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by Levvy Carriker

Juli Ragsdale

About 7 years ago Juli and I met Julie Montante through her aunt,

Phyllis Silver and our longtime friend, award-winning author,George

Newberry. Phyllis is quite the business lady owning strips of buildings

with leased businesses along Santa Monica Boulevard in Los


It is not surprising that entrepreneur Juliette Montante and her

brother Lenny inherited this genius of business and business development.

One year ago at the opening of PSA Organica, City Councilwoman,

Ginny Foat, Jeff Hocker, tv crews, LIVE Magazine, Chamber of Commerce

and well over 100 supporters attended the Ribbon Cutting


on their web site, “Do not put yourself or others at risk! Only become

members and conduct transactions with permitted medical cannabis collectives.”

Community Compassion

It is a very exciting time in the world of medicine. New and ground-breaking

research is bringing to light the multiple medicinal properties of cannabis

in the treatment and cure of diseases. With each passing month there

are discoveries of new cures, treatments and medicines.

In keeping up with the latest modalities, the integrity and expertise of

the cannabis dispensaries increasingly comes into play to counsel and

dispense the newly identified and sometimes intricate treatments. Further,

an ideal collective would provide wellness services and educational

programs. An ideal dispensary would give back to the community with

compassion and charity.

Enter the new, Palm Springs ‘Dispensary That Cares’, Palm Springs

Associated Organica. It is located just south of downtown in the ‘Sunny

Dunes Antique District’, on E. Sunny Dunes Road and Industrial Place,

just off Palm Canyon Dr. Open for clients 7 days a week from 9am - 7pm.

At PSA Organica they intend to raise the bar and become the model for

what a collective in Palm Springs should be. From the quality of their

meds to the dedicated service, PSA Organica truly strives to be the best

at what they do. To them, every detail definitely matters.

This is reflected from the moment you walk in their door; in the thoughtfully

selected decor, comfortably furnished waiting room, and complimentary

snacks they offer. At PSA Organica they put the patient’s comfort first,

making a point to always treat the patients with warm welcoming respect.

“Volunteers at PSA Organica are here to assist in the patients’ medicinal

needs so the quality of their lives can be increased. Our goal is to supply

compassion to those in need- All the while embracing their wish to treat

themselves with a natural alternative. Here at PSA Organica, we provide

a safe, comfortable environment, off of the streets where our patients can

obtain their medicine from a trusted source. There is no greater reward

than that which you obtain from assisting those in need. Our only wish is

to be able to provide that much needed help to our patients and our community,”

said Juliette.-

PSA Organics is the newest of the only five City of Palm Springs permitted

medical cannabis collectives and cooperatives. The City contracts

with an independent medical cannabis testing laboratory to perform random

sampling and testing of various products at each collective. This is

important to maintain a standard of quality and integrity. The city advises

One of the major determining factors for the City was PSA Organica’s

commitment to the community. “This is the kind of thing that I always

envisioned the collective to be.” said Palm Springs City Councilwoman

Ginny Foat, in her support for PSA Organica. “Not just a business selling


PSA Organica donates 5 percent of after-tax receipts each month to local

charities. “My promise is to open and run a facility that will benefit the

merchants and residents of Palm Springs.”, said Julie. “Medical marijuana

will be made available for free to terminally ill patients. I want to open

and run a facility that will benefit the merchants and residents of Palm


Julie Montante and her brother, General Manager, Leonard (Lenny),

make the effort to attend all Medical Cannabis industrial shows and

events to bring home the best products for their patients. When asked

how she got into this industry, Julie replied, “Our mother developed Stage

4 breast cancer at the age of 45. This spurred our personal interests in

finding alternatives to chemo, radiation and surgery without stripping her

of her dignity.” This was the beginning of an extensive and compassionate

journey which has led Julie and Lenny to their pursuit of helping those

in need.

“We have discovered products such as Rick Simpson Oil, and Morongo

Seed. There are many alternatives items on the market being researched.

We turn no venders away who might have that one item which provides

comfort and possible remission for even one patient.

As part of effort to give back to the community, the collective offers incentives

for the patients to give back as well. Bring in 3 canned goods or

non-perishible food items and receive $5 off your purchase. Food items

go to organizations as Well in the Desert, Desert AIDS Project, Martha’s

Kitchen, and AIDS Assistance Program. They have an animal program

as well. If patients bring a 5 pound bag of food for cats or dogs, they get

$5 off their purchase.

Check for current daily and weekly specials and

giveaways. The sign-up is easy. Just bring your doctor’s ‘rec’ and driver’s

license. Visit the collective’s Facebook page at:

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