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historic hampden happenings • January 2017

historic hampden happenings • January 2017 3




HCC Officers

President: Shannon Dawkins Wrenn

Vice President: Matt Stegman

Secretary: Mary Rose Cook

Treasurer: David Stysley

Board Members

Diego Barsotti

Will Bauer

Daniel Ewald

Katharine Fernstrom

Jack Krabbe

Eli Lopatin

Kris Pettie

Nicholas Rizzutti

Adam Feuerstein


Shannon Dawkins Wrenn, President

HCC, PO Box 19957

Hampden, Maryland 21211




The next HCC meeting is on

January 30, 2017.

Plan to join us at 7:00 pm at the Roosevelt

Park Recreation Center on West 36th Street.

The agenda will include committee updates

and discussions of the most important

issues of the day for business owners and

residents of Hampden.

7:00-7:05 pm: Welcome

7:05-7:30 pm: Committee updates

7:30-8:00 pm: New business

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to residents, organizations and businesses

throughout Greater Hampden.

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The HCC is a 501 (c) (3)

nonprofit organization.

www.hampdenhappenings.org • Since 1972

president’s letter

Make the Best of 2017

By Shannon Dawkins Wrenn

I am keeping my same resolution as last

year – giving back to the community and I

hope you’ll join me.

One of the easiest ways to do that is joining

the HCC! That’s right folks, it is time to

renew you HCC membership. Please see

the last page of the newsletter, go through

PayPal, or see our Vice President Matt at

the next meeting.

As always we are looking for additional

support for our committees or if you have

an innovative project for the community

feel free to reach out and we can see if it is

possible to pull resources or connect you

with the right people. Let’s make the best

of 2017 and build on our local community

good will.

As a somewhat final update for TransForm,

it passed just as the old council was

finishing up their terms and the new zoning

will go into effect July 2017. We will not be

feeling the full effects of this legislation

for some time but given the expansive

nature there will likely be a few unexpected


I also have an update regarding the Pepsi

development. Our new Councilman

Leon Pinkett sat down with Himmelrich

Associates and a group of community

Presidents from Woodberry, Medfield, and

the Clipper Mill HOA. The developer group

included Ken Rice, Jacob Himmelrich,

and Al Barry. The HCC shared a draft

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

that our board had developed asking for

increased transparency and a commitment

for Planned Unit Development (PUD).

The HCC is advocating for a PUD as this

would allow for additional public input and

hearings on the project. The developers

seemed disinclined to move forward with a

PUD at this time, but that does not rule out

the possibility. There were also discussions

of implementation of a Community

Benefits Agreement (CBA). If you have any

thoughts or experience with these type of

agreements please feel free to reach out to

hccpresident@gmail.com to share your

experience or opinion.

In addition Himmelrich acknowledged

that the FEMA process was not complete,

that they needed to extend the flood walls

before FEMA would finalize removal of the

property from the flood map. They will not

be able to pull construction permits until

that is finalized. The developers have no

timeline on when they are going to start

work on extending the flood walls. They also

acknowledged that there were still some

unknowns regarding height limits and how

that would be calculated under the new

code. The developers are currently looking

into anchor tenant agreements which may

reshape some of their preliminary design,

however generally want to keep to the

model they presented to us earlier this fall.

Himmelrich fully acknowledged this could

take some significant time and even under

the most perfect of circumstances, there

will likely be little to no changes for 6-9

months. In addition, any construction

timeline for the project would be at least

18-24 months on top of that. They repeated

the intention not to move forward with

any interim industrial tenant that would

require additional build outs at this time.

I hope to have additional updated from

the developers by March to share with the


Hope everyone had a lovely holiday season

and let’s hope for the best in 2017!

A Note from Major Richard Gibson

By Major Richard Gibson / Photo courtesy of Richard Gibson

Holiday Deployment

A comprehensive Holiday Deployment

Plan has been put into place for this holiday

season. Key locations will have an increase

of foot officers, motorized officers and even

plain-clothes officers. This plan will target

areas prone to street robberies, burglaries

and package thefts. **A reminder to please

use precaution with package deliveries**

Centralized Robbery Unit

The Police Commissioner has created

a Citywide Robbery Unit. This unit will

investigate all street level and commercial

related robberies. The detectives added to

this unit have quadrupled from its previous

size. I am excited about the additional

resources in our mission to keep you safe.

Enhanced Burglary Investigations

The Northern District burglary team now

consists of four detectives. They will be

conducting proactive investigations to

include pawn shop checks, online site checks,

surveillance in problematic areas, recidivists


Certified Rubber Roofing

Shingle & Wood Replacement

Exceptional Roofing Quality


Serving Greater Baltimore Since 1979

Owner, Joe LaRicci | MHIC 26826



Owner Operated Excellence from Start to Finish



checks, etc. Again, this is something we are

proud to launch and hopefully we will have

great success with this unit.

