Chess Junior - A Modern Little Chess Learning Book for Kids and Beginners (Preview Version)


This guide provides you with explanations of 12 'reduced' chess learning games that build upon one another as well as the rules of movement for the rook, bishop, king, pawn, knight and queen.

The junior player will learn important chess situations such as the 'Capturing', 'Cover' and 'Counter Attack', 'Threat', 'Double Attack' and 'Forced Move'. With the 'stalemate' and 'checkmate' the junior player will have obtained the skills to play a game properly and put the opponents’s king checkmate.

Chess Junior - The Best Strategy For Your Child.

Please Note: A regular chess game starts with 32 chess pieces (16 white and 16 black). 'Reduced' games are less complex chess scenarios in which each side plays with a significantly reduced number of chess pieces.

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