Fah Thai Magazine Jan-Feb 2017

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Getting a bird’s eye view of the temples in Myanmar is<br />

the best way to see them - the geometric shapes they<br />

make with the line up of pagodas are amazing. In this<br />

photo, you can see Khutodaw Pagoda, with Sandamuni<br />

Pagoda in the distance.<br />

Much larger than the lanterns often seen in other<br />

parts of Asia are the fire lanterns launched in<br />

Myanmar. These large lanterns, which can be as big as<br />

the hot air balloons launched in the 19th century, need<br />

a much larger flame to lift off. The best place to see<br />

them is at the Taunggyi fire lantern festival.<br />

Mandalay hill is one of the most iconic sights in<br />

Mandalay, when viewed from either side of it, from it,<br />

or in this case, above it. The hill stands at 240 metres,<br />

has numerous temples and pagodas on it, and at its<br />

peak is Sutaungpyei Pagoda.<br />

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