Caribbean Times 57th Issue - Thursday 15th December 2016


Caribbean Times 57th Issue - Thursday 15th December 2016

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Thursday 15th December 2016 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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A Wireless Road family of

three, who was involved in an altercation

with the police on Sunday,

is now charged with a number

of offences.

On Tuesday, the police charged

Hezekiah Parker Jr. of Wireless

Road with Unlawful Possession of

one 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol;

Possession of 9 rounds of 9mm ammunition,

and Battery on Police.

His father Hezekiah Parker Sr,

63 was also charged with Unlawful

Possession of one 9mm PX 4

Storm berretta Pistol; Unlawful

possession of 15 rounds of 9mm

ammunition; Attempted Murder;

Battery on Police, and three counts

of Obstructing a Police Officer in

the execution of his duty.

Charges were also brought

against the mother and wife, 63yrsold

Mary Cynthia Parker.

She was charged with three

counts of Obstructing a Police Officer

in the execution of his duty;

two counts of Battery on Police

and Malicious Damage.

It was reported that the police

cont’d on pg 3

Hezekiah Parker Jr.

2 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 15th December 2016

Major improvement in the

country’s economy says Weston

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By Joanna Paris

Junior Minister of Finance

and Corporate Governance,

Senator the Hon.

Lennox Weston, is pleased

with the country’s economic

performance this year.

In an interview with

state media, Senator

Weston said that the people

of Antigua and Barbuda

can be assured that the

Gaston Browne led administration

has fulfilled its

obligation to the twin island

state to date.

He said that there is a

projected growth of 4.1%

along with the creation of

hundreds of jobs and the

beginning of numerous

projects which will only

further stimulate economic


By Everton Barnes

Antigua and Barbuda welcomed another

cruise ship to St John’s Harbour on

Wednesday and during the usual welcome

ceremony aboard the vessel – Thompson’s

Tui Discovery, the captain had one

request; he wants to meet cricketing hero,

Sir Vivian Richards.

The vessel comes out of the United

Kingdom with over 1800 passengers who

are mainly British tourists, and Captain

Jonas, who is in charge of the vessel said

he likes to visit Antigua having sailed into

its harbour previously.

But the captain, who describes himself

as a cricket fan, said his greatest wish is to

meet Sir Vivian, who is revered by many

British cricket enthusiasts.

Both Chief Executive Officer of the

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority,

Colin James, and President of the Cruise

Tourism Association, Nathan Dundas,

gave an undertaking to arrange a meeting

between the captain and Sir Vivian during

one of the vessel’s visit to Antigua.

“In terms of finances,

we have collected over 10

percent more revenue, we

have kept cost constant and

we have been able so far to

hit almost all of our targets

in terms of primary balances

and fiscal control.

“We have had institutions

supporting us with

soft loans and grants based

on performance”, he noted.

Senator Weston stated

that statistics reveal that

the twin island state is

among the countries in the

Eastern Caribbean with the

highest growth for the year.

The Junior Finance

Minister said that significant

efforts have also been

made and have been successful

in curtailing and

managing government’s


He added that in 2017,

the country is poised for

even more critical growth.

Cruise ship captain wants

to meet Sir Vivian Richards

Dundas said the Tui Discovery will be

calling at Antigua fortnightly until the end

of the tourism season in April of next year.

He told the welcome ceremony that the

vessel is the third ship from the Thompson

Line to visit Antigua and he hopes that

more vessels from the cruise line will add

the island to their itinerary.

James welcomed the vessel noting that

its visit provides an occasion for all in the

industry to benefit.

Meanwhile, Dundas is reporting that

arrangements for Antigua and Barbuda to

do home-porting is finding much success.

This means that people can start and

end cruises here rather than having to travel

elsewhere for such opportunities.

“It represents significant savings for

people not having to pay airfares and hotel

accommodations in order to go on a

cruise,” Dundas noted.

The cruise official reported that

home-porting starts on December 26 and it

has been booked up to March of next year.

The arrangements end in April 2017.

Thursday 15th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

cont’d from pg 1

were on mobile patrol in

the Wireless Road area,

when they spotted Hezekiah

Parker Jr driving a Silver

Toyota Altezza motor

car, and acting suspicious.

The officers pursued the

vehicle, which came to a

stop just outside the Parker’s


Hezekiah Jr was seen

hustling from the vehicle,

clutching to his trousers

waist in a suspicious

manner. The officers gave

chase and held on to him

outside his home.

A struggle ensued at

which time the police found

a loaded 9mm Colt Luger

Pistol concealed within his


His mother and father

also exited the house and

joined in the struggle.

