Issue 2, Volume 13


Wellness classes advertise

taco bar

Eighth grade choir

prepares for concert

Clay students perform in

‘The Nutcracker’

Seventh grade social

studies students study

Ancient Egypt

Eighth grade basketball

Read about two students

who completed Nanowrimo

NJHS collects toys for Julian


Eighth grade science build

the tallest snowmen

Not Your Average Taco Tuesday

By Cady Armstrong, Zainab Idrees,

Sneha Srivatsa, and Mia Greyz

Who doesn’t absolutely love tacos?

Miss Sydnee Willoughby’s eighth

grade health class sure does!

They just finished working on

creating a new lunch menu choice

during health class.

Students, then, competed to have

their project selected and have that

option served on the menu on

Tuesday, December 13.

This project tested the students’

ability to create successful business

operations in the future.

“We are doing this project for a

health unit and to help better the

choices on the lunch menu,” Taylor

Holforty, eighth grade, said.

“This project will allow them to

have more freedom in the cafeteria

a n d l e a r n m o r e a b o u t

nutrition,” Willoughby said. This

project brought the students’ attention

toward what they eat everyday and

how to control themselves.

“Through this experience, we

learned what it is like to be in the

advertising sector,” Gabrielle

Lichtenberg, eighth grade, said.

This project had many benefits for

middle school, all the way to college

and forward. For example, some

students might look into the

nutritionist profession with some

extra, early knowledge.

The eighth graders just finished

helping to advertise the ‘Taco Tuesday’

held on December, 13. This helped

students see what some things

entrepreneurs needed to think about

by calling attention to their ideas.

This is the first year Willoughby

has had her class perform this lesson,

and she plans to do this in future


A handmade poster advertising the arrival of the much

awaited 'Taco Tuesday’. Poster by Hailey Krauss and

Miranda Finney.

‘Taco Tuesday’ advertisements made by Michelle Zhao

and Chloe Chui.

Infographic by Mia Greyz

Story by Emma Harper and Bella Smith

The risers are set and the stage is

covered in Christmas decorations.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the


The eighth grade concerts just

finished their winter concerts Thursday,

Dec. 15.

To rehearse, the choir first warms

up, then they sight sing and then run

through all of the songs and set goals,

according to Ellen Gardner, eighth


After all the practices in the choir

room, the students spend time in the

auditorium to rehearse for the upcoming

concert as it draws closer.

“I love Rehearsals because we get to

see how our songs are coming along and

see how our actual performance will go,”

Freudenthal, eighth grade said.

All three of them are very excited

for the concert.

Griffint Scott, Freudenthal and

Gardner said that their favorite part of

choir is singing with friends.

They like choir because of singing

friends, having fun and performing.

All three students have been in choir

for their entire middle school experience,

and because of that, they have sung quite

a few songs.

Freudenthal’s favorite song out of all

three years has been “Ghost and

Goblins.” Gardner said that her favorite

song out of all three years has been

“Polar Express,” and Scott’s favorite

song has been “Elijah.”

They have all been singing since

Elementary school.

Getting ready for the concerts, Scott

believes the practices have gone well.

“We thought that we all sang really

well and the sounds blended well

together from each of the parts,” Scott


The Magic of The Nutcracker

By: Tessa Collinson

“The Nutcracker” is a big part of any dance

studio. Every year, most studios put on this

famous ballet. It is often described as a fun and

magical production. Anna Beringer, eighth

grade, says it’s “one of [her] favorite parts of the

holiday season”. However, there are many variations

on the original ballet. Each studio puts on

a different Nutcracker. Two of the most popular

studios among students at Clay Middle School is

Indiana Ballet Conservatory and Central Indiana

Academy of Dance. IBC is strongly based off of

Russian ballet, while CIAOD is more based on

the American Ballet Theatre style of dance.

Below are some similarities and differences

between their individual productions of “The


Ancient Egypt comes alive for seventh grade social studies

By Jenny Walker and Taylor Ryan

Coffee-stained papers and crumpled up

homework is not what teachers usually like but

this has been the exception during seventh

grade social studies.

Students in seventh grade have been learning

about Ancient Egypt and all its history.

To understand the content further, they

made Ancient Egypt books.

Using 12 stations, the students completed

and learned information on all different topics.

Some stations were about mummification, while

others were about building the Great Pyramids

of Giza.

“My favorite part of this project was making

our own book and learning about Egypt,” Maddi

Acton, seventh grade, said.

They learned about Ancient Egypt for

about 2 weeks and got the chance to create their

own covers for the Egypt books.

Seventh grader Emmie Carlisle also enjoyed

making the Egypt books and learning about the

topic. “I liked making the cover for the books. I

printed off pictures of things from Ancient

Egypt like pyramids, pharaohs’ and pictures of

mummies,” she said.

Mr. Dan Patane has included this project in

his lessons for the past five years. Each year,

students always learn new things they never

knew before about Ancient Egypt.

