Cumberlite - 2012 Spring


SPrInG 2012

Amazed by Grace

Alumni Weekend, 2012

Alumni Weekend 2012 began taking shape last fall

when several honor class representatives and the GCA

alumni director met to start sharing ideas for this year’s

event. Although the actual activities for this Alumni

Weekend differed little from past years, the tone of the

weekend was highlighted by what took place in the

worship services on Friday night and Sabbath morning.

Amazed by Grace. Grace has a rightful place

at an alumni event. We pray that those who may have

been hurt by people or policies at GCA will extend

grace and forgiveness to those who have hurt them.

We pray that differences and dividing lines that seemed

important during the teenage years will disappear with

the opportunity to reconnect as adults.

Grace was evident at Alumni Weekend this year.

From the alumnus who opened up to his classmates that

he was gay, expecting rejection but finding acceptance

and love; to the support and love shown to those who

shared their experiences during the church service in the

“cardboard testimonies,” the GCA campus became a place of


Friday Night.

Cardboard testimonies by alumni, such as Sonia

Thompson Gott (‘72), had a powerful impact on


Vespers began

with a concert by

Steve Martin, ’77,

a very talented

musician who can

play just about any

instrument. Steve

was only limited

in this concert by

the instruments

he could afford to

bring with him on

the airplane. We

Former chaplain, LeClare Litchfi eld, spoke to our hearts during his

Spirit-fi lled remarks at the Alumni Weekend church service.

were blessed by his solo guitar music which

included hymn arrangements played in a

classical style. He also quickened the pace

with his banjo picking, allowing us to sing

along with him on a couple songs. Steve

ended his concert with Celtic style music

played on an Irish tin whistle. (To enjoy

more of Steve’s music, visit

and type “Steve Martin” into the search box.

You can select from several albums he has


Rustin Sweeney, ’91 (attended), told

about getting asked to leave GCA during

his senior year and the downward spiral of

his life until God got a hold of him and he

surrendered his life and his addictions to

God. Rustin and his wife, Stacey, now live

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Alumni Sports Night 6 Alumni Weekend Photo Collage 7 & 10 Golf Tournament 8-9

Ride for GCA 11 Southern California Event 12 Florida Alumni Event 13

Alumni Updates 14-15 Upcoming Events 16

397 Academy Dr. Calhoun, GA 30701 • Phone: 706-629-4591 • Fax: 706-629-1272 •

and work in an economically depressed area of Atlanta,

GA where they engage in friendship evangelism with

their neighbors.

Events of the Day. Sabbath morning started

with a continental breakfast in the church fellowship

hall, then a Sabbath School lesson taught by GCA

Principal Greg Gerard.

The worship service began with a beautiful organ

piece played by Mary Lou Rahn, ’67, then on to

the roll call with alumni president, Judy McGhee

Fehlenberg, ’77 and Greg Gerard. Beautiful music,

provided by Camerata, Symphonietta, and a praise

team prepared our hearts for the message of grace we

needed to hear.

LeClare Litchfield, former chaplain, brought us

the good news – punctuated by humor, drama and

music that tied it all together. The service ended with

“cardboard testimonies,” a moving dramatization of

what God has done in the lives of the alumni and staff

participants. To view any of the worship services from

Alumni Weekend, go to

alumni and click on the videos you want to watch.

The church service seemed particularly Spiritfilled

this year. Nancy Blow Howell, ’67, commented,

“The worship service Sabbath was outstanding.

So powerful! Those who didn’t come, missed a

tremendous blessing.” Chuck Foxx, ’82, was moved

by the spirit of the worship service, as well. “The

whole environment of that day was the most powerful

and emotional I have ever spent in a church service

anywhere in my life. I truly

believe God was in that room.”

Daniel Harper Garden

Dedication. The afternoon

brought a dedication service

for the new Daniel Harper

Garden, donated and installed

by Joe Hartsock, ’04, and Seth

Sheldon, ’05. Daniel graduated

from GCA in 2004 and passed

away last summer after a valiant

battle with brain cancer. He

and his wife, Logan Ehlert

Harper, ’05, met and began

dating at GCA. The garden

contains beautiful flowers and

plants, but its centerpiece is

the old chairlift (rescued from

Vail, Colorado) that has been

converted into a bench. The

chairlift is in honor of Daniel’s

love of snowboarding.