Hezekiah Snr, a former

Sergeant of Police managed

to grab hold of one

of the officers’ firearm and

aimed at the officer, while

squeezing the trigger.

Lucky for the officer,

his weapon was still on


Two other officers sustained

bite injuries about

their bodies and had their

clothes torn.

They were all arrested

and taken into custody.

Hezekiah Jr, who was

recently released on bail for

an alleged gun crime, also

served time at Her Majesty’s

Prison for a number of

other gun related and serious


4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 15th December 2016

Ten cruise ship calls for Barbuda

By Joanna Paris

A new building is being

constructed at the Nevis

Street Pier to enable the

embarkation and disembarkation

of the Zenith, which

will allow passengers to

board the vessel in Antigua

on December 26th.

The Zenith is part of the

Pullmantur Cruise line and

will be the first ship in the

country’s history to make

While most people are

winding down the year 2016

partaking in the festivities of

the Christmas season, some

staff at the Medical Benefits

Scheme (MBS) have been

reviving their commitment

to being active and eating

healthily. In October 2016,

20 staff members took up

a challenge to walk 10,000

steps daily for the entire


That group recorded 2.7

million steps in the allotted

time frame with the top

walker Louise Charles completing

446,801 steps, followed

by Karen Tannis with

418,398. The statistics were

By Renio Abbott

Barbuda has received two cruise ship

calls thus far for 2016 and is expecting

to have a total of ten for the 2016 – 2017

cruise industry in the upcoming year.

Nathan Dundas, Chairman of the

Antigua & Barbuda Cruise Tourism

Association stated that “Barbuda is doing

rather well and has received a few

calls from Windstar Cruises, Club Med

Cruises and Ponant Cruises.

However, Barbuda have been receiving

calls for several years and continues

to because the response is rather


Dundas further stated that “we’re

this procedure possible.

It will give Antiguans and

Barbudans an opportunity to

enjoy a cost effective cruise,

since there will be no air fare

and visa requirements associated

with travel.

In an interview with

media representatives on

Wednesday, the President

of the Antigua and Barbuda

Cruise Tourism Association,

Nathan Dundas, said

collected and compiled by

staffer and epidemiologist

Andre Bovell.

In November, as well as

during this month, December,

some staff have taken

on a twice weekly skipping

challenge and some have

continued to walk daily. The

Medical Benefits Scheme

has a staff lunch time walking

club, where members

complete a one hour power

walk on the fringes of city.

keeping the twin Island state away from

the big ships, they have enough vessels

for this time and because of its limited

infrastructure, we want to make sure

that Barbuda is ready and prepared for

years to come, and the visitors get the

best experience possible in our sister island

of Barbuda”.

Tourism stakeholders prepare for Zenith Cruise

MBS staff complete challenge

that several key tourism

stakeholders to include the

Ministry of Tourism, the St.

John’s Development Corporation

and the Customs and

Immigration Department are

currently making all the necessary

preparations for the

embarkation and disembarkation

of passengers.

“The building is being set

up and it will accommodate

both the customs and immigration

officials who will

be situated just outside the

security booth at the Nevis

Street Dock”, he said.

Dundas explained that

the response to the offer has

been overwhelming, with

the vessel being booked up

until March 2017. He said

that a lot of groups and families

are taking advantage of

the opportunity.

“The first set of Antiguans

will board the vessel

on December 26th and on

that first day over 30 cabins

have been booked by Antiguans”,

he said.

The Zenith will make

provisions for a 7-day cruise

before it returns to its home

port in Philipsburg. In the

itinerary between Barbados

and Santo Domingo the vessel

spends a day at sea.

The Zenith was built

in 1992. The vessel is 208

meters high and 29 meters

long, weighing 46.8 tons. It

has 721 cabins and carries,

with full double occupation,

a maximum of 1,442 passengers.

The vessel has 620

crew members, giving it a

premium passenger crew ration

of 2:1.

Thursday 15th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Eighty secondary school students to

graduate from Tourism Cadet Programme

By Joanna Paris

Eighty students representing fifteen

public and private secondary schools

across the island will graduate from

the 2016 Tourism Cadet Corps Programme

on Monday.

The ceremony and cocktail will take

place at the Pleasure Cove (Runaway

Bay) at 2:30 p.m. Several officials from

within the Ministry of Tourism, Economic

Development and Investment

will be present along with family members,

friends and other well-wishers.

