Microsoft Word - And so it BeginsJune12


Tålãríùs~FC~Añéé§hã~Véñ~AMB : aye - travel north up the coast

Tålãríùs~FC~Añéé§hã~Véñ~AMB : what are you playing with dez?

ďeźrä»HòTfg·яş·Vfg looks to Master, lifts the scroll in fingertips

ďeźrä»HòTfg·яş·Vfg : a scroll dez found inside Your tankard my Master

Tålãríùs~FC~Añéé§hã~Véñ~AMB : before or after you filled it???

ďeźrä»HòTfg·яş·Vfg : it was in Your tankard before dez filled it

Valal‡‡FW Leans as I turn to take the bowl of blackwine, lifting it under the

veil carefully taking sips

Valal‡‡FW Looks at Talarius face... puzzled by the expression upon it...

Valal‡‡FW Sips more of the blackwine

Tålãríùs~FC~Añéé§hã~Véñ~AMB looks at the scroll dez has - takes and

opens it .......

Valal‡‡FW Drinking the remaining dregs of blackwine, placing the bowl

back to the table...

Tålãríùs~FC~Añéé§hã~Véñ~AMB looks through the scroll - tattered and

frayed and ancient

Tålãríùs~FC~Añéé§hã~Véñ~AMB reads down to the end of the scroll

Tålãríùs~FC~Añéé§hã~Véñ~AMB : .... by the PK's - this COULD be the

scroll of Sangermitt !!!

ďeźrä»HòTfg·яş·Vfg looks to Master...blinks

Valal‡‡FW : Thought that was lost and in the City of the Dead

Tålãríùs~FC~Añéé§hã~Véñ~AMB drags His racing mind away from the

words on the scroll

Tålãríùs~FC~Añéé§hã~Véñ~AMB : I will need to run some tests - compare

the hand

Valal‡‡FW : What was the seal like

Tålãríùs~FC~Añéé§hã~Véñ~AMB rolls the scroll carefully and returns it

to its waxed covering

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