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A New Beginning

“Volunteers do not necessarily

have the time; they just have the

heart.” - Elizabeth Andrew

A new year is a time to get your options

clear and to make a significant

decision to do what it is that makes

you really happy.

Each day is a new beginning; the

chance to do with it what should be

done and not to be seen as simply another

day to

put in time.

We think

about what

we can do

to help or assist

those around us.


and giving your time comes in many

ways. However, Hospice organizations

need volunteers.

The value of hospice volunteers cannot

be overstated. Volunteers are commonly

perceived by hospice patients

and families as ordinary members of

their local community. This relationship

provides a feeling of normality

for patients, as well as patients’ families

and friends.

Volunteers often connect with patients

on a deep, personal level. This

provides the hospice care team with

valuable insights concerning the

overall impact of the level of comfort

and care that is provided.

The presence and service of hospice

volunteers is targeted towards ultimately

providing patients, caregivers,

and families with the most comfortable

and compassionate


experience possible.

Hospice volunteers

have a unique

life perspective and

personality that they

offer. Each volunteer

is unique. They have several common


(a) A spirit of compassion and understanding

towards those who are on

the end-of-life journey

(b) Respect for all ways of life, cultural

customs, and religious views

(c) The ability to listen and be comfortable

in silence

If you are interested in becoming

a Hospice Volunteer, please

contact us at 702/228-0282.



Phone 702.251.4441 . Fax 702.666-0427

Volume 13, Issue 11


PRESIDENT . Ray Sarbacker

VP MARKETING . Debbie Landry



NIGHT LIFE EDITOR . Sam Wagmeister


TV HOST . Rich Natole

GRAPHICS EDITOR . Michael Roberts




Marty Allen

Adrea Barrera

Richard Black

Yvonne Cloutier

Dianne Davis



Chuck Dean

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Linda Gomez

Ali Guggenheim






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Dan Roberts

Have Fun, Make Friends, Do Good – Continued

“So, how’s the family?” And with

that opening sentence, it was playtime.

It has been my goal to abide by

the above headline. I’ve mentioned

this in my previous columns, but

to start this New Year, I wanted to

highlight the first two points – fun

and friends.

As for (best) friends, let me introduce

the other self-described “crazy

lunatic” in the photo - Vegas Voice

columnist Bill Caserta. On a “challenge”

we were sitting next to each other for

our respective pedicures.

Yes, let me say that again – our pedicures.

(One quick note. A very big “thank you” to

everyone at Tippy Toes Nail & Spa, located

at 1331 W. Warm Springs Road in Henderson.

How they [and their customers] put up with

Bill and yours truly – and more importantly,

not contacting the police to toss us out of the

building is greatly appreciated).

Here’s the background to this tale: Bill informed

me that along with his Barbara, they

recently went for manicures/pedicures. My

reaction was to howl - long and hard. “Real

men don’t get pedicures” I laughed at him.

What I found particularly ironic was that

Bill grew up a few miles from where I spent

my childhood in New York. We share a common

brotherhood by living there in the 50s

and 60s. Among such undeniable code was

that real men from Tremont Avenue do not

go to nail salons.

While we are both long gone from the

neighborhood, and notwithstanding Barbara’s

and my Rana’s best, continuous (but

hopelessly futile) attempts, they cannot “take

the Bronx out of the boys.” And when the

Bronx boys get together, nobody laughs more.

We also admit that our (somewhat) juvenile

attitudes are sufficient cause for our Ladyloves

to roll their eyes. But even they concede

(as they shake their heads in disbelief

over their life partners) we’re not mean or

vicious – just moronic.

Therefore, as Bill elaborated on his recent

podiatry episode, I couldn’t stop smirking

while questioning, among other things, his

manhood. And then Bill dared me to go with

him. And a (stupid) challenge, is a (stupid)


I have never walked into a nail salon before,

but with Rana making the appointment,

there we were last month. I admit it was quite

the experience.

For you ladies, it might not be breaking

news, but for us “manly-men” let me report

that it was an eye-opener entering this secret

world. From the so comfortable massage

chair to the, oh so comfortable foot bath,

the charming (and ever patient) ladies did a

Thank You Ladies

Humana Charity Crafters, a group of mostly senior women, show off their knitting skills. The

ladies presented 300 knitted and crocheted items for the holidays to three local organizations

-Child Haven, Helping Hands of Vegas Valley and Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation.

Photo - Ronald Williams

marvelous job on my tootsies.

While they ignored my singing from West

Side Story “I Feel Pretty, Oh, So Pretty…”

they did surprise me when they reached for

that cheese-grater. So help me, I thought it

was going to be wine & cheese time.

I was wrong concerning the “snack” and

Bill was hysterical when I jumped about 5

feet out of my chair when they starting using

this now torture devise on my feet. “Real

men don’t jump” Bill stated.

And then our stupidity reached a whole

Roberts Rules

new level.

I dared him to have his toenails

painted and we ultimately agreed to

do so - provided we could place the

New York Giants’ football logo on

our big toes. As Rana walked away

in stunned silence, as you can see,

such challenge was accepted.

(As a second note, I’m not suggesting

that getting the toes painted

“Big Blue” helped our team, however

the Giants did beat Dallas the

next day, so….)

All-in-all it was quite the adventure showcasing

our feminine sides. We sure did laugh

a lot and that’s not a bad way to spend your


For those who question whether I am now

a candidate for a guardianship takeover, rest

assured, there is no need for alarm. It was

and will remain (to my Rana’s great relief)

a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Although, after we left the salon, Bill and I

did go for lunch - and ordered quiche.

What Do You Think?

Do you agree with our columnists? Did anyone get you angry, make

you think or simply put a smile on your face?

Please tell us by forwarding your comments, thoughts or suggestions

to Publisher Dan at: dan@thevegasvoice.net.

And whatever you do, don’t forget our website. Read about the latest

information about us grown-ups so you can keep up to date with

everything going on.

4 www.thevegasvoice.net

january 17


Marty Allen

Marty’s Top Ten

Hello Dere

Bill Caserta

You Have to Laugh

Bill’s Blurbs

Evan Davis

The Show Must Go On

I Know a Place

1. My friend Harvey said the only thing

he has in common with his wife is that they

were both married on the same day.

2. My other friend Larry said:

“I’d like to throw something

over those girls

who wear topless

bathing suits –


3. I once

knew a girl

who was

picked up

so many

times, she

began to

grow handles!

4. Why do people point to their wrist when

they ask for the time, but when they ask

where the bathroom is, they don’t point to

their pants?

5. Why do people order double cheeseburgers,

large French Fries with a Diet coke?

6. When the young, beautiful showgirl

found out her handsome millionaire boyfriend

was fond of hunting, she told

him she was “game!”

7. A career girl’s mind

moves her ahead, while

a stripper girl’s

mind moves

her behind.

8. One

reason for a

man to stay

single – you

can leave the

toilet seat in

any position

you like.

9. A wife that is “made to order” can never

compare with a “ready maid.”

10. If you want your wife to pay undivided

attention to every word you say, talk in your


For over the past decade, Marty Allen has performed with his on and off stage

singing partner Karon Kate Blackwell.

Friends Through the Years: Two guys

grew up together, but after college, one moved

to New York, the other to California. Every ten

years, they agree to meet in Chicago and play

golf. They would finish their round and go to


When they turned 30, the conversation

went like this: “Where you wanna go? “Hooters.”

“Why?” “Well, you know, they got the

broads and the tight shorts. And the legs…”

Ten years later at 40: “Where you wanna

go?” “Hooters.” “Why?” “Well, you know,

they got cold beer and the big screen TVs, and

everybody has a little action on the games.”

At 50: “Where you wanna go?” “Hooters.”

“Why?” “The food is good and there is plenty

of parking.”

At 60: “Where you wanna go?” “Hooters.”

“Why?” “Wings are half price.”

At 70: “Where you wanna go?” “Hooters.”

“Why?” “They have 6 handicapped spaces

right by the door.”

At 80: “Where you wanna go?” “Hooters.”

“Why?” “We’ve never been there before.”

The Magic Room: A young Amish boy

and his father were visiting a shopping mall for

the first time. They were amazed by just about

everything they saw, but especially by two shiny

silver walls that could move apart and then

slide back together again.

The boy asked: “What is that father?” The father

(having never seen an elevator) responded:

“Son, I have never seen anything like that

in my life. I don’t know what it is.”

While the father and son watched in amazement,

a fat, old lady in a wheelchair moved up

to the silver walls and pressed a button. The

walls magically opened and the lady rolled into

a small room.

The walls closed and they saw small numbers

above the wall light up. They continued to

stare until it reached the last number and then

“somehow” the numbers began lighting up in

the reverse order.

Finally, the walls opened up again and a gorgeous

blond stepped out.

The dumbstruck father, not taking his eyes

off the beautiful woman quietly said to his son,

“Go get your mother.”

(A big Bill Blurb thank you to Renee

Riendeau for her contribution.)

Theater Seats for Seniors: An old man

lay awkwardly sprawled across three entire

seats in the movie theatre. When the usher

came by and noticed, he whispered to the old

man, “Sorry sir, but you’re only allowed one


The old man didn’t budge. The usher became

impatient. “Sir, if you don’t get up from

there I’m going to have to call the manager.”

Once again, the old man just muttered and

did nothing. The usher marched back up the

aisle, and returned with the manager. Together

the two of them tried repeatedly to move the disheveled

man, but with no success.

Finally, they summoned the police. The officer

surveyed the situation, then asked, “All

right buddy what’s your name?” “Fred,” the old

man moaned. “Where you from, Fred?” asked

the police officer.

With a terrible strain in his voice, and without

moving, Fred replied, “The balcony…”

(A big Bill Blurb thank you to George

Meese for his contribution.)

When I moved to Vegas in 2008, I entrenched

myself in the local entertainment

scene. At first it was just helping to send out a

few flyers promoting some local entertainers.

Soon I was receiving requests from dozens

of performers to help them promote their

gigs. Gradually my email list ballooned from

a hundred to a few thousand, and I was off

to the races.

Club and restaurant owners started asking

me if I could bring some entertainment to

their facility to help stimulate their business.

Gradually, I started booking and promoting


I set up a music blog and included a calendar

of local entertainment. Wanting to

keep things current, I asked the performers

to update me weekly on their shows.

Soon thereafter, The Vegas Voice asked me

to be their Entertainment Editor. I wasn’t really

interested until they said, “we want you

to also produce our shows.” Now that interested


Let me tell you the chronology of producing

a show. You begin by locking in a venue,

Your Vegas Voice host with performers

Rosanna Telford and Denise Rose

date and time. Then you need to put a band


I was very lucky to meet Grammy Award

winner Gary Anderson, who is now our musical

director. Without him, I probably would

have thrown in the towel long ago.

But let’s get back to how a show is put

together. Once Gary and I decide on the band

members, I now go to work choosing which

performers would be best suited for the show.

I try to make sure the entertainment covers

different genres. Of course, this is when

The Vegas Voice is doing a variety show.