In an interview on Against the

Backdrop hosted on state media, Marketing

and Communications Executive

of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism

By Renio Abbott

On Monday 12th December,

2016 the Azura Cruise

Ship had to cancel its visit to

Antigua because of unfavourable

weather conditions.

Nathan Dundas the Chairman

of the Antigua & Barbuda

Cruise Tourism Association

reported to Caribbean

Times that “the Captain is

the one who makes these decisions

whether he feels it’s

safe or not, for the ship to be

called into a port. The wind

was rather heavy and the ship

was facing 26 knots of high


Dundas explained, “with

the constant phone calls

made between himself and

the captain of the vessel, the

captain then tried to dock into

the Falmouth Harbour, but

unfortunately, he was unable

to land any of the tenders in

Authority (ABTA), Maria Blackman,

said the 10-month training program

provided the participants with a wealth

of experience.

“It is really a programme that goes

into the secondary schools, we gather

students from all over. They meet at

least three times a month and spend at

least two to three hours talking about


“They also have special talks with

tourism industry stakeholders and also

go on tours out in the field and explore


“This gives them a really hands on

experience and they have really gotten

quite a lot of knowledge in the time that

the water to anchor the vessel.

The vessel is small and seas

were also choppy with ten

feet waves because of this he

had to make his decision for

the safety of the passengers.

The Azura stayed out in

the water all and couldn’t land

in Antigua. Dundas expressed

the reason for the cruise ship

not been able to dock in the

Falmouth Harbour is because

there’s not enough depth

down under sea.

The cruise ship that come

in at the Harbour would stay

out at sea nearby that they can

use a tender boat and bring in

the passengers.

About three years ago,

a similar situation occurred

with the same ship (Azura)

but it wasn’t as choppy and

the passengers were able to

land and disembarked.

When asked why the

Harbour isn’t being dredged

Dundas replied, Falmouth

is known for the Yachting

industry and is large cruise

ships are generally not welcome.

Several years ago,

some cruise lines were interested

in docking in Falmouth

they have spent in the programme. We

are very pleased with the group that

will be graduating on Monday”, she

said happily.

She added that the participants have

truly evolved over the months and are

now more confident and independent in

their abilities.

The Tourism Cadet Corps Programme

first began in 2003 under the

leadership of then Director of Tourism,

now Tourism Consultant Shirlene

Nibbs. It is now under the guidance of

Petley Knight.

The Ministry of Tourism looks forward

to the positive advances that will

be made by the graduates in the future.

Cruise ship cancels visit due to bad weather

Harbour, however the decision

was made to focus on

serving the Yachting Sector

in Antigua. Some small cruise

ships do visit the Falmouth

Harbour and they are doing

well. We would prefer to keep

it that way.

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Thursday 15th December 2016

An Aspirin a day helps keep

heart disease and cancer away


States – A new American study claims

that older people who take low-dose

aspirin daily significantly reduce their

risk of contracting heart disease or cancer.

The researchers found that regular

doses of the inexpensive medication

could extend lifespan and save the lives

of hundreds of thousands of patients

currently at risk of disease.

The findings by USC contradict US

Food and Drink Administration (FDA)

fears that older Americans face an increased

risk of stroke and bleeding in

the brain and stomach if they take aspirin


According to lead author David B.

Agus, a USC professor of medicine and

engineering: “Although the health benefits

of aspirin are well established, few

people take it.

“Our study shows multiple health

benefits and a reduction in healthcare

spending from this simple, low-cost

measure that should be considered a

standard part of care for the appropriate


This year, the long-term benefits of

low-dose, daily aspirin were called into

question following the publication of

conflicting guidelines by the US Preventive

Services Task Force (USPSTF),

a government-backed panel of experts,

and the FDA.

The USPSTF issued updated aspirin

guidelines that declared the clinical

benefit of aspirin, but the FDA is concerned

that some patients, particularly

those 60 and older, face an increased

risk of stroke and bleeding – both gastrointestinal

and in the brain – if they

follow the daily aspirin regimen.

According to study co-author Étienne

Gaudette, an assistant professor

in the USC School of Pharmacy, “The

problem that this creates for Americans

and medical professionals is that the

information about aspirin is confusing.

This means some Americans who

would benefit from aspirin aren’t taking


“Through our study, we sought to

make it much easier for everyone to

understand what the long-term benefits


It has long been known that regular

use of low dose aspirin can help patients

at risk of heart disease because

it thins the blood and prevents clotting.

To assess the long-term benefits

of aspirin, the USC researchers used

the university’s Future Elderly Model,

which projects the health of older

Americans and their trajectory in aging.


