Microsoft Word - And so it BeginsJune12


ďeźrä»HòTfg·яş·Vfg scoots back before rising, hurries to the kitchen in

search of blackwine for Mistress..moves to the shelf, lifting on her toes,

pulls a bowl from the shelf, wipes the bowl and moves to the heath...kneels

lifting a ladle, stirs the blackwine then fills the bowl carefully....replaces

the ladle and stands, holding the bowl tightly in both hands..moves to the

court, crossing to Mistress Vala. kneels respectfully, lifts the bowl to Her

reach, gaze lowers to the floor

ďeźrä»HòTfg·яş·Vfg : dez brings You blackwine second Mistress, praying it

warms and refreshes You this day

Valal‡‡FW : Ai dez could you put it somewhere within reach and safe

ďeźrä»HòTfg·яş·Vfg : yes Mistress

ďeźrä»HòTfg·яş·Vfg moves to the low table near the fur, within Mistress's

reach, places the bowl upon the table's center, lowers hands to rest

against her lap

ďeźrä»HòTfg·яş·Vfg rises quietly, steps back and turns on heels, hurries

back to Master, kneels upon the edge of His fur..lifts the scroll slowly,

looking at the ribbon tying the scroll and the wax seal, trying to figure out

the signet in the wax

Valal‡‡FW : At the moment I am travelling southwards in the NodrOrmr as

is known by Marcanus

Tålãríùs~FC~Añéé§hã~Véñ~AMB : You can't reach the Thassa following


the Javlynn river to the sea - not navigable - and the canal is not yet built -

You need to go back inland

Valal‡‡FW : Think I will get back the way I came but what I fear the most is

the Black Slavers on the Schendi

Tålãríùs~FC~Añéé§hã~Véñ~AMB : You have a long trip down the Thassa-

Cartius first - before the jungles are reached

Valal‡‡FW : My Father already mapped the Schendi

Valal‡‡FW : I intend to go back out on the Thassa and meet up with the

Knorr at Bazi

ďeźrä»HòTfg·яş·Vfg quickly lays the scroll close to Master, having made

out a large S and a tarn...gasps, making out a snake on the signet in the

wax intention, shivers

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