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Fah Thai Magazine Jan-Feb 2017


HAPPENINGS Thailand Phuket Perfect Bodies If you have always wanted to undergo fitness training in Thailand, the Bikini Bods Group Trip, conducted at the Tiger Muay Thai Camp, is the perfect way to attain that perfect bikini body. And it’s not only for ladies, as men are more than welcome to attend. A whole range of classes include Muay Thai, crossfit, yoga, cardio, beach classes and weight training. But it’s not just all about training as there will be plenty of opportunities to go on boat trips and explore the delights of Phuket yourself., January 4 to 10 Mindful Wellbeing The idyllic setting of Phuket is the destination for those wishing to improve the quality of their lives and aim for a perfect state of physical and emotional wellbeing. Mare & Mindfulness offers an evolutionary holiday and a chance to experience a different type of tourism that combines a bit of Eastern philosophy. Vacation with a programme that offers training in the five main principles of mindfulness and a special nutrition menu that will also ensure physical detoxification. Breakfast and dinner are included in the programme, but a complimentary lunch can be arranged to comply with the dietary guidelines delivered at the start of the holiday. Those who want to lose weight can join a special programme, while at the same time enjoy the pleasurable discovery of delightful Thai cuisine., February 18 to 26 Marine Experience Marine Expedition Thailand offers the unique experience of enjoying activities above and below the warm blue waters of the Andaman Sea. Participants can sail along Thailand’s beautiful western coast and at the same time join in a marine research expedition. Participants will receive an education in marine science with topics covering manta rays, sharks, coral and plankton. On board is an experienced skipper who will teach sailing and coastal navigation while sea life will be covered by a marine biologist., February 12 SPOTLIGHT Salt Life Palette Zoe Olivia Young, a rising talent in the Sydney art scene, is now an artist in residence at one of Samui’s top boutique hotel. Her unique work entitled “Salt Life” is on display at Mom Tri’s Villa Royale gallery until the end of April. Zoe’s paintings are marked by her eclectic use of colours and eye for landscapes, along with her still life compositions depicting a more natural and slower pace of life. Instagram @zoeoliviayoung 96 Fah Thai