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Table of Contents

2016 Edition

Introduction 4

Why the Future of Work is All About Choice 5

21st Century World of Work: Reputation-Based Culture Powered by Blockchain

Technology 8

The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace 13

Job Losses or Job Creation is the Wrong Question 16

What Does the Theater of Dreams Have To Do With the Future of Work? 19

“You’ve come a long way, baby.” One person’s struggle to work remotely. 24

Leadership in a Multi-Generational Workforce 28

The Empowered CHRO 32

Corporations’ Role in Social Sustainability 35




Why the Future of Work is All About Choice

by Tracy Brower, PhD, MM, MCR



Tracy Brower




Dr. Tracy Brower, PhD, MM, MCR is the Global VP of Workplace Vitality for

Mars Drinks and the author of Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work:

A Guide for Leaders and Organizations which focuses on work-life

fulfillment. Mars Drinks creates great-tasting moments at work and is a

100% workplace dedicated segment of Mars, Incorporated. Mars Drinks

supports businesses who want to provide great working environments for

their people by inspiring workplace engagement, collaboration, productivity

and well-being.


21st Century World of Work: Reputation-Based

Culture Powered by Blockchain Technology

by Gianpaolo Barozzi and Tom Lamberty

1. Reputation in Agile Talent Marketplaces


2. Reputation’s Dimensions and Integrator


3. Where Culture meets Technology

4. Testing the Ground


5. Benefits

6. A New Industry Standard



Gianpaolo Barozzi



Gianpaolo Barozzi is an HR Sr Director within the Cisco Global Talent

Management organization. His current responsibilities include enterprise-

wide leadership for career enablement, management development and

internal talent marketplace. Gianpaolo is based in Milan, Italy, and holds a

degree in Physics. His passion for science, design thinking and the blend of

theory and experiments is the foundation of his characteristic innovative

and future-looking professional forma mentis.

Tom Lamberty

Tom joined Cisco in 2011 in the role of a Human Resources Manager focusing

on innovation enablement and recently people leadership. He has a

background as an HR Consultant with Hewitt Associates and held a broad

range of HR roles with Siemens beforehand.




The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the


by Connie Chan

A Quick Guide to WDI

1: Understand that WDI is About More Than Race and Gender


2: Create a Truly Inclusive Workplace

3: Utilize Multiple Channels that Produce Measurable Results


4: Diversity and Inclusion Begin with Leadership

5: WDI Drives Innovation and Growth

Connie Chan

@_cchan and @fowcommunity



Connie is the Co-Founder of The FOW Community, a peer-to-peer brand network dedicated

to exploring the future of work and consisting of the world’s most forward thinking

organizations. She cofounded the FOW Community to enable and facilitate the transfer

and sharing of knowledge related to future of work trends. Until recently, Connie was

Principal and Cofounder of Chess Media Group, a management consultancy focused on

enterprise collaboration and the future of work. She now draws on over 15 years of

marketing, management and consulting experience to lead the business operations,

overseeing all strategic initiatives from end-to-end, while continuing to rethink and

reinvent the workplace.


Job Losses or Job Creation is the Wrong Question

The real question is how we are going to transition, how you and me will transition

by Dany de Grave



PowerPoint v1.0 manual, 1987,

ForeThought. Picture by Dany De Grave

The question to ask is how we are going to transition out of the

economic world we’ve known for so long?


What can I do to prepare for tomorrow?

Dany de Grave



Dany is an engineer trained in biology with 20+ years of industry experience

at leading global vaccine companies GSK and Sanofi Pasteur. He contributed

to the R&D and regulatory submission of both companies’ line of vaccines

for children, adolescents and adults. Next to vaccine projects he developed

and lead change initiatives like “Project M: An Experiment in New Ways of

Working, Inspiring Engagement, Unleashing Talents” for which the team

received multiple international awards. Dany’s current focus is the use of

Artificial Intelligence in vaccine product development.


What Does the Theater of Dreams Have To Do With

the Future of Work?

by Simon J. Elliot

Making the Journey Part of the Experience


The Consumerization of Work

Unlocking the Workforce Potential

Unlocking this untapped workforce is potentially one of the greatest

opportunities of our time.

Enterprises still need a place to call home.