Things change a little if it’s a theme show

or a tribute show.

But the basics are the same. Get the

venue, the band and the performers. But

that’s the easy part.

I need photographs of all the performers

to put the show flyer together. Load

in times for the band has to be set up

along with coordinating with the sound

and lighting guys before anyone steps on


Sound checks, rehearsal times and

making sure all the entertainers can

make their run through times.

Juggling is a required skill in producing

a show. Once you’ve set up their rehearsal

schedule, you need to follow a pretty firm

timeline. And by the way, this all happens

only a few hours before show time.

Did I mention that there is always, an “opportunity”

that arises? I learned that with my

very first show.

A problem came up and I thought we’d

never get the show going, but I found out, it

always works out.

I’m also promoting the show on every

social media available. Sending out emails

and stopping by as many places nightly as I

can to get the word out.

Whether it is a free sponsored show or ticketed

show, I’m always concerned about having

a good turnout. What day is best to have

a show? What time is best?

How’s the weather? How’s the traffic? Are

the holidays too close? Are the holidays too

far away?

I can go on and on, but you know what

they say: “The Show Must Go On.” And it always


Evan Davis is the entertainment editor of The Vegas Voice. You can read his

entertainment blog and sign up to receive his free email weekly Calendar of Events at

www.EvanDavisJazz.com. You can also email him at: evan@thevegasvoice.net.

Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and has a very “unique” sense of

humor. He welcomes all funny submissions at: billbuck52@hotmail.com.

6 www.thevegasvoice.net

january 17


Rich Natole

Vanessa Legrand

As I’ve mentioned in quite a few of my past

columns, Las Vegas is home to many musical

talents - including great singers as well

as variety acts. Some singers seem to blend

into the background, while others, stand out

like a diamond in a barrel of coal.

Once again, I would like to highlight

someone who I think is a star quality performer.

Someone who I believe with the right

exposure, could have an extremely bright future

in show business.

To put it simply, Vanessa Legrand is a

beautiful singer/songwriter with that “wow

factor.” She has a stunning presence that

certainly gets her noticed.

She also has the perfect name for show

business. Growing up in North Carolina, she

always wanted to be a singer, even though

nobody in her family was in show biz. She

was the rare lone singing talent in her family.

Most singers that I’ve interviewed on our

Listening to The Vegas Voice radio show

Dianne Davis

seemed to grow up around music. Either one

of the parents was musical or a relative was

somehow connected to the performing arts.

More commonly, they sang in

church. That’s not the case here. I believe

this is what makes Vanessa stand out even


Going it alone takes guts and confidence.

You have to really be determined to press on

Shows Come and Go

Las Vegas is a good news-bad news town.

The bad news was that many entertaining

shows closed in 2016. Jersey Boys and Gordie

Brown both enjoyed well deserved multi-year

runs that came to an end this past fall.

Million Dollar Quartet did more than 1,500

performances before Harrah’s bid it farewell in

December. Multi-talented performer Frankie

Moreno closed, opened, and closed again.

Rock of Ages and Raiding The Rock Vault

have come and gone and come and …. who

knows. The iconic Jubilee, the last of the traditional

Vegas extravaganzas, ended a record

breaking run at Bally’s.

Other productions we won’t even name

opened and closed in the blink of an eye. So

where does that leave us? There is lots of good


Clint Holmes – Between The Lines at the

Palazzo is continuing to build the following

that he deserves. For the record, I believe Clint

is one of the very finest performers in this


The Bronx Wanderers at Bally’s has folks

dancing in the aisles as they take us back to

the music we heard on the car radio when we

were dating. Terry Fator at The Mirage continues

to update his act and share the talent

that made him the 2012 winner of America’s

Got Talent.

Human Nature at the Venetian evolved

from the jumpin’ jivin’ Motown show into

JukeBox, a musical voyage covering several

decades of music. And Vegas the Show in the

without the family safety net or


What many have told me is

that Vanessa’s show is special. She

manages to keep her crowd engaged

and totally entertained.

Back in the old days of Las Vegas,

we all remember singers, such

as Ann Margaret and Susan Anton.

These were women who not

only could sing, but had an eyecatching

stage presence as well.

With her beautiful statuesque

appearance, Vanessa is definitely

in that category. These days her

performances are grabbing attention in several

Las Vegas venues.

She performs regularly in the Grandview

Lounge at the South Point Hotel. This particular

showroom is newly renovated and has

a cozy old-style Las Vegas lounge feel.

We need more of these kind of rooms in

town. They’re perfect for showcasing new talent.

Vanessa is a classically trained performer.

She went to college on a music scholarship

and studied with the great composer,

Marvin Hamlisch. Very impressive!

She’s able to sing in a variety of styles -

from Pop/Rock to jazz standards. Audiences

love to hear variety and Vanessa loves to give

her audiences what they want.

Vanessa has been a guest on many of the

local TV and radio shows. Without any doubt,

look for Vanessa Legrand’s star to shine

brightly in the months and years to come.

You can also check out her songs on You-

Tube and Facebook.

Rich Natole is a comic/impressionist headlining entertainer & host of The Vegas Voice

Television/Podcast Show. For more information visit: www.richnatole.com. You can

also contact Rich at: rich@richnatole.com.

Saxe Theater continues to attract

audiences as it shares the musical

version of Las Vegas’ history.

Menopause The Musical at

Harrah’s includes tunes we know

with lyrics that tickle our funny

bones. One of my new favorites

is The Righteous Brothers at


Like Clint Holmes, it is a show I

can easily return to see again and

totally enjoy each time. It features

the original Righteous Brother

Bill Medley and the wonderfully

talented Bucky Heard sharing

music you know - and I suspect love as I do.

Magicians and comedians flow through the

Las Vegas entertainment turnstile, but one of

That’s Entertainment

my favorites is the very clever Mike Hammer

at the Four Queens. He is superb at combining

magic with comedy. Penn and Teller have

earned the respect of audiences at the Rio and

continue to modify their act.

Then there is The Smith Center. A wonderful

gift to our community that brings us

Broadway caliber entertainment. Check out

their schedule for 2017. And don’t bypass the

Cabaret Jazz Room at the Smith Center - top

notch entertainment at reasonable prices.

This is by no means a complete list, but

touches on many favorites. One reason we

moved here was the promise of wonderful entertainment.

It is here. Go see a show, support

the amazing entertainers who live and work



In addition to The Vegas Voice, Dianne Davis is a reporter for Sun City Anthem TV (SCA-

TV) specializing in entertainment and is a columnist for www.lasvegasroundtheclock.

com. She is the Las Vegas Editor of lasvegassplash.com , She also bowls, hikes, scuba

dives, travels with her husband Burt, and works on her standup comedy routines.




















Cannot be combined with any other offers. Must have a

Boarding Pass and valid ID. Must be 50 years of age or older.

Movie matinees before 6pm. Complete details at Rewards

Centers. Sign up for Station Casino’s MyGeneration today!

8 www.thevegasvoice.net

january 17


Charlie Christy - Executive Director

Busier Than Ever

Vicki Wentz

This Is Me Being Holier Than Thou

Vicki’s Voice

Mike Landry

Let’s Play 18

Did you know that there are over 40 golf

courses in the greater Las Vegas area? Most

of the courses are open to the general public

and range in price from less than $40

to around $70 for locals depending on the

course and the season.

Mesquite which is roughly one hour away

has 7 courses and some are the most beautiful

in the Western United States; Boulder City

30 minutes away has 2 public and 1 semiprivate

course; Pahrump one hour away has

one 18-hole championship and one executive

course and finally, Prim has two 18-hole

championship courses.

Having lived in the area for more than 40

years, I must admit that I have played and

enjoyed most of the courses in and around

the valley.

Ms Senior Nevada finished 2016 with

more events than ever before. We’ve held 31

Pageants in as many years and continue to

invite women who have reached the “Age of

Elegance” to participate.

Contestants are

judged on poise,

talent, speaking

ability and

their desire to

represent Nevada

seniors. They are

not charged a fee

to enter and they

are not selected on any criteria except their

ability and willingness to promote senior


We are a Nevada certified non-profit and

our efforts were never more evident than this

past Christmas Season. Shows were produced

and presented to groups as varied as service

clubs, assisted living centers and Opportunity

Village, where we participated in their Holiday

celebration and fund raising event.

This month finds us already booked at several

assisted living centers. With a “Family”

of 150 former contestants and past Queens,

we are able to provide entertainment on

whatever time frame best meets the needs of

the community.

We invite you

to come and enjoy

a show (or

two); perhaps

you’d also like to

share a talent and

bring the kind of

cheer we spread to

our seniors. Many

can no longer come out to shows, but enjoy

us bringing the entertainment to them.

Ms Senior Nevada started 32 years ago as

a venue for senior women to have a place to

continue to give back. We have grown into a

group of active seniors that have become involved

with many causes, like Guardianship,

that affect all of us. Get involved - you can

make a difference at any age.

Please call us: 702/809-5881 or check out

our web site: www.msseniornevada.com.

Golf Fore Ever

Since this is my first article for The Vegas

Voice, I want to take this opportunity to

promote two of the golf organizations that I

belong to. Both organizations are non-profit,

have been around for more than 40 years

and travel to various courses throughout the

Valley each month.

The Nevada State Senior Golf Club (NS-

SGC.org) is dedicated to seniors over 50. I’ve

been a member for 13 years and currently a

Board Member.

The other organization I belong to is the

Winterwood Men’s Golf Association (wwmga.org).

I’ve been a member for over 25


If interested in either or both of these organizations,

please go to the website for additional


Although I don’t like to flaunt it, I am an

incredibly holy person who attends church...


As I may have mentioned, I attended Catholic

schools filled with nuns - the real kind,

where you can’t see anything but their faces

and hands - and those sisters taught me to go

to church (and, of course, no talking. I got

good grades, but the comment section on my

report card invariably found ten ways to say,

“This child talks more than is scientifically


Last month, however, instead of going to

Mass as I always...uh...semi-regularly do, I

went to church with a Presbyterian friend.

This was my first time at a Presbyterian service,

but I figured, how different could it be,

except they probably don’t have nuns hanging

around ready to pounce on anyone who

whispers one teensy word!

First, everyone was supposed to say “hi” to

everyone around them, and I thought that

was really nice. Folks in the rows in front of

me turned around, folks behind me reached

forward, and folks beside me slid closer. A tad

claustrophobic, but I appreciated the sentiment.

My first surprise was that the choir marched

in and sat up behind the altar (it’s still an “altar”

in Presbyterianism, isn’t it?) and faced

us, which I found a little disconcerting. In

the Catholic church, the choir loft is normally

above the front door, and in high school choir,

it was very convenient to have the congregants’

backs to us, on the rare occasion that,

say, you yawn so big the choir nun gives you a

dirty look, or you pull your arms inside your

choir robe to remove your uniform sweater

because you’re so hot you could croak...not

that I ever did that.

