Food Photography


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Food Photography

Images can be found anywhere

• Out to dinner

• Supermarket

• Markets

• Outings: Werribee Mansion

• Anywhere really….

Monthly Competition

• Hand in 2 June general club meeting

• Judging: 4 August (also AGM)

Food needs to look YUMMMMM

You want to feel like you want to eat it

You want to feel like you can taste it

How to make the food look delicious

• Clear crisp shots

• Subtle blur for mood or distractions

• Natural colours

• Natural lighting

• Artificial lighting

The reason for the shot

• Have the food tell a story

– Fresh

– Rustic

– Exotic

– Tropical

– Etc….

• Style your food


• Gather all the props required

• Get the freshest produce you can including relevant


• Check for blemishes

• Mix cooked and raw items

• Keep all plates and utensils clean


• Backgrounds: sheets, hessian, table cloths

• Place mats or just simple patterned paper

• Entire place settings with special touches: candles, flowers,


• Location


• Camera

• Flash

• Bounce card, reflector

• Tripod

• Coloured gels (cellophane)

Camera Settings

• Shoot in Manual

• As low an ISO as possible for sharpness and details

• Based on mood and DOF required select aperture

• Set shutter speed for exposure

• Consider white balance


Food wilts/melts/dries out quickly particularly if using lights

• Set up everything apart from the food itself

• If cooking food for photographing don’t overcook as it

usually looks plumper underdone

Composition: KISS

• Perspective: vary – take a look from all angles

• Selective focus

• Colours

• Shapes

• Leading lines

• Rules of thirds

• Etc…….


• Light from side: textures

• Light from back: picks up textures, steam

• Create subtle shadows to enhance the shape of an item

• Surround lighting

• Window

• Artificial: flash, torches, lamps, etc

Be prepared to Enhance your food

• Water spray to refresh

• Oil for glistening


• Bill Brady Photography ‘Cook Shoot Eat’;

– Lots to look at in food and beverages

• Michael Ray:

– Fresh realistic interpretations

• Andy Lewis Photography:

Food and Nuts:

Innovative Food Photography




Having Fun: Food Art



• Carl Warner:

Tips and Tricks


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