Rustin Sweeney, (‘91, attended) share his

personal testimony of how God saved his life

when in a downward spiral as a young adult.

Steve Martin (‘77) inspired listeners with his guitar, banjo, and Celtic

fl ute music at the Friday evening program.

Honor Class Reunions and Other Happenings.

Honor Classes enjoyed visiting Saturday afternoon,

with some extending their visits into the evening

hours. These gatherings offer time to reminisce, to

reconnect, and to share what is going on in lives.

Yearbooks come out, photo albums are shared, and the

stories tend to get bigger and better as the afternoon


For those who were not involved in honor class

reunions, Camerata put on an afternoon concert in

the foyer of the GCA church, providing a beautiful

musical telling of the Easter story.

Thanks to All Who Attended Alumni

Weekend! Attendance was down

this year perhaps due in part to

Alumni Weekend coinciding with

Easter Weekend and high gas prices.

But for those who came, the weekend

turned out to be beautiful in many

ways. From the perfect weather we

enjoyed, to Spirit-filled worship

services, to great sporting events and

wonderful opportunities to visit with

friends - it was a great weekend!

A special thank you to all who

helped organize reunions, those

who planned events, volunteers who

served at various functions, and GCA

staff and students who worked hard

to prepare the campus and provide

for our guests.

2 The Cumberlite Spring 2012

Honor ClaSSeS

Class of 1967

Front row, left to right:

Nancy Blow Howell, Naomi

Newlon Sigler, Mary Lou

Rahn, Barbara Cummings


Back Row, left to right:

Bob Coolidge, Clayton P.

(Rick) Howell, Terry Phillips,

Ricky Shadix

Class of 1972

Front row, left to right:

Joy Rennard Buchholz, Cindi

Barrett Tryon, Sonia Thompson


Middle row, left to right:

Hale Burnside, Sandy Liles, Susan

Maretich Davidson, Beth Willis


Back row, left to right:

Mike Holland, Duane Anderson,

Eldon Carman, Bobby Land

Class of 1977

Front row, left to right:

Lisa Price Sanderford, Kim

Wygal Miller, Julia Herndon,

Teina Crauswell Curtis, Jody

Scheresky, Judy McGhee


Middle row, left to

right: Valerie Swanson

Breslow, Tammy Walker Barker,

June Simpson York, Donald

Robinson, Fred Land, Mark


Back row, left to right:

Steve Martin, Randy Coble,

Robert Bridges, Doug Strawn,

Harlan Tucker, Larry Ashcraft,

Greg King, Brent Bergherm

Spring 2012 The Cumberlite 3

Honor ClaSSeS

Class of 1982

Front row, left to right:

Regina Selfridge Evelyn, Gina

Bruce Turner, Suzanne Eaton

Bird, Tammy McGhee Brown

2nd row, left to right:

Jesse Landess (sponsor), Caroline

Maretich Bishop, Shari Bergman

McQuistan, Priscilla Darbo, Carol

Dickerhoff Martin, Randy Jones

3rd row, left to right:

Sheila Elwin, Kim Day, Steve

Martin, Jill Lee, Jonathan Wurl

Back row, left to right:

Dennis Ehlers, Bryan Braddock,

Chuck Foxx, Steven Cannon,

Henry Cantrell

Class of 1987

Left to right: Dorothy

Radke, Julie Sturtevant

Swafford, Chris Hudson, Shari

Cowen Blewett, Susan Shaffer


Class of 1992

Left to right: Adrian

Dukes, Susan Kratzer Reeve,

Mike Whalley

4 The Cumberlite Spring 2012

Honor ClaSSeS

Class of 1997

Left to right: Ted

Stringer, Steve Shelburne, Jason


Class of 2002

Front row, left to right:

April Bickel, Katie Rigsbee

Schnell, Ashleigh Cowley

Langshaw, Brittany DeWild

Ryder, Kristin Roe, Xenia

Rodriguez Brown, Matt Smith

Middle row, left to right:

Eric Schnell, Melissa Harper

Blackwelder, Karissa Hansen

Cooper, Tracy Sumner Thomas,

Beth Daniel Tucker, Brad


Back row, left to right:

Phillip Evelyn, Chris Thomas,

Josh Tello, Tucky Tucker, Roger

Burgoyne, Luis Rivera

Class of 2007

Front row, left to right:

Allison Gerard Handal, Melissa

Ramos Beck, Katelyn Mirande,

Ale Canizales, Daphne Edwards,

Tekoa Penrose, Hannah Freire,

Katelyn Stearns Sharp

Middle row, left to right:

Michelle Choi, Jamie Bosecker,

Sarah Boyd, Kaley Greve, Jenessa

King, Aimee Burchard

Back row, left to right:

Sam Kim, Chandler Tello,

Brandon Wilson, Chris Walton,

Matthew Chung

Spring 2012 The Cumberlite 5

alumni Sports night

Nathan Meharry, ‘10, goes up for a dunk to

score for the alumni team.

