Issue 18

December 2016

The Newsletter of Hampshire and IOW Police Federation

John Apter highlighting the issue of officer assaults

at the National Police Federation Conference

Open Meeting –

Getting your

voice heard

150 police officers attended this year Hampshire

Police Federation open meeting which was held at

the Ageas Bowl. The panel members included our

Chairman, John Apter, the Chief Constable Olivia

Pinkney and the Police and Crime Commissioner

Michael Lane.

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In this issue

PC Vikki Sharpe

Open Meeting - Getting Your Voice Heard

Chairman’s Foreword

John Apter To Stand For National

Federation Chairman

Secretary’s Scribble

Fallen Officers Remembered

7 Point Plan Relaunched

Defence Medical Welfare Service - Caring

For Those Who Serve

Red Arc Welfare Support

Memorial To Fallen Officers Unveiled

At Netley

Federation Welfare Cottages

Changes to your Group Insurance Scheme

Hampshire Detectives Receive National



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John Apter

Chairmans Update

2016 has been a year of change and

continues to be challenging.

We have a new Chief Constable,

a new Deputy Chief Constable

and in May Michael Lane was

elected as the new Police & Crime

Commissioner. As this was all

happening the new force structure

was bedding in, or not as the case

may be! Anybody in policing will

know that things don’t stay the

same for long, there is always

change, some of it for the better

and some for changes sake.

The Constabulary has recently recruited 3

Direct Entry police officers, 2 Inspectors

and 1 Superintendent. My views on

the Direct Entry initiative are well

documented, I have said that before we

look for talent in the outside world we

need to make sure we harness the talent

of our own people. Historically we have

been very poor at doing this which is why

many resented the concept of the Direct

Entry scheme. I also feel that the current

scheme should have been fully evaluated

before it was rolled out further, there

are some who say it is not delivering

what was intended and is not adding any

extra value. Time will tell if this is the

case but in the meantime it’s important

we remain open minded to the benefits

this will bring and ensure we highlight

any concerns we may have. Bringing an

external perspective and a fresh pair

of eyes into the management ranks is

an opportunity to look at ourselves

differently, we will see how this scheme

develops and will be giving our support

to those Direct Entry colleagues who will

be joining us in 2017.



John Apter

You will read in this article that your

Federation is enhancing the welfare

support we offer. The new Group

Insurance scheme has an enhanced

welfare support package provided by

Red Arc and we have joined up with

the Defence Medical Welfare Team to

provide an extra layer of support to

those who need it. This is in addition to

the support offered by the Constabulary,

it will not replace it. The welfare and

wellbeing of you, our members is a

priority for us. These new initiatives will

help us to help you when you need it


I hope you enjoy this edition of

Federation Times. As always any

feedback, good or bad let me know.

For those working at Christmas or

New Year, have a safe one. I wish you

and your loved ones a very happy and

peaceful Christmas, let’s see what 2017


Stay safe

Many thanks

John Apter


Hampshire Police Federation

Federation Times Issue 18 December 2016

John Apter and Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney taking questions

John Apter spoke of the challenges in the summer months and

that there were simply not enough officers to deal with the

number of jobs coming in. The force had responded to this

by imposing 12 hour shifts on Response and Patrol officers,

John said this was “papering over the cracks” and not dealing

with the issues. He went onto say that staffing levels during

the summer were at dangerous levels, the service was over

stretched and officers were struggling to cope. At the same

time many officers had been unable to get meaningful annual

leave through the summer months causing additional pressures.

The Chief acknowledged the summer months were busy and

a review of resourcing would take place and lessons would

be learned. While promising a review, the Chief Constable

did say the force coped last summer but conceded that it was

not easy. She said Hampshire and the Isle of Wight had such a

massive influx of people over the holidays that she could not

...staffing levels during the summer were

at dangerous levels, the service was over

stretched and officers were struggling to

cope. At the same time many officers had

been unable to get meaningful annual

leave through the summer months causing

additional pressures.

promise all officers can get the leave they want in the summer.

But she did promise leave will be granted fairly. John reminded

the Chief it was only through ‘luck’ that an officer was not

seriously injured due to a lack of officers and things must


John Apter highlighted the need for spit guards to be rolled

out to all frontline officers, he talked about the dangers officers

and staff faced when being spat at and said the force had a

legal and moral obligation to get officers the equipment they

needed to protect themselves. The Chief Constable agreed

spitting was a vile act and said the issue of a wider roll out was

being considered.

John asked the Chief to seriously consider increasing the South

East Allowance from £1000 to £2000. This increase is at the

discretion of Chief Constables following a change in Police

Regulations. John said the allowance has never been increased

since being introduced and many forces within our area,

including Thames Valley were already paying officers £2000.

He said an increase would be “a lifeline for many officers who

were struggling financially”. The Chief said she was considering

this matter and discussion with other Chief Constables within

the region.