Thursday 15th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Health officials encourage healthy

eating during the Yuletide season

By Joanna Paris

The Christmas season is

the time of year when families

and friends get together,

reflect, exchange gifts and

most of all eat.

The dishes will inevitably

vary, however officials

within the Ministry of

Health are urging residents

to ensure that their meals

are balanced through nutritious


President of the Antigua

and Barbuda Diabetes

Association, Juanita James

and the Head of the Non-

Communicable Diseases

Committee, Valarie Williams,

were guests on ABS’s

Against the Backdrop earlier

this week, where they

discussed the importance of

healthy eating and developing

a daily fitness routine.

They both urged persons

to increase their intake of

fruits and vegetables, which

will lessen their chances of

developing non-communicable


Williams said that plans

are being made to put the

Non Communicable Diseases

Policy online so that

it will be easily accessible.

She added that there are

also a number of educational

programmes being developed.

“We are working with

employers to get health programmes

going and to get

persons to understand that

you just don’t eat because

you want to eat, but it is important

to control your portion

sizes and ensure that

you are balancing your food

with physical activity and

this is what we are pushing,

a lot of physical activity.

This is one of the factors

that we are working on for

the NCD’s”, she explained.

The President of the Diabetes

Association noted that

it will also take a collective

approach to truly tackle the


“The message is that this

is not just the responsibility

of the Ministry of Health,

we must work closely in

partnership with the Ministry

of Agriculture and also

Education. We also need a

robust financial programme,

so that it the strategies can

Calling all residents of All Saints West

By Joanna Paris

It is that time of year

when Parliamentary representatives

decide to give

to their constituencies in a

special way by spreading

Christmas cheer through

various avenues.

On Monday, 19th December,

the Buckley’s Playing

Field will be the venue

for the All Saints West Constituency’s

annual Christmas

Party which will be hosted

by the Honourable Michael


He encourages all residents

to attend the event and

to of course bring and ensure

that the children in particular

have a grand time.

Among the activities

that will serve as entertainment

are: the bounce castle,

face painting, games

and the always anticipated

lucky dip. The party is

scheduled to begin at 2:00

p.m. and Minister Browne

assures residents that

buses will be available for

transportation to the venue

from 1pm throughout the


A number of Parliamentary

representatives as well

as caretakers are also planning

similar activities for the


Advertise with

Caribbean Times!

Call 562-8688 or email us at

be more effective with implementation”.

TO: His Worship

Licensing Magistrate

Magistrates’ Court

High Street

St. John’s

TO: His Worship

Magistrate for District


Magistrates’ Court

High Street

St. John’s

TO: The Commissioner of


Police Headquarters

American Road

St. John’s



OREVITS of Parham

Town, in the Parish of

Saint John’s in the State of

Antigua and Barbuda DO


that it is my intention to apply

at the Next Special Session

of the Liquor Licensing

Court to be held at the

Magistrates’ Court, High

Street, Saint John, Antigua

on the 5th day of January,

2016 next ensuing for a

Tavern License in respect

of my premises known as

“CUTIE’S LTD.” situated

at Redcliffe Quay, Saint

John’s, Antigua.

DATED the 8th day of

December, 2016.


Solicitor for the Applicant

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 15th December 2016

Government officials bring Christmas

cheer to the Fiennes Institute

The Christmas season is that special

time of year filled with good wishes

and glad tidings. It is also a time when

even those who are often forgotten by

society get to smile and greet unfamiliar

faces as they receive timely gifts

and encouraging words from those who

take the time out to visit them.

On Tuesday, a high-level delegation

which comprised Governor General

His Excellency Sir Dr. Rodney Williams,

Health and the Environment

Minister Molwyn Joseph and Acting

Permanent Secretary within the Ministry

Joan Carrott, paid a visit to the

Fiennes Institute to bring Christmas

cheer to the residents who were treated

to a number of Christmas songs and

musical renditions

Brief remarks were shared by Ms.

Carrot and Health and Minister Joseph

who wished the residents a blessed


The staff members were also reminded

about the importance of commitment

and love for the elderly as they

execute their duty.

In registering his unwavering commitment

to the residents of the Institucont’d

on pg 9

Thursday 15th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

cont’d from pg 8

tion, Minister Joseph used the opportunity

to announce government’s plan to

construct a brand new facility in the not

too distant future.

He also reminded them not to settle

for mediocrity “we are on the path to

excellence in our country; in our healthcare

and excellence must be our hallmark”,

Minister Joseph declared.

