d) Contributions from partner countries to CSDP missions and operations reinforce

legitimacy, open paths for further cooperation and enlarge the pool of available

capabilities. The EU will continue developing these partnerships including through

(Framework) Participation Agreements. The existing modalities for participation of

invited countries will be fully applied, including as regards sharing information on the

planning of our missions and operations, while respecting rules and procedures on the

exchange of information and the autonomy of EU decision-making. Consideration

should be given to use CSDP partnerships with partner countries that share EU values

and are able and willing to contribute to CSDP missions and operations also to promote

resilience in the EU’s surrounding regions, taking into account the importance of

security in the ENP review and the forthcoming initiative on resilience-building as part

of the broader implementation of the EUGS.

‣ Action 13: Take forward CSDP partnerships and EEAS to present options for a more strategic

approach to CSDP partnership cooperation with partner countries which share EU values and

are willing and able to contribute to CSDP missions and operations, including considering

possibilities to strengthen their resilience.

Next steps

39. Subject to the guidance by the Council in November, implementation should start without

delay, working closely with Member States. A first report on progress should be submitted by

June 2017, as part of the overall implementation process of the EUGS.

14392/16 FP/as 31


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