John Apter highlighted the unveiling of the memorial to fallen

officers at Netley and said he was immensely proud that

Hampshire Police Federation had commissioned this work. He

said a long lasting memorial was long overdue but at long last

we have one which will make sure those colleagues we have

lost are never forgotten.



A number of questions were asked of the panel including

delays in uniform being delivered, poor IT, support of spit

guards being rolled out and special constables being allowed

to join the Federation.

John Apter highlighted the unveiling of

the memorial to fallen officers at Netley

and said he was immensely proud

that Hampshire Police Federation had

commissioned this work. He said a long

lasting memorial was long overdue but

at long last we have one which will make

sure those colleagues we have lost are

never forgotten.

Feedback from officers who attended said the evening was

worthwhile and useful to hear from the ‘decision makers’ on a

number of issues. One officer said that because the Chief and

PCC were relatively new in post they had an easy ride, next

year may be more interesting!

PCC Michael Lane addressing the open meeting

John Apter addressing the open meeting

4 www.hampshirepolfed.org.uk

Federation Times Issue 18 December 2016

John Apter


intention to

stand as




Chairman of Hampshire Police Federation

announces he will stand for election to be

the National Police Federation Chairman

in 2017.

John Apter has vowed to unify the Police Federation of

England and Wales to deliver the best possible service to

members and ensure officers have a "credible" voice.

In 2017, more than 120,000 rank and file police officers from

across England and Wales will be able to vote for the national

PFEW chairman, following recommendations by Sir David

Normington in his review of the organisation. Previously the

appointment was made by a small voting committee.

John, who has served as a PC for 24 years says that as

Chairman he would focus on the issues that really matter for

teams in parade rooms around the country. "I know what their

priorities are because I talk to them day in, day out," he says.

"Their priorities are about getting annual leave, feeling safe at

work, having the tools they need to do the job, making sure

that the courts support them if they're assaulted and making

sure their bosses understand that wellbeing strategy is more

than just a bit of paper."

John has always spoken out on behalf of those officers he

represents, recently he started a national debate about the

contentious issue of firearms in policing. This was in the wake

of terrorist attacks across Europe and an issue he has warned

will not go away.

John joined Hampshire Constabulary in 1992. As Chairman

of Hampshire Police Federation he has carried out work on

officer assaults, including the implementation of a seven-point

plan across the country on how forces should investigate such


He has also campaigned for better protection for emergency


He successfully lobbied the force to increase the new recruit

starting salary, and has worked with officers and their families

in cases of bereavement and terminal illness. The latter has led

him to become personally involved in building a memorial to

fallen officers for the force, which opened at the beginning of


Now he wants to bring his experience to a national level and

unify the Police Federation of England and Wales.

"If we are to remain credible to our members we have got to

become far more cohesive and work as one," he says. "Not just

because it's the right thing to do, but because we will achieve

far more."

If elected, John wants to work more closely with local branch

boards and communicate more effectively with rank and file

officers about the issues which matter to them.

But John is clear that his vision will only work if he has the

support of members and those local branch boards across

England and Wales. "Not one person can carry this on their

shoulders; you would be arrogant to think that you could do

it all on your own," he says. "It's got to be a mix of views and

skills from around the country.

"I care about policing and I care about those who deliver

policing. As their representative body we must ensure we

speak for them about what matters to them. They deserve

nothing less."





Paul Robertson

Police Pensions

Annual Benefit


At the time of writing this article colleagues

are still awaiting the arrival in the post

of their latest Pensions Annual Benefit

Statement. I’m genuinely hopeful that

by the time officers read this article they

will have received their Annual Benefit


In fact all subscribers to the Police

Pension should have received this by

August 31st this year. The fact that they

haven’t received this, bearing in mind we

are nearly at the end of the year is not

only unacceptable but is also a missed

opportunity for the Pensions Authority to

outline for the first time what officers in the

2015 Pension Scheme are likely to earn with

this pension in the future.

Is this the first time the Annual Benefit

Statements have been late?

Unfortunately the statements were late in 2015, the rationale

provided by the Pensions Authority after being reported to

the Pensions Regulator then, was that the 2015 Pension was

new and the IT solution to deal with this would take some

time. This was accepted by the Pensions Regulator in the


Many officers who have been transferred to the 2015 Pension

Scheme will recall that the information provided in the

statement was worthless as future values were not shown.

At the time the Police Federation raised this point with the

Force and the Pension Authority and requested that the

statements were meaningful and showed a proper future


What is the Police Federation doing about

the latest failure to send the Annual Benefit

Statements on time?

Following a number of complaints from officers, the Police

Federation recently wrote to the Pensions Regulator to

complain about the Annual Benefit Statements being late in

addition to some other complaints that we have received.

Some of the other issues that have been raised are:-

Process on retiring

Officers have reported that the retirement process is

complicated; paper based when it should be computer based

and lacks updates and acknowledgements.