The short ceremony was chaired by

the Director of the Fiennes Institute Alton


The residents particularly enjoyed

the entertainment aspect of the annual

Christmas programme as they listened

and danced to the songs rendered by the

Royal Police Force Band, Dale Joseph

and company and Trevauyn Weston

{AKA} Lyrics Man who brought the

house down with his version of “No ham

for Christmas” {A police thief me hag}.

Approximately 61 persons now reside

at the Fiennes Institute.






8AM - 6pm 9AM - 5pm 9AM - 3pm

Utility Drive Cassada Gardens I T. 481-2611 | 481-2615 I I

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 15th December 2016

Career Opportunity



• Are you a highly motivated sales professional

seeking a career opportunity in the Insurance

industry in Employee Benefits (Pensions, Medical

and Dental benefits)?

• Do you have a sound knowledge of Employee

Benefit programs - life and health insurance,

Employee retirement programs, and consumer

credit insurance?

• Can you identify new market opportunities in

the Eastern Caribbean for Group Life & Health

products and Group Pension programs.

• Can you develop, maintain and analyse

competitive market intelligence?

• Can you deliver business proposals and client

solutions using multimedia?

• Do you have outstanding public speaking skills?

What’s Expected

A Bachelor’s Degree in Management or related

discipline. Completion of the FLMI or other

insurance industry qualifications would be an


• Strong quantitative, analytical, problem

solving and computer skills. Expert

proficiency with Microsoft office. Excel,

Word, PowerPoint experience required.

• Business acumen – understanding of the

insurance/banking sectors and experience

working in the Caribbean market.

• Exceptional interpersonal skills and the

demonstrated capacity to maintain effective

relationships with internal and external



• Can you create a team environment conducive

to the production of high quality work,

maintaining established operating procedures,

while leading and motivating the team to

provide superior customer service?

• Can you effectively coordinate team activities

by scheduling work assignments, setting

priorities, and directing team’s effort via

specific performance metrics to meet both

quantity and quality timelines?

• Can you prepare and deliver multimedia

presentations to groups?

• Can you educate and advise clients on various

group health and life insurance plans; guide

clients through important decisions e.g. coverage

requirements, and manage service requests?

• Do you have excellent communication skills?

What’s Expected

• A Bachelor’s Degree in Administration or

related disciplines.

• At least three (3) years’ experience in a

Supervisory capacity leading teams in the

financial service sector.

• High level of proficiency with Microsoft Office.

• Strong written and verbal communication skills.

Go to the careers link on to view further details and submit your

application by December 19, 2016.

Thursday 15th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Wednesday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Kin of PDQ

5. December visitor

10. Breathe heavily

14. Flightless bird

15. Hiking path

16. Soothing plant

17. Roof part

18. Eye-opener

20. Enjoy the slopes

21. Radar’s kin

22. Slightest

23. Summer shoe

25. Removes suds

26. Honey

28. Channel

29. Planet’s path

30. Bring about

32. Biol., e.g.

35. Gelatin form

36. Holy person

37. Shadowbox

38. WNW’s opposite

39. Southern beauty

40. San ____ Padres

41. Chowder shellfish

42. Lurch

43. Prepare leftovers

46. Showed feelings

48. Opera highlights

49. Luau greeting

50. Author ____ Fleming

53. Make holy

55. Richard ____ of “Pretty


56. Boundary

57. Performer

58. On a cruise

59. Swamp plant

60. Not here

61. EMT’s word


1. Summer coolers

2. Saturate

3. Recommended

4. Edgar Allan ____

5. Took long steps

6. Sports ring

7. Nautical

8. Level

9. 100%

10. Inventor’s protection

11. Assumed name

12. Rope loop

13. Circus shelter

19. Wonderland girl

21. Fit of temper

24. Waterless

25. Metal corrosion

26. Rounded roof

27. God of love

28. Sand hill

30. Tranquil

31. Be sick

32. Most rapid

33. Enclosure

34. Treat pleats

36. Throne

37. Beget

39. Nonchalant

40. Information

41. Halted

42. Stick together

43. Marathon runner

44. Wear away

45. Door joint

46. Please greatly

47. Engine

49. Curve

51. Territory

52. Well-groomed

54. Garfield, e.g.

55. Petrol

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 15th December 2016

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

A shower or two around the area in

the morning, then partly cloudy in

the afternoon.

