d on pg 15

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