6 www.hampshirepolfed.org.uk

Federation Times Issue 18 December 2016

Pensions Being Paid Late

Over the last year some officers have reported receiving their

pension late. There is a service level agreement that sets out

a minimum expectation of receiving the pension within 11

days with a local aim to complete this within 5 days. When

this was looked at more closely it was found that data wasn’t

getting through from the IBC to the Pensions Authority

quickly enough, thus leading to a delay when received by the

Pensions Authority. The number of pensions being paid late is

reducing; however there is much work that needs to be done

to improve confidence in this area. Officers approaching 30

years’ service have reported that at the point of retirement

after working many dedicated years in the Force, the final thing

they get from the Force is negative in relation to their pension.

The Police Federation strongly believe that the last process/

interaction they have with the Force should be a positive one.

Transferring In Other Pensions

Transferees and New Recruits have reported issues

transferring in their previous pensions. Some ex-PCSO’s have

been advised that their previous pensions will be frozen and

cannot be transferred in which is incorrect. Officers who have

completed application forms to transfer their pension have not

received acknowledgements or been given a valuation of their

old pension. After this issue has been looked into it has been

found that the processes are still not working correctly. There

has to be better acknowledgement and communication with

officers wishing to join the Police Pension or Transfer in their

old pension, the risk is that officers will have no faith in the

Police Pension and will not contribute.

Additional Free Annual Quotation

Under the service level agreement all subscribers to the Police

Pension are entitled to a free pension quotation (In addition

to their Annual Benefit Statement) each year. There have

been reports from many officers that they simply cannot

access the additional free statement. The current policy is

that officers can apply through the IBC for a free quotation or

if seeking ill health retirement this can be applied for through

their HR contact officer. Officers have reported that they do

not receive an acknowledgement or on occasions any contact

or quote back. Some have reported that they only receive

one free quotation on the 2015 scheme but do not receive

one for their 1987 scheme pension. There should be a quick

and simple way of receiving a free quotation where the officer

is able to have direct access to request this from the Pension


What is the Police Federation Doing for


The Police Federation have a seat on the Force Pensions

Board that oversees the Police Pensions Authority. All of

the issues in this article have been raised at the Pensions

Board in addition to being raised with the appropriate people

within the organisation. Pensions by their very nature can be

complicated. The Police Federation understands that there

will challenges and difficulties in the future.

That said communication must be improved. Within the

Pension Regulators recommendation last year they stated

that if the Annual Benefits Statement is going to be late the

Pensions Authority must let members know when they can

expect to receive their statements. This has not happened,

which has led to a number of rightful complaints from


Confidence must also be improved in relation to the

processes. Investment in a pension is probably the most

important financial decision that officers will make regarding

their employment.

The Police Federation have previously arranged Pension

Seminars hosted by a Pensions Expert across the Force

that were well attended and provided confidence especially

with the implementation of the new 2015 pension. I have

recently been asked if the Police Federation will arrange

some additional Pension Seminars for those who missed the

previous ones. This is something that the Police Federation

are currently considering.

If you have any concerns or questions that you would like to

be raised at the Pensions Board Meeting or have any feedback

good or bad please do not hesitate to contact the Police

Federation, we will be pleased to raise any feedback you


Paul Robertson

General Secretary

Hampshire Police Federation



Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney, John Apter, Rose Drew & Carey Hansford

Fallen officers


at the National

Police Memorial


This year’s National Police Memorial Day

was held on the 25th September at St Pauls

Cathedral in London. Along with over 40

Chief Constables, hundreds of police officers

and the family members of fallen officers

HRH Price Charles attended the event and

was joined by the Home Secretary Amber

Rudd MP.

Amber Rudd, who gave a reading at the service, said: “The

police show extraordinary bravery day in, day out, tackling

dangerous situations in order to keep our families, communities

and country safe. It is tragic when a police officer loses their

life, protecting their community, and we must never forget

their sacrifice.

“It is my honour to take part in National Police Memorial Day

and pay tribute to the courageous police officers who have

fallen in the line of duty and the families that are left behind."

Hampshire Police Federation Chairman John Apter attended

the service with Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney. Rosemary

Drew the mother of fallen Hampshire Officer James Drew and

James’s cousin Carey Hansford attended with John and the

Chief Constable.

Speaking at the ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral, John Apter

said: “I think it’s really important. It’s a day to reflect and

remember our fallen colleagues, but just as importantly it’s to

remember the families of those fallen colleagues and make sure

they know that we never forget those who we’ve lost.

“We shouldn't underestimate just how important this day is,

not only for the families of fallen colleagues but also for the

wider policing family. It is a time to reflect and remember."

8 www.hampshirepolfed.org.uk

Federation Times Issue 15 18 November December 2015 2016

John added: “The National Police Memorial Day must be

an annual event. It’s such an important day in the policing

calendar. I think it’s very sad that Joe and Sharon Holness are

retiring this year, they have been fantastic ambassadors.

“This wouldn’t have been in place if it wasn’t for them and I

think they should be immensely proud of their achievement.

But this day must continue.

