Aviston Labor Day Soccer Tournament 2012


Aviston Labor Day Soccer Tournament 2012

Aviston Labor Day Soccer Tournament 2012

Teams: Participating teams include Albers, Aviston, Centralia, New Baden, St. Rose, & Trenton.

Time: The tournament will be held Aug. 30 th , 31 st , and Sept. 1 st . All teams will have a game played between

6pm – 9pm on 8/30 & 8/31, and from 9am – 12pm on 9/1. After the third game on 9/1 the teams will

be ranked according to the points earned throughout the tournament and the top two teams will play

against each other for the championship starting at 12:30pm on 9/1.

Location: All games will be played at the Aviston City Park (on the baseball field grounds).

Schedule: Thursday August 30, 2012

6:00 PM Albers vs. Centralia

7:00 PM Aviston vs. New Baden

8:00 PM St. Rose vs. Trenton

Friday August 31, 2012

6:00 PM New Baden vs. Trenton

7:00 PM Centralia vs. St. Rose

8:00 PM Albers vs. Aviston

Saturday September 1, 2012

9:00 AM Albers vs. St. Rose

10:00 AM Centralia vs. New Baden

11:00 AM Aviston vs. Trenton

12:30 PM ** Championship Game **

Match Rules: All standard SWIS rules will apply with the following exceptions:

16 players maximum per team.

55 minutes per match:

25 minute half / 5 minute half-time / 25 minute half

5 minutes between matches will be used to clear the field and allow the next teams to setup.

NO CLOCK stoppage during the game!

All games are to begin PROMPTLY on the hour! Please have your team assembled and ready to take the

field 5 minutes prior to your game time. (Sorry this will help insure that we do not run too long into the


NO warm-up time on the field! All warm-ups should be done prior to taking the field. When your team

arrives is up to you, but, please consider at least ½ hour before your game time.

The tournament will consist of each team earning points for the 3 games they play. After all games have

been played the top two teams in points will play for the championship. Points will be awarded as


Win = 3pts / Tie = 1pt / Loss = 0pts

In the event of a tie in tournament points the tie breaker will be determined as follows:

1. Head to Head Winner: If the teams played each other previously in the tournament the

winner of that game shall be the winner of the tie breaker.

2. Total Goals Allowed: The team with the least goals allowed shall be the winner of the tie


3. Total Goals Differential (max 3 goal differential /game counted): The team with the largest

goal differential calculated as follows shall be the winner of the tie breaker.

(Goals Scored Game 1 – Goals Allowed Game 1) { max of 3 } +

(Goals Scored Game 2 – Goals Allowed Game 2) { max of 3 } +

(Goals Scored Game 3 – Goals Allowed Game 3) { max of 3 } = Goals Differential

4. Total Shutouts Achieved: The team with the most shutouts achieved during the tournament

shall be the winner of the tie breaker.

5. Penalty Kick Shootout: 5 players per side will be allowed to individually shoot one penalty

kick each. The team scoring the most penalty points shall be the winner of the tie breaker. In the event

a tie still exists one more shooter will be added per round until a winner is determined. The ball must

fully cross the line to be counted as a goal.

In the event of a tie in the championship game one additional 10 minute sudden death period will be

played to determine the winner. If no winner is determined at this point a Penalty Kick Shootout will

determine the winner.


Any player receiving a red card will not be allowed to participate in the remainder of the tournament. A

yellow card received in any game shall not be carried over to the next games.

Any coach/fan receiving a red card will need to leave the tournament. Remember the tournament is for

the kids to learn, compete, and have fun so let us set a good example for them.

Substitutions are permitted by either team during goal kicks and your teams’ throw-in. If the team

throwing-in performs a substitution, the opposing team will then be allowed to substitute also. No

substitutions will be permitted by either team during corner kicks and free kicks (any kick occurring due

to a foul). Please have your team players who will be substituting in stand at the midfield line to allow

the referees to accommodate the substitution at the next available time.

Concessions: Concessions will be available during the tournament. (No alcohol will be served)

Trophies: Trophies will be awarded to the winners of the championship game.

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