Coach Fox honored GCA athletes during

Senior Recognition, as shown here with Katie


Class of 2011 player, D.J. Haskins (#34),

shows he can still hold his own, even with stiff

Jaguar opposition.

GCA vs. Alumni Softball. The sports action got

started Saturday night with a softball game between GCA

students and alumni. The GCA team, coached by staff

member, Mark Torsney, jumped out to an early lead. The

Alumni team, coached by Clint Higginbotham (’99) and

Marvin Sheppard (’97), came back strong and took a 14-9

lead into the bottom of the seventh. The GCA team rallied

back with a walk off a two-run single, ending in victory for

the GCA team, with a score of 15 to 14.

Lady Jags vs. Alumni Basketball. The GCA Lady

Jaguars took on the lady alumni players in what started out

as a tight match as the alumni took the lead. But it wasn’t

long before the GCA girls started scoring and went on to a

win of 45 to 26 over the alumni women.

GCA Jaguars vs. Alumni Basketball. Following

the girls’ game, the GCA Jaguars took to the court against a

strong team of alumni players. The game was up and down

with some amazing shots and strong play by both teams. The

Alumni Weekend game is always the perfect opportunity for

some hot-dogging and showing off. Sometimes it works,

sometimes it doesn’t. We saw some great dunks by Nathan

MeHarry and D.J. Haskins. We also saw some great dribbling

and ball handling by both teams. In the last minute of the

game, Brandon Wilson (’07) shot and scored, taking the

alumni to victory with a score of 55 to 52.

Senior Recognition. GCA senior athletes were

recognized during the Alumni Weekend games. Coach Wally

Fox presented awards along with his praise and thanks for

what these outstanding young people have contributed to

the GCA sports program.

The Lady Jaguars gave the alumni women a run for their money with a

win of 45 to 26.

Daniel Acevedo, ‘11, waits to run off first base during the GCA vs.

alumni softball game.

6 The Cumberlite Spring 2012

Former staff members, Janet and Bill Wood, enjoyed being back at GCA.

Does Coach Fox know everyone who comes to Alumni Weekend?

Class of ‘07 members led us in praise music at the Friday night

vespers program.

The Georgia-Cumberland Conference team: Jerry Fore, Don Keele, Paul Hoover,

and Kurt Allen

Father-Son duo, Olivier and Philippe Lemaitre enjoyed

the Ride for GCA.

Larry Ashcraft, ‘77, shared his cardboard testimony during the church service

Friends and family members gathered around cardboard testimony

participants to show their love and support during prayer at the close of the

church service.

Spring 2012 The Cumberlite 7

17th annual alumni

Golf Tournament

Kicks of f Alumni Weekend

It’s hard to explain if you’re not a golfer. But put

together a tournament for a good cause at a first class golf

course and the golfers will come. In fact, they will come in

numbers greater than the course can handle. So you may

have to turn some golfers away. They’ll come from as far

away as Maryland or Florida or sometimes California just

to golf with their classmates or golf buddies. Yes, it’s hard

to understand. But each year we love to see the golfers

come out for this annual fundraising event for GCA.

Championship flight, first place winners: Andrew Miller, Todd Gerrez,

Brian Ghormely and Ben Richardson (‘99)

George Whitman (‘68 & Platinum Sponsor), Julia Crump, Zach

Owens, and Russell Friberg (‘68) had a great day out on the course at

Barnsley Gardens Resort.

This year 128 golfers joined us at Barnsley Gardens

Resort in Adairsville, Georgia on a cool but lovely, rainfree

April day. For several years now this tournament has

attracted a full roster of golfers and has become a favorite

part of Alumni Weekend.

Golfers arrived at Barnsley the morning of April 6 and

were greeted by friendly GCA students ready to assist with

their golf bags. Helpful volunteers served up hot drinks,

passed out lunches and checked in each golfer. By 9 A.M.

the golf pro was ready to give the golfers their instructions

and send them off to their designated place to begin play.