“And I’m honoured to be here not only representing

Hampshire Police Federation but also bringing families of fallen

officers here and showing them that not only will we never

forget their loved ones, but we will make sure that their legacy

lives on in events such as this. So I can’t underestimate just

how important this is.”

There was silence during the service as petals of

remembrance, representing all who have lost their lives,

descended from the Whispering Gallery of St Pauls as the

orchestra played ‘Abide with me’ and the Last Post was


Inspector Joe Holness QPM, founder of National Police

Memorial Day, said: “For me personally, today was

undoubtedly the most poignant service in the history of

National Police Memorial Day. This was my last service as

national coordinator and to gather again where the inaugural

service took place is somewhat surreal.

More ways to keep in touch

Police horses from across the country outside of

Saint Pauls Cathedral

“National Police Memorial Day was an idea borne out It is of important to

“I extend

us that we




in touch

to everyone

with you in




way which


is easiest for

tragedy and I would never have dreamed that the charity

you. That


includes producing this magazine, or sending emails and more recently

service and for their ongoing support. It was a day filled with

using social media.

service would progress to have the standing it has today. emotion but also with immense pride, and I know it meant a

“My aim was to honour my fallen colleagues with a fitting Hampshire Police lot Federation to the families has been and friends using Twitter of our for fallen some colleagues time but we to have

annual service of remembrance and bring the nation



not everybody our patron enjoys The Prince Tweeting! of Wales So we have with now us today.” joined the word of


to do so.

Please like our Facebook page and keep up to date with the ever changing world of

policing! You can find us by searching for Hampshire Police Federation on Facebook.

Did you know?

The Federation subscriptions you pay receive tax relief? However,

you must apply for it. For more information and a pro forma letter

all of the details can be found on our website. Here is the link




7 Point Plan


The 7 Point Plan which ensures those

officers and staff who are assaulted on

duty has been relaunched by the new

Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney.

Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney said: "Assaults should never

been seen as ‘just part of the job’.

The 7 point plan came about following work from of

Hampshire Police Federation in highlighting the level of

violence against officers and staff and that in many cases they

were not being treated as victims should be.

The Chief Constable said, "Officers and staff come into

contact with people who are sometimes going through the

worst experience of their lives, but this doesn’t give people

the right to ever verbally or physically abuse our people.

“An attack on one of our officers or staff is an attack on all of

us. If someone is hurt while on duty, the impact is huge.

"The individual is affected,

their team is affected, their

family is affected and ultimately

the people of Hampshire and

the Isle of Wight are affected

because that person may not

be able to immediately return

to duty. We are committing

to doing everything we can to

support members of the police

family if they are assaulted”.

The plan includes helping

victims recover with extra supervision, presenting the best

evidence to achieve a successful conviction, and ensuring that

no officer ever has to investigate an assault when they are

the victim. The Chairman of Hampshire Police Federation,

John Apter has been leading this work and has helped it to be

introduced in forces across the country.

John said: "Police officers and staff perform a difficult and often

dangerous job, they deserve to be looked after if they are

assaulted while performing their role. Nobody should expect

to be assaulted just because of the job they do.

10 www.hampshirepolfed.org.uk

Signing of the plan – from left Ben Snuggs,

Kathy Symonds, John Apter, Olivia Pinkney

"That's why I started this work so that if our officers and staff

are assaulted, they get better support and are treated as any

victim of crime should be.

"Although we have achieved lots over the past two years,

the work continues. I want to see tougher sentences for

those convicted of assaults on a public officer - such as a

police officer or member of police staff, nurse, teacher or

firefighter. Those protecting the public deserve to be protected

themselves and this work is helping us to achieve that."

The plan is supported by the Police Federation,

Superintendents Association, Unison and the Constabulary.

This plan is the very basic level of support our officers and staff

should expect, nothing less.

Police officers and staff perform a difficult

and often dangerous job, they deserve

to be looked after if they are assaulted

while performing their role. Nobody should

expect to be assaulted just because of the

job they do.

Federation Times Issue 18 December 2016

Better Value Private

Healthcare from the

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The Philip Williams Bupa

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offers significantly discounted

rates for Police Officers,

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The Defence

Medical Welfare

Service widens

its support to the

Hampshire Police


“Caring For Those Who Serve”

The Hampshire Police Federation and the Constabulary have

recognised the benefits of extending their welfare support.

The Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) are now

working in partnership with the Hampshire Police Federation

to deliver a new welfare package ‘The Police Medical Welfare

Support Service’ available to Police Officers, staff or family

members of Hampshire Constabulary.

The expertise of the charity DMWS is rooted in operational

experience, this enables them to offer their service to other

frontline workers who put themselves in harms’ way to

protect the public. So whether you have been injured or

assaulted, receiving medical treatment, are on sick leave or

even when you are under suspension or investigation, DMWS

is there to offer support. The charity can provide you with

everything from a confidential and impartial listening ear,

practical assistance, home visits, liaising with your employer, and

emotional support to referrals to other agencies.