My second surprise was the minister (seriously,

what is it, preacher, minister, reverend,

pastor, WHAT?!) who had a very nice smile,

was blond, blue-eyed, dressed in a long black

robe, but was, um, well, a woman! This is

something I’ve never seen on the altar at

Mass, my friend.

As you probably know, we don’t do women

priests. Not that I haven’t heard many a

thunderous freakin’ sermon from those nuns,

who are, presumably, women, but still, it was

somewhat jarring.

Then, we stood for the first hymn, which

I didn’t know, but I faked my way through

it and sat down to listen to the first reading,

and whaddaya know: they use the same Bible!

I mean, not that I didn’t know that there’s

pretty much only one Bible, but still, that was


The sermon - even with that whole delivered-by-a-woman

thing - was great and actually


It was all about Jiminy Cricket, and wishing

on a star, and how God wants everyone to

dream their biggest dreams and make them

happen - which is when I started considering

putting some of my columns into a book

just like Erma Bombeck did, so I could make

people laugh.

And, suddenly, I remembered my daughter’s

call to me the previous week, when she’d

gone to church with Gracie (5), who is brilliant

and beautiful, but because she has Down

Syndrome, must still be watched carefully for

signs of impending potty emergencies - one of

which came mid-sermon!

The moment everyone stood up, she and

Gracie scurried down the side aisle unnoticed

and proceeded to the restroom, where they

took care of business and hurried back to

church. Louise thought it would be all right

to go up the center aisle since everyone was

still standing.

Father Louis was speaking, and Louise’s

family knows him very well, have had him

to dinner, etc. As they were approaching

their pew, Gracie looked up and called, “Hey,


He had the presence and grace to smile and

give a small wave as Louise, mortified, took

Gracie’s hand and started scooting into their

pew. At that point, Father Louis said “You may

be seated.” And Gracie yelled, “Amen!”

Vicki Wentz is a writer, teacher and speaker living in North Carolina. Readers may

contact her - and order her new children’s book! - by visiting her website at


Mike Landry is a retired airline manager of maintenance residing in Sun City

MacDonald Ranch and a 40-year resident of Las Vegas. Hobbies are golf, day trading

and brewing craft beer. He can be contacted at: airmikel1@cox.net.

10 www.thevegasvoice.net

january 17


Adrea Nairne-Barrera

Do you tear off the tags on furniture and

pillows? How about the magazine inserts that

make it impossible to keep the page turned to

what you are reading?

Do you ever go in the “out” door at a supermarket?

Do you take your empty cart to the

rack in the parking lot, or do you carefully

balance it against the cement strip? Maybe

you put the front wheels in the planter?

What if the dry cleaner notices your bedspread

is “tagless”? Will they report you? I

have actually kept the tags on pillows and

carefully placed them on the furniture tucked

under so nobody can see.

As a child, I believed in the tag police. Why

not? I also thought there was a tooth fairy so

it wasn’t a big leap. If the tag was still on the

pillow, the tooth fairy would know I deserved

a quarter.

Going in the wrong door makes me look

dumb so I may bend down and grab one of

those magazines they leave for you and pretend

I did it on purpose. I remember the old

George Carlin routine when the cat accidentally

slammed into a glass door, shook himself

off and meowed “I meant to do that!”

Who raises their feet off the car floor

when going over railroad tracks? Can’t take

a chance on that bad luck. After all, I don’t

want to be responsible for everyone in the car

if I don’t.

Then there’s the food shopping guilt that

starts at childhood and replays in your head

60’s to 60

The Guilt Stays with You!

with every trip to the market. “You must eat

a balanced diet” and “Don’t buy junk food.

“Eat nutritious food that puts fuel in the furnace.”

And all of a sudden, Hostess offers orange or

chocolate cupcakes with icing swirls for $1.00

per package. What’s a girl to do?

Memories of spending my 25 cents a day after

school on cupcakes and Devil Dogs come

flooding back. The food is junk in its purest

form. Guilt and sugar spikes are forgotten.

My husband has his little quirky things too.

He keeps every shipping carton for everything

he ever bought - or at least he tries. What if we

have to return it?

Empty boxes are like wire hangers. All I

want to do is throw them away. Now I understand

how Joan Crawford felt.

Every few months, I weave my way through

the garage, break them down and create a

box sculpture for the recycler. I have to do it

when he isn’t looking.

Inevitably, the one box we will need will

be gone and I’ll have to take the fall. Nobody


All those little rules that we learned as children

are permanently planted in my head.

The tags, follow directions, and the ultimate

dinner rule for the peas on the plate, “Your

thumb is not a pusher.”

We live with the bells going off in our

heads wandering through our daily routines.

There’s no getting away from it!

Musical Moments

Yvonne Cloutier

The “I Left my Heart in

San Francisco” Man

Tony Bennett, born Anthony

Dominick Benedetto, of Italian

immigrants in 1926, was

a singing waiter at age 16. In

1949, Pearl Bailey recognized

his talent and asked him to

open for her in Greenwich Village.

Bob Hope was at the show,

liked Tony and took him on

the road. It is said that he asked

Tony to simplify his name to

Tony Bennett.

His successes began in the

50’s with a recording of his first

big hit, Because of You, followed

by many others. Mitch Miller

signed him up with Columbia

records but then his popularity

faded as Rock & Roll became popular.

In 1962 Bennett recorded his signature

song, I Left My Heart in San Francisco by

George Cory and Douglas Cross. It was given

to him by his musical director Ralph Sharon.

It reached #19 on the Billboard Hot 100

and was on various other charts. The song

won him a Grammy Award for Record of the


The 70’s brought a decade of struggle. He

tried rock songs. Becoming dismayed having

to do such material, he became physically

ill. He likened these songs to his seamstress

mother being forced to produce a cheap


Bennett soon found he had no recording

contract, no manager, and was not performing

any concerts outside of Vegas. He developed

a drug addiction, had a near-fatal cocaine

overdose, was living beyond his means,

and had the IRS trying to seize his Los Angeles


He had hit bottom and called his sons

from his first marriage, Danny and Dae, for

help. “Look, I’m lost here,” he told them. “It

seems like people don’t want to hear the music

I make.”

Danny got his father’s expenses under

control, moved him back to New York, began

booking him in colleges and small theaters

to get him away from a “Vegas’ image, rehired

Ralph Sharon, and re-signed with

Columbia Records. Dae was his recording


Danny’s theory was that a younger, hip

audience, although completely unfamiliar

with Tony Bennett, would respond to his music.

So Tony kept his tuxedo appearance, his

singing style, his musical accompaniment

and his song choices. It worked.

The New York Times said that Tony Bennett

not only bridged the generation gap, he

demolished it.

Bennett frequently donates his time to

charitable causes. He is sometimes nicknamed

‘Tony Benefit.’

His career as a painter, under his real

name of Benedetto flourishes. He sketches

or paints every day, even painting views from

hotel windows when he is on tour.

Now in his 80’s, he is a multimillionaire,

and is on his third marriage, He has no intentions

of retiring, and says that if you are

creative, you get busier as you get older.

Tony has sold over 50 million records, 70

albums, and has won countless awards.

He has said to keep three things in mind

while singing: Breathe before each phrase,

sing as you speak, as if telling a story, and

when singing the word love, make sure you

mean it.

Earn Points Playing Your Favorite Buffalo Machines





• JANUARY 23–29 •


• Earn points playing your favorite Buffalo machines

• Top 10 point earners will win a prize

• Winners will be posted at the Silverton Rewards Club

on Monday, January 30 and will have 24 hours to claim a prize.

Points earned must be base points only earned on Buffalo machines January 23-29, 2017. “Buffalo Grand” progressives are excluded from Point Challenge. Offer is available to all Silverton Rewards Club members.

Prizes must be claimed in person with valid photo ID. See Silverton Rewards Club for complete rules and details. Must be 21 years of age or older. Management reserves all rights.

Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music background, specializes

in ragtime piano. She is an author and has written an easy-to-read book on Scott

Joplin. She reports about music on SCA-TV.com/Anthem Alive! You can contact her

at www.mytimeisragtime.com.


12 www.thevegasvoice.net

january 17

BuffaloPtChall_JanVegasVoiceAd • 10.125”x11.25” • 4c • Runs in Vegas Voice


Beverly Washburn

It’s Sperdvac Time!

Hollywood Memories

The Mystique of Southwestern Art

First of all, I’d like to wish you all a very

Happy New Year. Hard to believe it’s now 2017!

My wish for you is to be happy, healthy, safe,

and prosperous. May you do and enjoy wonderful

things and enjoy every day, since none

of us are promised tomorrow.

So, to all of my loyal readers, (and I thank

you for that), you may recall that a couple

of years ago, I wrote about Sperdvac. What is

Sperdvac you might ask?

Well it’s a wonderful organization that I

have been lucky to have been involved in for

the past nine years. It stands for the Society to

Preserve and Encourage Radio, Drama, Variety

and Comedy.

Their sister company is a group called

“Reps” and it stands for “Radio Enthusiasts of

Puget Sound.” Each year there is a group of us

who go to L.A. as well as Seattle and re-create

old time Radio shows.

This year for the first time ever, we will be

performing at the Orleans in Las Vegas. We

will be doing several shows all day long on

Alice Vo Edwards

Sometimes you feel like your voice isn’t being

heard. Like no one cares about your opinions.

That may be true in some places, but

there’s still one place you still have power.

Power to make people laugh. Power to sway

other people’s decisions. Power to motivate.

Power to inform. Me? Yes, you.

Where? On Facebook. You may be skeptical

but I’ve managed social media for companies

with millions of users and I can tell you

there is nothing so powerful on Facebook as

a “share.”

Far more powerful than a “like”, a share

appears to tell the mysterious algorithms

which power Facebook that whatever you’ve

just shared is meaningful at a whole new level

than something you merely liked. I have seen

a single share take a post from 18 views to over


Just like Peter Parker was told by his grandfather,

Ben, “with great power comes great

responsibility.” You have the power, every day,

with every Facebook like and share to increase

either the positive or negative messaging that

With my friend Tony Dow at the last Sperdvac show

January 20th and 21st.

It will be lots of fun and you will have the

opportunity to meet in person some of your

favorites, such as Tony Dow, (Wally from

Leave It to Beaver), Paul Petersen ( Jeff from

The Donna Reed Show), Richard Herd ( Jerry

The Power of the “Share”

the rest of the world around you sees.

In addition to influencing others, your like

and share choices affect your own mindset.

Based on what you choose to like and share,

Facebook shows you more news tailored to

what it interprets as your preferences.

Whether you do this intentionally or not,

you are creating your own filtered version of

the world around you, one that reflects the

types of things you spend your time and energy


What you see on Facebook, be it positive

or negative, has an effect on your mood and

Seinfeld Show) and many


We’d love for you to

come out for either or

both days and watch us

perform some of your favorite

old time radio programs.

If you’d like more information

regarding admission

price, time, etc. please

call Larry Gassman. Larry

is the President of the organization

and would

be more than happy to

answer any of your questions.

Larry will be performing the classic “Who’s

On First “ Abbott and Costello routine along

with his twin brother John. They did it in Seattle

two years ago and brought the house down.

