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THE DRAGON issue 1


Edition 1: December 2016 The Dragon Look inside for homework help, an exclusive interview Trump: Friend or Foe for Britain? By Isabelle Mills Donald Trump: the man with next to nothing in political experience who shocked the world on the 8 th November. Taking key states like Ohio and Florida, Trump beat Mrs Clinton to the title of the 45 th President of the United Statesand he will take office on the 20 th January 2017. However, when his propositions and views divide opinions, how will the new President-to-be affect the UK? Like most who run for politics, Trump has made some profound claims. Which claims he follows through is yet to be unveiled. For instance, the “wall” he proposes to build across the border of Mexico to keep out criminals and immigrants, has not been described in detail by Trump and has aroused some questions as to how it will affect different groups. Very recently, Theresa May has claimed that Donald Trump is someone who, “very much values the relationship he has with the UK.” Despite previously saying that he does not understand the UK, she went on to describe him as “very easy to talk to.” After Britain left the European Union, established for political and economic reasons, Trump’s trade advisor said Britain would be at the front of the queue for trade deals. Though this seems like good news, the US and Britain could possibly clash over opinions such as on Putin, and politicians could have reasons to be weary of Trump’s unpredictability. For the time being, until the Time Person of the Year’s plan to “Make America Great Again” and Brexit fully comes into action, we cannot know if what happens next will bring delight or disaster for Britain.

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