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Quids In Issue 33 Winter 2016

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WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND SAVING CASH Householders are saving a fortune and making life better for the whole family by joining the craze for sharing Iwas “ just not in a position to buy new but I was moving to a cottage and needed furniture. Then a friend told me about this service where I could get items for free. “She drove me around to various addresses in the area to collect everything I needed. I was so happy with everything. I would recommend this service to others.” Quids in! reader Sandie is one of the latest to save hundreds of pounds by discovering Freecycle, one of the biggest gems on the internet. She was soon the proud owner of over £1,500-worth of furniture*. Freecycle was set up in 2003 to “keep good stuff out of landfills”. It now stretches round the world and is a registered charity in the UK. Nine million members are involved, either gifting things they no longer need or picking them up for free to use them again. “Sandie was soon the proud owner of over £1,500-worth of furniture. For free” CONTINUED Quids in! | 6

SAVING CASH Its ‘pay it forward’ approach has sparked a number of other websites too, including Freegle and Preloved, and inspired pages of freebies on Gumtree and Facebook. You only need to search ‘free stuff’ on the internet to see how much is on offer. There’s everything from beds and sofas, TVs, ovens and fridges, to random stuff that no doubt someone somewhere will want and the occasional jackpot items like cars and boats. NOT ABOUT CHARITY “It’s a wonderful service for the community,” Sandie continues, explaining that it’s not just about doing good for others. It’s a “great way to make a difference to other people’s lives but it’s also about freeing space for yourself.” Another reader, Michelle agrees: “My housemate was driving me mad, hoarding a desk he just never used. It was a good one and I can see why he didn’t want to let it go but in the end I said, ‘Why don’t I just stick it on FreeCycle so it saves you the heartache of taking it to the dump?’. “He agreed and we were both chuffed when someone came to pick it up. Especially me, as it was gone the day after I put it on the website.” As we’re taking things off other people’s hands, it never feels like charity. “I will always be grateful for the help I received,” says Sandie. FEATHERED THE NEST Quids in! reader Sandie bagged over £1,500-worth of furniture using Freecycle. Received for free Sandie bagged all this: ✔ Table ✔ Sofa ✔ Double mattress ✔ Large Ikea storage unit ✔ 2 bedside tables ✔ Blender ✔ 2 chests of drawers ✔ Rug ✔ Wardrobe and shelves ✔ Filing cabinet ✔ Bed side lamp ✔ Coffee table ✔ TV stand ✔ Ikea sofa bed with cover ✔ Clothes airer Quids in! | 7 CONTINUED