They also will be doing a much requested Jack

Benny panel.

We would all love to see you there!

As I look back and reflect on this past year,

I know speaking for myself and of course, for

many of you, there were times that were difficult

or sad - but also many wonderful things

as well.

The most important thing for all of us is to

just be grateful for all of our many blessings

and to try not to dwell on the things that made

us sad. And remember, we must have a lot of

rain before we can have a rainbow.

Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and is the author of Reel

Tears which can be bought online at Amazon.com or ordered through Barnes &

Noble bookstores. You can contact Beverly at: bjradell@hotmail.com. Check out her

awesome, new website: www.beverlywashburn.com.

mindset. If you’re seeing things you don’t like,

stop responding to them, start filtering them

out, and start focusing on things you do like

and enjoy.

With a little time, what you see on Facebook

will change also. Now, rather than being a

passive consumer or reactor to what you see

on Facebook, YOU will be controlling what

your mind sees, and what stimuli your mind

has to react (positively or negatively) to.

Will they be more rants about political

disappointments, spaghetti bowl traffic, or

frustrations over Medicare? Or will they be

invitations to share a laugh or do something


There’s one thing I hope you will share for

a cause I care deeply about. I am providing a

link for a survey to assess the happiness and

wellbeing of Clark County citizens.

This survey will allow you to see how you

rank across 13 different domains of Happiness

compared to others nationwide. To learn

more about the survey, please go to www.


I am hoping you will choose to take this

survey, share the link, and help thousands of

people in the Las Vegas Valley to take the survey

by January 30th.

Until next time, remember that your power

to Share, has the power to Lift Up Las Vegas.

Alice Vo Edwards is the author of “My Best Friend Died” and “Put Away The Razor,”

and founder of the Lift Up Vegas project for inspiring Happiness and Wellbeing in Las

Vegas. Contact Alice at alice@liftupvegas.org

14 www.thevegasvoice.net

Crystal Czerkas-


If you would like to

start the New Year



ome see the Mystical Pueblo collection

by my dad, Victor Czerkas, the only

known private student of the noted Russian

impressionist, Nicolai Fechin. You might stop by

the Mustard Seed, a Tulsa Oklahoma antique and

fine furniture retailer in London Square at 5800

S. Lewis Ave. currently showing Czerkas paintings

and limited editions...

Or you could call Ray and I for a

private showing right here in Vegas, or

a special online tour! What could be


Tulsa or Vegas? It’s your choice!

Czerkas (1914 -2004) was born in the US to

Russian immigrants, and his heritage and fluency

in slavic languages facilitated his relationship with

Fechin. The influence of his mentor can be seen in

Czerkas’ bold use of color, fearless brush strokes,

and choice of subject matter as seen in the Mystical

Pueblos series now on display in Taos or at

The Mustard Seed. Fechin was fascinated by the

American Southwest, and at his insistence Czerkas

made regular visits to the area where he became

intrigued by the pueblo communities and their

surroundings. Like Fechin, Czerkas was inspired

by the Southwest and he sought to preserve its

beauty throughout his life.

In addition to the Mystical Pueblos series,

Czerkas created many watercolor and oil paintings

based on his world wide travels. He is listed

as a noted California Watercolorist, the winner

of over a hundred awards for his paintings, and

his artwork can be found in the collections of the

Senator Robert Kennedy family, and many motion

picture celebrities including Rock Hudson.

january 17

Pueblo Gathering Watercolor / 22” x 28”

For more information contact The Mustard Seed at 918-742-9600, or call Ray at 702/463-0966.

At The Ovens

Oil on canvas

20” x 24”

The paintings shown here are

only a small sample of the original

oils and watercolors in the

Czerkas Collection.

(pronounced CHER-KAS)

Limited edition giclees on canvas

are also available, and each comes

with a signed/numbered Certificate

of Authenticity.

Gathering at the Wall

Oil on canvas, 20” x 24”




Tiffany Fairfax

Before we get to the Year of the Rooster, let’s

take a look at the start of our New Year. 2017

opens with a Mercury Retrograde!

It began on December 19 th last year and

ends on January 8 th of this year. A year beginning

with a Mercury Retrograde forecasts delays

throughout the year. Patience is the virtue

to practice in 2017.

Happy New Year! It’s time for the Monkey to

start packing up and to take his bag of tricks

away for the next 12 years. A brand new year

begins on January 28 th with the Rooster’s crow.

2017 in Chinese Astrology is The Year of the


The last Rooster year was 2005 but the element

was different. This time the Rooster is the

element of Fire. Once every 60 years does the

same Animal and Element occur. 1957 was

the last Fire Rooster year.

What happened that year? Those themes

and issues are likely to return.

The element of Fire is hot, quick and fast.

A fire rooster is a leader. He is optimistic and

motivates others.

He has no fear of being creative and innovative.

He is a doer who gets things done. Give a

fire rooster a job and he will bring it to successful


The characteristics of the Rooster are akin

to our western astrology sign of Virgo. Roosters

are hardworking (they rise early for sure),

honest, detailed oriented, organized, talented

and even charming.

The Rooster is also self-confident and seeks

attention. He likes to hear what a good job he

did. He does not shy away from the spotlight,

Cosmic Jackpot

The Year of the Rooster

rather he enjoys his audience. Roosters are sociable.

The lucky direction for the Rooster is South

and Southeast, so perhaps in planning a vacation,

choose the east coast. What’s in the east/

southeast of your home?

Place something lucky there even if it’s

just a photo. Let the good energy permeate

throughout your home.

It is believed that a year with the animal

sign corresponding to that of your birth year

will not be lucky. So anyone born in The Year

of the Rooster may have to rely on the good

old fashioned way of hard work as opposed to

sheer luck. The Rooster years are: 1921, 1933,

1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 and 2017

(after Jan 28 th ).

Our new President-elect, Donald Trump,

takes office before the start of the Rooster year.

The President born in the Year of the Rooster

(and a Fire one no less), is Grover Cleveland.

He is the only President to serve 2 non-consecutive


He was our 22 nd and our 24 th President. He

was the first President to be married in the

White House. His wife was only 21 years old, a

27-year age difference.

Like a good Rooster, President Cleveland

was hardworking and had such an amazing

memory that he passed the bar without formal

schooling and gave his speeches, including his

inaugural address, from memory. Indeed, the

Rooster is smart and talented.

Participate in the celebration of The Year of

the Rooster, by checking out the display at Bellagio’s


Tiffany Fairfax is a Professional Astrologer with 30 years experience. She is

certified in both Traditional and Magi Astrology. You can contact Tiffany

at: QueenOfAstrology@aol.com.

Ali Guggenheim


like: “Don’t

freak out, but

your star sign

has probably

changed,” and

“Your astrological


just changed,

thanks to NASA”

or “Your whole

existence is a lie

because NASA

ruined everything

and informed

us that there are actually 13 constellations

in the Zodiac, not 12”, are just a few

of the slew of recent articles.

This kind of earth-shattering change did

not go over well with social media. It caused

quite a “horror-scope” for followers worldwide.

Originally published on “The Space

Place,” (NASA’s kid-friendly, educational

website), according to NASA’s discovery, the

constellations are no longer in the same

spots they once were. Their calculations show

the correct “new” astrological charts are as


Capricorn: January 20 – February 16

Aquarius: February 16 – March 11

Pisces: March 11 – April 18

Aries: April 18 – May 13

Taurus: May 13 – June 21,

Gemini: June 21 – July 20

Cancer: July 20 – August 10,

Leo: August 10 – September 16

Virgo: September 16 – October 14,

Libra: October 14 – November 23

Scorpio: November 23 – November 29

Ophiuchus: November 29 – December


Sagittarius: December 17 – January 20

However, if you are one of those people

with a tattoo of your zodiac sign, don’t rush

out to remove it just yet. According to astrologists,

“the “new” constellation, which has

been around forever, but evaded common

knowledge is called Ophiuchus.

Actually, the Babylonians discovered it

ages ago, but they had already settled on a

12-month calendar by the time they found

Psychic Phenomenon

New Year, New Zodiac Sign?

a 13th constellation, so they just left it out.

Articles about astrology and constellations

explain that zodiac signs were made

up 3,000 years ago by the Babylonians, who

paired them with the constellations they saw.

But, in the thousands of years since then, the

position of the constellations has changed

due to the Earth wobbling on its axis.

Astrologers have always known this and

know how to account for the changes. Therefore,

NASA’s information doesn’t necessarily


Every 72 years, the positioning of the stars

and constellations shift by 1 degree (from a

geocentric perspective) due to the wobble of

Earth’s axis. This is known as “precession.”

Astrologers have always been well aware

of this, but for some reason NASA, astronomers

and the scientific community, seem to

believe otherwise. Up until three centuries

ago, the astrologers were also the astronomers

and they observed the sky obsessively. Of

course they knew about the precession, and

as a matter of fact, it was discovered in 127

BC by Hipparchus.

After realizing what a tizzy it created, NASA

clarified its findings by stating, “NASA is not

actually responsible for any changes in your

horoscope, nor are they endorsing astrology

as a science. Astronomy is the scientific study

of everything in outer space. Astrology is

something else. It’s not science.”

According to astrologers, there is definitely

no need to panic since, the Tropical Zodiac is

not meant to be aligned with the constellations,

therefore the astrologers never had it


What a relief!

To learn more about Ali, spiritual consultations, coaching, classes, workshops, and

readings, call, give her a call: 702/373-9081.

16 www.thevegasvoice.net

It is always fun to see what the beauty gurus

with their wonderful talent and imagination

comes up with each new season!

2017 seems to be shaping up with shades of

the 60s - featuring pale pastel lip colors combined

with either bare face and eyes, or the extreme

of black eyeliner, or dark lips.

I remember back in the “Beatnik” era where

the entire eyelid could be done in black liquid

liner. The look was dramatic and bold!

The same time period also showcased the

innocent bare face with beachy hair, light

mascara and pale pink lips that bordered on

white. Much like back then, 2017 seems to be

hinting again at extremes of both!

So of course as usual, things we could get

away with at 16 are probably not what we can

get away with now. Then again 16 years olds

are getting away with things they shouldn’t be,

so we should at least give it a try!

I recently read an article from a beauty

blogger who was adamant that older women

should not wear eye shadow at all. Yikes! I

can’t even imagine not using it!

While I respect the choices other women

january 17

Linda Bateman-Gomez

Dramatic Eyes & Pale Lips

may make, I do not agree that we should wear

our clothes, or make-up, based strictly on our

age. Following current trends can be refreshing,

and of course we can modify them, but

do not let age stop you from trying something!

With this coming year’s 1960s inspired look,

here are some ideas to be modern, and take a

trip down memory lane at the same


At 50 plus, white lips may be difficult

to pull off, but light pinks when

lined with a matching liner in the

same color is easier to get away with

for a light, fun pastel look going into


For the eyes, while heavy liquid

black liner can unintentionally create

a harsher look, a very fine black

liner with a small wing at the end of

the outer eye will create that Bond

Girl look that is both sexy and trendy.