A few hours later the golfers began arriving back at

the club house, turning in their score cards so the golf

pro could post scores and determine the winners for each

flight. Winners were also determined for longest drives

and closest to the pin.

And the Winners are...

First place winners for the Championship Flight

were Ben Richardson, Todd Gerrez, Brian Ghormely, and

Andrew Miller.

Second Flight, first place winners: Steve Johnson (‘85), Wally Fox,

Todd Hunt (‘85) and John Yost (‘83 )

Third Flight, first place winners: Jeff Lamberton, Kyle Leeper (‘06),

Don Leeper, Danny Lamberton

First place winners for the 2 nd Flight were Steve

Johnson, John Yost, Todd Hunt and Wally Fox.

First place winners for the 3 rd Flight were Don Leeper,

Kyle Leeper, Danny Lamberton and Jeff Lamberton.

Closest to the hole winners were: Jerry Fore, Don

8 The Cumberlite Spring 2012

David Richardson (‘75) and Nancy Gerard (alumni director) posed

with the winners of the long drive and closest to the hole winners:

Todd Gerrez, Jerry Fore, Tyler Jones (‘09), Caleb McKinney (‘14),

and Don Leeper.

Leeper, Caleb McKinney, and Tyler Jones.

Longest Drive competition winners were Todd Gerrez

and Todd Hunt.

with classmates were second to none!” Mark Richardson

expressed the sentiments of many with his praise, “This is

one of the tournaments I most look forward to each year

and this was the best one yet!”

Thank You! We are grateful to all the sponsors,

golfers, and volunteers who worked together to help make

the golf tournament a success this year. The tournament

planning committee consisted of Steve Fehlenberg, Joel

Peel ’88, David Richardson ’75, Mark Richardson, ’74, and

Tony Shadix, ’78. Volunteers included Sharlene Carman,

Rick Cusick, Melissa Hannah and GCA students.

With sponsorships and golf entry fees we were able to

raise $23,690 which will go to support student scholarships

and capital improvements to the GCA campus.

Golfers love this event. Enthusiasm was high for

the tournament this year. Danny Harris, ’75, makes the

trip from Maryland every April for this event. “I look

forward to coming ‘home’ for this event every year!! It is

one of my favorite highlights of each spring. I especially

appreciate the change in golf venues now that it is hosted

at Barnsley Gardens and this year the course was in its best

shape ever. The gorgeous weather and the camaraderie

The Class of 1975 team - Danny Harris, David Richardson, Roger

Elliston and Brian Martin - played unopposed for the Alumni Cup.

Thank you to our generous golf sponsors!

Platinum Sponsors - $1500

Byron & Susan (Summerour) DeFoor • The Larson Five – Class of 1968

Johnny & Georgia (Butterfield) O’Brien

Gold Sponsors - $1,000

Roger Elliston, Class of 1975

Georgia-Cumberland Conference

Gordon Hospital

Eddie & Debbie Klein

Jeffrey King, ‘76

Sysco Foods

West Atlanta Endodontics,

Dr. David Norrington &

Dr. Eldon Carman

West Georgia Endodontics,

Dennis Starkey, D.D.S.

Silver Sponsors - $500

Alan & Diane (Artress)


David Bishop Construction, Inc.

Georgia Emergency Care

Southern Adventist University

Don Wilson, ‘69

The Wurl Family

Hole Sponsors - $250

Dr. Daniel Ahn – North

Georgia Eye Care

Calhoun Anesthesia

Chase Farms

College Press

Dalton Plastic Surgery

Lynn & Paula Elkins

GCA Church

Genesis Women’s Center

Learning Labs, Inc.

Brian Martin – Class of ‘75

On-Site Care

Joel, ’88 and Jennifer

(Gibson) Peel, ‘89

David ’75 & Tami ’76

(Baker) Richardson

Sample Barn

TAG Manufacturing

Spring 2012 The Cumberlite 9

Britanny DeWild Ryder, ‘02, shared her testimony during the

church service.

Principal Greg Gerard and Alumni President, Judy

McGhee Fehlenberg, ‘77, presented the welcome and roll

call at the church service.

Part of the Harper family was on hand for the dedication of the

Daniel Harper Memorial Garden, here shown trying out the

chair lift seating structure built by Seth Sheldon, ‘05.