High - 82ºF

Low - 75ºF

Wind: East South East 12 mph

Sunrise 6.28 am; Sunset 5.36 pm

Wednesday’s Crossword Solution



21). You can be proud of the

relationships you’ve built and

even more proud of the fact that

you keep building. Friendships,

after all, need continual maintenance

to thrive.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). You’re emotionally flexible

and quite strong. Still, you

shouldn’t have to bend over

backward to get your love. If

you find yourself doing this

trick time and again, seek different

sources of support.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). Information has a way of

expanding to the capacity of

your curiosity. So the thing to

ask yourself is: “How much

do I really want and/or need to

know?” Today will bring a case

where more is not necessarily


PISCES (Feb. 19-March

20). From keys and phones to

friendships and jobs, most of

the things a person can lose in

life can be replaced. Not time.

It’s the most precious of your

resources, which is why you’re

so mindful now not to waste it.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

Yes, life is full of contradiction.

It’s also full of tautology.

Redundancy is validation. It’s

comforting when things are as

they seem to be, people work

together as a team and love behaves


TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

This process you’re going

through now is a kind of evolution.

The elegance of evolution

is especially obvious when

the circumstances change. You

might be surprised by what survives

and prevails.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

The mystery that baffles you

in the a.m. will be so utterly

explainable tonight that it all

seems rather obvious. You’ll either

help the others understand,

or you’ll help them be baffled

so they can enjoy the discovery

process, too.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

As for the thing that’s been

gnawing at your curiosity: It’s

time to investigate it. You’ll

get lucky. There are a lot of

questions that will be answered

when one or two facts have

come to light.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Everyone

is selfish from time to time,

but if it happens frequently, it’s

more about your own tolerance

than anything else. Stand up

for yourself. Get on your own

team. You don’t do anyone favors

by letting them behave


VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). It’s

said that to forgive is divine,

but there’s no heavenly choir of

angels to accompany you when

you let go of your grievances

today. Still, life will get better

for the gesture, and that counts

for something.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

Does it really matter if you

were born this way or got there

through living? Embrace it; no

further questions are necessary.

To fully accept yourself will be

your best move yet.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

You may not understand all of

the factors that got you here,

but accept them. Humility is

better than arrogance; contribute

as though you deserve to be

where you are. If you didn’t,

you wouldn’t be there.

Thursday 15th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

The General Public is hereby advised that the Antigua Port Authority

(Deep Water Harbour) will open every Saturday from

8:00 am to 1:00 pm through to December 31, 2016 to facilitate

regular business activities. Please be guided accordingly.

The Cedar Hall Moravian Church invites you to its Extravagant

Black and Gold Gala Event on Saturday 17th December,

2016 starting at 7pm. This grand event takes place at

the Ernest James C.E Building on the Church grounds in

Jennings. Tickets - $150 per couple or $80 single. It’s an

evening of fine dining, great entertainment and wholesome

fun. So bring the entire family and enjoy this spectacular

event. Proceeds are in aid of church development.

ABSTEP Registration in Freetown


ALL JOBSEEKERS who are interested in participating in

ABSTEP and are residing in the village of FREETOWN and

its environs are kindly advised that the registration date for

Freetown has been changed!

New Date is


At The Verandah of the Freetown Clinic

From 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

To register, please bring along your passport, Social Security

and Medical Benefit cards, resume, educational certificates,

and names and contact information of references (at least


For more information contact (OSEC) the ONE STOP EM-

PLOYMENT CENTRE at 562-8533 / 462-7837

The Antigua State College invites the public to participate

in CARD 2017 – Conference for Academic Research and

Development. A community outreach programme of the

college, CARD’s mission is to present research on issues of

national and regional significance with the aim of promoting

societal change. CARD 2017 is slated for March 2017. The

location will be announced at a later date. The organizers are

working to prepare an attractive open environment for the

sharing of knowledge and experience in an array of subject

areas. Papers may be theoretical, archival or experimental in

nature. We are asking those who are interested in presenting

at the conference to submit an abstract of their research

paper along with a resume or one page bio of themselves to

the following e-mail, The

contact person is Dr. Patricia Benn. The organizers invite

the submission of papers by January 30th. For more information,

contact: Antigua State College: 462-1434. Email:

Joseph, Miller fined,

Primus reprimanded

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua

– The West Indies Cricket

Board confirmed today

that Alzarri Joseph and Nikita

Miller were fined, and

Roshon Primus was reprimanded

for breaches of the

Code of Conduct during the

fourth round of matches in

the Digicel Regional 4-Day

Tournament which ended on


All three players admitted

to the offences and accepted

the sanctions proposed by

the respective match referees,

meaning there was no

need for formal hearings.

Joseph was reported by

on-field umpires Danesh

Ramdhanie and Leslie Reifer

Jr, along with standby umpire

Ericson Degallerie for a

Level 2 breach of the Code

of Conduct during the match

between Leeward Islands

Hurricanes and Windward

Islands Volcanoes at Windsor

Park in Dominica.