It can also make your lashes appear

longer at the wings!

If you are not comfortable using

liquid liner, you can use a felt tipped

liner, like the one I sell on my site. It can be

Timeless Beauty

easier to control because it’s not too watery

and easier if your hands are not as steady.

As a side bonus, this type of liner can be

good for covering those stray gray eyebrows!

I’m always on the lookout for products that

can be used for multiple purposes-saves money

and time!

When using the liner on the bottom of your

eye, be careful to not create a heavy-circled

raccoon look with a thick defined line underneath.

It can make your eyes look smaller

rather than larger! Start at about the center

and move to the outside of the eye for the bolder

line. Then move from the inner corner to

the middle, making it lighter, and then blend

or smudge the entire line so it is not heavily


Dark, dramatic eyes and pale lips. Just like

the 60s… but now much wiser too!

Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company based in Las

Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty products. She would love to

hear from you with questions, ideas or tips you’d like to share! Contact Linda at

TimelessBeauty2020@gmail.com or through her website www.fullips.com.


By: Dan Roberts - Publisher

“What makes you think I still want to do

this?” It was one of the few times I was in full

battle-mode with the political editor of The

Vegas Voice.

Regular readers are well aware that the

political editor is also my “partner in life &

love.” You can, therefore understand why my

Rana had no concerns about being fired…

and responding in full force to my question.

Our “discussion” was very simple: Does

The Vegas Voice continue its “obsession” for

guardianship reform?

To be candid, I have become increasingly

disgusted by our various government and

public officials over this cesspool. As Rana

and I waded into this mess, we’ve seen firsthand

what horrific things have been done to


Families financially and emotionally destroyed

by the guardianship system - all under

the fiction of “assistance.” The greed and

lack of any conscience by this evil empire of

lawyers, judges, doctors, bureaucrats, and

private guardianship industry goes far beyond

anything that can be expressed in this


Even worse, when The Vegas Voice exposed

this utterly corrupt system, rather than be

embarrassed or shamed by their actions, this

gulag merely went underground and stayed

quiet. They have now worked behind the

scenes to make sure that nothing changes. At

best, only window-dressing to fool the public.

They have found the perfect scapegoat

for those “alleged” abuses – former private

guardian April Parks. Since she is no longer

a problem, there are no longer any guardianship

problems, they maintain.

Help Us Help You (and Your Loved Ones)

Will you sign our guardianship petition?

Rana testifying before the Nevada Senate

So with a few “minor” suggestions, the cabal

now claims it’s “Time to move on. The

witch is dead” the co-conspirators proclaim.

What troubles me is that such “logic” and

position can be so readily accepted by the


Let me be very clear: If this collection

of liars, whores and thieves are not stopped

now and forever, there will be another corrupt

guardian, another Jared Shafer, another

Patience Bristol, another April Parks. The opportunity,

and more importantly, the money

is just too great.

My disagreement with Rana is her Don(na)

Quixote belief that if we keep fighting and

with the senior community’s clear and loud

support, lasting reforms can be implemented.

I have my concerns that this time, the guardianship

industry is now ready, well-funded,

and unconditionally prepared to do battle.

The last thing these guys want is an independent,

non-biased senior volunteer organization

looking over and reviewing their

activities. Instead they offer these “solutions”:

1.The creation of the “Office of the Specialist

for the Rights of Elderly Persons” within

the Nevada Aging & Disability Services; or,

2. New confidentiality regulations to “protect”

the privacy rights of the wards (and a

prohibition by the media to obtain such accounting

records); or,

3. Increased funding to state agencies (including

the courts) so they can continue “the

fight for reform.”

Our Vegas Voice question to seniors: Do

YOU believe that the government (be it

our Attorney General, District Attorney, state

agencies - beginning with Aging & Disability

Services, the Nevada Bar Association, Nevada

Medical Society or the Judicial system) will

come to your rescue if YOU become a

guardianship victim?

If you answer “yes” there’s no need to read

this any further.

But if you believe that there was and continues

to be a “rigged system” and these entities

care only about “protecting their own”

or increasing their annual budget, this is our

urgent plea.

Once again, we are asking the public to

sign and return the attached petition on the

next page. The Vegas Voice guardianship

reforms are so simple - yet so revolutionary,

that if we can make this mandatory, we can

guarantee that it will finally erase “guardianship”

as an issue.



1. A mandatory independent, certified

volunteer senior court appointed (CASA) advocate

to protect the interests of the “ward.”

2. The CASA have “interested person”

(NRS.157.078) status so they can appear in


3. That all guardians submit quarterly accounting

statements (NRS 159.177) reviewed

by independent, certified volunteer auditors.

4. That all training & certification for private

for-profit guardians (NRS 159.0595) be

provided by a Nevada entity.


past, our suggestion is quick, easy and proven

to be very effective. We know it will have an

incredible impact on the Nevada Legislature.

The best part - it will only take you (less

than) one minute. Just fill out the attached

petition and mail/fax/email it to The Vegas


It will cost you no more than a stamp (or

a local fax call) and for those individuals

who are “on line” anyway (our website: www.

thevegasvoice.net) absolutely nothing.

The Vegas Voice will do the rest. Notwithstanding

my hesitancy, Rana has “gently

advised” yours truly that we will indeed be

traveling to Carson City and hand deliver the

petitions - as well as testify before the Nevada


Additionally, as outlined on page 21, Rana

and the entire Vegas Voice/guardianship reform

team will be making the rounds across

the valley to alert seniors to this problem. The

seminars are ALWAYS FREE and the bigger

the crowd, the better our chances.

Is my Rana correct or do we let the bad

guys win? The choice is yours.

18 www.thevegasvoice.net

I think 2017 may see that proverbial

“light at the end of the

guardianship tunnel” turn into a


You might recall Elizabeth Indig,

whose mother was a victim of

private guardian April Parks. Mrs.

Indig’s home was sold for pennies

on the dollar along with every

item she owned - all without court

permission. Indig lost everything.

Elizabeth has fought valiantly.

This courageous woman spent

countless hours learning how,

why, and what to do in “playing

lawyer” since she could not afford


She was constantly challenged

by Park’s lawyers, losing each

time, but nothing stopped her. She

attended every Nevada Guardianship

Commission meeting hoping

for someone to help her mother.

Eventually, attorney Adam

Woodrum, was asked by Barbara

Buckley, Executive Director of

the Legal Aid Center of Southern

Nevada to help. Adam and his

partner/wife Homa began reviewing

April Parks’ accounting statements.

Homa discovered (as The Vegas Voice mentioned

in our guardianship seminars) that Ms.

Parks was billing her wards as much as 100

hours per day. Since there are only 24 hours in

a day, that is a neat trick, if you can get away

with it – which she did for several years.

Finally, last month Elizabeth was again in

court, this time before Judge Nancy Allf. After

the hearing, the Judge ruled that $100,000 was

lost through Parks’ fraudulent conduct.

Additionally, the Judge determined that

$40,000 in the value of the home was lost because

of the guardian’s actions and that Parks

paid herself (and her attorney) over $15,000

without court approval. She also ruled held

that Parks must return all the money she

billed Mrs. Indig, plus interest and attorney’s


The following day, Rudy and Renee North

were in court with daughter Julie Belshie.

Those who attended our seminars should remember

the Norths.

They were the couple legally kidnapped by

April Parks when she knocked on their front

door. Upon Parks meeting the Norths for the

january 17

On My Soap Box

Rana Goodman

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Elizabeth Indig with her mom

The North/Belshe family

first time, she gave them three choices: (a)

Come with her, (b) Go to jail, (c) Go to a mental

ward. It took Julie two years to get her parents

released from Parks’ guardianship

The “physician certificate” claiming that

Rudy needed a guardian was signed by a pain

management doctor and a physician’s assistant

(PA). The North family instituted a civil

action against these horrible individuals.

Rather than back up their “expert opinions”

the pain management doctor and PA moved to

dismiss the claims against them. Over the past

few years, the Belshie and North families have

had so many “doors slammed in their face”

via the rigged guardianship legal system, they

expected more of the same.

Lawyers Gerald Gillock and Jessica Goudey,

however did a fabulous job representing these

former wards before Hearing Commissioner

James Bixler. Commissioner Bixler quickly

ruled that a pain management doctor and a

physician’s assistant playing psychiatrist was

ludicrous. The motion to dismiss was quickly


Another victory for the good guys! And with

your help, there will be more to come.


Richard Black

A League of their Own

Guardian Concerns


My wife’s father was taken hostage in Summerlin

and isolated the last 2 ½ years of his life.

He was never allowed to visit or speak with his

family during that time without a chaperone.

He was not allowed to leave the home by

any family member. He died in the guardian’s

home on July 3, 2015, his foot black with gangrene

due to a neglected infection.

Judge Charles Hoskin and Commissioner

Jon Norheim sanctioned and passionately defended

everything guardians Denise Comastro

and Helen Natko did to him. Norheim approved

paying over $500,000 from dad’s estate to his

court allies during his guardianship years.

Elder protective services, Metro and the DA

declared Natko had abused and financially exploited

him. Her criminal trial is scheduled to

begin on February 13th.

My research and the evidence by victims

confirm over $40 million was lost by nearly

50 families in their unsuccessful attempts to

protect their loved one. Any and all estate documents,

including Trusts, were ignored after

Hoskin took the bench.

By early 2015, Hoskin and Norheim knew

Jasen & Brandi Cassady

A Misuse of Trust

As you may have heard, Robert C. Graham,

a local attorney who also did business

under the name Lawyers West has been accused

of misappropriating over $13 million

dollars from funds held in his client trust

account. We have been court-appointed to

receive his files.

It is important to understand that, while

these allegations are especially egregious and

have shattered public trust in lawyers, the

public needs to know what kind of trust is at


Attorneys, in nearly every state, are holders

of what is called an IOLTA, or “interest

on lawyers trust account” fund where the attorney

safeguards funds while a legal procedure

is pending. The allegations against Mr.

Graham stem from mishandling of monies

held in his lawyer’s trust account, which is

completely unrelated to the living trust tool,

commonly used for probate avoidance.

The allegations made by the State Bar are

about the mishandling of monies held by Mr.

Rick, Wife Terri and dad

that families had come forward and started

efforts to discredit both of them. Instead of

recognizing the need to adhere to the law, they

doubled down, and went on to attack the families

- including my wife and me.

In our last hearing before Norheim in March

2015, he verbally attacked my wife, accusing

her of planning to abuse her father with “draconian

and inhumane” tactics. He declared he

would have never allowed her to care for her


Attorney Robert Graham

Graham in his client trust money account,

not about the living trusts that Mr. Graham

established for many clients throughout the

years. His suspension does not de facto void

He accused Aegis Memory Care (who my

wife had selected to help transition her father

back to health) of multiple illegal acts - including

that it would have held him in isolation

in a locked and padded cell.

