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© ESA / EADS Siemens MediaService December 2016 Content PRODUCTS 02 New IE/PB LINK PN IO network transition 03 Modular and user-friendly APPLICATION 04 Atomic clocks in a vacuum 06 Efficient box opening system 08 Producing the perfect wafer 10 Quality made in India MediaService Industry News In its last issue of 2016, once again the MediaService Industries introduces new products and applications from the world of drives and automation. These include new panel and extension unit sizes for the IP65 rated Simatic Human Interface Pro systems, and new functions for the network transition IE/PB Link PN IO. Applications featured in this MediaService cover a range of topics which could hardly be more varied. Atomic clocks in a vacuum: we read about how Siemens technology is used for monitoring and controlling an experimental lab which is destined to dock onto the International Space Station ISS as an outpost of the Columbus space lab. Coming back to earth, we hear about an automatic box opener which enables the efficient slitting open and unpacking of boxes. Just in time for the Christmas season, we read about varieties of confectionery wafer and how their production is optimized by a Simatic WinCC control system. And finally, our attention is turned to complete solutions for plastic molds, die-casting tools, thermoforming tools, press dies, fixtures and much more, an area in which the NX software from Siemens PLM Software has succeeded in improving quality and substantially reducing engineering time.

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