Alumni Weekend is all about connecting with friends!

Terry Phillips, Bob Coolidge and Bob’s wife served as friendly greeters at the

Class of 1967 registration table.

The class of 1982 enjoyed reconnecting during their time together on

Sabbath afternoon.

Barbara Willis, ‘68 and former staff, enjoyed catching up with a couple of

her former students, Russell Riles, ‘94 and Michael Whalley,’92.

10 The Cumberlite Spring 2012

“ride for GCa”

Takes on north Georgia

The sound of motorcycle engines rumbling onto

the GCA campus began about 9:30 Sunday morning,

April 8, when the first bikes rolled onto campus. In

what turned out to be a record-breaking sized group,

30 motorcycles and additional passengers participated

in this fund-raiser for GCA.

The ride, led by Mark Brown, ’80, and David

Bishop, ’79, took the group from GCA to Waleska, on

toward Jasper, to Ellijay, and then up to Fort Mountain

with a stop for a group photo.

The weather provided perfect riding conditions.

The ride was going great until one of the riders lost

control of his bike and went off the road after the photo

stop on the top of Fort Mountain. Providentially, he

suffered only minor injuries, although his bike was

seriously damaged. Mark Brown, who had aborted the

ride early due to engine trouble, had already arrived

back in Calhoun so when the call for help came, he

was ready to jump in his truck and head back to Fort

Mountain to rescue the rider and his bike.

While there was the one unfortunate incident, it

did not overshadow the day. The excitement of riding

through the countryside on a beautiful day, the great

scenery and the camaraderie of the riders made for

another memorable motorcycle event.

Thanks to all who supported GCA through

participation in the Ride for GCA this year!

Riders enjoyed checking out the bikes as they came in before the ride


Friends from the Conyers, GA church drove up from the Atlanta area

for the Ride.

The group gathered for ride instructions, given by leaders Mark

Brown, ‘80 and David Bishop, ‘79.

Spring 2012 The Cumberlite 11

GCa alumni and Former Staff

reconnect in Southern California

Friends, food, and shared roots brought a good

crowd of GCA alumni and former staff out to a

luncheon held in Loma Linda, California on January

21. Hosted by Greg and Nancy Gerard and Cyril

and Lyn Connelly, guests enjoyed the afternoon

reconnecting with friends and learning about how

things are going at their alma mater.

Current and former principals, Greg Gerard, Cyril Connelly and Jim

Clizbe with their wives, Nancy, Lyn and Ellen.

James ‘80 and Debbie Duerksen, along with Richard Harris, ‘78,

and John Davis, ‘78, enjoyed reconnecting.

Patty McGhee Coffman, ‘73, with niece Mandy Fehlenberg, ‘05.

We caught Bill Arnold, former staff, and Greg Gerard in between

stories for this photo.

Young alumni and friends enjoyed visiting over lunch.

Pam Arnold, the Bentjens and a few members of the Connelly clan

paused between bites for a photo.

12 The Cumberlite Spring 2012

Central Florida alumni and Former

Staff Gather in orlando

Brought together by their shared roots, a group of

about thirty alumni, former staff along with friends

and family members gathered to enjoy some time

together at the Florida Hospital SDA Church on

Saturday afternoon, February 11.

Many of the group attended the church service,

where they were blessed by the preaching of Andy

McDonald, ’73. Following the church service, alumni

and friends started gathering together to network,

reconnect, and meet new people who share a love for

Georgia-Cumberland Academy.

What is it that brings people out for an event like

this? Kathy Cross Sanderford, ’74 and her husband

drove from across the state to come and won the

prize for driving the farthest for the event. Kathy

said, “I just want to keep in touch with my roots and

the places that helped me become who I am. Plus, it

was a nice get away!”

Thanks to all who attended the Florida GCA

Alumni event this year!

Andy (‘73) and Vickie McDonald enjoyed visiting with Danny and

Kathy (‘74) Cross Sanderford.

Jan Spivey Campbell, ‘66, was excited to see the Westfalls, who were

on the staff at GCA the first year it opened.

Good food + great friends = a wonderful alumni event!

Before saying “goodbye,” we paused for one last photo of the Florida


Thanks to all the faithful alumni and friends who come out to our

Florida event!

Greg Gerard with former students Ale Canizales, Paula Thompson,

Shadelle Loiten and Daphne Edwards, all class of 2007.