Norheim and Hoskin actions are well

known, yet they continue to be protected by

judicial and elected officials. Nobody has

been criminally indicted, even though millions

went missing while under the complete

control of their court allies. Hoskin remains

the Presiding Judge of Clark County Family

Court and Norheim continues to serve as one

of Hoskin’s Commissioners.

Additionally, last month, we heard of elder

law attorney Robert Graham “losing” over $13

million of funds that he had been holding in

escrow for his clients. He has yet to be criminally


Mr. Graham represented over 476 families

in probate and family court since he set up his

first practice. His first firm was founded in 1995

with fellow attorneys Linda Graham (wife),

Charles Hoskin, and John Brannelly.

Hoskin was appointed as a District Judge

the documents he drafted.

I am also receiving inquiries about whether

this is related to the guardianship issues. It

is not. Guardianship and probate are apples

and oranges.

Guardianship is almost always about who

gets to take care of a vulnerable ward. Probate

is always, always, always, about who gets

the decedent’s money.

At its worst, probate is posthumous infighting

over money. At best, it is a structured process

to ensure that the entitled parties receive

their share of the estate.

The allegations against Mr. Graham sweep

across both areas of the law, but they are

mostly unrelated to the actual case type, and

instead are directly related to mishandling of

his lawyer’s trust account.

Attorneys are a self-governing profession,

and we always have been. The vast majority

of us are decent people who would never

touch money we hold in our lawyer’s trust account.

Collectively, we hold billions.

in 2009 and won his first election in 2010. He

has been the Presiding Judge of the 8 th District

Family Court overseeing all adult guardianships

for several years.

Hoskin continues to protect his allies in

Family Court. Last summer, on the anniversary

of dad’s death, I sent an email to Norheim reminding

him and Hoskin of the damages they

did to hundreds of families.

Within 5 hours of hitting the send button, I

received a call from the Las Vegas Metropolitan

Police Department, counter terrorism detail,

advising they were launching an investigation

of me for threatening to terminate Norheim.

Judges and lawyers get immediate service

and immunities while family’s protections are

ignored. If you demand due process, you can

be emotionally and financially overwhelmed.

You soon learn who controls the playing field

in Family Court.

If you or I were caught stealing more than

$13 million, or held a person hostage, us commoners

would most certainly be in jail. Hoskin,

Norheim and their court allies however, continue

to operate in a league of their own.

However, I think the time has come for additional

safety nets to be added. You cannot

legislate a moral compass, and stealing client

money held in a lawyer’s trust account

is already illegal, but I think bonding for attorneys

who hold trust accounts would be an

excellent solution.

The legal community will be brainstorming

to create a viable solution that will protect

the public and keep the process affordable

and realistic for solo attorneys and small

firms, and thus, the clients.

We will be working overtime to restore public

trust, and remember that one bad apple

does not mean a rotten orchard. Don’t panic

about your own living trust.

Remember, this case is not about probate,

guardianship, or a living trust - it is about alleged

abuse of a lawyer’s trust account, which

swept across several areas of the law.

Most living trust attorneys have free consultations.

If you are worried, call one of us

for a free consultation to ease concerns.

20 www.thevegasvoice.net



Sun City MacDonald Ranch

Tuesday, Jan., 24th

@ 10:00 am

Solera @ Anthem

Wednesday, Jan., 25th

@ 10:00 am


Thursday, Jan., 26th

@ 10:00 am

Sun City Summerlin

Thursday, Feb. 1

@ 10:00 am

Desert Vista Center

(Sponsored by

Assemblyman Jim Marchant)

Sun City Aliante

Tuesday, Feb., 7th

@ 10:00 am

Sun City Anthem

Monday, Feb., 20th

@ 10:00 am


january 17

…and your loved ones!



Find out what is being done to Help You…


The NEW Guardianship laws affect every senior. You are

invited to attend this very important and FREE Seminar!

For more information and to RSVP,

contact The Vegas Voice at:

702/251-4441 or www.thevegasvoice.net


Steve Miller

My First Encounter

Guest Column

Robert Telles

Seeking Assistance for a Ward

In 1999, I received a visit from Thomas

Gaule, the son of Anna Marie Gaule, a wealthy

downtown property owner whom I had known

during my tenure at Las Vegas City Hall. Accompanying

Thomas was Ted Gunderson, a

former FBI agent.

Thomas asked if I would go with them to a

private rest home to see his mom. He explained

that his mother had been brutally beaten the

night before.

On the way, Thomas said his mom had been

made a ward of the court, that her bank accounts

were being drained and properties

transferred to the-then elected Clark County

Public Guardian Jared E. Shafer. Her mom and

Thomas had been making inquiries about her

finances before she sustained her injuries.

He wanted witnesses to testify in court the

following week about her abuse. I grabbed my

camera and we proceeded to the home.

We were greeted by a man who told us “No

visit! No visit!” when Thomas asked to see his

mom. Gunderson already had his foot in the

door and immediately wedged our way past

Victim Anna Marie Gaule

the man.

Thomas led us to Anna Marie’s bedroom

where we found her sitting in bed with two

black eyes and a broken nose. Though stricken

with Alzheimer’s and suffering from her injuries,

she warmly greeted her son and his guests.

I began shooting photos while the caretaker

yelled for us to leave. Thomas lifted his

mother’s robe and showed us bruises on

her legs. I asked if she had received medical


Thomas said she hadn’t. I asked how

she sustained the injuries and Thomas

said he was informed she “fell out of


The following week, Thomas acting as

his own attorney, appeared before Clark

County Family Court Judge William Voy

to ask that Shafer be removed as guardian

and let Thomas care for his mom in

one of her homes. He planned to show his

Guardian Certificate obtained from Shafer’s

office certifying Thomas graduated

from a $1,500 course taught by Shafer.

At the hearing were Shafer and his attorney

Gardner Jolly. While Gunderson and I

patiently waited to be called, Thomas pled his


After three hours, Thomas emerged to inform

us that Judge Voy denied his request to allow

Gunderson and I to testify and show photos.

Additionally, Thomas was to be restricted

to only thirty minutes with his mom per visit.

He was also told that could not bring guests

nor take photos of her. Thomas then said Anna

Marie was going to be transferred to Pahrump

- over fifty miles away.

Shafer and Jolly emerged from the court

room. When they saw the three of us, they

broke into laughter and walked away.

Anna Marie was moved the next day and

because Thomas doesn’t drive, he was rarely

able to visit his mom in the final year of her

life. She died alone, drugged and isolated from

Thomas, her only living relative.

Her fortune was never accounted for, a requirement

of Nevada law. According to Thomas,

Anna Marie’s assets included several commercial

properties, two houses, bank accounts,

insurance policies, and annuities.

From the day of that hearing, I’ve vowed

to expose the heinous guardianship fraud in

Las Vegas and will continue doing so until the

enabling judges, ruthless guardians, and their

attorneys are finally brought to justice.

8197_SSHIX_OE_Jan_VegasVoice_FIN.pdf 1 12/21/16 4:21 PM

You may have a friend who has had

a guardianship ordered over him or

her. This person may have complained

about the fact that he or she did not

have the opportunity to ask why the

guardianship was ordered.

In my own practice, I have come

across circumstances where people

over whom a guardianship was awarded

never actually received the opportunity

to object to the guardianship.

This can result from a doctor’s erroneous

opinion that the person could not

speak his or her own opinion in court.

This may result from the doctor’s belief

that the person would not have the

physical ability to attend court, would

be unable to voice his or her opinion,

or for some other reason. However, the

guardianship court is concerned with

ensuring that any person over whom

a guardianship has been ordered have

the ability to speak to the court.

Really, only those who should be excused

from attending court hearings

would be a person who is unable to

safely leave a hospitable bed or is truly

a danger to him or herself or others.

Those who have had a guardianship

ordered over them are known as wards

or protected persons. These folks are

those who have shown to be a danger

to him or herself or to others.

This may include an inability to

manage one’s own financial affairs or

the inability to adequately maintain

his or her own health without the assistance

of others. This often includes

those who have unfortunately been

diagnosed with a disorder that erodes

the memory, such as Alzheimer’s or


Other circumstances may involve

something more physically severe,

such as an illness that confines that

person to a hospital bed. The former

circumstances, Alzheimer’s and dementia,

may not necessarily call for

an immediate confinement to involuntary

commitment in a memory care


A memory care unit is a place where

people are placed and are monitored

on a 24-hour basis. As previously

mentioned, this may not be the first


Often times, the protected person

has the money and the health necessary

to continue living at home. Unfortunately,

even loved ones can jump

the gun and determine that the first

option should be commitment to a

memory care unit.

What can be done? If you know

someone who has not had the opportunity

to address the court in his or her

guardianship, that person can contact

an attorney who can petition the court

to allow the protected person to speak

to the court. This can often result in a

re-evaluation of the case and whether

that person meets the necessary criteria

to return home or a less confining


Unfortunately, even well-meaning

family can jump the gun and move

straight to a restrictive living arrangement

for that person even when that

person might be able to live in his or

her own home with the assistance of

some paid help.

If you believe you know someone

living in restrictive living arrangement

unnecessarily, be sure to have

that person contact a qualified guardianship


Rob Telles is the founder of Accolade Law, a law firm that serves clients in

guardianship, estate planning and probate. His office can be reached at (702) 337-


22 www.thevegasvoice.net

january 17


Stu Cooper - Travel Editor

If Not Now, When?

Happy Destinations

I have often said: “LIFE IS WHAT HAP-


do we make a lot of (travel) plans for a

whole lot of people.

After 29 years in the travel business, we

must have helped thousands of people plan

vacations. In 2016 alone with our “Buses to

the Boat” and other group trips we planned

and sent over 500 people on their vacations

with the Vegas Voyagers Travel Club.

I am telling you this because in just

about every trip we plan, the people who

we are assisting often times are telling us

about their daily trials and tribulations.

Whether it’s a doctor’s visit, a work related

issue, or maybe a family situation, they are

still planning a vacation.

So we get a lot of: “If everything is ok, (at

work, at home or health wise – just fill in

the blank) we’re going to (a Cruise, Europe,

Mexico, Hawaii - once again, just fill in the

blank).” I’m sure you get the idea.

Life is going on, but our Vegas Voyagers

are still making plans.

My response to these situations is to always

encourage their interest in travel and

to try and not let life’s daily issues get in the

way of planning that long sought after vacation.

And I don’t tell people this because

it is my business to send people on vacations;

I do so simply because - if not now,


You just never know when life will actually

get in the way of the vacation you have

planned. It has happened to everyone, including


Over ten years ago, I had a health scare

that required me to have outpatient treatment

over a nine-week period on the other

side of the country. I had to put my “life” on

hold while I was being treated.

No vacations for me. Life really did

cramp my style. I vowed then to try and not

let things get in the way of what I like to do.

Keep moving forward and at the end of

the day, everything will get sorted out. I

really have tried to live this way since my

health scare.

As the New Year begins, I suggest we all

resolve to continue to make all those plans.

Plan those “Bucket List” trips or experiences

you want to have.