Mayor’s Christmas Parade

The Northern District was represented

for the first time as “Northern District

United.” Many of our fellow community

members walked along and handed out

candy. Special thanks to my good friends

Ian MacFarlane from Roland Park, Caroline

Wayner from Wyndhurst, Luca and Simona

Vricella from Upper Roland Park, Pastor

Get in Touch With the HCC

President’s Email


Zoning Committee


Fundraising Committee


Newsletter Submissions and Advertising


Simone from Mt Oliver Baptist Church,

KNOX, Joe Stewart and Flash-from Better

Waverly, Lou Catelli, Jennifer Grimes and

Mr. Bill Miller. McGruff the Crime Dog

and Santa Claus also joined us. George

Bakoulas–owner of the B’More Greek truck

also joined us–best Greek food in town!

Again–the Northern District rocks!

Major Richard Gibson

Commander, Northern District

2201 W Coldspring Lane

richard.gibson@ baltimorepolice.org

Let Me Make Your

Real Estate Wishes

Come True

Genie Schwind

Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

1131 W. 36th Street

Baltimore, MD 21211

410-889-9800 Office

410-615-5855 Cell

Clean and Green






Cover photo by John Krzesinski


historic hampden happenings • January 2017

historic hampden happenings • January 2017 5

News from the Hampden Library

By Devon Ellis

Artist Selected for Enoch Pratt Library Renovation

By Mary Rose Cook / Photo courtesy of Zoe Friedman

Happy New Year!

Start your New Year right by clearing all

library fines through FOOD FOR FINES!

From January 3-31, 2017, donate any number

of unexpired canned food items and for each

item donated receive $1 off any library bill!

There is no limit on the amount of cans that

can be donated! All proceeds benefit the


Mother Goose Baby Steps

Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am, birth to 36

months, with their caregivers

Bring Baby to the Library to enjoy our

interactive nursery rhyme lap program, with

music, rhythm, songs, fingerplays, rhymes,

a story, and movement.

Preschool Leaps

Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm, for ages 3-5,

with their caregivers

Preschoolers enjoy stories, songs,

fingerplays, a craft, games, poetry, and fun.

Mighty Tidy Neat Suite

Tuesday, January 10, 2017, at 3:30 pm to 4:00

pm, kids ages 5-12

Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon by Pat

Cummings is just one of the stories you’ll

hear for “Get Organized Month.” Cleaning

your room is a big job but somebody has to

do it—YOU!

Tea-rrific Tea Tales, Tunes, and Tastings

Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 3:30 pm to 4:15

pm, kids ages 5-9

National Hot Tea Month Celebration

Adult Book Discussion

Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 6:00 pm to

7:00 pm

Read and discuss Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand,

a novel by Helen Simonson, c2010 (358

pages). Plot synopsis: In the small village of

Edgecombe St Mary, Major Ernest Pettigrew

is a retired war hero enjoying the quiet life.

However, he sparks a friendship with Mrs.

Jasmina Ali, a shopkeeper and the village’s

only Pakistani, and finds himself falling in

love. Small town bigotry puts a strain on the

relationship, and Major Pettigrew is left to

decide: will he pursue happiness?

Discoveries ... America: Geographical

Virtual Road Trip USA

Saturdays, January 7 & January 21, 2017, at

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

This DVD series is presented in order of each

States’ admission to the Union. Featured

essays discuss the people, geography,

cultures, ecology, scenery, and literary

highlights of each state. Screenings will be

held Saturdays, Jan. 7, North Dakota (39th),

and Jan. 21, South Dakota (40th).

The Library’s hours:

Sun & Mon: closed

Tues: 12 – 8

Wed: 10 – 5:30

Thurs: 12 – 8

Fri: 12 – 5

Sat: 10 – 5

3641 Falls Road

Baltimore, MD 21211

(410) 396-6043



The Enoch Pratt Library is planning for a

renovation of the Hampden Branch on Falls

Road. At the present time, the renovation is in

the planning stage. Presentations have been

made at the HCC monthly meetings as to the

proposed renovations. As part of that project,

one percent (1%) of the budget is being set

aside for art to be displayed at the Library.

Two of your HCC Board members, Mary

Rose Cook and Daniel Ewald, were on the

committee to select the artist who would

be awarded the contract for the Library.

After reviewing over eighty (80) applicants,

the list was narrowed and forwarded to the

Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts for

a final selection.

On November 16, the BOPA selected Zoe

Friedman as the artist who would design

the piece or pieces to be installed at the

Hampden Branch. As the project is in the

preliminary stages, there are no specific

plans yet for the art installation, including

the medium. We are excited to see what

proposals Zoe will have for the library space,

including the new public meeting area

planned for the Library’s lower level.

You can check out Zoe’s webpage at

zoefriedman.org to see all of her exciting

projects. Above is an example of her work in



historic hampden happenings • January 2017

historic hampden happenings • January 2017 7

Baltimore’s New Effort to Hire People with Disabilities

By Daniel Lory Ewald

Winter Plant Care

By Daniel Lory Ewald

Baltimore City, in an ongoing effort to

hire locally and reflect the diversity of its

citizens, has setup a hiring preference

program for people with disabilities.

Proper documentation of your condition

when applying for a job provided by the city

can award 5 points in the hiring process.