Spring 2012 The Cumberlite 13

alumni Updates

Bill Arnold, Former Staff, serves as Associate

Education Superintendent for the Southeast California

Conference. His wife, Pam, is an RN in the Cardiac

Catheter lab at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

B. Beth Willis, Class of 1972, moved back to

Atlanta from Washington State.

Alan Ashcraft, Class of 1973, and his wife

Donna are living in Avon Park, Florida. They are

excited about becoming grandparents for the first

time this June.

Jeff Holweger, Class of 1974, and his wife

Jeri have recently settled in Greenville, SC. They are

both holding full time positions at Greenville Hospital


Kathy Cross Sanderford, Class of 1974, is a

recovery room nurse and manages the office in her

husband’s dental practice.

John Davis, Class of 1978, lives with his wife in

Redlands, CA where he works in a private psychology


Shari Bergman McQuistan, Class of 1982, is

the new executive director at Elmcroft of Shallowford

Assisted Living in Chattanooga, TN.

Sheila Elwin, Class of 1982, was widowed

in January, 2011. She and her 8-yr-old son are

recovering well. Sheila has gotten her blackbelt in

taekwondo and continues to be a freelance writer

while homeschooling her son.

Cheryl Bowie Thomas, Class of 1982, married

Lloyd Thomas in 2011. She is now working at Emory

Winship Cancer Center.

Gina Bruce Turner, Class of 1982, has been

happily married 25 years. Her son, Keith, got married

last summer.

Jewel Follett Taft, Class of 1993, was married

to Brian Taft on May 22, 2010. They currently live in

Birmingham, AL. Jewel is working as a paramedic.

Quanny Carter Ard, Class of 1996, and her

husband welcomed a baby boy to their family on

January 27 th . His name is Dylan Emmanuel.

Julie Cook, Class of 1996, is currently teaching

English at Florida Hospital College.

Michael Sposato, Class 1996, lives in Ocoee,

FL and works at Orlando Health as a Certified Nurse


Zane Yi, Class of 1996, was a speaker at the

recent North American Division Adventist Christian

Fellowship Conference, held at Columbia University

in New York City. University students came from

across the country for this campus ministry conference

and were encouraged to make their faith known on

their campuses. Zane was also recently featured in an

article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Jason Belyeu, Class of 1997, pastors two

churches in South Carolina.

Chris Latham, Class of 1998, and Emily

Richardson Latham, Class of 2001, welcomed

baby Brayden to their world on February 15, 2012,

weighing in at 7 lbs. 4oz. Kenzie is the proud big


Ruth Thomas, Class of 1999, is currently

working at Highlands Lake Center and a long-term

care/ rehab facility. Ruth is the proud mother of

Lorelei who is 8 years old.

Amy Anderson, Class of 2001, had a baby girl

name Jaquelyn born on August 28, 2011.

Nicole Antone Lasley, Class of 2003, and her

husband, Brandon, welcomed baby Brock Anthony,

on February 11, 2012.

Kyle Ramey, Class of 2003, is working in

outpatient MRI and X-ray for Northside Hospital.

He and his wife, Heather, live in Cartersville, GA and

are expecting their first child in August.

Ricky Dickerson, Class of 2004, is living in

Bismarck, ND, where he serves as dean of boys and

P.E. teacher at Dakota Adventist Academy.

Kelli Jo (Leeper) Lamberton, Class of 2004,

and her husband, Danny, welcomed Anabelle Hope

to the world on April 17, 2012. Anabelle weighed in

at 8.5 lbs.

Andrew Gerard, Class of 2005, graduated from

Georgetown University with a Master of Public Policy

degree in May, 2012. Following graduation he will be

working for a non-profit organization called Global

Knowledge Initiative.

Brittany Gimbel, Class of 2005, is currently

working at LLUMC in the cardiothoracic surgery

I.C.U. Brittany is also taking classes toward her

Family Nurse Practitioner degree.

Amanda Ernst, Class of 2006, graduated May

2012 from Southern Adventist University with a B.S.

degree in Graphic Design.

Thomas Hinrichs II, Class of 2006, graduated

May 2012 from Southern Adventist University with

a B.B.A. degree in Financial Services.

Hannah Ramey, Class of 2006, is a Starbucks

barista by day and a singer/songwriter by night.