The service delivery fits with the wider implementation of

Hampshire Constabulary’s “Seven-Point Plan”, where welfare

provision is a key element of Point 4 ‘to ensure victims recover

better and more quickly if they receive the right welfare and


Hampshire Police Federation Chairman John Apter said:

“I am very proud to be working with DMWS who will be

providing an extra layer of support for our officers and staff.

I am passionate about making sure we give the best possible

care and support to those within the police family who need it.

DMWS are well known at providing first class medical welfare

within the Military, to have that now within policing can only be

a good thing.

“Our officers and staff perform a difficult and challenging job;

in times of need it is vital they have the very best support

available. They deserve nothing less”.

Over the past 5 months DMWS have been supporting Gavin,

an injured Hampshire Police Constable and his family after he

suffered a severe injury following a road traffic collision on his

way to work, this resulted in him losing a limb. During Gavin’s

hospital stay he was visited frequently by DMWS Welfare

Officers Sue Wade and Martell Jordan who helped him and his

family with practical and emotional support to ensure the best

possible outcomes following his life changing injury.

Studies have found that a quicker return to daily life after a

long hospital stay can dramatically improve the welfare of

patients as they move on to the next level of care. Gavin was

keen be discharged and start his road to recovery back in his

own home. However, even when he was deemed medically

fit, a great number of adjustments needed to be made before

he could return home. On the practical side, the DMWS

Welfare Officers liaised with the housing provider to ensure

that essential house adaptations were completed during a

time when the family was least able to dealing with this time

consuming task. When Gavin needed a suitable wheelchair

DMWS used their charitable connections with the Blue Lamp

Foundation who not only covered the cost for his mobility aid

but also provided financial support to fund the accumulated

high hospital parking costs.

Sue and Martell also offered emotional support to the

whole family. Gavin’s wife Kelly is a trained nurse herself and

understood the medical situation, but she struggled to cope

with the psychological impact this had on her and the rest of

12 www.hampshirepolfed.org.uk

Federation Times Issue 18 December 2016

DMWS Welfare Officers, Sue Wade and Martell Jordan

the family. DMWS listened to the worries and fears expressed

and used their counselling skills to offer direct personal support.

Gavin said, “My life was changed forever on 25th May 2016,

and I suddenly found myself in a very unfamiliar situation.

Sue and Martell from DMWS visited me very early on in

my recovery, and remained a constant source of support


“Their help in dealing with the housing provider and

persistently and tirelessly contacting them until the necessary

adjustments were made to our home was a huge burden

removed from us. I'm grateful that the DMWS was made

available to me as a police officer, and I would commend the

service to my colleagues”.

How to get in touch:

For referrals you can either contact your Hampshire Police

Federation representative to contact us and authorise a referral

or directly refer yourself for support by contacting DMWS on:

07730 219 571 / police@dmws.org.uk

The Police Medical Welfare Support Service

is confidential and operates independently

outside of the police force.

We are very pleased to say that Gavin is now on the road to

recovery and has already returned back to work.

There are a number of other officers that the DMWS team

are now supporting, although new to the Constabulary it is

already making a positive difference to the lives of our officers

and their family members.




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Federation Times Issue 15 November 2015






– Helping to make

a difference

We have recently changed our Group Insurance

Provider, as part of the new scheme we have an

enhanced welfare support programme which

compliments what is already available within

the Constabulary.

We want our members and their families to use this service and

get the benefits from it, this is why as a member of the Group

Insurance Scheme it is important you know what is available for

you. Please remember that this is a family benefit and the service

is available to you, and your immediate family and dependents.


RED ARC was established in 1997 as an Independent Care

Advisory Service, providing practical advice and emotional support

for people suffering a serious illness, bereavement or long-term

disability at different life stages.

The advice and support they provided is totally confidential and

no information or details will be passed to the Force, Federation

or even contained within your NHS records.

No-one will know you have called except you and your nurse

advisor at Red Arc.

Why Is There A Need For These Services?

Mainstream services such as the NHS and Social Services are

coming under increasing strain to deliver on targets such as

waiting lists. As a result patient’s expectations with regards to the

service they should receive cannot always be met. The reality is

that there is little time for the patient, especially in the ‘softer skills’

of listening, reassuring and informing. This shortfall can cause real

distress at times of serious illness, or at the onset of a chronic

condition or disability that is affecting you and your family.

The Specialist nurse advisors are focussed only on you and the

time they can spend talking to you is dependent wholly upon your


How the Service Works?

As well as critical illness support our scheme provides support for

a wide range of conditions including mental health problems, work

related stress and muscular-skeletal problems.

contact themselves as a member of the Group Insurance Scheme

for support on any other health related matter. When necessary,

and with your specific consent and permission, your Federation

Representative can even make that initial call for you and ask a

nurse advisor to contact you.

However the initial contact is made, the process is the same:

• A Personal Nurse Adviser calls

The initial call introduces the nurse and explains exactly how

the service can help. If contact can’t be made, then a letter is

sent explaining what the service offers and assuring you of the

confidentiality of the service

• Ongoing Support

Following the initial call, the nurse takes time to listen and

understand how they can help both emotionally and practically.

