Tet is coming to town. When coming across some advertisement about the latest editions of lucky money envelopes, I suddenly miss my Tet in the past – all in the small lovely reds envelopes. Tet is always the time for gathering and sharing love, bánh chưng, delicious dishes, and spring journeys to ask for good blessings. But for small kids like me years ago, Tet is simply the time to receive lucky envelopes from grandparents and parents, the feeling of reaching a new age, and the happiness of buying new things. As long as we are kids, we will get lucky money. The red envelopes are the evidence that we are still young and beloved. Now, I am an adult and giving red envelopes have become a way for me to share love, wishing health for my parents and a wonderful year for family and friends. However, instead of giving money, I love surprising my loved ones when opening the red envelopes. A flight ticket for a warm spring trip is a great choice this new year! And you, why don’t you give the “lucky envelopes” to yourself and your family this spring? Do not forget to share your experience with us if you take the air-ticket-choice! We, the Travellive team, wish you a year of peace and happiness!

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