Hannah DeLane (her stage name) can be heard at local

venues in the Marietta/Roswell (Ga.) area. Check

her website: for her show


Matthew Taylor and Elizabeth Hernandez,

14 The Cumberlite Spring 2012

oth Class of 2006, were married on April 15, 2012.

Elizabeth is working as a nurse in Erlanger Hospital’s

NICU. Matt works as a graphic designer and film

editor. They are both graduates of Southern Adventist


Kevyn VanHorn, Class of 2006, is living and

working in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Emily Young, Class of 2006, is currently living

in Chattanooga, Tn. where she works as a graphic

designer for True North Custom Media and does

design work for a magazine called MD News.

Aimee Burchard, Class of 2007, graduated

from Southern Adventist University in May 2012 with

a B.S. degree in Mass Communication and an A.S.

degree in Graphic Design.

Alexandra Canizales, Class of 2007, graduated

May 2012 from Southern Adventist University with

a B.S. degree in Business Administration.

Lauren Dickerson, Class of 2007, is graduating

from Union College in May with a bachelor’s degree

in Nursing. She is engaged to Andrew Barnett and

will be married in September.

Daphni Edwards, Class of 2007, graduated

from Southern Adventist University in May 2012 with

a B.A. degree in Intercultural Communication and

International Studies.

Kaley Greve, Class of 2007, graduated Summa

Cum Laude from Southern Adventist University in May

2012 with a B.A. degree in Liberal Arts Education.

Jenessa King, Class of 2007, graduated Cum

Laude from Southern Adventist University in May,

2012 with a B.A. degree in Biology.

Shadelle Loiten, Class of 2007, graduated in

May 2011 with a B.S. in Psychology from Liberty


Travis Moore, Class of 2007, is finishing his 1 st

year of Physical Therapy in the doctorate program at

Loma Linda University

Tekoa Penrose, Class of 2007, graduated from

Southern Adventist University on May 2012 with a

B.S.W. degree in Social Work.

Ali Concha Tucker, Class of 2007, and her

husband Jordan had a baby boy on February 9, 2012.

Liam David was 6 lbs. 4oz. and 20” long.

Carson Britt, Class of 2008, graduated

from Georgia Tech in May 2012 with a degree in

Computational Media. Following graduation Carson

will be working for a Tech company in the Atlanta


Samuel Dong Kyu Shin, Class of 2008,

graduated Summa Cum Laude from Southern Adventist

University on May 6, 2012. Sam was a Southern

Scholar and graduated with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary

studies. Sam has been accepted to Loma Linda

University in the M.D./Ph.D. program.

Heather Thames, Class of 2008, graduated

from Southern Adventist University in May 2012 with

a B.S.W. degree in Social Work.

Joe Thomas, Class of 2008, graduated Cum

Laude May 2012 from Southern Adventist University

with a B.S. in Chemistry.

Hans von Walter, Class of 2008, graduated

as a Southern Scholar and senior class president

from Southern Adventist University, Summa Cum

Laude, with a B.S. degree in Chemistry. Hans will be

attending medical school at Loma Linda University

in the fall.

Carissa Lau, Class of 2009, is presenting a

poster presentation, “Effect of Extreme Prematurity

on Infant and Neonatal Mortality Rates in the United

States”, at the Pediatric Academic Societies in May

2012 in Boston.

Alexis Sornson Mohr, Class of 2009, was

married to Robert Mohr on February 26, 2012 in

Collegedale, TN.

Michelle (Shelby) Wildman, Class of 2009,

graduated from Southern Adventist University on May

6, 2012 with an A.S. in Nursing.

Cassandra Roseborough, Class of 2009, is

currently studying nursing at Florida Hospital College

and is graduating with an A.S.N. in December.

Zyndee Salazar, Class of 2009, is currently

at Florida Hospital and is graduating in 2013 with a

dual major of Occupational Therapy and a bachelors

in Health Sciences.

Sayre Black, Class of 2010, transferred from

Mercer to North Georgia College and State University

and is studying criminal justice and political science.

Jade Matthews, Class of 2010, is at Florida

Hospital College studying Biomedical Sciences and

is pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy.

Kelsi Williams, Class of 2010, spent the fall in

Florence, Italy where she studied Italian and opera.

For the past three months Kelsi has taught English

and music at a primary school in Managua, Nicaragua.

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update your information at the GCA website: www. and click on the Alumni tab.

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