Regular support calls are put in place and in many cases this

relationship continues for several years – remember this is

focussed on your needs and each of us are different.

• Additional Help

Where clinically appropriate, at the discretion of the Nurse, your

nurse advisor may identify additional support or therapy that

could help to speed up recovery or make life more comfortable.

They can organise a very wide range of additional help e.g. oneoff

Specialist Nurse Visit, counselling, specialised physiotherapy,

speech & language therapy, complementary therapies, specialist

equipment, the list is wide and varied.

In addition, the nurses regularly supply CDs, DVDs, books, leaflets,

factsheets and health related books including some specifically

designed for children.

The RED ARC ethos is all about being creative in helping people

when they need it most.

Your Personal Nurse Adviser will be available to you by telephone

in normal business hours, and will be able to provide information

and support for as long as you need it.

Patients are automatically referred as the result of a critical illness

claim through the Group Insurance Scheme Provider, or can make

16 www.hampshirepolfed.org.uk

Federation Times Issue 18 December 2016

More ways to keep in touch

It is important to us that we keep in touch with you in the way which is easiest for

you. That includes producing this magazine, or sending emails and more recently

using social media.

Hampshire Police Federation has been using Twitter for some time but we

recognise not everybody enjoys Tweeting! So we have now joined the word of


Please like our Facebook page and keep up to date with the ever changing world of

policing! You can find us by searching for Hampshire Police Federation on Facebook.

Did you know?

Did you know?

The Federation subscriptions you pay receive tax relief? However, you must apply for it. For more

information and a pro forma letter all of the details can be found on our website. Here is the link


The Federation subscriptions you pay receive tax relief? However,

you must apply for it. For more information and a pro forma letter

all of the details can be found on our website. Here is the link


Our services include:

Appointments available at a time

and place to suit you

Wills & Probate

Powers of Attorney

Court of Protection

Family & Collaborative Law


Injury Claims

Dispute resolution

Commercial Property

Residential Property

Landlord & Tenant

Company & Commercial

Employment & HR Advice

Insolvency & Debt

Firearms Law

Criminal Defence

Motoring Offences

What we promise:

Direct lawyer contact

Same-day response

Clear Price Guarantee

Free First Advice

Call now for your free first

advice on:

Eastleigh office

02380 644 822

Appointments at

Fareham & Winchester


2-4 Leigh Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO50 9FH






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to fallen


unveiled at


A memorial wall to honour Hampshire

police officers and staff who died in the line

of duty has been unveiled at Netley Police

Training HQ..

The project for the wall has been led and funded by

Hampshire Police Federation. The idea to have a memorial

was launched following the death of PC Steve Rawson who

died in a motorcycle crash aged 40 while on an undercover

surveillance operation in Southampton three years ago.

The display includes the names of all those officers who have

died in the execution of their duty since records began in 1849.

John Apter, chairman of Hampshire Police Federation, said:

“It was following the tragic death of our colleague PC Steve

Rawson that I realised we had no physical memorial to fallen


“I felt strongly that this wrong should be put right and there

must be a place where our colleagues would be remembered.

We needed something as a mark of these brave officers who

have died in the line of duty. This is a really important piece of

work and I am so proud to be able to unveil this long-awaited

memorial to fallen officers from Hampshire and the Isle of


Family members of fallen officers joined serving and retired

colleagues at the unveiling ceremony which was held on

the 3rd October. The Chief Constable was joined by former

Hampshire Chief Constables including Andy Marsh, Alex

Marshal and Paul kernaghan. Former Deputy Chief Constables

Ian Readhead and Simon Cole also attended the service which

was led by Police Chaplain David Wilbraham.

After the unveiling John Apter said, “It’s essential that those

colleagues we have lost are never forgotten. This memorial wall

is long overdue and much needed, it will provide a long-lasting

tribute to the memory and sacrifice of our fallen colleagues.”

National Police Chaplain David Wilbraham during the

opening service

The memorial can be seen at the entrance to Victoria House

at Netley Training HQ. We would encourage everybody who

attends Netley to pause at the memorial and read the names

of those fallen colleagues.

18 www.hampshirepolfed.org.uk

More mortgage borrowers

are moving to fxed rates

More UK borrowers are remortgaging – suggesting that people

are increasingly taking the view that the ultra-low interest rate

period could be coming to an end.

Many borrowers have beneftted from extraordinarily low rates

for fve years since the base rate was lowered to 0.5%, but this

policy was introduced under exceptional circumstances.

With the economy now frmly in growth mode, employment

increasing to record levels and unemployment falling fast, there are

calls for the Bank of England to raise rates sooner rather than later

to head off future infationary pressure.

Although the Bank of England has given no specifc signal that

interest rates will start rising, average mortgage rates have edged

up a little in recent months. Despite this, many mortgage products

still offer excellent value compared to historic levels and savvy

borrowers are taking advantage of this.

