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Heathfield Headlines

Ambitious & Curious

Success for the Heathfield team at the First Lego

League Regional Tournament

Team Heathfield Lambdas defied the

wintry conditions and pushed on with

steely determination to compete at the

Animal Allies First Lego League Regional

Tournament organised by STEM Sussex

and held at the Sofitel Hotel at Gatwick


The event consisted of project and

robot presentations and interviews with

a range of engineering experts. The

Project task involved identifying how

people and animals interact and

providing a solution to a problem.

Heathfield Lambdas had chosen to

research how chimpanzees can suffer

post traumatic stress disorders and how

people needed to be educated in ways

to live with chimpanzees harmoniously

and respect their needs and natural

habitats. The judges were impressed

with the scientific research undertaken

and the confident speeches given by the

team. The team were also given a

challenge to test their communication

and team work. This compromised of

building a bridge to reach across the

other side of a river using K-nex. The

team engineered a truss bridge that

used side supports and triangular panels

to cross the river. Through trial and

error, the team were able to work

together and pass the test within timed

conditions. The team were interviewed

by the Gatwick Engineering team who

were interested in how the team had

chosen their project and how roles had

been allocated to build, program and

solve the robotic challenges.

The team were also interviewed on the

design of their robot and how they had

designed attachments to solve the variety

of problems. This included moving the

shark tank, never allowing anything to

touch the shark except the tank. Another

problem needing to be solved was “Milk

automation”, this included being able to

milk cows with the Robots, only allowing

movement of milk without releasing the

manure: not something that should be


The afternoon consisted of the timed Robot

games. Final adjustments were being made

right up to the wire! The games were

tense. Heathfield Lambdas kept their cool

and came third overall in the games


Advice from the team

included:“Perseverance is the key to

improve! It was all about having a go, we

learnt how to collaborate as a team and

had lot of fun.”

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