The California Independent System Operator (ISO) is one of the facilities of the seventy-four balancing authorities

that balances supply and demand in the North American grid. According to Director of National Intelligence James

Clapper, both the telecommunications sector and the electric grid face escalating cyber threats. Photo credit: Max

Whittaker/New York Times/Redux.

one nation exploring the networks of our nation’s

critical infrastructure—and can potentially return at

a time of their choosing.” 11 Several recent analyses

have identified vulnerabilities of the Internet Service

Providers (ISPs) to include distributed denial of service

(DDOS) attacks, vulnerabilities in network devices, and

insider threats. 12 Telecommunications systems have

been attacked in Poland and Norway. 13

In December 2015, the Ukraine electric grid was

attacked, 14 disabling three distribution utilities and

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up to 225,000 customers for several hours. 15

While there have been no reports of outages tied

to cyberattacks in the United States, officials have

expressed increased concern about cybersecurity

threats to the power grid and the ability of state

adversaries to cause large-scale damage to the

US power grid. 16 Local power distribution assets

are vulnerable to cyberattacks and there are long

replacement and recovery times for these assets;

damages from an attack could cause significant

disruption. 17 One government study concluded

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over large portions of the electric grid and prolonged disruptions

in communications, water and wastewater treatment services,

health care delivery, financial services, and transportation.”);

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