In the months ahead, more and more borrowers – including those

who have benefted from ultra-low standard variable rates (SVR)

– will be increasingly considering their remortgage options.

If you’re one of them, talk to our Mortgage Advice team,

who have access to the whole of the mortgage market – including

exclusive deals for the Police family that are not available elsewhere.

Visit our website policemutual.co.uk/mortgages if your

current mortgage deal is ending soon, you’re moving house or

about to buy your frst home and see how we can help.

Police Mutual’s mortgage advice service

With our mortgage advice service, we take the stress out of your

big decision.

When you choose Police Mutual to help you fnd a mortgage, you

can rest assured we’ll keep you on track and make sure you’ve got

everything you need to make the big decision stress-free.

Why choose the Police Mutual Mortgage Advice Service?

• Access to the whole of the mortgage market – over

80 leading UK lenders

• Exclusive deals for the Police Family, that are not

available elsewhere

• Free advice for our members – we only recommend

products that are relevant to you *

• No inconvenience – we’re here to talk when you’re free

We can help you with:

• Re-mortgaging

• Mortgages for frst time buyers

• Help to Buy – mortgages with only a 5% deposit

• Mortgages for home movers

• Buy-to-let

• Mortgage protection

• Conveyancing

• Home insurance

Call us on 0800 032 5333 or enquire online.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

You may have to pay an early repayment charge to your existing lender if you remortgage.


For members, Police Mutual provides free mortgage advice and receives a commission from the

mortgage lender which we use to fund this service. The fee payable by non-members is £300 but

this will be waived if you take out any Police Mutual Group product during the process.

Police Mutual Assurance Society Limited is an incorporated friendly society. Police Housing Fund Limited, trading as Police Mutual, is registered in England & Wales

No. 5069158 and is an appointed representative of Mortgage Advice Bureau Limited for mortgages and Mortgage Advice Bureau (Derby) Limited for insurance

who are both authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered offce: Alexandra House, Queen Street, Lichfeld, Staffordshire WS13 6QS.

Federation Welfare

Cottages – a helping

hand when you

need it most

The Federation cottages are now well

bedded in and have proved a great asset for

members and their families. We have put

a lot of time and effort into providing these

facilities and it is clear from the feedback we

receive from those who use them they are

really paying back now.

For those of you who do not know about them we have two

lodges at Sandyballs holiday park which is in the heart of the

New Forest.

The original lodge is a Vista lodge set on the edge of the park

with breath-taking views over the surrounding countryside it has

a large decked area with bi fold doors and a Jacuzzi set into the

decking, a real bit of luxury. It has a double and a twin bedroom

and a sofa bed in the lounge so will sleep 6.

Following the overwhelming success of the first cottage we

purchased a second one. The newer Garden lodge is set in a

quite part of the park, is a lot bigger and is a real home from

home; it has a large garden with artificial grass so it is user

friendly for children and pets year around. It also has a large

patio area and outdoor dining options.

It will also sleep 6 in the same configuration as the Vista. We are

responding to feedback, members who go to the Vista Lodge

love the hot tub so we are trying to get one installed at the

garden lodge too. We are hoping that by spring 2017 this will

be in place but it’s still a work in progress.

The main purpose of the lodges is to provide respite welfare

breaks for officers who are going through traumatic times in

their lives. We want to be able to offer a benefit to those

officers free of charge to try and give them the quality time with

their friends or family that they need.

If you are a supervisor or friend of an officer who you feel may

benefit please contact them and put them in contact with one

of their local Federation Reps. The rep will then speak with

the officer check availability for the lodges and what dates the

officer can do in the next 4 weeks. They will then complete

an application form with them, they only criteria is have to be

a subscribing member of the federation and have a genuine

welfare need.

The form will then be submitted to the office for a panel to

decide if the application meets the criteria and hopefully a

date will be offered that the officer wants. At certain times of

the year we do have high demand, but it is very rare that an

application that meets the criteria is not given a stay.

On the weeks that the lodges are not set aside for welfare

we let them out to members at cost price. The cost of using

the lodge e is to cover the administration cost, we don’t make

money from those staying, this is your local Federation giving

you something back. The 2017 dates are in the process of being

allocated from the ballot.

As I said at the start these have proved a great success and we

have received so much positive feedback from them they have

had 100% occupancy this year which is great and means 208

officers and their families will have benefited over the past 12


Phil Callard


Hampshire Police Federation

20 www.hampshirepolfed.org.uk

Federation Times Issue 18 December 2016

Changes to

your Group



Following a competitive tender process conducted in October,

we are really pleased to announce that, commencing from 1st

December, we have reappointed Philip Williams and Company

to manage our Group Insurance Scheme for the next three

years. Having previously managed our scheme from 2005

to 2013 we are very familiar with the company and are very

confident of the service that will be provided by them to our


We understand the financial pressure faced by all police

officers so one of the main things we wanted to secure was a

fixed price for the next three years. We believe that we have

achieved this, with a very competitive price of just £21.00 per

calendar month for serving members, secured until 2019. The

premiums for partners and retired colleagues have increased

but with the level of claims such as life and critical illness claims

over the past 3 years this were unavoidable.

