Yoga Teacher Training Program Melbourne Australia (Part Time)


Yoga & Meditation School of India is an internationally renowned yoga school in Melbourne Australia. Our Yoga Teacher Training program is based on world`s oldest Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga systems which are traditional and authentic.

Various traditional Asanas includes beginners level, intermediate

and some advance levels these includes more than 65 plus

asanas (Please note we don’t invent asanas or styles to impress

you during the course but follow the traditional fundamental

yoga )

Conscious breathing requires sensitivity to properly direct life energy

(prana), which makes all physical, mental, and spiritual life possible.

It is the subtle thread that connects us with universal consciousness.

Pranayama is a way of using the breath to receive, generate,

distribute, and store this vital energy. We will explore Ujjayi (victory

breath), nadi shodhanam (alternating nostril), kappalabhati (breath

of fire), sitali (cooling breath), and many more.These plays very

important role in Yoga students life when followed by bandhas and


You will be trained in different ancient meditation techniques

like Om meditation, Chakra meditation and many more

This training also includes

►How to prepare your mind for meditation in traditional way ?

►How to implement the process in day to day life?

►How to conduct meditation class for students.

Hari Om! Join our Yoga Teacher Training program in Melbourne or Sydney and transform your



Yoga Teacher: Samir Rane

Mobile: 0410 166 909 | Email :


Yoga Studio Caulfield - St Aloysius Primary School Hall,

Cromwell st, (Gate Entrance on Catherine street )

Caulfield 3161

Yoga Studio Carlton - Carlton Gardens Primary School,

215 Rathdowne street

Carlton VIC 3053

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