This can be combined with bonuses, such

as military veterancy (worth 10 points).

To be eligible for the hiring preference, the

following must be met:

• You have applied for an open examination,

where the resulting employment list

includes numerical grades or scores; and

• The disability has been certified by

the Division of Rehabilitation Services

(DORS), under the Maryland State

Department of Education; and

• You have passed all parts of the examination

and would otherwise be found eligible for


In order to certify your disability with

DORS for this purpose:

• If you are a current DORS consumer, talk

to your DORS counselor about the hiring


• If you are not a current DORS consumer,

you will need to provide written evidence

of your disability along with one of the


- A copy of your award letter for

Supplemental Security Income based on

disability or a Social Security Disability

Insurance letter

- Medical documentation of a diagnosed

disability from a medical doctor,

physician, psychologist, or psychiatrist

- A copy of an eligibility letter from the

Maryland Developmental Disabilities

Administration or Metal Hygiene


Once you have the need information for

DORS, you can go to one of the following

offices, 8:30am-5:00pm on non-holiday

weekdays, located at 2301 Argonne Drive,

1401 Severn Street, or 1010 Park Avenue.

For further comments or questions, please

email region3@dors.state.md.us or call


Everyone needs a little R and R, and for

houseplants winter is the time to get it.

Daylight is dramatically reduced, the air is

dry, and temperatures are cool — not the

perfect growing conditions. Follow these

tips to keep your houseplants in shape.

Watering: Remember these words: neglect

with respect. Simply put, most houseplants

don’t need as much water during the winter

season. Once a week test the moisture

level with your finger. If the soil is dry

at a 2 inch depth, the plant needs water.

Water thoroughly and allow the water to

drain completely. If the plant has a saucer,

dump any excess water after an hour or so.

Obviously, there are certain plants that

prefer different levels of watering, so vary

as needed.

Humidity: Many houseplants prefer a

humidity level of 40 to 50%, meaning

humidifiers can do double duty in aiding

your sinuses and keeping your plants

alive. Contrary to popular belief, misting

houseplants does not raise humidity. If a

humidifier isn’t feasible, you can fill a large

saucer with gravel and add water to raise

the humidity around the plant. Just be sure

the bottom of the pot is not sitting in the

water and that the water in the gravel bed is

regularly checked.

Fertilization: Houseplants, like people,

need food to perform, especially when

they are actively growing. Since most

plants are dormant in the winter, feeding

is not necessary. If you do fertilize, do it

sparingly. Dilute the fertilizer by at least

50%. Once you see the plant setting new

growth (typically in late February or March)

you may start normal feeding again.

Keeping the plants clean: Winter is a

great time to do some housecleaning

on your plants. Removing accumulated

dust and debris helps the plant breathe,

photosynthesize, and just plain ol’ look

good. A good cleaning can also help wash

away unwanted pests. Use an extremely

diluted solution of liquid dishwashing soap

and water, and fill a spray bottle. Using

a clean towel or sponge, wipe the leaves,

stalks, branches, and other parts of the

plants. Allow the plant to drain thoroughly

before returning it to its original location.

Alternatively, you could use a banana. Just

rub the soft fleshy side of a banana peels on

the leaves of your houseplants to clean off

and dust or debris and give them a healthy

glow (thanks to the oils in the peel). This

is especially handy for indoor plants with

waxy leaves like Scheffleras, Calatheas,

Crotons, and Ficus trees.

Other tips: Most houseplants prefer

daytime temperatures of 65° to 75°F, and

night temperatures of 60° to 65°F. This is

also the ideal temperature range for humans

in winter. Keep houseplants away from cold

drafts, vents, and radiators. Ensure foliage

doesn’t touch windows. Don’t repot in

winter. Wait until new growth appears.

St. Mary’s Roland View Towers


3838 and 3939 Roland Avenue offers efficiency,

1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments.

Reasonable Prices: from $451 to $759, including utilities

Convenient to Giant, RiteAid and area shops.

Call 410-889-8255 for information.


Office: 410-410-583-5700

of Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc

MON-FRI 8 am-6 pm • SAT 8 am-5 pm



IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN THE FUTURE OF HAMPDEN, please consider joining the

Hampden Community Council. The HCC is a voice for everyone in

Hampden – homeowners, businesses, teenagers, seniors, newcomers

and old-timers. The more members we have the farther your voice can

reach. Your membership fee supports our newsletter and improves our

community through education, clean & green and zoning committees,

to name a few. Help Hampden continue to thrive.

Hampden Community Council SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1976 Baltimore, Maryland





Street Address


Phone Fax Email

Business Name (if registering for a business membership)



In addition to my HCC membership, I would like to serve on/learn about the following committee(s): (OPTIONAL)


Crime & Safety




Newsletter Distribution

Clean & Green

Please make checks payable to

Hampden Community Council.

The HCC is a non-profit 501(c)3

Organization. All dues and additional

donations are 100% tax deductible.

rev 01/16

Please fill out this application and mail it, along with your check, to:

Hampden Community Council


PO Box 19957

Baltimore, MD 21211


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