Six Key Insights to Creating a Place That People Want to Be



Can the workplace learn from this and make the experience the best it

can possibly be whether at the office, on the road, or at home? Surely

technology can help support this drive.

Turning Spaces Into Places

Build It and They Will Come


2 Key Measures of the Success of Your Workplace Experience Design

Emotionally Connected Companies Are More Likely to Thrive

For a full version of this article, please visit


Simon Elliot



Simon J. Elliot is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, Member of The

Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, Future of Work Community.

He works with some of the most interesting companies in the world, crafting

their employee amenities solutions—ranging from food, fitness, health and

wellness, concierge services, c-stores, employee transportation, hair,

beauty, employee stores to on-campus banking, postal, childcare, family

days, on-site farms—and more. Simon is currently director of business

development for Aramark and LifeWorks Hospitality Group. He is based in

San Francisco and has global experience in the U.K., Europe, Australasia,

Asia, North America, and South America.


“You’ve come a long way, baby.” One person’s

struggle to work remotely.

by Antoinette Forth

True North


1 (1) Microsoft Executive Leadership Series, Uniting the Virtual Workforce; Lojeski, Karen Sobel and Reilly, Richard R., page xii


Source: Pinterest - Tobacco, stanford.edu



Antoinette Forth

@Anton4th and @WalkaboutCo

Antoinette Forth, entrepreneur, mentor and strategic advisor, is the cofounder

of Walkabout Collaborative LLC a private talent cloud for executive

independent workers and management consulting firm preparing mid-size

companies to scale. In response to the needs of their virtual workforce,

Walkabout created the Walkabout Office, an online workplace software

where remote teams can come together every day to collaborate. Learn

more about her company at walkaboutco.com.



Leadership in a Multi-Generational Workforce

by Myndi Garrett

What’s the difference?






In summary:

1. Leadership is not about the leader, it’s about the people being led.

2. Create an environment of curiosity and learning. Make it ok for

employees to not know all of the answers. Not knowing isn’t the

same thing as ignorance.

3. Bring people on your leadership journey—it’s a journey that is best

done collaboratively.

4. Be clear in your communication—feedback is a gift if given with the

right intentions and delivered clearly and thoughtfully.

5. Have integrity in your word by keeping your commitments.

Myndi Garrett


Myndi Garrett holds an MBA in Leadership and is passionate about creating

great employee experiences. She works for Cisco’s Workforce Experience

practice where she drives a strategy that leverages industry experts in HR,

Talent Management, Facilities, Corporate Real Estate and IT to great

employee experiences in Cisco’s customer’s environments.



The Empowered CHRO

by John W. Sigmon

CEOs and CHROs: Crucial Allies and Potential Successors



experiences, behaviors, and accomplishments




Customer Service






Information Technology


John W. Sigmon



John Sigmon has nearly 20 years of human resources leadership with a

focus on strategic innovation and business improvement within for-profit,

not-for-profit, and public sector organizations. He has proven successes in

effectively integrating human resources into the organizational fabric. He

currently leads enterprise HR with expertise that extends beyond human

resources and demonstrates an understanding of the entire enterprise. He

cultivates relationships by providing a nimble HR platform capable of

meeting AARP’s dynamic needs.


Corporations’ Role in Social Sustainability

by Wendy Smith

as a whole




Wendy Smith

Wendy Smith is a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, and there’s nothing she’s

more passionate about than challenging old paradigms, especially when it

means helping others to learn, grow, and achieve their goals, while having

fun while doing so. Today, she is blessed with the opportunity to channel this

passion through her role at NCR as Global Head of Talent Experiences.



Tasked with creating the most exceptional employee experiences to win

over the hearts and minds of her fellow NCR employees, Wendy and her

team have received several external awards for key programs they

developed, including the Workforce Optimus, CLO Learning in Practice,

CandE, and Asia Best Employer Brand awards.

Wendy is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt who has been at NCR for 16

years. She touts experience in HRIS, CI/CX, HR Shared Services, Global

Learning, Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing, Employee

Engagement, Onboarding, and Employee Experience (EX). In 2015, Wendy

was named a Workforce Game-Changer, which recognizes the next

generation of innovative, dynamic leaders to watch in human resources and

workplace management.


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