With a great range of benefits, we believe that the scheme

offers unbeatable value, and takes care of many of your family’s

main insurance needs in a single package, with the added

convenience that payment is made directly from your pay.

Most elements of insurance are relatively straightforward, and

payment is automatically made followed an insured event,

such as a death, diagnosis of a critical illness, a reduction in

pay, or breakdown of your vehicle etc. However, as with all

these things there can be occasion when things don’t go as

we expect or hope, and we believe that the appointment of

Philip Williams and Company will enhance the service to you

in such circumstances. They have over 35 years’ experience

in the Police Group Insurance market, and currently operate

schemes for over twenty Police Federations across the country.

They are a privately-owned company, providing greater

flexibility with claim handling, and we have access to a team of

experienced claims handlers and account managers who will

work on your behalf to try and resolve any issues that may


The re-appointment of Philip Williams and Company will also

provide access to a nurse led care service provided by Red

Arc. This service will further enhance our commitment to

provide our members with a first-class welfare programme.

Included elsewhere in this magazine is an article explaining

their service, and how to access it. We would encourage you

to familiarise yourself with this service, and should you need to

access the support then you can have the confidence that it

is a fully confidential service, independent from your health or

occupational health records.

Whilst we will be working with Philip Williams and Company

over the next three years we will be considering how we can

further enhance the scheme benefits, whilst trying to balance

the overall price to maintain its affordability for everybody. One

of the issues we have considered is the inclusion of mobile

phone insurance, and we recently conducted a survey to ask

you about this. The results of the survey were broadly positive

for its inclusion, but not overwhelmingly supportive to convince

us that we should include it at this time. Since the appointment

of Philip Williams, we have already visited their mobile phone

provider to see the service they provide, and I have to say the

impression was very positive. We will keep this option under

consideration, and if we feel that the position changes, and

there is overwhelming interest in including this cover then this

is something we can add in the future.

The majority of subscribing members to the Police Federation

are already members of the scheme, and we would encourage

you to review all the benefits included when the new scheme

brochures are sent to you to ensure you are taking advantage

of all the scheme offers.

We are proud of our Group Insurance Scheme and know from

those who use it you see it as a life line. If you are not currently

a member of the scheme but would like to join, then please

contact the Police Federation Office for further details. We are

currently offering new members three months free cover upon









October 2016 saw the annual Police

Federation National Detective Forum

(PFNDF) seminar and awards which this

year were held in the Humberside area.

Firstly congratulations must go to our

nominees DI Martin Chudley who was

placed second for Investigation of the Year

for his work on Operation Columbian

the murder of Georgina Edmonds in

2008 and the subsequent arrest trial

and acquittal of the suspect. Following a

forensic breakthrough approval was given

to pursue the case against the suspect

using double jeopardy legislation and the

suspect was convicted in 2016. He has since

lost his appeal in October 2016 against the


Upon receiving his award Martin said, “This award is for the

family of Mrs Edmonds, who have been so supportive over the

years. The best day of my career was when the offender got

convicted – it was the worst day when he initially went free.

It was worth the pushing and pushing to see justice done; it’s

always worth it for the victims and their families”

DI Paul Masters who was placed third nationally in the

‘Services To Detectives’ Category for his work on Digital

Media Investigation for his enthusiasm and innovation in his

implementation of the Digital Media Investigation Programme

in Hampshire to promote new ways of working and using

his expertise to protect vulnerable groups susceptible to


On receiving his award Paul said, “I’m very honoured to receive

this award – it’s something I’m very passionate about. Digital

is the way forward – and the new policing. Online is the new


DI Martin Chudley (on the right) receiving his award.

DI Paul Masterman reviving his award.

The PFNDF meets quarterly to raise issues that affect

Detectives across the country and to share good practice and

learning. As the Hampshire representative I have recently

raised issues around staffing and the PSI to DC programme to

see what others Forces were doing and their views.

This year’s seminar itself included lectures around police use

of digital media in an investigation, direct entry Detectives

into the Metropolitan Police, Operation Red Eclipse, (A

Welsh investigation into an online blackmail which uncovered

thousands of IIOC offences), the use of Polygraph on RSO’s

and the closing lecture on the death of a vulnerable adult

which was convicted as a murder with Honour Based Violence

at its core.

If you have any major issues that you feel should be raised on

a nationally level in the Forum or good work which I can ask to

be included in the quarterly Newsletter please contact me


Detective Constables Rep

Hampshire PFNDF Rep

22 www.hampshirepolfed.org.uk

“Quality Insurance

Federation Times Times Issue Issue 15 17 November August 2016 2015

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We protect you.

At Slater and Gordon, we

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with legal issues needn’t be.

For over 50 years, we have

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With offices throughout the UK,

we are the only firm to offer a

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Legal services:

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