Good tips to have fuller and more vibrant hair


Good tips to have fuller and more vibrant hair,The first step is to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, fish and meat because diet can make a huge difference to your hair and your body as whole. Actually, hair is made of protein, so make sure to get a good amount of protein in your diet. People who follow extreme weight loss programs are exposed to hair loss.

Vitamin C is very important to build collagen which assists in developing hair growth, and it is necessary to absorb

iron; it is found in citrus fruits, cantaloupe, spinach and bell peppers.

You should avoid excessive styling because it can hurt your hair; certain chemicals- if improperly used- may

cause thinning and hair loss. Chemical or mechanical process to straighten, curl or color your hair can damage it

altering its natural makeup. Try to dry your hair manually because excessive heat in the flat iron or blow drier can

singe your hair.

You better comb your hair when it is dry not wet because your hair gets vulnerable when it is wet, and do not

brush it too much because this pulls hair out of your scalp.

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