Plan those visits to family and friends.

Resolve to have a “sense of wonder” about

all that is around you. Explore.

Whether it’s a new restaurant down the

block or the cruise around the world - GO

and DO. Life truly is what happens while

you make plans. Just don’t stop making the


And, of course keep an eye out for our

next Vegas Voyagers meeting. We hope to

have some big new trips and travel destinations

to offer to all Vegas Voice readers.

24 www.thevegasvoice.net

january 17




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Enrich your life in 2017!

Vegas Vacationers presents

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Vatican City

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january 17


Kathy Manney

Taliesin West - An Inspiring Respite

Around Our World

The drive takes you up a winding paved

road with extraordinary views and the occasional

wildlife sighting.

It has plenty of sky overhead and for more

than eighty winters, the 600-acre Taliesin West

complex has been Frank Lloyd Wright’s desert

masterpiece. Pronounced “tal-ee-ess-in,”

Taliesin West was Mr. Wright’s world-famous

winter home and architectural laboratory,

minutes from downtown Scottsdale, Arizona.

Taliesin West drew its name from Wright’s

summer home in Wisconsin and was the architect’s

winter home and school in the desert

from 1937 until his death in 1959 at the age of

91. Today it is the campus of the Frank Lloyd

Wright School of Architecture.

Wright continually improved and added to

the complex of buildings with all construction

done by his students. Taliesin West is an ongoing,

vibrant community. Wright called his

architecture students “the fellowship.”

Frank Lloyd Wright believed this Sonoran

Desert location to be the perfect setting for

building a winter residence and school. He

paid $3.50 an acre for the land on a southern

slope of the McDowell Mountains.

As Wright described: “I learned of a site

twenty-six miles from Phoenix, across the desert

of the vast Paradise Valley. On up to a great

mesa in the mountains. On the mesa just below

McDowell Peak we stopped, turned, and

looked around. The top of the world.”

Arizona’s azure bright sun honed Wright’s

strong connection with nature and the desert

saying, “Arizona needs its own architecture…

Arizona’s long, low, sweeping lines, up tilting

planes. Surface patterned after such abstraction

in line and color as find ‘realism’ in the

patterns of the rattlesnake, the Gila Monster,

the chameleon and the saguaro . . .”

Using natural light in his design, native

stone and sand from his land’s foothills,

Wright and “the Fellowship” lived outdoors in

tents while handcrafting Taliesin West. Their

structure’s walls are made of rocks stacked

within wood forms and then filled with concrete.

He said, “There were simple characteristic

silhouettes to go by, tremendous drifts and

heaps of sunburned desert rocks were nearby

to be used. We got it all together with the landscape…”

Born in 1867, Frank Lloyd Wright grew up

in rural Wisconsin and studied civil engineering

before becoming an architect known for

revolutionary and nonconformist designs.

Wright created a new, vibrant look that he

called “organic architecture” where “form

and function were one.”

In spite of gaining fame and respect abroad,

he was not always esteemed in America and

often ridiculed during his lifetime

On a crisp winter morning, sunlight

streams through the windows of the Wright’s

living room where the desert view beyond is

dazzling. All of the furniture and many of the

decorations were designed by Wright. We are

seated in comfortable simple mid-century

wood chairs cushioned in orange upholstery.

Taliesin West is a living memorial to Frank

Lloyd Wright and tours are open to the public.

Guests are invited into the living spaces, where

rooms and furnishings aren’t held behind


Tours include the living room, Mr. Wright’s

private office, his bedroom and the Cabaret

Theater built in an irregularly hexagonal

shape which has 95% acoustic perfection.

Its outside walls draped in bright pink bougainvillea,

Taliesin West was designated a

National Historic Landmark in 1982. It is the

winter and main campus of the Frank Lloyd

Wright School of Architecture and houses the

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. As in Wright’s

time, students and faculty spend summers in

Spring Green, Wisconsin which is known as

Taliesin East.

Taliesin West is part of historic Scottsdale

and open year round. While here, you are

encouraged to become part of Frank Lloyd

Wright’s community and school of architecture

and explore the buildings and the rooms.

It is truly a unique experience and inspiring


Kathy Manney enjoys visiting interesting places and being an Adventure Diva. Her

“Must See” travel journeys continue - always with enthusiasm.

In Our Backyard

Debbie Landry

Peggy Sue’s Diner

How about Peggy Sue’s Diner? Located in

Yermo, California, Mike and I finally decided to

stop on our way back from Los Angeles.

Have you ever been there? The food items

all have Hollywood themed names, and the

“homemade” apple pie was the best!

The diner features a 50s style 5 & dime store,

pizza parlor, ice cream parlor and soda fountain.

Peggy Sue’s is an original roadside diner

that was built in 1954 with 9 counter stools and

3 booths.

“We wanted good homemade food and great

50s music. We ran out of room, so we expanded

into a real old fashioned tourist stop, just like

we remembered when we traveled across the

country as kids”, says owner Peggy Sue.

Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner is located 10 miles

north of Barstow on the I-15 at Ghost Town

Road. For more information, visit www.


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january 17


Mary Richard

Health Fitness

Curb Those Cravings!

Kyo Mitchell

A Healthier You

A Different Strategy for 2017

James J. White, D.D.S

Dental Botox

January is here and the New Year’s resolutions

have arrived! I don’t do the resolutions

part as they just don’t work for me! I do

GOALS, not resolutions!

One of my goals after all the Holidays goodies

(Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas

and New Year’s) is to honestly be true to myself.

I will never go back to my “ultra-skinny”

self – but will try to stay within my size now.

Oh yes, it is tough! But I try very hard to

curve those cravings.

Salty cravings: When people seek out

French fries or pretzels, or any type of carbs,

cravings for salty foods can be a sign of dehydration.

(Believe it or not!) I always advise my

Zumba students to drink water before, during

and after any classes. We are in a drier climate

and need the H20 to hydrate our bodies.

A rule of thumb is to take your honest (no

lying) weight, divide it by 2 and that is the

normal amount of water you need each day.

If you exercise, or engage in any type of extra

activity - add more ounces of water needed.

How to curb those cravings? - reach for the

spice rack! Yep, adding spices will help to decrease

the increased calories.

Usually with salt cravings, you need savory

flavor to help combat the wanted salt. Add

rosemary, basil or another bold spice to your

next meal.

Eat a small handful of nuts to help combat

the need for extra carbs. I have been on a kick

of adding flax seed and walnuts to my salads

for extra flavor. I’ve been eating a salad every

day before my main meal and it helps to

make me feel fuller.

And be aware of those little goodies samples

that the sales people entice you at the major

warehouse stores. Yes, I’ve tried several, but all

those calories DO add up!

Before you know it, you’ve consumed your

caloric limit for the day just within a few runs

around the warehouse aisles! True, I have

purchased several items by having a sample,

but caution – just a “sample”, not several!

I’ve witnessed patrons going back for seconds,

thirds, etc. They must think they are getting

a meal, not just samples!

Keeping a food journal also helps. You’d be

surprised if you started writing down everything

that you eat and drink what you really


All in all, just try to be cautious in what

you eat and drink, bump up the exercises and

those extra pounds that you suddenly accumulated

over the holidays will soon disappear

in no time. Enjoy the new year 2017!



Mary Richard was crowned Ms. Senior Nevada 2006, was first runner-up for Ms.

Senior America 2006 and is a life-time dancer. She is one of the original columnists

for The Vegas Voice. She is now an aerobics instructor throughout Las Vegas/

Henderson. Mary can be reached at mary-vegasvoice@cox.net.

After making each of these respective

meals, decide how much you liked the

taste of each meal. If you liked the recipe,

keep it for future use. If you didn’t like it,

throw the recipe out.

Each week of the first month, one day

within that week, you should try one

new recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Keep the recipes you like and discard

those you do not. In month two, make two

different Paleo recipes for breakfast each

week as well as two different lunches and

two different dinners.

In month three, bring this up to three

breakfasts, three lunches and three dinners

each week. In month four, make four

breakfasts, four lunches and four dinners

each week. The same pattern should be

With the arrival of a new year, many

individuals will make New Year’s resolutions.

Many of these resolutions will revolve

around better health.

In the case of most people, these resolutions

last about two to three weeks and

then we slide back into our old habits.

Below are some tips to help increase the

probability that you will keep your resolutions.

If your resolution is to lose weight, lower

your blood sugar or just eat healthier,

you need to approach this realistically. We

derive pleasure from eating. This is one of

the reasons people overeat.

If you switch to a diet where that pleasure

is decreased or worse yet, eliminated,

your healthy diet will not last long before

you go back to your previous eating hab-

A denture technique so sophisticated,

followed for months five, six and seven.

its. Diets do not work over the long run. What this strategy does is gives you

Only a change to a healthier approach time to make a natural transition that is

to food that you enjoy will help you meet not difficult or stressful. You are finding

and keep your goals.

recipes that you enjoy eating that are also

Here’s an example. Since you want to healthy for you.

lose weight and become healthier, you What most people find when they follow

a strategy like this is that if they then

now eat according to the Paleo diet perspective.

If you do this method at 100%, “cheat” and splurge on some unhealthy

right off the bat, you will be lucky to last food, it makes them feel terrible and

two weeks.

makes it easier to not eat it in the future.

Instead, find one recipe each for breakfast,

lunch and dinner from the list of Paercise.

Start off slowly and gradually work

The same strategy can be applied to exleo

diet recipes that sound tasty to you. On towards your fitness goals. This will keep

Monday make the breakfast recipe. you from getting too sore or too exhausted

On Tuesday or Wednesday make the and allow your body to gradually become

lunch recipe. On Thursday or Friday, stronger and healthier.

make the dinner recipe.

Best of health in 2017.

Dr. Kyo Mitchell served as faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle and Wongu

University in Las Vegas for over a decade. Dr. Mitchell practices in Summerlin and

can be reached at 702-481-6216 or rkyomitchell@gmail.com.

Late last year, the Las Vegas Review Journal

ran an article which discussed the use of Botox

(botulinum toxin) by dentists and even dental


Botox is commonly used in a small dose for

cosmetic reasons, but is many times used for

other medical concerns, such as chronic migraines,

reducing bladder activity, etc.

I wish to exercise this author’s freedom of

opinion regarding what is referred to as a “turf

war” between the medical and dental community.

Let me first acknowledge that there have

been dental uses for Botox when attempting to

treat parafunctional activity (tooth grinding)

and TMJ issues. To my knowledge however,

this use is not a common therapy in dental


What is a puzzle to me is the fact that there

is even discussion over the use of Botox by

dentists. As I see it, there is no need for a “turf


If dentists would devote their time and brain

power in becoming better dentists, they would

not have time to even think about the use of



This program is offered at the office of:

James J. White, DDS

1140 N.Town Center Dr., #170

Las Vegas, NV 89144

Annual fee: $280.00

Includes: • 2 routine cleanings

• 2 periodic examinations (including

periodontal & oral cancer exam)

• 1 set of diagnostic x-rays

• 1 consultation

• 5% discount on ALL restorative services

• 5% discount on automatic annual renewal

If you are one of over 100 million Americans

without dental insurance, call now:

702/ 562-8833


Botox in their practice.

