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DAP AVENTURA 2016 - 2017

Los invitamos a conocer nuestra mirada, a través de esta nueva edición digital de revista "AVENTURA: Al Fin del Mundo", temporada 2015-2016. Cuéntanos qué te parece en _______/________ We invite you to know our world, in this new digital edition of "ADVENTURE: At the End of the World" 2015-2016 season. Tell us what you think on Enjoy!

Aventura al fin del

Aventura al fin del mundo 2016 - 2017 Kipa Tara Sailing to Puerto Toro, powered by culture and arts. Photos: Macarena Perich “A ship!? You are building a ship, to sail with artists through the canals…are you mad!?” was one of the phrases Cristian Villablanca and Daniela Salles had to hear, but the motivation was greater. The preparation for the voyage would take over a year, to be finally ready on December 23rd of 2015, when Kipa Tara –“Star Woman”, in a mix of the Yagan tongue and Sanskritset sail from the berth in Río de los Ciervos. To des-center the access to cultural goods in Magallanes, that was basically the motif. And the minds behind this journey came to the idea that considering the characteristics of the territory, and the type of access available to the most remote sites in the region, a ship was the adequate means. Thus, they came to José Tacul, one of the last riverbank carpenters of Punta Arenas, who worked with his son Fernando on the shell of the ship and installation of Kipa Tara’s motor. Antonio Chiguay worked on iron and details. Paulino Vidal was in charge of furniture, while Víctor Díaz took the electric part in his hands. “From the lenga forests, in the mountain areas of Discordia and San Juan, south of Punta Arenas, we extracted the larger pieces that compose Kipa’s super-structure, such as beams, ballancers, stern post, stem, among others, which were installed with amazing skill, following the hull curves of a chilote fisherman ship’s drawings”, Cristian Villablanca explains. The naval design is hybrid, he continues: a chilote hull with the inside of a Turkish schooner. Its construction is composed of iron, lenga and ciprés de las Guaitecas, as well as fiberglass to re-coat the hull and protect it from termites of the sea. The machine, designed and worked closely by man, becomes much more than a simple means of transportation. Moreso if it’s manned by a motivated group of musicians and artists of diverse branches, for a journey to distant communities, to share arts and culture. A group of people willing to bring a valuable gift. This diverse crew included Nano Stern, Matija Solce, Manuel Lagos, Macarena Perich, Clara González, Antonio Chiguay, José Alvarado, Daniela Salles, Cristian Villablanca, and Newén, short tail Patagonian little dog. The route from Río de los Ciervos took them up to Cape Froward, following through Magdalena Canal, then the Beagle Canal to reach Timbales, Alemania and Italia Glaciers, Alcamar, Yámana, Yendegaia, finally arriving at Navarino, Puerto Williams and destination Puerto Toro. An experience that rewarded the local communities, but also the travelers, after more than ten days sailing, an sharing art through the beautiful deep corners of Magallanes. 32 Adventure at the End of the World

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