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Wine Club Reviews was created by Sarah Dukes whose love of wine led her and her husband on the most fabulous journal imaginable. A journey of wine tastings and samplings and celebrations from California’s Sonoma County to Napa County to Monterey to Oregon and even out to Italy. She has made it her life mission to find the best wine of the month club available online by joining them all and sharing her personal experiences with her many followers.

Wine Club

Wine Clubs Inc. connects wineries with consumers looking for a wine club membership for themselves or to give a wine club gift to a friend, family member or client. We are the only online marketplace that enables local wineries to reach new monthly wine club consumers from around the world. Up until now, a wineries only opportunity to secure an ongoing monthly wine club member, was if they were lucky enough to have excellent wine club reviews online that brought in potential new customers that just happened to be in the vicinity of their specific vineyard. Local wineries are encouraged to compete for the many website visitors that come to http:// by offering coupon codes and promo codes that offer special discounts and deals for new wine club of the month members. Learn more about