I have seen so much inferior dental care

over the years that I wonder how those particular

practitioners ever made it through dental

school - much less success in practice. Many

of these same dentists are the ones who lobby

for the use as Botox.

Perhaps they should have been estheticians

instead of dentists? It has been my experience

however, that people who come to a

dental office are looking to receive dental

treatment, and not a reduction in the lines

of their forehead.

The dentistry profession has changed and

advanced so quickly that it is nearly a full

time job just to keep up with the changes.

If one is a devoted dental care provider,

their dedication should be strictly to how to

provide comprehensive dental care for the

long-term health and stability of their patients.

It should be the study of advanced restorations,

advanced cosmetics, implant dentistry,

teeth-in-a-day to replace dentures,

function and position of the TMJ (temporomandibular

joint), how to equilibrate

an occlusion (bite), advances in periodontal

care, full mouth reconstruction, use of medicaments,


Not the use of Botox. Leave the botulinum

toxin to the physicians. There is too much

dentistry to accomplish to fool around with

such things.

People who come to my office should assume

that I can provide the latest and greatest

as far as what the dental profession can provide.

This is my job. This is my passion.

I suspect that it is the same for the majority

of dental practitioners - so forget Botox. Be

certain that your dentist is pursuing continuing

education to advance his/her DENTAL

ability on your behalf.

I realize that my opinion will most likely

offend some of my colleagues who feel we

should not be restricted in using Botox. I accept

this, but I have always been dedicated to

post-graduate education and, more importantly,

always attempt to introduce into my

practice what I learned.

It is a herculean task - without complicating

the delivery of dentistry by improving their

face through Botox.

Practicing and delivering dental art to a patient

is far more rewarding than what Botox

can provide for a few months.

Remember, one is not in good health without

good oral health. A very happy and healthy

new year to all.

30 www.thevegasvoice.net

january 17


Pat Warren

Well, it’s a

New Year and

the outdoor

planting season

is, essentially,

on the backburner.

But that

doesn’t mean

that you can’t

still indulge

your green


If you can’t

plant anything

outside, you

can still plant

and grow something


inside –


People living

in the rest of the country often try to grow

herbs in a pot on the windowsill, and while

you can certainly try this system in a south or

southwest-facing window, winter light alone

can be insufficient for optimum growth.

Another choice is using a system of grow

lights. Specialized, full-spectrum, T5 fluorescent

bulbs give your plants the light they need

without throwing off a lot of heat. Position the

lights 3-4 inches away from your herbs and

keep them on for 14-16 hours a day. These

lights can be set up in your kitchen, garage or

in a closet on trays or on shelves.

Some of the herbs that will grow well in an

indoor setting are: basil, chives, dill, marjoram,

oregano, parsley and sage. Obviously

these are all culinary herbs, so if you plant

them, not only will you have something lovely

and green to look at but your cooking will

benefit as well.

While all herbs need well-drained soil and

good air circulation, basil needs full sun and

daytime temperatures around 70 degrees with

nighttime temps around 60, but can tolerate

temperatures as low as 50 degrees. Water

whenever the soil surface begins to dry out

and harvest your basil by pinching off growing


Oregano, marjoram, sage and chives also

need daytime temperatures around 70 degrees

Happy Gardening

Ask A Master Gardener

and nighttime temps around 60 but can tolerate

temperatures as low as 40 degrees. They

all need full sun.

Marjoram, sage and basil can be watered

when they’re a little on the dry side but chives

need a bit more water. Harvest the first three

by cutting them back frequently, while chives

should be harvested by cutting individual

leaves down to one inch from the soil in the


Parsley is a bit different from the others. It

needs full or partial sun and the soil should

be kept uniformly moist (but not wet). It can

grow well in temperatures that range from

60 to 65 degrees with occasional lows in the

forties. You should harvest parsley by cutting

only the outer leaves so that the center can

create new growth.

Dill grows well in daytime temperatures

around 60 degrees and nighttime temps

around 50 but can tolerate temperatures as

low as 40 degrees. It needs full sun and should

be watered whenever the soil surface begins to

dry out. Harvest dill by cutting off the lower

leaves once the plant reaches about 12 inches


Have other gardening questions? You can

call the UNR Cooperative Extension’s Master

Gardener Help Desk at 702-257-5555. We’re

available Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to

3:00 p.m. The service is free.

Pat Warren is a certified Master Gardener with the UNR Cooperative Extension.

She started her training because of the frustration she felt trying to get something,

anything, to grow in Nevada.

Jim Valkenburg

If you have a major loss, you may be

asked to provide some proof of ownership

on a claim.

Contrary to anything you’ve

heard, claims adjusters usually

use common sense

and believe you own

all the “normal”


in life

such as beds,

tables, sofas,




pots &

pans, etc.

If your

home was


or ransacked, they don’t question the

items that make sense for the size of

home you have.

However, if you have a 1200 square

foot; 2 bedroom/2 bath home and

then include 8 big screen televisions

on your inventory, you can expect to

be asked to provide proof. Common

sense. On high-ticket items or unusual

items, you will often be asked for

receipts or manuals or photos.

If you spent over $3,000 on a TV, it

would not be unusual for an adjuster

to ask for some type of proof. Or if you

claim you owned an original Picasso

valued at over $30,000, then there

would need to be some hard evidence

of that - up to and often including

an appraisal from a competent third


The real question here is just how

to provide proof of ownership. There

are any number of ways to accomplish

this and some are cumbersome

and unwieldy – like keeping receipts

for everything. And some are rather

simple, albeit a bit time consuming –

like a photo or video record of your


Here’s what I recommend you do.

Insurance Insight

Why You Need a Home


Use a video camera/camcorder and

record every room and closet in your

home; including the garage. It really

doesn’t have to be HD quality video,

rather just a record of the

stuff you own.

Naturally you will

remember your


(beds, tables,

chairs, etc.)

but this is a

way to help

you remember

m u c h

of the


stuff you

own. If I

asked you to

list every item in your closet, odds are

that would be impossible.

Can you list every pair of shoes

owned in your household? At an average

price of $50 a pair, a household

that has 50 pairs of shoes would value

at $2,500 – just for shoes – and I’ll bet

it’s higher than that for most people.

How many sets of sheets or towels do

you own? Can you name every book,

CD or DVD you own - or even tell me

how many?

The purpose for a recording is more

to remind you of what you own than

to prove what you own. If you lost everything

to a fire, you could at least

put the recording on pause and count

the number of “little” items owned -

the adjuster won’t care what the value

of each shirt, slacks or pair of shoes

is, but will pay based on number of


Finally, be sure to keep the recording

in a safe place away from your home

so if you do have a total loss, the proof

of your belongings is safe and sound.

Also it would be a good idea to update

the recording every few years or after

a major purchase.

Jim Valkenburg is a retired military officer and insurance executive. He and his wife

owned and operated their own insurance agency for over 16 years. His primary

purpose is to give out real information that can be used to make intelligent insurance


32 www.thevegasvoice.net

I will begin the New Year with some transitional

stuff to help us get a better understanding

of the challenges involved.

The road home from war is always longer,

steeper, and often more challenging than the

road to war for most military men and women.

After the reuniting there can be a difficult

period of readjustment for them…and their


Many vets continue to struggle with stressrelated

health issues, and everyone has been

stretched and challenged during the time of

absence. Both the vet and family have been

through odysseys of their own during the

period of separation; and the readjustment

process sometimes becomes another battle to


january 17

Chuck Dean

The Long and Winding Road

In the interim, families have learned to

fill in the void left by the veteran’s absence.

New roles and rules have taken effect, such as

money - it has been managed by the family

without the veteran’s direct input.

The family has gained new skills in order to

make the adjustment, and this is all new for a

returning veteran. He or she is returning to the

same family but their role in that family may

have changed.

Bottom line is that when a warrior goes to

war, the whole family goes to war. It may take

some time to rebuild lives afterwards, so it is

A Voice From Mauthausen

The Las Vegas-Clark County Library will

offer a free screening of a locally-produced,

award-winning short film, “A Voice From

Mauthausen” at the Summerlin Library

Theater on January 26, 2017 at 4 pm.

The film is based on the powerful true

story of Lt. Cmdr. Jack Hedrick Taylor, one of

the U.S. Navy’s first frogmen during World

War II. Taylor conducted numerous missions

behind enemy lines, but was eventually captured

and incarcerated at the Mauthausen

concentration camp. Today’s Navy SEALS

evolved from Taylor’s frogmen.

“A Voice From Mauthausen” is told from

the perspective of Commander Taylor’s key

testimony at the Nazi war crimes trials. The

film recently won Best Short Film, and Luigi

Sperduti Best Director at the Golden Gate International

Film Festival.

The film has been exhibited at six countries

on three continents and has already been

an official selection at 25 film festivals. The

film has received distribution through Allied

Vaughn Company and is available through

most major retail websites. The film’s team

has also completed a feature-length script on

Taylor’s life, titled “Frogman.”

The cast and crew will conduct a question

and answer session immediately following

the screening. The address for the Summerlin

Library Theater is 1771 Inner Circle

Drive, Las Vegas. Admission is free. This film

is not rated and contains graphic dialogue

with Holocaust and war images.

wise to be prepared for whatever it takes to

make it all the way home on the long march.

As for re-entering society, a returning warrior

may experience confusion and alienation

due to the unique experiences of living in a

war zone. The inability to adequately express

those experiences to loved ones may be frustrating

for everyone, and the family could feel

“cheated” out of communication because of


And friends and co-workers who did not go

to war have leapt ahead while they were “frozen

in time.” Others have gone to school, married,

been promoted, learned new skills, and

advanced in their careers, leaving the warrior

faced with trying to “catch up” in a world that

he or she may feel out of synch with.

The veteran is returning from a life of danger

and uncertainty, where the military provided

the necessary guidelines and structure

Vet 2 Vet

to ensure they survive. In a war zone, a warrior

felt “safe” within the confines of a squad

or team unit, but at home, he or she may feel

vulnerable and uncertain about civilian “safe

and secure” zones.

It’s common for veterans to have a longing

to be back with their unit, and families can

find that hard to accept. This longing inspired

the forming of many fine veterans’ organizations

such as the VFW, American Legion,

Vietnam Veterans of America, and Iraq and

Afghanistan Veterans of America.

I know how important communication and

understanding is for reintegration. It is the

most vital element in making it through the

maze of transitional processing for both warrior

and family.

It is my hope that you and your loved ones

succeed in gaining more understanding and

grow together in the year to come.

Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam and through that experience

was led to address the many transitional issues veterans struggle with. In 2008 he was

the recipient of the prestigious Hirsch Foundation Leadership Award for his writing and

work in support of veterans and their families. He is the author of several important

books for veterans. All can be found on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/author/



Jan Fair

A No-Brainer Minute

Gizmos, Gadgets & Technology Trends to Help You




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