Colouring Book



Colouring Book


Colouring Book


Hey parents,

This is a magical colouring book because

there are special snowfl akes inside that

contain Holiday Magic!

Download the Tufties Magic Gift App for

FREE and activate the snowfl akes to collect

Holiday Magic and unlock 3 mini-games:

1) Climb the peaks of the Snowy Mountain

2) Dig through the depths of the Icy Cave

3) Explore the winding paths of the

Frozen Maze

The more Holiday Magic you gather,

the more you can play!

Download the FREE app to start playing now!

©2016, Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited

Here’s how to collect Holiday Magic:

1. Download the Tufties Magic Gift App

2. Go to the “Portal” in the app

3. Hold your device steady and point your camera

at the snowflake in your colouring book

4. PLUS: Use the Portal to collect Holiday Magic

hidden throughout your CF shopping centre.

Hint: Look for gifts!

Good luck!

Meet the Tufties!

The Tufties are fuzzy little gift-loving

creatures that come from an Arctic island

in Northern Canada. And not just any

island, the one closest to the North Pole…

The Tufties love the tradition of giving

gifts, and how the magic of giving brings

us closer to the ones we love.

Open this book, and step inside

their wintery world!

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