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Tålãríùs~FC~Añéé§hã~Véñ~AMB later, having bidden

My farewells to the FreeWomen and returned to the

small room that serves as office in the Court, I take out

the scroll and wonder what fate has carried it here. The

only time its name was spoken before was in jest ...

dezra asking “anything else Master?” ... My reply

along the lines of " ... aye, find Me the Lost Scroll of

Sangermitt ... " chuckles.

I consider .... who heard My words in that crowded Court and acted on

them? A Guest, Guard, one of the Home, Free or slave .... not dezra, she

values her hide too well to keep a secret from Me. I return to My

interpretation of the scroll .... damn this ancient script ... there are parts

yet unclear to Me ....

With a sigh I return it to it's casing, having copied down as much as I can

decipher ... a sigh born of frustration and a realisation where My next

steps should take Me ... Lar-Torvis lights the room ... where went the

night??? I summon a Guard to accompany Me and, scroll in hand, walk

through the empty Court and out into the street.

There is little on the streets as We walk to the Cylinders, following the

sounds of chanting and bells. At the Cylinder of Castes We ascend the

outer stairwell, receiving nods from the Guards at each level until

reaching the uppermost floor, there to be received by a young Initiate who

enquires politely Our business.

Tålãríùs~FC~Añéé§hã~Véñ~AMB : I am here to see Quintus, tell Him it is a

matter of great urgency that We must discuss.

The boy retires behind the heavy door and, after a delay of some ehn, reappears

to invite Me, though not of course the Warrior, inside.

I see Quintus, High Initiate of Ven'dara waiting to receive Me, a sour look

of displeasure on His face.

Qùîñtùs¤Veńdårä¤HI : I trust this matter You bring to Me is of sufficient

importance to draw Me away from the Morning Devotions?

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