Joseph upon fielding the

ball from his own bowling

after the final delivery of the

18th over in the Volcanoes’

second innings, threw the

ball at or near batsman Johnson

Charles in an appropriate

and dangerous manner

while the batman remained

in the crease.

Match referee Carlyle

Felix imposed a fine of 50

per cent of the Hurricanes

and West Indies fast bowler’s

match fee for the breach

of paragraph 2.6 of the Code

of Conduct.

Miller and Primus were

both reported by match umpires

Verdayne Smith and

Gregory Brathwaite, as well

as reserve umpire Rushane

Samuels for Level 1 breaches

of the Code of Conduct

during the match between

Jamaica Scorpions and Trinidad

& Tobago Red Force at

Sabina Park in Jamaica.

Match referee Denovan

Hayles imposed a fine of 20

per cent of Miller’s match

fee, after he breached paragraph

1.3 of the Code of

Conduct by using language

that was offensive or insulting

to the match officials and

contrary to the Spirit of the

Game, when he was notified

about the wearing of incorrect

playing equipment.

Primus was subject to

an official reprimand from

Hayles, after he showed dissent

at the umpire’s decision

by delaying his departure

from the wicket, when he

was adjudged lbw off the final

delivery in the 56th over

of the Red Force second innings.

The Red Force all-rounder

admitted to the offence

which was a breach of paragraph

1.2 of the Code of

Conduct and accepted the

imposition of the proposed

sanction. No further action

was taken and no hearing

was required.

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 15th December 2016

Our hours of opening are as

follows for the three days of

the 5% ABST reduction. On

the spot financing and insurance

will be available.

Friday 16 Dec 8am to 6pm

Saturday 17 Dec 9am to 5pm

Sunday 18 Dec 9am to 3pm

Under 20 youth to

sign with MLS team

By Carlena Knight

Under 20 Youth striker,

Javorn ‘Bozo’ Stevens, is set

to sign a one-year contract

with Seattle Sounders, a B

team in the United States Major

League Soccer, this week.

The Green Bay Hoppers

player will travel and play for

his new club in January and

was first spotted at the Caribbean

Football Union Final

round of the Under 20 World

Cup Qualifiers in Curaçao in


President of the Antigua

Barbuda Football Association,

Everton Gonsalves, was

elated with the news and also

made claims that he isn’t the

only youth being watched at

this time.

‘It’s truly a great moment

for the ABFA, Bozo and all

the patrons of the Green Bay

community. Bozo is a clear result

of our youth program and

how successful our efforts are

in developing our youngsters’,

‘He is not the only player

that is being watched at this

time but his performance at

the Under 20 qualifiers really

solidified his status’.

“I wish him all the best as

he represents us a true sports

ambassador and I hope nothing

but great things from him

and also all who will follow in

his footsteps”.






8AM - 6pm 9AM - 5pm 9AM - 3pm

Utility Drive Cassada Gardens I T. 481-2611 | 481-2615 I I

Thursday 15th December 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Travis Dowlin added to WICB selection panel

MIAMI – The NBA and

its players have agreed to

keep the most lucrative era

in league history rolling.

The sides agreed

Wednesday in principle on

a new collective bargaining

agreement, one that could

last up to seven years and

needs now only to be ratified

by players and owners in the

coming weeks. The deal was

struck a day before the sides

faced a deadline for opting

out of the current deal.

If approved by votes of

players and owners - likely

to be formalities - there will

be no lockout next summer

and no labor issues for years

to come.

“It’s amazing. I’m excited,”

union president Chris

Paul of the Los Angeles

Clippers said. “I’m happy

for our fans, the owners involved.

It’s a great thing.”

Travis Dowlin played six Tests and 11 ODIs for West Indies.

Former West Indies

cricketer Travis Dowlin has

been added to the selection

panel of the West Indies

Cricket Board and will begin

official duties from January

1. He joins Courtney

Browne, Eldine Baptiste and

Lockhart Sebastien to complete

the panel.

Dowlin hails from Guyana

and represented them

from 1997 to 2011, including

as a captain in the 2009

season. He played 85 firstclass

matches, scoring 4,013

runs at an average of 30.7.

His international career lasted

one year, during which he

played 6 Tests, 11 ODIs, and

two T20Is when West Indies

cricket was transitioning

following a fallout between

the board and players. He

scored one ODI century and

three Test fifties during his

Three people briefed on

the terms said the deal extends

for seven seasons, with

an opt-out possible after six.