Infographic by Anjali Rooney

Eighth grade basketball ‘B’ team continues successful season

Story by Matthew Witucki and

Alex Richter

During Clay basketball games

the Clay eighth grade student

section is where the fans get loud.

Students pack the stands and get

crazy. The fans who consistently

cheer throughout the game are

Max Mylott, Sophie Kuchik and

Charlie Thomas.

“We respect the opponents but

we want our team to win, so we do

what has to be done and go crazy,”

Charlie Thomas, eighth grade, said.

“My favorite part about being

playing for the B team is that there

is little pressure and that you get to

play with your friends,” Sam

Booth, eighth grade said. The B

team has really good chemistry , as

they swing the ball around the

court getting good ball movement,

which shows why they are


According to Coach Josh Cole,

there has never been an undefeated

eighth grade boys basketball team.

“It would be great to see the boys

go undefeated this year,” Coach

Jordan Cole, assistant boys coach,


The boys hope they can go

undefeated and maybe even get on

the banner in the gym.

Part of winning every game

means scoring many points, and

they do this consistently. The B

team averages 43 points a game,

which they have been improving

on throughout the season. The B

team is mainly a three point

shooting team which opens up the

the inside under the hoop.

“Once we shoot enough threes

to spread out the defense, we pass

it down low and get layups in the

paint,” Holden King, eighth grade,

said. Owen Schafer, Matthew

Witucki, and Nick Frische, have

their own nicknames. Last year,

Mr. Steven Sturgis, seventh grade

coach, created a name for the boys.

He called them the trees. The

name has stuck with them for their

middle school basketball career.

Coach Cole focuses on defense

in practice and it shows in games.

The B team only gives up around

15 points a game.

“Our great defense leads to

great offense,” Nick Frische,

eighth grade, said. Coach Cole also

preaches that we get on the

support line to help stop

penetration. The B team is

improving their defense every


Nick Frische plays defense

against Mt. Vernon.

Photo by Mia Anderson

Colton Parker is in the process of passing the ball to

Owen Schafer. Photo by Mia Anderson.

The whole eighth grade B team plays defense against Mt. Vernon. Photo by Mia


Infographic by Owen Schafer

Wrestling Season Begins

Story By Micah Nist and Owen


Last week, Clay middle school

wrestling season started up. It is a sport

available to sixth, seventh, and eighth

grade. Their first meet will be right

after Winter Break in a scrimmage at

Carmel High School against the other

middle schools, Carmel and


Since last year, the team has gotten

a new head coach: Mr. Ken Thurman.

“He is a good role model and really

inspires me to work harder against my

rivals.” Alex Golden, eighth grade, said

of him. “My biggest rival is Collin

O’Connor or Walrus as he is better

known. We are matched very evenly.”

Since the season started, the team

shared some of their experiences and

about the team so far this year.

“I joined the wrestling team again

this year because I want to stay in

shape and lose weight.” Joel Nixon,

eighth grade, said. “I have been

wrestling since sixth grade at Clay

Middle School.”

They got new singlets this year with

a new and bold design. They have the

Clay red and black with a Trojan head

on the front with the red and black

swirled in. There are three weight

classes, the lightweight, medium, and

heavyweight classes. There are many

smaller specific classes inside these


Practices prove to be very

challenging. They consist of lots of

conditioning like running and core


Nixon and Golden both agreed that

a real major reason they joined is

because the people in it.

“Wrestling is hard, but encouraging

others is a big part and really helps you

feel better and try harder,” Golden


NJHS Toy Drive

Brings cheer to

families in need

Members bring in toys to aid in the

Holiday Season of Giving

Story and Page by Mia Anderson and Reagan VanDermark

To learn about how

NJHS is helping to

give back this holiday

season click the QR

code and listen!

Service. Scholar. Leader. Selfless.

These are all the traits that each and every

NJHS member have. NJHS, short for National

Junior Honors society, is a club all about helping

and giving back to the community!

They recently sold candy canes during lunch

and also did a toy drive to help give gifts to

children who need it.

The club meets about once every month, but

not any students are able to join.

At the end of their seventh grade year,

students fill out a form to become a member.

Once students have been accepted they then have

to maintain at least a 3.7 GPA average and

complete 3 community service hours each


NJHS is a big responsibility that many

students love doing, “I love NJHS!” Madi Fettig,

Clay NJHS Member Exclaimed.

For seventh graders, be sure to look out for

the NJHS forms coming near the end of second

semester so you can join this fantastic club.

What is the Julian Center?

Information gathered from

Science students work together

to build tallest snowman possible

The Clay Classic is Clay Middle School’s student

newspaper. It is written, photographed, edited, and

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Mr. Todd Crosby, principal

Mr. Mark Smith, assistant principal

Mrs. Lori Katz, assistant principal

Mr. John Corcoran, Jr., activities director

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