United Right-Wing of the World


UNITED RIGHT-WING OF THE WORLD is a publication conducted by Carlos Valverde, edited by Sant Andreu Contemporani, as a recipient of a Miquel Casablancas 2015 award, whose goal is to outline the Right-Wing of the world, the whole of it, united.

The political terms Right and Left were

first used during the French Revolution

to refer to seating arrangements in the

French parliament.

On September 11th 1789 was voted in the

National Constituent Assembly the proposal

of an article, to be included in the future

Constitution of 1791, which would give the

king absolute veto to the laws passed by

the Assembly. The deputies positioned in

favour of the proposal were placed to the

right of the President of the Assembly, supporting

the maintenance of absolute power

of the monarch. Those who were against,

defending national sovereignty over royal

authority, were placed to the left of the


Thus, the term Left-wing has been eventually

associated with policy options that

pursue political and social change, while

the term Right-wing has been associated

with proposals opposed to such changes.

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