The people spoke on condition

of anonymity because

neither side was releasing

exact details.

If the deal is ratified, the

season will start a week earlier,

preseason games would

be capped at six and one of

the most dreaded elements

of the schedule - the fourgame-in-five-day

stretches -

may be eliminated.

Other details of the new

proposed CBA include increases

in values of rookie-scale

contracts, minimum

salaries and exceptions, with

a 45 percent increase in minimum

salaries across the

board in the first year of the

new agreement. The rookie

deals will be proportionate

to the salary cap, either rising

or falling as that does.

The average player salary is

expected to hit $8.5 million

next season and rise to $10

million by 2020-21 under

the new terms.

“It’s fair. It’s fair,” said

Miami Heat guard Wayne

Ellington, his team’s player

rep to the union. “That’s all

we were asking for.”

The deadline for opting

out has now been extended

to Jan. 13, with the NBA

saying that’s “in order to

give both sides enough time

to review the terms of the

For Sale

short stint as an international


Since his retirement in

2011, Dowlin has been a

cricket analyst, most recently

as a member of the radio

commentary panels for the

Caribbean Premier League

and the tri-series involving

West Indies, Australia and

South Africa earlier this

year. Dowlin, who holds a

Diploma in Communications,

is currently pursuing a

Bachelor of Science Degree

in Communications at the

University of Guyana. (ES-


NBA, players reach tentative agreement on labour deal

agreement and vote to ratify.”

“That’s the second-best

news of the night,” Wizards

coach Scott Brooks joked

when asked about the CBA

right after Washington’s victory

over Charlotte.

Two-way contracts between

the NBA and the

D-League will be in play for

the first time, which would

figure to enhance player development.

And contracts

would be able to be extended

for five, or in some cases, six

years. (AP)

Flo’s Perfume + is Making Christmas something special

this Year. December 10th - Make up Sale. December 14

- 16 - Facebook Contest. December 17th - Customer Appreciation

Day. Tel 562-5618. Come go with the Flo.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 15th December 2016

Bates named ICC ODI and T20I Player of the Year

New Zealand women captain Suzie

Bates became the first player to win both

the ICC Women’s ODI and T20I Playerof-the-Year

awards. Bates had won the

women’s ODI Player-of-the-Year award

in 2013 but has been named the T20I

Player of the Year for the first time.

The ICC took into consideration the

12 months between September 14, 2015

and September 20, 2016 which included

the Women’s World T20 in India this

year and the Women’s Championship

that concluded recently. Bates scored

472 runs in seven ODI innings at an

average of 94.40, second behind Trisha

Chetty’s tally of 506 runs from 10

innings. Bates also took eight wickets

at an economy rate of 3.75 during the

period, the second-highest for a New

Zealand player after Erin Berningham’s

14 wickets.

In T20Is, Bates topped the run-scorers’

list with 429 runs, that included four

half-centuries, at an average of 42.90.

Currently in Australia for the Women’s

Big Bash League, Bates said: “It was

a bit of a surprise to find out that I had

won both these awards. It is always nice

to be recognised for performances and

after a busy year of cricket, I am pleased

to have managed some consistency over

both formats.

“The awards are always nice but the

most important thing for me is to make

sure I am performing consistently and

helping put the team in a position to win

more games.

Suzie Bates was named the ICC T20I Player of the Year for the first time.

“For the past one-and-a-half years, Indies’ Stafanie Taylor as the captain.

our team has been performing very well The side was selected by a panel chaired

and lots of different players have stood by Clare Connor and took into account

up and performed under pressure. It is performances during the same 12-month

heartening to see that the team is doing period from September 2015 to September


very well going into the ICC Women’s

World Cup 2017 which will be held in Women’s Team of the Year (in batting

order): Suzie Bates (New Zealand),

England and Wales.”

New Zealand automatically qualified Rachel Priest (New Zealand) (wk), Smriti

Mandhana (India), Stafanie Taylor

for next year’s World Cup by finishing

third in the Women’s Championship (West Indies) (capt), Meg Lanning (Australia),

Ellyse Perry (Australia), Heather

under Bates’ captaincy. They won 13

of their 21 matches that counted towards

the championship. New Zealand Indies), Sune Luus (South Africa), Anya

Knight (England), Deandra Dottin (West

had also reached the semi-finals of the Shrubsole (England), Leigh Kasperek

World T20 earlier this year.

(New Zealand), Kim Garth (12th) (Ireland)

Bates was also named in the Women’s

Team of the Year 2016, announced

by the ICC for the first time, with West

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