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A LONG LIFE OF LLOYD LOOM 1917 1995 Vincent Sheppard builds a Lloyd Loom factory in Cirebon (Indonesia) and becomes one of the very few vertically integrated Lloyd Loom manufacturers 1940 Disaster struck, a fire causes the end of the first large scale Lloyd Loom furniture manufacture A WELL KEPT SECRET Attractive and zeitgeist spring to mind – undoubtedly one of the first things to strike you when you look at a Lloyd Loom armchair. But you might not suspect there is a rich history behind these sofas and chairs. And yet, the roots of the Lloyd Loom chair go back to 1917! But that’s not all … Lloyd Loom furniture carries a well-kept secret. These refined, but extremely solid, stylish and comfortable chairs are made from plain Kraft paper! Yes, paper. So never say “wicker chair” to a Lloyd Loom – that would be doing it a disservice. Actually Lloyd Loom is the name given to the method and technique of weaving paper and steel on a textile weaving loom. The key to the success of Lloyd Loom or “Woven Paper” furniture can be laid at the door of the American entrepreneur and inventor Marshall Burns Lloyd. 1922 A London merchant, William Lusty, applies for the UK patent. 2013 Vincent Sheppard is certified following FSC rules, a symbol of environmental, social and responsible forestry. A great reward for all efforts in creating comfortable, stylish, sustainable and eco-friendly furniture 2006 The production plant in Indonesia is extended to occupy over 20.000 sqm with a skilled workforce of 390 people and 3 state of the art weaving machines 1992 Establishment of an import business of LLoyd Loom furniture The Belgian company Vincent Sheppard decides to pick up the thread an creates a dazzling collection of contemporary furniture. The success is immense. 2017 Lloyd Loom celebrates its 100 years existence 2014 Launch of 2 new collections: Vincent’s Garden for outdoor living and the experimental collection Atelier N/7 6 7