Better connect the collectively identified capability priorities to Member States’

national defence planning to promote coherence and convergence.

b) Key Strategic Activities:

Identify the Key Strategic Activities (KSA) – i.e. technologies, skills, industrial

manufacturing capacities – based on the revised capability priorities in order to

promote and guide investment drawing on relevant EU funding instruments,

starting with a suitable pilot case. Identifying and promoting KSA, including in a

structured dialogue between Member States and Industry, is crucial to ensure an

appropriate level of European strategic autonomy.

c) Better alignment of defence R&T efforts:

Ensure coherence and complementarity of Research & Technology undertaken in

different fora (national, EDA ad hoc research, the Preparatory Action and the

potential future European Defence Research Programme) including by

coordinated prioritisation, guided by Member States.

The results of R&T conducted at European level should be systematically taken

up by collaborative capability programmes in support of CDP priorities. This

should be complemented by a wider Innovation Initiative on managing potentially

disruptive technologies, directed towards the EDTIB.

d) Concrete models of European cooperation:

Investigate replicating the successful model of the multinational European Air

Transport Command in Eindhoven in other areas in order to ensure increased

efficiency and effectiveness of related capabilities (e.g. Surface Movement of

Military Assets, Logistics at Sea and on Land).

Explore the creation of a European Medical Command with a view to enhance

synergies and interoperability of the different services; work on a European

logistic hub.

Develop proposals on a European barter mechanism (e.g. exchange of services)

designed to optimise the use of existing capabilities

14392/16 FP/as 23


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