– The work taken forward in parallel on the implementation of the Joint Declaration

signed in Warsaw in July 2016 by the President of the European Council, the President

of the European Commission and the Secretary General of NATO, in view of presenting

concrete options for implementation to the respective Councils in December 2016, in

full respect of the decision-making autonomy of both organisations, based on the

principle of inclusiveness and without prejudice to the specific character of the security

and defence policy of all EU Member States. 1

4. This Implementation Plan is also closely connected to other ongoing work strands to

implement the EUGS, in line with the Council Conclusions of 17 October, such as (1)

building resilience and developing an integrated approach to conflicts and crises; (2) better

coordination along the internal-external nexus in areas such as migration, as well as hybrid

threats, counterterrorism and countering violent extremism (CT/CVE); (3) the review of

existing sectoral strategies; and (4) stepping up public diplomacy efforts.


In all areas identified in the Joint Declaration: 1) countering hybrid threats, 2) operational cooperation including

at sea and on migration, 3) cyber security and defence, 4) defence capabilities, 5) defence industry and research,

6) exercises, 7) supporting Eastern and Southern partners’ capacity building efforts.

14392/16 FP/as 8


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