Ten-Year Impacts of Burkina Faso’s BRIGHT Program




This report is the culmination of nearly a decade of work and would not have been possible

without the dedicated efforts of many people. Staff at the Millennium Challenge Corporation

(MCC) initiated, supported, and helped to guide this research activity. We are particularly

grateful to Sophia van der Bijl, Amanda Moderson-Kox and Kari Nelson for their commitment

and guidance throughout the evaluation. We also thank Jennifer Gerst, Michelle Inkley, Ryan

Moore, and Peter Rosner for their insightful comments on the draft reports and presentations.

We would also like to acknowledge the helpful comments and support we received from the

stakeholders of this project. In particular, we would like to thank Julien Tougouri and Colette

Ouedraogo at the Agence du Partenariat pour le Developpement, James Parys at the United

States Agency for International Development (USAID), and Pamela Young at Plan International,


We are thankful to the Burkinabé Ministry of Education officials who gave us access to the

application data, a key source of data in our study. We also thank staff members at the four

implementing agencies (Plan International, CRS, TinTua, and FAWE) for the information they

provided to us.

This evaluation would not have been possible without the work and commitment of the

many people who collected data under the supervision of Laboratoire d’Analyse Quantitative

Appliquée au Développement-Sahel (LAQAD-S). Collecting school and household data in 293

rural villages in Burkina Faso was an important and challenging task in this evaluation. We are

particularly grateful to Jean Pierre Sawadogo, Pam Zahonogo, and Robert Ouedraogo for their

commitment, hard work, advice, and leadership in the data collection process.

This report also benefited greatly from the contributions of other colleagues at Mathematica.

Dan Levy provided insightful technical quality assurance throughout the evaluation and provided

valuable feedback on drafts of this report. We also benefited from discussions with Steve

Glazerman and Sheena McConnell. We would also like to thank Isabel Krakoff for exceptional

research assistance and help with project management; Anca Dumitrescu, Ghada Elabed, and

Caroline Lauver for their excellent support with instrument development and data collection;

Jeremy Page and Cannon Warren for programming support; Jennifer de Vallance and Carmen

Ferro for help with production; Sharon Peters and Amanda Bernhardt for help with editing; and

Kimberly Ruffin, Alfreda Holmes, and Dorothy Bellow for help with formatting.


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